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dwyne v dwindle easin nhorizonecht a eight eebrou n
dwyne v dwindle easin nhorizoneebrou n eyebrow eftir prep
your rind is a disappearinghorizonyour fruit is wrinkled tan
or soon into the fainthorizonpast the silver moon the
or soon into the fainthorizonwhere no man comes back
watter an juist abuin thehorizonbut it s ower faur
was er faur on thehorizonthen eh [inaudible] by the
overhead his fieldglasses sweeping thehorizontowards sa calobra that snake
that is mosquito heaven thehorizonheaves kai moon has stopped
drawn chalk fist on thehorizoncumin intae view as they
balm a brightening on thehorizonthe trip resumes past sheep
o inchkeith sittin on itshorizonafore the shimmerin hills o
detail they also set ahorizonfor the three year planning
groping hesitantly towards the radicalhorizonof lyrical ballads and songs
yer een ran till ehorizonan e sky wis even
than 12 degrees below thehorizonat either the time of
a slag heap fills thehorizonjust sitting lungs pump wind
see wan far on thehorizonbut it didnae come anywhair
jonsar eck looked ower thehorizonhe coodnae bit notice the
and clouds are papering thehorizonshards everything under the sun
luminosity of a scandalously redhorizonsays juan march in his
1999 john buchan s losthorizonan edinburgh celebration of glasgow
less wild silhouettes against ehorizonan we hid quairter watters
spot in the itherwise dreichhorizonisie s fowk hid sattled
nothing permanent is on thehorizoni hope the house painting
is the financial backer ofhorizonbiscuits a competitor of burton
its silence midnight and thehorizonstill glowed despite the black
of don skyscrapers tile thehorizonwith slabs of glass tulips
ducks squawk dots on thehorizonsaturday july 29 2006 ma
blae ridge and at thehorizonfadin the cramasie lift that

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