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medical officer chief dental officerhmchief inspector of constabulary and
were our professional experts includinghmchief inspector of constabulary and
ask the scottish executive whenhmchief inspector of constabulary will
ask the scottish executive whenhmchief inspector of constabulary will
chief inspector of constabulary andhminspector of schools 8 staff
light of the terms ofhminspectorate of constabulary s primary
chief inspector of constabulary andhminspectorate of fire services carried
dogs such as police dogshmcustoms and excise dogs rescue
say some profound things abouthmcustoms and excise however those
course we are aware thathmcustoms and excise is trying
national criminal intelligence service andhmcustoms and excise ms curran
football ground in conjunction withhmcustoms and excise went round
to hm prison kilmarnock fromhmprison a barlinnie b greenock
the stop programme at ahmprison barlinnie and b hm
given to the governor ofhmprison barlinnie in respect of
contract for the refurbishment ofhmprison barlinnie s b hall
cost will be of refurbishinghmprison barlinnie s b hall
process for the refurbishment ofhmprison barlinnie s b hall
tenders for the refurbishment ofhmprison barlinnie s b hall
tenders for the refurbishment ofhmprison barlinnie s b hall
to end slopping out athmprison barlinnie s1w 16811 lord
to be carried out athmprison barlinnie to end slopping
hm prison barlinnie and bhmprison polmont in i 1999
parliament notes the decision byhmchief inspector of prisons clive
prison kilmarnock in light ofhmchief inspector of prisons for
scottish penal establishments clive fairweatherhmchief inspector of prisons for
annual report 2001 2002 ofhmchief inspector of prisons for
annual report 2001 2002 ofhmchief inspector of prisons for
to each local prison establishmenthmchief inspector of prisons has
illness s1m 3389 richard lochheadhmchief inspector of prisons report
bill team hmi graham donaldsonhmdepute senior chief inspector kate
senior chief inspector kate cherryhminspector of schools association of
inspector of prisons report onhmprison aberdeen that the parliament
last three years at ahmprison kilmarnock and b each
incidence of staff bullying athmprison kilmarnock and if so
registered as having title tohmprison kilmarnock and its grounds
apply to the operation ofhmprison kilmarnock as referred to
been applied since operation ofhmprison kilmarnock began and what
by the operating company ofhmprison kilmarnock broken down for
serious assault has occurred inhmprison kilmarnock but no performance
at each house block inhmprison kilmarnock for a 1999
a case of violence inhmprison kilmarnock for the purposes
many prisoners were transferred tohmprison kilmarnock from hm prison
case where an incident athmprison kilmarnock has been recorded
self harm were logged athmprison kilmarnock in a 1999
misconduct reports were logged athmprison kilmarnock in a 1999
management from the performance ofhmprison kilmarnock in any area
criminal conviction for violence athmprison kilmarnock in each quarter
made from the operation ofhmprison kilmarnock in each year
regard to the running ofhmprison kilmarnock in light of
local prisons in scotland tohmprison kilmarnock in the year
prison services in respect ofhmprison kilmarnock of the purchase
advice to the operators ofhmprison kilmarnock on drafting a
timetable for the visit tohmprison kilmarnock proceeding i am
review the contractual status ofhmprison kilmarnock s1o 4909 17
on monitoring running and supportinghmprison kilmarnock s1o 5791 3
given to prison officers athmprison kilmarnock s1w 17665 christine
incidents of prisoner violence athmprison kilmarnock s1w 24057 alex
4 of the operation ofhmprison kilmarnock s1w 32823 michael
4 of the operation ofhmprison kilmarnock s1w 32824 mr
prisoners were transferred from ahmprison kilmarnock to other local
ask the scottish executive whetherhmprison kilmarnock was included in
parts of the contract forhmprison kilmarnock were omitted in
prisoners are currently accommodated athmprison kilmarnock what the maximum
languages goethe institute highland councilhminspectorate ibm italian consulate learning
the groups identified in thehminspectorate of education report moving
urgent and transparent investigation byhmnuclear installations inspectorate into the
will be made available tohmprison aberdeen in order to
that 80 of inmates athmprison aberdeen test positive for
highly critical intermediate report onhmprison aberdeen that highlights serious
we have a visit tohmprison and young offenders institution
establish temporary accommodation blocks athmprison craiginches and in the
implication of the closure ofhmprison longriggend on the people
commissioned by the governor ofhmprison low moss comparing incidents
statement by the governor ofhmprison low moss that the
the estate of the formerhmprison penninghame s1w 8766 fiona
2002 why the sale ofhmprison penninghame was not included
unsettling for the staff athmprison perth and their families
not support the closure ofhmprison perth s1m 3773 drug
january 2003 threatening to movehmprison perth to dundee in
james douglas hamilton s1m 2363hmprison peterhead and beacon site
plans for the future ofhmprison peterhead s1w 17680 irene
of prescribed psychiatric medication athmprison polmont but not at
offender programmes are operated athmprison saughton if so whether
to the data provided byhmprison service in relation to
made of recent incidents athmprison shotts and what action
with all parties concerned includinghmtreasury and entrust supported by
representations it has made tohmtreasury in regard to the
in section 5 3 ofhmtreasury s funding the scottish
in section 5 3 ofhmtreasury s funding the scottish
in section 5 3 ofhmtreasury s funding the scottish
in section 5 3 ofhmtreasury s funding the scottish
in section 5 3 ofhmtreasury s funding the scottish
executive when it last methmtreasury to discuss balancing payments
bone f1103: one f1104: hmhmf1103: one bone it s
sam stop throwing f1118: ahhmf1117: don t hm me
don t hm me f1118: hmf1117: that s a nice
on his jumper f1122: hmhmf1121: where s his jumper
was awa to glasgow f1142: hmf1141: aye f1142: hm that
know [laugh] f963: [laugh] f965: hmf963: hm m964: but i
one bone f1103: one f1104: hmhm f1103: one bone it
got on his jumper f1122: hmhm f1121: where s his
f963: [laugh] f965: hm f963: hmm964: but i didn t
ah hm f1117: don thmme f1118: hm f1117: that
f1142: hm f1141: aye f1142: hmthat s cool f1141: that
but japanese is fun f807: hm[exhale] [laugh] f806: seriously you
really know f806: no f807: hmf806: i had a nice
then does the housework f807: hmf806: it s a awful
does the sun shine f807: hmf806: [laugh] does the sun
tomorrow f806: [inhale] ah f807: hmf806: see i told you
f806: a washing machine f807: hm[laugh] f806: yeah no well
it isn t actually f806: hmthat s the same with
[inaudible] f718: beach ballroom m1078: hmit s still famous in
the bedroom f718: oops f1077: hmm1078: and the police were
for tea that night f718: hmm1078: er fish was a
f718: exactly yeah m1078: mmhmhmwell erm it was a
know m1078: oh mmhm f1077: hmwell f718: probably mm mmhm
that guy said [laugh] m964: hmf965: that was what you
so mmhm f965: mmhm mmhmhmm964: separate question that involves
hersel to my character lilianhmbeaumont at the first o
ran away from home harryhmjack lilian that s enough
naething leave me alane lilianhmjames listen jack told me
it harry nothing i saidhmlilian that s all right
be plenty folk clyping jackhmdeana but there was something
jack stares after them jackhmhe is about to go
mair does she need jackhmthat s not the way
man to dae it rowlandhmbeaumont i ken whit you
back till the morn cairdhmbeaumont whit luck whit braw
here has he confessed beaumonthmdid you uncover anything caird
didny gang empty handit beaumonthmlisten dinny mrs beaumont there
naething further to say beaumonthmweel andy i m heart
headwind the very opposite beaumonthmweel what do you think
is really quite remarkable f718: hmmmhm mmhm how do you
i don t really f965: hmf963: a- associate it with
was working in maybole f963: hmi don t remember f965:
family had a dumpling f963: hmright f965: for your birthday
he had mod following f963: hmuh huh f965: er people
and read a book f965: hmwhich suited him [?]real[/?] down
and everything and that m608: hmf643: and eh she came
sit in m608: mmhm f641: hmf643: ehm and m608: you
it s difficult to m608: hmf643: perceive of that degree
on about your efforts f641: hmf643: so it was it
says what happened tae m642: hmhe was the driver f643:
a hundred and sixty f643: hmm642: and it s just
a hail year fifty f643: hmm642: two times fivers is
him a big payoff m608: hmm642: a lot of money
to the rugby club m608: hmm642: and if we felt
a month ye paid m608: hmthat s two hundred m642:
it s too high f1122: hmf1121: it s too far
you mix that in f1122: hmf1121: that s fine right
what s colour s milohmf1122: blue purple f1121: he
it f1121: uh huh f1122: hmi ll be steady f1121:
be careful at the beachhmit s careful sand f1121:
going to make first f1122: hmpink pink f1121: a pink
s your go again f1104: hmf1103: six you want one
m636: that s right m608: hmand [?]dad[/?] [hm] i mean
sandwiches for my piece m608: hmf638: in this tiny wee
fitt else do you lovehmfitt else do you love
fitt happened the last timehmm1108: it broke f1107: it
a wee moose [?]me know him[/?] heyhmyey f1091: whey so fitt
after a positive report fromhminspectors the principal welcomed the
f1089: farr you goin m1090: hmit does [inaudible] bad mm
and far far away rowlandhmdeana my dear i am
i am i am f1133: hmthat s [censored: forename] and [censored: forename]
government fund 11 30 amhmthe queen s address 2
public sector 11 30 amhmthe queen s address 2
that s my ain f1097: hmm1098: don t press mine
[laugh] b-b-b- [laugh] [laugh] m1055: hmf1009: [inhale] b- before eh
[laugh] f1049: and she wenthmlike that and then this
[laugh] eh to batter f1054: hmm1004: stotter f1005: stotter [laugh]
writing about f810: [laugh] [sniff]hmthe significance of the pentangle
like that you know [laugh]hmyou know skivin generally m819:
you can [inaudible] noo m1096: hmf1095: is it there m1096:
get cotton buds [?]cool[/?] f1114: hmf1113: right watch your [inaudible]
why [inaudible] that ains f1133: hmf1134: [inaudible] this ain s
that s it doon therehm[inaudible] g f1097: that s
m1092: that s for [inaudible]hmthat one that one i
out eh m1090: uh huhhmf1089: upside doon dae it
to pass exams on m1183: hmm1182: em and eh sorry
done the ironman challenge m815: hmm816: you start at fort
quite comfortable on it m1008: hmbrought your own cushions to
robby mah son robby ahmnoh your son pause slaverin
[inhale] it s bananas f1113: hmf1114: bananas f1113: there you
that s about it m1055: hmm1007: the same yeah pleased
cause it s so m818: hmm819: it s c- so
lives in milton keynes f1154: hmthat s cool actually f1155:
house ginger so i m944: hmf943: sent my friends to
lit f1037: okay f1038: sohmi m kind of thinking
beezer o a plan rowlandhmboyter the hand of god
other song about the snowmanhmm1108: [exhale] a little snowman
ll hear from her againhmsanderson comes in from outside
word high which equals f1009: hmm1007: yeah yeah m1008: pleased
other islands speaking f606: nohmf1067: you never came across
you find stars next f1093: hmm1094: you find stars next
them in the laundry baskethmyou wanting a drink m1094:
he nae say hurray m1106: hmi i just put my
f646: i means sweet f632: hmf646: as as in it
erm i was kinda thinkinghmlittle bit dubious when i
ball in the net mmhmf1113: i ve just given
his bowl as if likehmand he like knocked everything
times like this robby ahmprood ti hae yi is
farms because they re likehmwe ve got our money
flour aa ower the cookbookhmm1108: is that aa we
be asked to m1055: ehmhmf1009: press his winners on
a lot o f606: [tut]hmf1039: them have left an
f1089: oh lovely m1090: [sniff]hmi want ma -puter down

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