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slag nam mèirleach the robbershollowadjacent to the dores road
an slag buidhe the yellowhollowand is possibly so named
that death is old withhollowcheeks and grey and that
george mackay brown cheeks arehollows a viking longboat eyes
colour and his cheeks werehollowwhit did she mean subtle
water with a host ofhollowpromises of wonderful presents her
greater fairness they are nothollowwords empty rhetoric or promises
bean child stars stare fromhollowsockets moon wears a sad
cleared of tree limbs andhollowwooden asphodel stalks which were
it would have been ahollowvictory if we had a
haive heave haivless shiftless hallahollowhan barra hand barrow sack
taen nearhaun a watter fillthollowalgae covert still hauds human
blaws ben bamboo tubes thonhollowreeds echo the lanely lappin
him he had become sohollowchested and bent that he
contrast craigcaffie hides in ahollowinvisible except from close at
moon and my steps werehollowfootprints on the path from
wild birds and the mysterioushollowbleat of mountain goats reverberating
firmly in the ground noosthollowat edge of beach where
the bizarre fuar tholl coldhollowwhile the munro now called
stillborn wooly lamb in thehollowheart of the wood i
lassie sae she is thehollowsound of a gunshot is

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