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f1136: up f1135: [inaudible] rightholdhold on tight you ready
[censored: forename] f1122: no i llholdon really tight to that
mummy help you right readyholdon tight f1126: okay okay
f1121: yes you have toholdon tight haven t you
go let go f1121: noholdon tight [inaudible] f1122: [cough]
is giving rabbit a rideholdon tight rabbit m1092: look
want it fast again rightholdon tight then [inaudible] f1136:
nae need this yes f1099: holdon tight to the reins
up f1135: [inaudible] right holdholdon tight you ready f1136:
uh huh right big pushholdon very tight then f1136:
there pause i had toholdonto her carolanne of course
hold on her hair f1111: holdonto her hair is she
the taxi i had toholdonto her she d have
f1117: [?]will they aa fit in there?[/?] you have toholdonto it when you re
f1121: but you can stillholdonto mum and look oh
bit f1121: watch yourself gonnaholdonto mum okay f1122: [inaudible]
gonna just be careful f1121: holdonto mummy cause we don
f1111: aye you want toholdonto my head a wee
wee minute f1112: eh f1111: holdonto my head and i
onto your shoulder f1111: okayholdonto my shoulder [laugh] [?]onto[/?]
in and i had toholdonto these bars if you
on to my saddle f1099: holdonto to your saddle feet
careful f1121: no i llholdonto you f1122: why f1121:
mmhm f689: got put onholdand put on hold and
on hold and put onholdand then what with the
f1114: you hold i llhold[child noises] f1113: now i think
[inaudible] f1113: ooh f1114: youholdi ll hold [child noises] f1113:
let me see can youholdit can you hold it
you hold it can youholdit just a bittie like
ll hold it m1098: iholdit look you just press
gie that f1097: i llholdit m1098: i hold it
[inaudible] no what about [inaudible]holdon her hair f1111: hold
want to see the f1089: holdon hold on hold on
see the f1089: hold onholdon hold on m1090: [inhale]
she just snorkeling f1112: justholdon hold on to her
f1089: hold on hold onholdon m1090: [inhale] [exhale] presents
snorkeling f1112: just hold onholdon to her body f1111:
ll hold up if youholdone side then two side
the way f1112: [inaudible] wowholdthem just now hold them
wow hold them just nowholdthem just now oh they
look mum look that llholdup if you hold one
it but hold your penholdyour crayon this way look
got a nice star shapeholdyour fi- hold your finger
star shape hold your fi-holdyour finger on the middle
him linda [congregation laugh] hold yourholdyour ground naza very good
an push him linda [congregation laugh]holdyour hold your ground naza
f1089: that s it butholdyour pen hold your crayon
mm f1136: that can youholdf1135: dinna go fast now
f1135: right and i llholdit f1136: [inaudible] not there
f1135: you ll have toholdon a minute anyway f1136:
i want it off f1135: holdon f1136: it off f1135:
wheelie bin f1136: can youholdthe wheelie f1135: you ve
of oil but i didholdhis hand and he returned
he has the lord toholdhis hand or maybe at
hand let s see rightholdit there like that m1090:
t be him who llholdmy hand he ll never
drab walls no one toholdmy hand i am guiltily
after but no one willholdmy hand i m not
resolutions were willie you llholdmy hand won t you
f1121: if you just keepholdo mummy s hand cause
no you just keep aholdo my hand just in
you a hand she takesholdof the cords right i
a bit clap wyfe moragholdout her hand uncertainly but
for miles around whether iholdout my hand to them
hear everything much too clearlyholdout your hand she says
looks she is going toholdup her hand and clype
bittie f1126: here i llholdyour hand which colour s
haven t ye m1090: ohholdit the other way f1089:
bit [inhale] [exhale] f1089: youholdthat bit m1090: [inhale] f1089:
we go m1090: i willholdthis bit [inhale] [exhale] f1089:
is that f1089: i llholdthis m1090: is that yours
shottie for you and youholdit like this right m1090:
thank you m1090: and iholdit on here i ll
in the toybox f1121: rightholdon a second can you
[phone rings] f1122: see [inaudible] f1121: holdon a second f1122: [inaudible]
s go this way f1121: holdon a second f1122: it
let s go f1121: okayholdon a second f1122: why
aye f1121: [toy says 'you are right'] see [inaudible]holdon a second [inaudible] be
the chocolate f1122: aye f1121: holdon a second right you
we take off these f1121: holdon just keep it on
a car coming f1121: youholdon to mummy what a
have we mummy don tholdthis right up f1121: careful
need on that chair rightholdon a second dinna touch
balls there we go f1113: holdon a second then f1114:
aye [inaudible] right i llholdher f1112: [inaudible] what is
pardon f1112: here you canholdher mummy see that s
one i ve got toholdit in the middle f1112:
f1112: uh huh f1111: rightholdmy head i ll move
who is this getting aholdo you there f1112: granny
s [inaudible] [inaudible] f1111: noholdit up and pop it
don t [inaudible] here goholdon f1111: are you not
[inaudible] no want it youholdit f1091: okay then i
f1091: okay then i llholdit right you wantin to
this one f1091: okay m1092: holdon a minute f1091: oh
elephant for me f1091: okayholdon and i ll see
pee m1092: [inaudible] f1091: rightholdon m1092: [inaudible] [inaudible] f1091:
f1091: will we match upholdon one for m1092: two
one m1092: [?]i want you[/?] f1091: rightholdon then we ll mix
n v cover haud vholdhauf n half hauflin n
n low field haud vholdhaurlie adv hardly haw n
hap n cover haud vholdhaw n hall heid n
the n i v isholdi m- an then ehm
mummy you ll have toholdhim i bawl at fiona
pieces and then i llholdit and you can stick
well we ll hae toholdit because it winna go
alright i ll get itholdit doon aboot here look
the [?]fimbles[/?] i i llholdit f1113: careful only need
want yours well i llholdit for you okay m1092:
black thing and i llholdit it s hard isn
over the floor we llholdit over the sink pit
okay f1131: i-i- i llholdit you just take out
s- another block f1113: okayholdon i ll do it
yum yum yum will iholdon i ll go to
f641: [laugh] m642: have rightholdon i ll tell you
grinning like an idiot f943: holdon then we ll stick
ll find it for youholdon you keep your bookie
t f1114: look i llholdthe balls f1113: you right
oh nearly oh i llholdthem there right right more
well you ll need toholdthese a wee bittie let
have a bath i llholdwell we ll hae to
come here and i llholdyou have you got the
on two hands i llholdyou over what are you
okay i ve got aholdo it it s in
can hae sparkleworks f1103: okayholdon till i put this
away then f1100: okay [exhale]holdon to my saddle f1099:
top okay f1114: one f1113: holdon while i put the
move to go but iholdher your boyfriend you said
went [laugh] you took aholdof your conker and you
missed it f1114: mm f1113: holdon a minute out your
up it starts saying [laugh]holdon to your hats [laugh]
for you you have tohold[stamps foot] your ground you have
you got your man toholdthe wool stretched over his
have this one darling nowholdyour finger on the middle
use red are you youholdyour pen a bittie better
the marketing from you andholdyour stock in the swindon
s favourite phrase was k-holdyour tongue between your teeth
is fatalistic and unsympathetic oholdyour tongue my ae daughter
will breed sad strife oholdyour tongue of your former
since she had let himholdher next day she looked
more f1118: anything more f1117: holdon let me see oh
that go there f1093: noholdon right m1094: [child noise] let
nae f1099: now let goholdon there farr my fingers
eh wait f1113: ages rightholdon put this on in
catch it f1114: [laugh] f1113: holdon that s it oh
big one f1114: mum youholdthe [inaudible] snakie f1113: can
s better f1114: you youholdthe kitten f1113: thank you
put the tendering exercise onholdand carry out a comprehensive
people will simply put onholdany investment in their pharmacy
official hoses are put onholdfor fear of drought mrs
paper has been put onholdfor the time being given
put it into a circleholdon what happened to the
planning permission is put onholdthey carry on regardless i
they might put things onholduntil they see what happens
strategy to be put onholdwe want it to advance
f1118: this [inaudible] f1117: nowholdon cause this plate s
[inaudible] little bittie f1117: noholdon right noo we ve
give you [inaudible] f1125: youholdthe bowl for me f1126:
that once they have gotholdof graduates the right infrastructure
m1098: mm f1097: [exhale] rightholdon to that you take
pee oh wait right youholdthat for me m1092: i
s right and duty toholdthe executive to account including
silly metal things in thatholdthem f826: oh right m827:
down to the floor theyholdeach other at arms length
cross legged stew and edholdeach other cammy and dimps
cammy share dimps and cammyholdeach other closely cammy fuckin
the gym bj and jillyholdeach other exit bj and
mine silence jilly and patholdeach other lee yi wanted
you i wish ye weholdeach other quietly for what
ay ay bj and jillyholdeach other then kiss bj
of mirror pat and jillyholdeach other they watch screen
them they appeared town treesholdposies each a buxom bride
easy to get into theholdfor they ve restowed the
couldn t after all getholdof a car to take
have seen you could getholdof a fair sized stem
then the boys would getholdof a long rope and
phrases such as to getholdof an idea seize on
mr alexander managed to getholdof i must say that
it and sook get aholdof it and shut up
our supper oh get aholdof it and sook get
stand up and get aholdof it and when she
with him trying to getholdof it f947: oh very
and she can t getholdof it she is dragging
which young people can getholdof restricted goods like tobacco
here but they cannot getholdof the line position hopeless
just couldn t get aholdof the what she was
out i tried tae getholdof them but i had
too if you can getholdof them hope you re
know i tried tae getholdof tickets and they were
get you a paintbrush justholdon cause they re not
is accomplished f965: you getholdwith f963: [laugh] f965: two
we might be able toholda meeting at 5 pm
sheer hypocrisy for me toholda meeting in public and
is public consultation one canholda meeting in which one
to consider them if weholda meeting on the thursday
i am not happy toholda meeting when members have
is difficult for us toholda meeting when that is
present their views and toholdan additional meeting for this
committee will consider whether toholdthe meeting with the committee
go toward ed cammy fuckinholdit dimps he might kill
look i ve got aholdo it go on then
crunchy for my spoon f1117: holdon till we go over
as well as marriages theyholdrecords that go back to
go of his knee andholdup my arms to be
the decision on when toholda by election for the
election in may decides toholda consultation on planning the
sometimes the kirk session wouldholda fast on pace sunday
calls on the parliament toholda full debate as soon
procurator fiscal service and toholda further evidence session on
on the scottish executive toholda public inquiry on the
for scotland they plan toholdconsultation events on this and
life of robert burns onholddespite her literary ambitions she
its education department does notholddetailed information on the circular
at a time on theholdloadin the liftin the boxes
that s his career onholdmags reflected elena was weeping
was like enya on theirholdmusic and this voice kept
felt aboot me silence zebholdon a minute della did
maggie on phone would youholdon covers the mouthpiece to
traffics traffics traffics ah justholdon [exhale] farr the noo
it and say oh yeahholdon f814: and they give
would be another reason toholdon for a minute we
m1110: no [?]sore arm[/?] f1109: ohholdon m1110: this one here
ms macdonald i the convenerholdon margo members should indicate
lid i stand up andholdon the mantelpiece with both
has held or proposes toholdon the matter with affected
the edges of the schemeholdon to it while contemplating
dinna press anything now justholdon to it you managed
panic and the need toholdon to my pee he
mmhm m017: where people oftenholdon to some of their
wife before she deserted meholdon to that even though
room spinning i had toholdon to the bath and
government has always been toholdon to the commissioner if
of that and wanted toholdon to their commissioners that
gave them life and weholdon to them when we
more determination in order toholdon to what they had
on the understanding it couldholdsuch events including the world
not clear that we couldholdthe census on the planned
on social security doesn tholdthe terrors for me that
or stand on it nowholdthis yin no darling leave
musty house their lives onholdtill they d passed their
there was a 20 mileholdup on the m8 glasgow
leave it for mum justholdit dinna touch the buttons
s just the way youholdit more than anything it
you d no voice pauseholdit now boy just back
a camera [laugh] m944: theyholdit there and they just
no it was just likeholdmusic but you know like
effectively and encourage them toholdmeetings around scotland establish prestigious
that s an idea takeholdo them now how did
grease i can t keepholdof them and dog sleds
them in next will youholdthe towel in a minute
have showed how dearly iholdthem all because i feel
would have thought it wouldholdthem back f1027: mmhm f1023:
them back f1027: mmhm f1023: holdthem back mm f1025: mmhm
windows unfortunately you can tholdthem open you have to
not think that we willholdthem up to make any
ehm other words that youholddear in the fishin community
i need you to iholdher tighter i feel the
too so andy tries toholdhis breath you must be
usual i want you toholdme and not make love
drop him into the streetholdme tighter i need you
are they heavy will youholdthat for me for a
do this one f1139: youholdthat for me i think
f1123: is it not youholdthe paper then and i
there it says if youholdto my teaching you are
know know the bit youholdto roll it the handle
their grandchildren that gaelic wouldholdyou back that was the
mmhm f1025: you know orholdyou back that wee bit
oh pillow who then willholdyou close whose dreams will
thrift and sea bird iholdyou here against distortion knowing
at last o as iholdyou in my arms and
the time the police canholdyou without trial the anti
steps then form w shapeholdin front to form a
and then the bbc gotholdof the option for a
can i have my sayholda demonstration stand for election
the regulations scottish ministers canholda local enquiry and the
a time as wembley canholdathletic events or the redistribution
as members can see iholddown a full time job
has a chip that canholdfairly detailed information about the
devastating analysis can continue toholdher position yesterday we witnessed
he was away jack willholdhis tongue and i can
redrafted can we agree toholdover consideration of that paper
treasure we can have orholdp 73 1 see somewhere
improving and she can nowholdreasonable conversations in it she
a dim memory the mountainsholdno terror now 1 the
of compassion a desire toholdher close but she elbowed
be terrified to even toholdher f606: yeah f889: ah
shoes and guides beth toholdher feet up beth i
crying loudly robby and tessholdher light fades della and
the same gladys determined toholdher one advantage the fact
half hearted attempt to takeholdof her leg again but
her sister would have toholdone end while their grandmother
she makes agonised sounds andholdout her arms to her
closes the door speechless iholdout my arms to her
rude i backed up toholdthe door open for her
toward dimps and cammy stewholdit way ooti control way
instead of allowing registrars toholdmarriages in the way that
kind of sort of mysticholdover him in some way
over national proceedings it wouldholdseparate and distinct proceedings if
snow all over plumber theholdup 28 monday snow plenty
has not stamped themselves andholdit up inspect it and
out to the floor andholdit up so that everyone
ride we sit in theholdlike fish squinting up through
smashing at greek weddings theholdup attracted the attention of
plenty of time and theholdup for the crashed in
god damn what s theholdup here pinto what s
here pinto what s theholdup pinto is the name
had buttons for suspenders toholdup slightly thinner stockings [note: photo:'mr and mrs james riddoch and nellie, 1910.']
corrective theory that comedy shouldholdup the mirror to one
the census as that wouldholdup the whole process the
in the torment of hellholdup their hands and plead
the nearer velux window andholdwee andy up so that
my teeth i could notholda toothbrush at that time
not touch my baby notholdmy son please he s
the lamp my husband grabbedholdof a big towel and
simplistic terms we want toholdconstructive discussions with our colleagues
here by bus decide toholdfunction in institute tuesday 26
things like that took aholdhere no we hereabouts should
take into account if weholda similar event next year
ideology does not formally takeholdin scotland until 1817 when
ymbfon all with a takeholdmeaning as well as andgiet
be reconciled to or shallholdcommunion with the see or
be reconciled to or shallholdcommunion with the see or
be reconciled to or shallholdcommunion with the see or
there m1094: i wan- f1093: holdall their books in for
memories their sweet kernels wouldholdduring short dark edinburgh days
the scottish football association toholdexploratory discussions with their counterparts
pace twenty one green acresholdtheir buried treasure safe gravestones
visit the necropolis green acresholdtheir buried treasure safe the
anyway the health boards apparentlyholdtwo yearly reviews of their
too many other local lairdsholdproperty in innermessan to allow
two successive years and toholdsurgeries as promised and therefore
twa two owre too haddholdtagidder together mair is more
the same person might wellholdthe post under the two
by size one person cannotholdany allotment or allotments exceeding
sucking his thumb tentatively iholdhim as if i was
blackguard hud him tee isholdhim close limmer is a
seem to have learned toholdhim properly even when i
times for fire doors toholdback fire and a minimum
community pure ladies we mustholdback the tide of untested
back to bessie peggy takesholdof the handles gladys jumps
st enoch centre couldn tholda candle to the magnificence
opportunity for the parliament toholda rational discussion about how
committee will consider whether toholda seminar to discuss its
laid across the knees toholda shoemaker s last saps
boys glasgow speech seems toholda special attraction he goes
is clear we wish toholda stake in puk so
a bowl big enough toholdall the spaghetti and grate
for the scottish parliament toholdan independent and public inquiry
the justice 2 committee toholdan inquiry into the operation
the justice 2 committee toholdan inquiry into the operation
broadcasting the committee agreed toholdan inquiry to examine the
etymological note still seems toholdboth meaning and form make
that the executive claims toholddear all kinds of volunteering
the committee is proposing toholdearly next year that work
garret and was able toholdenough meal for a year
the scottish football association toholdexploratory discussions with its counterparts
and the continuing ability toholdfish in stocked areas the
sheaves in gaits haad toholdhaaker hawker haase throat hack
to supplement his pay loversholdhands and kiss in this
they were often used toholdhens feed big pots were
slot which the committee couldholdin private to discuss the
the scottish executive intends toholdinto the causes of handling
engine idling we seemed toholdit in freeze frame for
around takes the transistor radioholdit to his cheek replaces
private the committee agreed toholditem 4 in private 2
committee will decide whether toholditem 8 in private 3
ken do members agree toholditems 2 3 and 4
committee will decide whether toholditems 4 and 5 in
the silent house seems toholdits breath above the sea
froze became suspended seemed toholdits breath as i went
it was decided not toholdjanuary and february meetings next
word from glam to layholdof voraciously to devour a
authorities are legally entitled toholdoff the approval or implementation
regulations i am willing toholdpublic information meetings as richard
which people are expected toholdreal costs steady or to
we may assume these toholdsandwiches sausage rolls and sliced
for his unceasing campaign toholdsuccessive lord advocates to account
seriously ask the parliament toholdsuch a debate given the
parties to such arrangements andholdsuch accounts in connection with
phenomenon of ambivalence served toholdthe bonds of society in
submit a joint bid toholdthe championships in 2008 and
would enable the parliament toholdthe executive to account if
watson and elaine thomson willholdthe executive to that the
will use a terrier toholdthe fox at bay in
the subsequent intergovernmental conference willholdthe key to the future
session the committee agreed toholdthe last 30 minutes of
very much trying to ermholdthe line against that and
the first roman catholic toholdthe office of secretary of
all that was needed toholdthe roof and it was
at the top end toholdthe tether rope and swivel
nation in question continued toholdthe trial itself could the
flowers was also worn toholdthe veil in place the
associations combining to bid toholdthe world cup in 2010
highly appropriate for us toholdthis debate during international nurses
the committee who continued toholdto its original view feeling
review what positions do theyholdand what experience do they
died for a thing weholddear they laid down thier
and what positions did theyholdin the sps at that
quick a picture quickly theyholdit there f943: but i
chair mister derek s eyesholdmine in the mirror they
the details which they bothholdof the number of children
authorities in whose area theyholdsuch stock 2 the scottish
of any account that theyholdthe home office suggests three
i suggested that the committeeholda press launch in edinburgh
it was like a bigholdall thing f637: a big
engraved quaich which it willholdfor a year the individual
requirements and hopes that weholdfor it i thank the
underground refuge dig it outholdit at bay using terriers
programme for government and weholdit dear for that reason
point of view whoever mayholdit it is not always
s ge- it s goingholdmusic and it s going
faith is it s takingholdof god s words and
says he that nail wouldholdall the nocks that ever
know what the future wouldholdhow serious the condition would
we agreed that we wouldholdthis discussion in public and
place was a paradise whoseholdwould remain intense until the
many as the room willholda huge crowd with banners
or third sector business willholda variety of goals and
student nurses that we willholdin june as well as
character and horror will alwaysholduniversal meaning condemns the evils
he accepts but doesn tholdout a lot of hope
the stool he opens theholdall and removes a ventriloquist
ironing board and a largeholdall he ignores steve and
ed is carrying a largeholdall he looks around takes
these are public libraries whichholdinformation about the parliament all
the registrar alone might notholdsway we must ensure fairness
much of those skills stillholdwhat new skills do we
haunds maister rintoul she takesholdof his hands and presses
specialist asthma nurses do notholdthe appropriate qualification i welcome
of this act b whoholdaccounts which qualify under section
is not so much gettingholdof vast quantities of material
until recently simply does notholdwater what is true is
council managed homes for childrenholdsuch a qualification and what
authority services is that authoritiesholdmultiple records for individuals that
minister for parliament may alsoholdsome party office within the
swap sweeties with friends andholda conversation gob stoppers bull
hunting and harvesting some researchersholdthat the earliest societies were
projects in plenty and stillholdthe eye of the storm
17 friday ring lawyer advisesholddeeds until monday when he
but dally while in hisholdfast foot the weak mouse
marble cages of old monumentsholdfragments of a nation s
scottish executive which prisons currentlyholdprisoners categorised as sex offenders
executive how many premises currentlyholdan off trade liquor licence
something that many people stillholddear brian philp national pay
o that caird andy disnyholdwi capital mr beaumont beaumont

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