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whaar da piltocks took sweynholmselkie gyo gied dem bere
pick up on is theholmfor newcastleton h o l
newcastleton s situated but theholmi would a teacher came
whan hei fermed de mainholmkershopefit juist doun the railway
trap milk roond i copeshawholmwhan hei fermed de main
the haugh g an talchanholmg an tolm both of
the railway line frae theholmyonder the snoot pairkhill haugh
bank an harin across theholmtae jyne his cronies the
of scarlet rosehips and tinyholmoak acorns on the road
the copshie yins or theholmyins f1054: what aboot eh
to the dores road atholmthe classic examples of the
dune for oot on theholmtwa hafflin lambs thegither crappt
oot bend an a braidholmon the ither side sawn
an ae lass frae theholmairt jean fairish bi naem
ower the watter intae theholmforenent us that had juist
was the farm of copshawholman so the newcastletons are
was considered synonymous with scyldfrecaholmwith sund etc although this
they just came frae theholmm1010: [laugh] that s right

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