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in limiting the impact ofhivaids in scotland further recognises
in limiting the impact ofhivaids in scotland further recognises
anniversary of the recognition ofhivaids lodged on 27 february
intends to publish its nationalhivaids strategy document s1o 2729
anniversary of the recognition ofhivaids that the parliament notes
anniversary of the recognition ofhivaids that the parliament notes
organisations and institutions working onhivaids to develop partnerships with
organisations and institutions working onhivaids to develop partnerships with
expectancy of people living withhivand aids due to advances
strategy for the management ofhivand aids given the rising
s1m 911 future strategy forhivand aids management lodged on
margo macdonald future strategy forhivand aids management that the
of good work to supporthivand aids sufferers the sanctuary
wis the worst that ihivivver seen ere his been
on ma father s sidehivye ivver heard o an
george getting it after himhivye ivver heen a richt
winter bein ony wild cataracthivyou ivver hid a cataract
anniversary of the discovery ofhivas being the virus that
anniversary of the discovery ofhivas being the virus that
een i ken fine wehivdeen the richt thing movin
the gooseberries mind you theyhivdeen weel jonsar eck said
hazel asks alexander holmes fithivi deen alexander replies och
that fool guts georgie fithivi deen she looks into
bit a crook yon strainershivjist deen ten years i
ye ye muckle gype fithivye deen i m aafa
t dis twartree critics willhivbeen lookit at in oarder
ve lookit aa wye fatherhivye lookit in the garret
he s nae there motherhivye lookit up aa the
winner foo mony o yehiviver tried e smiler that
couldna spread on ower muchhivye iver heard o buttermilk
made intill be e winhivye iver seen parks o
girse at wis tae follahivye iver tried a mornin
they hiv their moments m824: hivtheir moments f823: as you
m824: aye aye f823: theyhivtheir moments m824: hiv their
nae seen harry potter [inaudible]hivwe hiv ye f1101: you
harry potter [inaudible] hiv wehivye f1101: you ve watched
s went a funny colourhivye seen that hiv you
colour hiv ye seen thathivyou seen that i wis
an asks dinna suppose youhivmy specs you see i
table flasks an sandwiches farhivyou been she asks it
shaks his head an askshivyou nae lost a spanner
the hoose she asks jonsarhivyou seen my money na
m824: aye f823: well yehivf606: mm f823: tae hae
ata jonsar i hope youhiva gweed day jonsar eck
says you ken jonsar ihiva sister that bides in
ake aye aye jonsar ihiva tape here it s
bit jonsar eck said ihivbeen an seen tae gang
broch jonsar eck replied saehivi bit i dinna blaw
crumble i dinna think ihivtasted onything better said jonsar
size o neeps carrots youhivnivver seen the like some
mony ava bit aa thathivseen her say the same
o the first sichts ihivseen is the yalla flooer
a better sicht that ihivseen monday 28th temp 6
him i dinna suppose youhivseen ony thing like at
s the finest sicht ihivseen trees in bloom bonny
the best winters days ihivseen weak is the sin
seen naething o im bithivye nae trace o im
ye ll seen fin oothivye niver seen the staig
a degree or twa roadshivnae ice or ony sna
pause she looks at themhivony o you got experience
would buy hard dried fishhivye ony dry fish missus
s aa e things yehivtae dee ilky day an
a skeely objeck fowk athivtae dee things wi eir
dee things wi eir haanshivtae learn foo tae gar
tae dee wi fit ihivtae tell ye i dinna
a fine time e cloodieshiva lot o colour aboot
inklin o fit ither fowkhivbeen tellin s charles allan
toons except at e foxeshivcondeetioned e fowk wi aa
e fowk at used ithivgeen faa s tae ken
when fowk is gaun taehivtae sit doon an come
day an e fowk yehivtae spik till wis hyne
folk playin fitba team fithivye f831: mmhm m842: ehm
warlock laird bide there fithivye read kate speired tracy
fit in yer moo againhivye weel thankfu kyn i
they say in scots fithivyou bin deein take off
sicht an fin e beastshivbeen neepit an straed an
better judgment i fin ihivjist a wee space tae
hiccup you see fin youhivtae haud the nurses hand
be finished so fin youhivthe final flushin i ll
ye i thought a dhiva wee gander roon tae
only new in an ihivaa the neeps tae pit
been a fitba he michthivbeen able tae heid it
change he winna change ihivbeen merrit tae him for
he cuid gae tae thehivcentre himsel bit he didnae
grace noo noo stanley youhivforgot tae wind up the
delicht tae be able taehivsic a substantial nummer o
korg roever [censored: forename] an [censored: forename]hivsocht us here tae share
this dance wi me ihivsomething tae ask you as
e en allan massie wadhivtae accept that maist scots
hou much daes a languagehivtae chynge afore it cannae
neesht e tatties maybe yehivtae claa yer heid tae
5 aboot this day ihivtae froon nae like december
e bed an at yehivtae get e brush an
a three wikks afore ihivtae gie credit tae dr
speakin o t they juisthivtae git uised tae it
no go an we llhivtae go doon the pre
bi the majority ye juisthivtae keep yer lugs cockit
en athoot a glossary wehivtae lairn tae accept for
calm as ye like yehivtae learn nae tae pit
be so near i jisthivtae reach ower an touch
the corner is winter ihivtae say at s hard
talkin naw a daurs yehivtae stick it ower yer
aye tae keep warm ihivtae try tuesday 24 temp
said they wad liked taehivtaen pairt but haedna been
unapproved should pick it ahivthe job tae see they
bell brakk through her dwauminhivye nae hame tae ging
oan the piste if yehivah hope yer no hip
grippit haein a sair backhivye checked yer finger in
s had a shock recentlyhivye goat yer leg in
a file even if eyhivbeen gien an airin ye
f948: ye would need tohivi don t know you
no really got an accenthivi f1018: [laugh] aye ye
re for me an grahamhivthe twa o ye haen
neeper fairmer an he sayshivye a coo to sell
m1128: oh no f1127: fitthivye done m1128: rip it
a fine example o neeperinhivye hear o auld tawse
inside it we ll soonhivye in the hossipital here
later e fairmer cam oothivye nae gotten at hen
got something for you georgiehivye noo to audience it
gets a yes she sayshivye weel ye ll jist
ma money naw a widnaehivbeen mugged oot ma bed
i hae your money ihivsome money an the cheque
adam fireplace santy claus widhiva hard joab getting doon
och my little pet youhivjist cost the country a
an spry aa because ihivguarded ma freedom chorus this
wiz chist fine burns widhivsaid ah wiz chist bleezin
an says i see youhiva affa sawdust lyin aboot
says oh aye stanley youhivbeen at my door every
ower in ae day wehivaboot seasons fower saturday 22nd
bad thing mony a gamehivwe lost wi bein ower
carries a risk of hepatitishivcellulitis and wound infections further
at preventing further transmissions ofhivs1m 3968 shona robison broughty
at preventing further transmissions ofhivs1m 3968 shona robison broughty
f1101: come on then f1102: hivi i ve nae s-
wullie a broken jaw musthivbeen a terrible thing tied
as muckle as it michthivbeen an she wis feelin
anither gate your wullie cuidnaehivbeen aw that auld alec
an shook her heid ihivbeen waitin for the b
kenspeckle english expression déjà vuhivwe no been this wey
cuttin doon trees f1074: wehivmmhm mmhm we planted them
in fact i i sometimeshiva concern even aboot the
d never end alas theyhivbit thanks for the memories
f960: uh huh f961: deyhivsomething at dey tink dey
o nine an if youhivchanged your mind or that
god an his you twahivmade your vows till een
have come back from yourhivtest and i am sorry
georgie head up if youhivto protect your han s
interrupted him in mid roarhivyou taen leave of your
an wycelike society we cuidhivhaen ay we v aye
oh aye how many pieceshivwe made m1128: see the
dark i doot wir instinctshivdegenerated a bittie wi is
teen wi imsel man ihivenjoyed at hurl mabel smith
eh company so he musthivkent somebody he walked wi
o stuff is that youhivpainted the timmer fence wi
till ma bed she dhivthought somethin wiz up at
a winnin you ll nohiva chance when a get
you can access including thehivcentre where you can get
terrible f606: mm m830: wehivhave you come across the
cairred on there are varioushivservices you can access including
hurl mabel smith s storieshiva lot o the atmosphere
me wes mine but ihivhud enough o daith an
sheepish an blurts oot ihivleft my fitba beets at
s the best tay ihivtasted they made gweed time
river s desertit the boatshiva gaun see newark castle
an grey later on combineshivtheir say friday 25 temp
buchan dialect i doot wehiva richt feerich here an
on the lottery they wouldnahivto get up fur work
like a kitten that wehivmoved intae it s far
is a braw fire wehivthe nicht the fire wisnae
to care for people withhivand to maximise our efforts
to care for people withhivand to maximise our efforts
of heterosexual people contracting thehivinfection and the longer life
to reduce the potential forhivtransmission in prisons and when
souza principal officer addictions andhivedinburgh city drug action team
about edinburgh havin the worsthivproblem in western europe or

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