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next time cakes f1126: ayehmmf1125: oh yummy f1126: and
yummy yummy f1130: [child noise] f1129: hmmyou sure you re wantin
i m making you softhmmooh tickle tickle tickle tickle
rest of them oot m1096: hmmf1095: rabbits traffic lights rabbits
we ll mak them m1096: hmmhere s rabbits bunnies rabbits
you get some then m1096: hmmrabbits f1095: mmhm m1096: hoses
no no no f1095: mmhmmhmm m1096: no f1095: mmhm
no no no f1095: mmhmmhmm m1096: no no no
no no f1095: mm hmmhmmm1096: no f1095: mmhm m1096:
no no f1095: mm hmmhmmm1096: no no no f1095:
toy one m1106: yeah f1105: hmmand where did you see
digger f1105: did you m1106: hmmf1105: where did you see
he was eating it f1105: hmmm1106: he he didna dae
i want to [inaudible] f1105: hmmm1106: i want to play
no this feels cold f1105: hmmm1106: mum change it f1105:
be in your belly buttonhmmm1106: mum [inaudible] f1105: aa
baker and the candlestick makerhmmm1106: mum mum that s
some fruits then [inaudible] f1105: hmmm1106: then dae that well
film in comparative lit f806: hmmf807: and there s a
think it s just f806: hmmf807: but um f806: uh
that s called shakespeare f806: hmmf807: so you may you
next weekend [laugh] [laugh] f806: hmmi m at the library
yeah it is it ishmmi think f806: yeah i
f807: [laugh] f806: but ehmhmm[inhale] what else can we
to stay f806: [exhale] f807: hmm[laugh] f806: oh f807: [cough]
it f1129: new cups f1130: hmmf1129: [laugh] look they groovy
in the background [censored: forename] f1130: hmmf1129: nothing f1130: what was
f1129: what kind o seedieshmmf1130: nice ones f1129: nice
a bit in there m1096: hmmah mm f1095: that s
in the bathroom maybe m1096: hmmaye i think so i
to sort them out m1096: hmmf1095: put aa the m1096:
s in the back m1096: hmmf1095: turn it roon in
a corner no that shmmfarr does that go m1096:
first m1096: farr is ithmmhere s a ladder f1095:
here m1096: aye bikes f1095: hmmm1096: and bikes f1095: mm
m1096: aye [inaudible] back f1095: hmmm1096: can we take this
can you see them f1095: hmmm1096: can you s- f1095:
onywhere wait till we seehmmm1096: [laugh] [panting] f1095: that
your bag m1096: no f1095: hmmthat s strange m1096: oh
[laugh] m734: er [laugh] erhmmi can barely even remember
s er voice er f718: hmmm734: and it s kind
lot of people er f718: hmmm734: but i didn t
er no i m f718: hmmm734: still into classical music
strongest man [laugh] [laugh] f718: hmmthat s true m734: er
long to do [water running] f1126: hmmand then mak [inaudible] f1125:
f1126: mm f1125: look f1126: hmmf1125: it goes here you
in there does it f1126: hmmf1125: no f1126: how about
no it s nae f1126: hmmf1125: oh dear this bit
bit goes here look f1126: hmmf1125: right and this bit
try that one instead f1126: hmmf1125: that s it that
dae after that right f1126: hmmf1125: we have to put
s it f1126: aw [child noise]hmmf1125: you havena broken it
[?]a little little bit[/?] open my water f1125: hmmf1126: eh whit whit f1125:
of cakes are they f1126: hmm[?]gaga[/?] [?]gag-[/?] f1125: what kind
s okay f1126: i havenahmmi broke it [inaudible] f1125:
fishies in the mou f1125: hmmright which one now f1126:
to do now f1126: [tut]hmmthat one f1125: the little
f1125: right here look f1126: hmmthis bit f1125: wanna push
to get another ain f1095: hmmdid you put it back
think so i think sohmmf1095: is it there i
the bottom f1095: no naehmmmaybe it does go there
s lots o colours f1093: hmmit s got lots of
a bittie in there f1093: hmmm1094: have you got a
m1094: yes it is f1093: hmmm1094: is it [inaudible] and
s nae raining now f1093: hmmm1094: it s nae raining
i want it bigger f1093: hmmm1094: that s nae bigger
i ve got it f1093: hmmright you choose one [censored: forename]
the last bit go m1094: hmmthe bit must go f1093:
go m1094: the towel f1093: hmmtowel s down behind you
not do it again f1093: hmmwe ll play something else
for a snack today m1110: hmmf1109: milk m1110: milk and
i don t know ithmmi dinna ken m1110: can
lad at this trains businesshmmm1110: how how many colours
soup m1110: erm yes f1109: hmmm1110: well we ll have
fun at granny s f1136: hmmf1135: going to have fun
your feet in f1136: achhmmf1135: stuck in the bike
this bike at home f1136: hmmf1135: we should have left
go to the park f1135: hmmf1136: i ll put it
that one over there f1135: hmmwhere f1136: i ll go
s lying in the cupboardhmmfarr can it be mm
m1008: mmhm mmhm m1055: ahhmmaye m1008: there seem to
word m1008: mmhm m1055: [?]fiann[/?]hmmf1009: [?]fiann[/?] m1055: for er
m1008: yes a slightly sn-hmmposher sound to it somehow
to criticise me er f718: hmmso it s passengers and
seeing now m1090: oh [laugh]hmmdoing it f1089: that s
right m1090: mm eh [scribbling noise]hmmf1089: let s see now
mmhm m1090: put it herehmmhuh [scribbling noise] no be green
f1089: fitt s funny m1090: hmm[laugh] the cou- the clouds
that house m1090: mm mmhmmmmhm this can be orange
in strawberries f1111: strawberry conditionerhmmthat ll be nice f1112:
have to try different flavourshmmdid you try different flavours
i play crash bash f1107: hmmi suppose so while that
aw ye wee romeo youhmmm1108: mm watch it watch
you gaun tae dae thenhmmare you going to do
i dae m1128: nothing f1127: hmmnow oh you think this
take it off just nowhmmwill we will we put
ready to sink yet cairdhmmboyter it s no as
or coffee in the morninhmmno bad for saicont class
be little did he f1103: hmmhere we go look f1104:
and he s thinking [tut]hmmhow did that happen or
would not allow it m608: hmmf637: [inaudible] f638: if ye
the new jimi hendrix m959: hmmf958: i can t think
other way that s ithmmi think you got to
at me and he saidhmmso i think they were
the world f631: mmhm f634: hmmso that was you know
a oh cha chanainn f980: hmmchan eil mi cho cinnteach
esan na mise f982: ehhmmoh uill dìreach a bheil
right what colour i needhmmhow about this i see
calling tony blair a cunthmmthat won t be so
for the funeral pyre cairdhmmboyter come awa man you
books and aathing for yehmmcause you like bob divn
billy weren t you m635: hmmwell m636: and i was
of thinkin aboot it m741: hmmthat sounds quite cool m605:
all about f641: yeah f639: hmmyeah that s the thing
of day mr beaumont beaumonthmmrowland i really came in
was good [inhale] [yawn] buthmmalso kinda pretty much everybody
his way to paris m608: hmmm078: erm in order to

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