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s dochter whae nou descriveshirselis hevin the custodianship o
in the park wairdin theirhirselnichtertail and wow the angel
its oreegins an purposes ootersydehirselpairt o the hoscote estate
the gests aroun lik ahirselaither ti haud ane ei
tae identifie wi an integratehirselintil the local indigenous population
o the mulsintoun brae kathleenhirselskairs hir tyme equal aqual
roond is the mulsintoun ootbyehirselca d whaupshaw an the
betty s paurents an sheihirselan hir man tommy warwick
gate is hei leukit hishirselit nicht an shut eet
in wi the peth heidhirselweil a mynd on the
ta en and for hishirselus will tak o ben

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