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nappy from fiona s hideyholeand wrap up those privates
straucht across frae oor hideyholeian wha wis best placed
keekin oot frae s hideyholein the auld tree ruit
barn i d a hideyholeo ma ain here i
wis nae ava the hideyholeo yon great heilan cateran
it s a good hideyholeso he slides his notebook
yull be hurled inti boggleholechucked in wi aw the
it a full moon boggleholeon a night like this
the wae up past boggleholesilence zeb tonight not tonight
wickedness big deep dark boggleholewaitin ower the hill up
that john we banged aholethrough f643: banged a hole
m642: aye we banged aholethrough the wa a big
hole through f643: banged aholethrough the wa and then
coat rack and a gloryholecupboard set in at the
e passage aside e gloryholedoor though iv coorse ye
haalt oot o e gloryholee plastic wis holet in
though i used e gloryholefor ma wine cellar it
fae bit intill e gloryholeit geed a plastic baggie
a hanfae intae the gloryholeitsel till ye d a
aberdeen 1987 78 88 gloryholenew writing scotland association for
wis the laft a gloryholeo bits o cairpets an
in anaith an e gloryholes as fu as iver
a lang time a gloryholes nae a place ye
kinna cheenge o a gloryholesome stray eens geed on
spirits and to the gloryholeunder the stairs it would
e brodmel in e gloryholewis big ey hid lang
f1091: a rabbit m1092: aholea hole f1091: there s
forward fraucht a load frostholea hole for frost nails
a pail or bowl cogholea hole for frost nails
to do f1122: hey aholea hole i m gonna
rabbit m1092: a hole aholef1091: there s a hole
who lives down the f1118: holef1117: nae the hole the
a load frost hole aholefor frost nails in a
or bowl cog hole aholefor frost nails in a
f1122: hey a hole aholei m gonna go in
we dinnae ken where theholeis but the hole s
hole f1091: there s aholeisn t there m1092: behind
that hole noo wisnae aholeit wis a big door
edge o the hole theholeitsel wis shapit like a
through that hole well thatholenoo wisnae a hole it
the hole is but theholes still there i just
roond the edge o theholethe hole itsel wis shapit
f1118: hole f1117: nae theholethe lane what about red
and we came through thatholewell that hole noo wisnae
it bury it dig aholedrop it in doll destroy
she continues to dig aholefor herself the reality is
could ye nae dig aholein the green there and
tae dig a right bigholetae put me in [laugh]
tae dig a gey gweedholetae reet em in an
been tryin tae dig aholetae win in anaith jist
nails were tapped in roundholeat one end wool was
a brek a wa aholethrough the back wa another
be caa d a frostholeas weel frostin let ye
the founs o the quarryholeaathin fand deed on the
walk tae the aal quarryholefolk were great walkers at
tryin tae quarry oot aholein anaith e door though
easter lip o the quarryholerivin it like a hare
mair breathes stour in clartyholehe s filled his share
r a mukkil vacuum aholeneedin ti be filled the
border of card until theholewas filled the wool was
bit of plastic with theholein it a little plastic
wiz still a gurglin blackholefar eh wee boats tied
is coming from a blackholeher face is very red
is a 27 million blackholein pension provision and that
room we notice the blackholein the carpet and my
locked up in that blackholeloyalty matters to me let
squeery doon e lang blackholeo e lum mair tae
of his wife s blackholeof resources the third story
re echoing in the blackholethat inhabits my skull i
yet again in the blackholethat was my brain wrath
open leading into a blackholewhich is the common back
this in a real blackholewith a contraband ball point
there was a bloody potholef643: ach m608: right f643:
the water spigots doon thatholef643: but i mean ye
the water spigots doon thatholef643: it s a drain
m642: that ll be theholef643: ye ll break a
hail month wi this bigholejust a curtain doon f643:
the end o the bloodyhole[laugh] f643: that was your
the rats looking through theholelookin at me [laugh] f643:
we hit that big ehholeon racecourse eh road f643:
oh aye m642: the bigholewi the big pump f643:
same size and cut aholein the middle of them
bit she jist cut aholein the middle tae let
the fiver thur s aholein the middle whaur the
tail which came through theholein the middle when the
o harlech at thon hellholein the heilans ashtray s
thon wis a glaury dubbyholemind fin anely the winos
forbye geordie diggin oot theholethon day his wee brither
folk it s a caulholethon place she shivers a
an baith sides o theholebig rab wis at the
e fleer an a bigholefor ais at wid o
it s a fair bigholeit just goes into the
diggin oot a muckle bigholejuist abuin whare the sands
no big concrete slabs theholemust be oot aboot here
multi functional there was aholenear the back end big
same thir wis a bigholewhaur his chest an stomach
pat hir ee ti theholean keikit doun an she
i jumpt doun throu theholean neil cam ahint we
bullerin up out o theholebrakin doun hauf o the
hinnerlie doun frae the hydieholecam the selkie skin at
lyke ti cry doun theholefor fear the unco wee
an cryit saftlie doun theholehabetrot it ye thare the
feet deep frae doun theholethere cam a great steir
if i keek through theholean ye re sleepin i
muir you you has aholein it clear through the
out through the fence aholein the fence and he
stands at an open windowholepeering out through the opening
just about fell through theholeright f1136: we ll go
taken round and through thisholeso that it was locked
keek at him through theholethat s whit it ll
through like a polo mintholething f641: mmhm m608: that
cuddle trying to force aholethrough its plasticy membrane but
end hanging down through theholeusing a crochet hook and
t complete wi a catholein e door she speert
stud flush and a judasholein the door heat rather
my hand in by theholeof the door then her
job but manage to fillholephotograph young blackbirds at door
trap door opened down theholeshe dropped hanged and dancing
whaur wes an auld quarrieholegrowne owre wi gerss an
no in sic a hellishholewhaur the lykes o you
er to to open theholeand to keep it open
bar twa inno ae openholehe wis makkin ready tae
e lowse eyns throwe esholean use t tae splice
e byre throwe e muckholeat e back aifter ye
flat curved pint an aholeat e back eyn it
helpie oot ere wis aholeclose till e blunt eyn
excitet for aa roon eholeere wis yalla lines faar
a mannie wis howkin aholein e road sortin some
e nest an saa aholein t near e boddem
and tied it roon eholetae keep his tae fae
teemed it intill e essholetrackie is from dutch trekken
and disappeared doon a mooseholein cottar houses the closet
three steps doon in theholein the park far the
heelster gowdie doon a coalholereid the farmer always spoke
pump doon and i theholes we dinnae ken where
ettlin tae bide in theholean let on it wis
gain entry tae his bidieholefur aa that he wis
like a taid in aholei didna meeve athing wis
wind ti seek a hidieholeinben an there wis nae
but the fit o theholewis noo stertin tae feel
wi the maws an theholewis surroondit on three sides
wi fricht frae hir hydieholegentil knichts says she dae
like a curl frae aholein its eildritch heid wheesht
she got seek frae aholen her welly awww she
this woooo woooo great gapingholefull of witch ghosts pause
out in concentration covering theholecalm down mother it s
y- you get a wormho-holedown which you can explore
may become stuck down theholeso the operators carry shovels
introduction of terriers down aholeto kill foxes is not
push the terrier down aholewithout any consideration for how
the coup a wee rounholecaad oot its dowp a
oot o the ae unblockitholetae be killt wi a
all had handles with aholein the end for hanging
why s this got aholef1107: why cause it s
m gonna go in thatholewhy why does this so
might need to unblock hisholef940: maybe is m942: mm
little girl look at thatholein the carpet we might
sa fordadada whose sea carvedholemight have inspired henry moore
[laugh] m941: maybe his ehmholes blocked might need to
an aw roon aboot theholethe fiver s a wee
aw lowpit back intae theholeagane tae watch the tide
tae the fit o theholeas the thocht came ower
wi spikes haimmered inno ilkieholetae grip the ice an
wandered in tae anither waterinholethe barmaid said awa back
tho a duck intae aholea find gey little shelter
till we were fishin aholeamang alder trees no faur
in t usin a catholeat s ay ere it
an underground train in theholebefore a rabbit burst out
put a net over eachholebefore he put a ferret
the bottom fixed in aholebored in the stonework of
can unnerstan foo a cogholecould be caa d a
see if there s aholefor that i said taking
syne lay dernit in itsholehaes hatcht intil a chirker
ablow it they spied aholei the grund thousans o
and then i put aholein and that s how
wi a tanner burnin aholein baith thair pootches they
with this money burning aholein her pocket hortense accompanied
yes it s got aholein it f1113: mmhm pop
for thair is a gapinholein ma haert whair ye
s go and get aholein my face and then
there is a 27 billionholein pension provision in the
a winding sheet and aholein the desert tutankhamun ruled
is a ruin or aholein the grun it s
mothering i need like aholein the head all the
yukkie stane wi a rounholein the mids o it
and stocking there was aholein the toe he took
sark you ve got aholein your breeks one day
f1107: need to mak aholem1108: and i m f1107:
contrack eyn efter yon keechholeo a hoose she d
body boot turns into aholerain evening saturday 24 on
a fussle yer very cackholerins clear as a cellar
hud a hare up hisholesilence doll did you hear
stare at an empty nailholethe ghost of a long
historical enthusiasm to have aholethree feet deep dug in
ancient looking and with aholetwo inches wide on the
net he sometimes left aholeun netted so that i
the thread then a smallholewas made with an awl
s hoosies blockin aff ilkieholewi a steen makkin ready
s better to find aholeye re comfortable in raither
o sumthing ti fill thisholean for shuir it wul
twas the deepest man vrochtholein the hale o europe
mysie haed seen throu theholein the mukkil stane aw
wumman cummin up throu theholeai littil dis ma bonnie
jessie mrs mci give upholein tank tuesday 26 get
but explore burn up toholemill excellent 2 saturday first
to your rememberance the dookingholeopposite the mill further up
up the river the cobblersholewhere old cobbler johnstone fell
i cooped up in thatholewith him and trying to
cooped up in this stinkingholewith the walls and nightmares
groundhog comes out of itsholetoday and sees its shadow
wish ye d fill theholeat the bottom in m608:
mark 6 toad in theholebatter 4 oz flour 2
gave her blankness the completeholein the air treatment i
buchan kitchens had an essholein the floor just in
stick triangular wedges into theholein their head between their
is hur fawin in theholekrista did shi faw or
time the sky in theholethe f1113: what s that
pun saumon lyin in thatholethe nou ah micht hae
building site that is theholeinto which our parliamentary millions
wooden shutter at the windowholeand looks out valgerd takes
so that s how theholes there and they come
she haed never seen theholeafore an wunnert hou it
pardon f1112: [inaudible] f1111: oneholehow many s that one
f1122: mum what is thatholefor water f1121: that s
preparatory work is involved theholemay be netted so that

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