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wife cart mill machinery sheephorseactors follow the narrators with
met by my grandfather thehorseand box cart our means
i went oot with thehorseand cart and delivered milk
stair he started with ahorseand cart around the 1930s
aipple willie he used ahorseand cart but sometimes did
were drivers were only ehhorseand cart drivers m608: mmhm
home from the siding byhorseand cart edwards coal came
f646: see they kept thishorseand cart for this old
your new employer sent ahorseand cart for your belongings
he had this mm ehhorseand cart m608: mmhm m636:
a chance to see ahorseand cart nowadays is a
the man wi the ca-horseand cart oh the sweary
home with her grannie shorseand cart there was always
of them one of thehorseand cart things now what
cart a light two wheeledhorsedrawn cart which had side
puts the cart before thehorsefunding cannot be identified if
station by spring cart andhorsereminiscence mrs blair imrie little
put the cart on thehorses back and then he
putting the cart before thehorsethe the the basic problem
we got the cart andhorsethe wrong way round or
a ball under a carthorsewhen the man wasn t
pittin e cairt afore ehorseagain as i m ill
telt him ti tak ahorsean cairt an gang at
ma job an leading ehorsean cairt hame wi willie
on e road wi ahorsean cairt they d a
a cairt or foonerin ehorseatween e shafts naa naa
butter an egg cairt thehorsedrawn grocer s van a
a han tae harness ehorseintill e cairt i plumpit
the cairt an the flailinhorselike flees some weemin war
frae the stable groomed theirhorsean forked in their hey
jock dow hid led thehorseback tae the stable fur
stable to stop my daddyhorsefrom jumping out mummy says
the stable door after thehorsehas bolted the approach that
the stable door after thehorsehas bolted this is cherry
warm stable for my daddyhorsei dig the foundations and
an fed sae war thehorsein the stable fin tarry
da tae check on thehorsein the stable ilkie biggin
the grieve wis groomin thehorsein the stable makkin ready
the stable wi thon newhorsethat deed wi the girse
the stable tae meat thehorsewi the grieve efter his
way home riding my daddyhorsealong the street is lovely
mummy frog and my daddyhorseand other grown up people
mummy frog and my daddyhorseare always talking to each
hairy either when my daddyhorsecarries me i can touch
t know why my daddyhorsecuddles her mummy is upstairs
say it to my daddyhorsei just wind my arms
stops like a good daddyhorsei m very very sorry
good warming instead poor daddyhorseis taking off his coat
daddy is a shiny blackhorsemorag doesn t listen she
am my very own daddyhorses bad little baby girl
so i grab my daddyhorses coat and pull him
daddy is a big blackhorsewith a big black moustache
into the sitting room daddyhorsewould be angry with me
horse doing what s myhorsedoing erm su- where s
f1104: aye what s yourhorsedoing what s my horse
off on this ploy thehorsefair deniet denied the horse
what a horse was ahorsefor god s sake and
o e steadin neesht ehorsegang faar e horse traivelt
right and the horse thehorsegoes in here that s
twa horse stop noo thehorsegot a yark in the
the other horse m1094: thehorse[inaudible] [clip-clopping] f1093: [clip-clopping] where
broth wi the ingin ahorseis an honest species horse
it s a horse thishorseis makin its will because
horse is an honest specieshorseis not deodorised or sanitised
[inaudible] f1117: eh f1118: buthorseis too f1117: horse is
horse is too what f1118: horseis too [inaudible] and i
but horse is too f1117: horseis too what f1118: horse
what where s the otherhorsem1094: the horse [inaudible] [clip-clopping]
horse fair deniet denied thehorserefused he s gotten e
is giving them a charleyhorseright f963: charley horse yeah
fin he seen the twahorsestop noo the horse got
end no stik til thehorsesyne the horse troddit aff
have f1113: right and thehorsethe horse goes in here
ye see it s ahorsethis horse is makin its
e horse gang faar ehorsetraivelt roon an roon an
til the horse syne thehorsetroddit aff takkin wi him
t even know what ahorsewas a horse for god
o his horse yokit thehorsewi kate kate wis his
charley horse right f963: charleyhorseyeah i know that s
got a len o hishorseyokit the horse wi kate
by donkey perhaps or ahorsedrawn carriage up to the
wires though nor motorcars onlyhorsedrawn carriages peggy would deliver
in els carrils unique mallorcanhorsedrawn carriages you still see
originally they would have usedhorsedrawn carts bicycles or travelled
tours were run with ahorsedrawn coach and the doctor
was stored here a woodenhorsedrawn hay gatherer with a
placed in heaps by ahorsedrawn tummlin tam once the
1925 26 it was ahorsedrawn van and the shop
maik o the mukkil grayhorsean awa he skelpit back
by on a mukkil blekhorsean it brankin its mane
it but ti tether thehorseanaith a mukkil tree an
that it dang the mukkilhorsebut wunner o wunners the
that wey whan the mukkilhorsecums batheration that he is
sisters drave awa the mukkilhorsefor a wee whylie the
the shewin an the mukkilhorsestoured awa wi hir the
chynges me inti a mukkilhorsesyne she lowps on ma
daylie but a mukkil grayhorseti aet up the puir
baby can go on thehorsef1118: i think so f1117:
[censored: forename] was being bramble thehorsef1118: yes f1117: and you
f1118: no f1117: wow whosehorseis this f1118: erm [inaudible]
his back f1118: uh huhhorseis too too [inaudible] f1117:
m608: aye m642: now thathorsehad a big long tail
m642: had reins on thehorsejohn ye never worked the
eh aye there s thehorsem608: mm m642: i got
again john we d ahorsem608: uh huh m642: it
man that looked efter thehorsem642: and then naebody seen
round that wood wi thathorsem642: i didnae i jumped
to bite him m642: thehorses m608: flies m642: it
auld well that s thehorsethere [indicates photograph] m608: mmhm m642:
aye m642: ah but thehorsewas a rope a big
mmhm f1104: fitt s hishorsecalled f1103: i canna mind
f1104: this is a littlehorsef1103: it s great big
that s a little babyhorsef1103: it s nae it
pinky pie i shook myhorsef1103: mm f1104: mum will
f1104: is that lila thehorsef1103: mmhm she s a
erm philip s got ahorsef1103: prince philip aye in
mannie a smack f1104: thathorsef1103: that s violent f1104:
cat came in and ahorsegive f1103: the hailstanes are
erm my princess is myhorseis called maya f1103: i
well f1103: aye f1104: whichhorseis little f1103: your ponies
we f1103: mmhm f1104: myhorselikes lila likes rudolph as
that s violent f1104: thathorsewi his feet f1103: oh
it s a great bighorsef1104: this is a little
was called lila f1104: myhorseis called lila she always
face tae sei til thehorsea read i the borth
the shewin stak til thehorsean the lassie stak til
knittin no stik til thehorsean the lassie til the
on an on or thehorsecam til a green knowe
wi ye nou til yeirhorsefareweill or ye return the
goes and there was ahorsecalled donald f606: [snort] f122:
milled by a big whitehorsecalled meg walking round and
was quite splendid and ahorsecalled victor so i got
have probably knackered by ahorsecalled willy f010: not big
look that s a bighorsef1122: i want to see
of is big as ahorseguid save us cried santa
a kick from the bighorsehe was driving and so
its feet a big bighorsesprachle legs apart an fankle
f1100: that s a bighorsethese are [inaudible] f1099: would
mynd v remember naig nhorsenaebodie n nobody naething n
naething n nothing naig nhorsenaith prep beneath namelieheid n
corn tae be saa nhorsewe ll be there we
we saw a great manyhorseand buggies on the highways
the tap o a greathorsechestnut a craa flappit awaa
of pegasus the great wingedhorseinto the age of classical
thocht on the great windhorseo the east that rade
don t get the woodenhorseor the great escape every
lugh in whose honour greathorseracing gathering and later the
run awa every day thathorsef643: came home to me
for ti chase awa thehorsegin he suid cum an
awa an speir gin thehorsell help me hen fit
richt awa an saidil mahorsemalcolm groaning with pain tell
gyang awa tam tied hishorsetill a tree an startit
f1100: cau- cauld on ahorse[inaudible] it s too cauld
at communication show me ahorsethen all little boys like
nae minin it wisna ahorsean e d shout wooo
that e took prizes forhorsebit e hid a gweed
parks e motion o ahorseis slow enyeuch for ye
oot an even tried ehorseon e girse aa nicht
get e feet o yerhorseready tae haad em on
o combines iv coorse ehorsewis slower an maybe ye
he hystit hir ontil hishorseahint him an cairrit hir
officiar lichtit doun frae hishorsean in the door he
back hame again on hishorsean luikit ahint the caudron
sae he reined up hishorsean said guid day ti
he lowtit doun aff hishorsean spiered at hir whit
ane ti thraw owre hishorseane ti thraw owre his
just for sittin keepin hishorseat peace no i wasnae
heid o his men anhorsechen da o the smaa
was raining to save hishorsegetting wet henry mitchell fridays
m a cowboy on hishorsegiddy up giddy up giddy
the duke astride his hugehorsehad the backdrop of the
feart he d turnt hishorsehameawa at the gallop hou
the loun for the onliehorsehis faither coud gie him
droukit sae he pat hishorsein ane o the staws
lost his oldest and youngesthorsein the same year which
draiglin hogney spierit whuther hishorsekickit he aunsert that it
haun he backit his posthorseled his menyie o sindrie
and he would dunt thehorselike that wi his f632:
a slight disagreement with hishorseon the subject of immediatement
poet s advance his wingedhorsepegasus the real life name
and bone the auld blackhorsesat on his rump the
kate kate wis his ainhorsetae a dreel ploo an
it was a good auldhorsethere but that was his
land like flying coffins ahorseun tethered whisks his tail
mart in his gig thehorsewas stabled beside where the
message and affhaun backit hishorsewhan he cam ti the
that he cling to hishorsewho will swim with him
ooto his sabbath claes thehorsewid need fresh beddin an
s naething there gaed thehorsea crack wi the reins
minnie s da ained fivehorseaa wi their ain wyes
i ve seen hairsts wihorsean i ve seen hairsts
tae pieces wi a wildhorsean my hairt cut through
the brae wi a tuimhorsecryin wae s me our
haul them out wi yerhorsetak them tae the end
wi the officiar on thehorsethe officiar stertit ti lauch
up wi ye on yeirhorsewi me be in on
sing here s tae thehorsewi the fower white feet
a soon as if ahorsewis pawin the door wi
wee man and a goodhorseman we all respected him
that man who led ahorseto water the joker s
howt man cormac aunsert yeirhorsewes nae mair not a
dairy derkie wis the aulderhorsean he could pull the
he could fairly look aifterhorsebit wis nae eese ahin
an it wis still ahorsefair when mabel was at
tae cut doon the cornhorsei wis working i need
the star wis a pantominehorseit could whinney an trot
wis like tae be ahorseit was used on smaller
grun wis bein turnt behorseor tractor ye d get
whinny except there wis naehorsethere as isie could see
fauldie her da s favouritehorsetho fauldie wis bigger nur
the borthauch side wis aehorsetroch whaur hinds whan travilin
nicht through the meenlicht thehorsewis donald chalmers frae dunracht
for fower days till thehorsewis richt better the wids
put me up on thehorsecan you put me up
put me up on thehorsef1101: eh f1102: can you
put me up on thehorsef1101: right a wee shottie
cannae get up on thishorsemum can you put me
put us up on thehorses back d ye min
261 303 sanctuary ah takhorseafore the cock craws ti
the fairm ti fetch anitherhorsean whan the bodie cam
ti be a bullik orhorsean wurk nor the kynd
as ti gie me ahorsefor ti ryde on a
cuist the hair owre thehorsesyne he gaed back ti
must be looking for differenthorsebut my suspicions were aroused
a ford even now ahorseis walking over my fragile
had sent him a trojanhorsemy aunt opened the window
the he gied me ahorseand he worked there and
him yet m1094: [?]where is[/?] thathorsef1093: mm let me see
looks like show me thehorsehe knew then that she
horses everyone knows what ahorselooks like show me the
me hen fit like horsiehorsenae bad neigh bad yer
and they gied me ahorsetae haul the widd oot
me there was probably ahorsewith companion waiting for him
him wine the messenger onhorsebrings the news of defeat
pictures of him with ahorsem1078: well [inaudible] f1077: and
back o five giein theirhorsea brush doon an feedin
ken fan tae lead thehorseback fur their feed hauf
the back eyn o octoberhorsechestnut trees war hingin yalla
in the kailyaird or thehorsecums back again an sae
i d only one younghorsei used to come in
deal and i think thehorsethat was originally used to
and bindering leaving a singlehorseto be used by the
made he anaw wantit ahorsea hawk an a hound
on this faither for ahorsea hawk an a hound
baith o fuit an ohorseaa the men set ablow
the richt flank o thehorsean broke her hin leg
o the waitter heid fermhorsean cairts is the hinds
in yeir maik as ahorsean disna ken ye as
he myns on traivellin ahinhorsean harra skirtin gingerly roon
giver on seeing a whitehorsean old scots superstition encourages
got up on her highhorsean said thon s naethin
on thegither on the aehorsean syne cormac spak aince
hae ben kuist owre thehorsean the hound this ane
muckle hairy feet o thehorsean the sooch an click
an nae like a drayhorsean ye maun forget the
if you were showing yourhorseat an agricultural show feeing
jimmy nancy an her ainhorsedaisy da hid gien her
pooed neeps an nowt anhorsefattened on a green girse
is that kind of lighthorsegallop of an air which
nou an supper binna mahorsegangs weill a micht weill
for the occasion an thehorseharness polished tae high doh
hooks for fixing the singlehorsein front there was an
imity sun and rain ahorseis an honest species furniture
on the lines the landhorseis deid see an the
did juist that an thehorsenichert taen nae mair nor
chairiot an stawed ma fowerhorsenou evin the michtie makkar
an eich field of thehorseon the first os map
the warlock s coach anhorseower the leddrach loch on
in the sunlicht thare thehorsepoued up an nichert open
aa an officiar on ahorserairin out dinna let yon
o the wyne inti yeirhorses lug an lat us
an icy street a clydesdalehorseskliff and lose its feet
inti the lug o thishorsetae an lat us see
wha noo could clap ahorsetae shaers an set aff
the hooves o kye anhorsethat ran atween steeny s
intae the hoose fin thehorsewar sattled an the milkin
twenty mile an hoor thehorsewas [inaudible] behind the van
an nae like a drayhorsewhile yer auntie jessie s
a dairyman nae a horsemanhorsewar ae mair job tae
hame tae see till shorseat nicht jock didna sleep
the trick tae stop ahorsefrae pittin its heid throw
o them hae gotten ahorsehair sent tae them in
aa kins bit nivver thehorsetae be seen mabel min
masel hed tae tak ahorsetae bowie the ferrier it
a sup fusky tae thehorsetroch like some fermers did
ower the fence see thehorsef1116: he [?]cheated[/?] f1115: coos
a fine tea see thehorsejumping at night friday 23
that this is a ahorsemakin its will ye see
was the girl on thehorsef890: yeah f606: did you
if you did have ahorserake another tool that i
etten a pikkil o thehorses corp did thay no
fermers did as tho thehorsewid thank ye fur t
i did some f1121: ahorseyo- f1122: i did some
pair of stilts a clotheshorsea floor brush i was
doun aff o yir hiehorsea m a braw lad
chain lowered to give thehorsea rest from the full
to drag hunting and otherhorseactivities a ban on hare
s lines stout as ahorseaffectionate haughty electrical i and
walks down with a replacementhorseand take yours off and
hard min cause a willinhorseaye gets mair a dae
in those days like ahorsebessie you wouldna think it
conker which would be ahorsechestnut m964: mmhm f965: on
in a circle when thehorsedied rev peter dunn helped
you f1122: [laugh] a [?]black[/?]horsef1121: he s bonny isn
[inaudible] a kick from thathorsef889: it was the only
to get down like ahorsef963: mm f965: and you
the fee was always ahorsefarm boys turned and sweated
aye m1000: yeah a foonderedhorsefoondered coo aye m1002: aye
wid ye gie s ahorsefor the bairn he asked
that trust thaim a heardhorsegallopin wha wes that lennox
atween daisy s een thehorsegied limp like a sack
feels bullet proof a burstinghorsehair sofa being carried on
life name of burns shorsehas taken a fall and
fee ed to work thehorsehe was a hivvy kinna
with stones in it hobbyhorsehomemade with a wheel at
f1139: puppy and a babyhorsei dinna ken if you
s this here f1122: ahorsei told you it was
home though the coalman shorseis a special favourite of
not worry that a trojanhorseis being introduced that might
s good what does ahorselike to eat [toy says 'well done'] f1122:
wirth 5 000 guineas ahorselike yon mair money than
a water demon kemple ahorseload of straw ken to
bamboo stilts be in ahorselyke ye daunert aroun ma
pit it intil a pyockhorsena na neigh neigh i
issue is a particular hobbyhorseof mine i believe that
a good hand with ahorseof yoking a young one
a mouth cuddie is ahorseor a donkey blaegart is
wirds that could reist ahorseor cherm a wummin minnie
schuil dominies yince keepit thairhorsesei a b c d
for frost nails in ahorseshoe connach to waste spoil
for frost nails in ahorseshoe fun buss whin bush
also johny bain a grandhorseshoer these were natives of
ain t never heard ahorsesing i would suggest that
or a farrier or ahorsesodjer futhermair i will niver
flying cow a stone whitehorsetall fields of wheat seen
come first on a cockhorsethis is not surprising since
a knight on a shininghorseto gallop into your bed
when the rain abated thehorsewhich had previously had a
david a carrot for thehorsewhile mrs morrison went to
centuries to watch a ploughhorsewhisk away a gnat from
maybe not yet with ahorseyoked in but with the
goin to pee like ahorseyou know what i mean
powked through the sna likehorsehair through the holes in
like pudden efter broth thehorsemicht rest fur three oors
er with numerals like fowerhorseten year which again is
like yes mmhm and thehorsetrams go along the sea
heads past the rib cagedhorseits turbaned carriage master the
ask the scottish executive wherehorseracing fits within its strategies
ram heederum hoderum watch thehorserin hear its hoofs thunnerin
fashioned things often of thehorseera but it is only
s only one way thishorseis going to get up
as he brought the thehorsealong and he was backin
veggie mannie s huge shirehorseand today he suddenly remembered
fin tarry mcphail wirked thehorsehe gaed throw the motions
heard it straight from thehorses mouth he came up
destiny the use of thehorses name dobbin which could
the smiddy ahin prince thehorsesae the smith could fit
got it straight from thehorses i heard it straight
with one leg under thehorseand on leg over the
and on leg over thehorsef010: [laugh] f122: and your
cartload of sheaves because thehorsemoved forward without warning on
new the warld o thehorseon ae side the warld
on ferms the burnfit fermhorsepairk the buirial grund itsel
suppress questions on novels abouthorseracing not the dick francis
come and sit on thehorses heid i wasnae feart
unsteady cog frost nail onhorseshoe coggie wooden container made
black pike frost nail onhorseshoe pint point pint shoe
grass on hairy legs thishorsethis muncher of meadows this
luke and john haud thehorsetill i lowp on haud
not ticketed or docketed nohorsewatches another on cctv this
in the wyne mebbe yeirhorsedee d juist throu be
here that s where thehorsegoes in here right and
the corp o the deidhorsewhaur it lay anaith the
she should look this gifthorsein the mouth how can
there was this ancient clotheshorseit was right round the
with the local farmers providinghorseand carts for transport in
associated with fox hunting orhorseriding in scotland macmillan is
waiter carlos started life cleaninghorseshit in stables associated with
one must stop flogging thehorsebecause it is dead we
she s in mud thehorseis laughing they re all
concrete power of the cornhorsemen images is so definite
sky is limitless the windhorserides it the sea is
sky is limitless the windhorserides it the sea is
alice s valley presumably byhorseand trap her words which
full of vitality pasolini shorsein bel coma un ciaval
hors- oh look at thehorseoh farr s it gonna
get some information from thehorses mouth including from the
wow f1114: it s thehorses turn [child noise] f1113: the
s turn [child noise] f1113: thehorses turn f1114: yes f1113:
ye silk venders hassle yehorsehawkers dog yer steps the
fin jock dow wirked thehorsetho ye kent the odds
has aye far ower monyhorseand it was true that
were forced to abandon thehorseand carriage and return to
giraffes from the diminutive camelhorseand elephant they re riding
her pew reined in thehorseas if to say surely
green knowe aince mair thehorsechynged hissell inti the prince
were sent to the scottishhorsecomforts depot 1923 garments for
fund oot hou weill thehorsecoud kick the hound coud
upon seeing hortense approaching thehorsedeemed it expedient to bolt
eating their straw and thehorsedo you think they re
uh huh f646: and thehorsef632: mmhm f646: and we
which were grown mainly forhorsefeed during and after the
that will happen after thehorsehas bolted i appeal to
days atweill she haedna thehorselowsed hir frae the roke
i think that that gifthorsemust be looked in the
smaller places long after thehorserake came in and sometimes
and shaker scene 3 thehorserefuses to help the hen
the lang rigs the yokithorseruggit the ploo ben the
come foure men upoun fourehorserydand to the feild witht
the ideal drink for thirstyhorseshoes parched park railings dehydrated
barrow was pulled behind thehorsesmaller versions were available which
soud befaw but that thehorsetaen juist twa thrie steps
lang side pulled be aehorsethe charabanc had fower in
the arabs sold the samehorseto both the jews th-
were often dumped in thehorsetrough if you stayed in
late by that point thehorsewill have bolted sarah boyack
remained half mule half circushorseaunt sally or honest bargain
made of thin tin orhorsehair outbuildings crofts and farms
chiding chubby children and theirhorsecheeked excuses for parents to
relentless incremental list of stableshorsebarns corn bowers gentlemen and
for bruised oats for feedinghorseloo warm lukewarm loon boy
of pelagic species herring mackerelhorsemackerel and blue whiting are
baile na creige three differenthorsenames occur in inverness gaelic
provide equestrian access closer tohorseowning communities when it drafts

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