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young mentioned rome napoleon andhitleras historical analogies i prefer
that the romans napoleon andhitlerconquered vast areas of europe
as the romans napoleon andhitleri do not think that
to disguise itself and foolhitlerwho was intent on bombing
mother married a german whomhitlerdecorated for bravery after he
can t sing georgie ohhitlerordered an attack to pulverise
i widna want tae facehitlers whale army single handed
worked the crowd a showbizhitlerfame was a halloween moon
her oot o t smileshitlernever managed it can i
cat wants mair lebensraum thanhitlerever dreamt o he used
the to europe eh whenhitlerwas running it em the
and napoleonic empires along withhitlers third reich but all
face i m nae mrhitlerronnie apologetically weel pause it
the spreading chestnut tree mrhitlersaid to me if you
addy wanted to ca youhitlermind because you took ower
to look for secret documentshitlers war plans an that
does m608: [laugh] f643: rememberhitler[inaudible] m642: aye f643: [laugh]
o da he s fechtinhitlers nazis in a country
about his decision to playhitlerken reckoned that we need
eh so we can blamehitlerfor a lot of our
tuned in to the starshitlers was merely a typewriter
in the twilicht sunks likehitlers bunker plaistered wi graffiti
in an effort to appeasehitlerand mussolini the governments of

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