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s1m 1366 couping of clydesdalehorseslodged on 16 november 2000
s1m 1366 couping of clydesdalehorseslodged on 16 november 2000
the practice of couping clydesdalehorsess1w 13131 phil gallie to
whaur hinds whan travilin thairhorsesan cairts cuid waitter thair
used tae follae the thehorsesan cairts especially the one
was a lot o thehorsesan cairts in govan an
eh i remember the thehorsesan cairts there was a
throu the stour cairts anhorsesclatterin up an doun fowk
an cairts cuid waitter thairhorsesit ay monie ae drink
he feed an fired thehorsesthat hauled the cairts wad
a permitted development a huntinghorsesb clydesdale horses c shire
a hunting horses b clydesdalehorsesc shire horses d shetland
b clydesdale horses c shirehorsesd shetland ponies e highland
1365 cosmetic shoeing on clydesdalehorseslodged on 16 november 2000
the days o clydesdale drauchthorseson ferms the burnfit ferm
they had the big clydesdalehorsesthere an eh the men
coursing participants drag hunting involveshorsesand hounds following an artificially
directly primarily to look afterhorsesor hounds on a full
fate of the hounds andhorsesthat are currently used for
murderer he s left thehorses3rd murderer it s amaist
3rd murderer listen a hearhorsesbanquo offstage gie me a
the horses there s threehorsesi think and here s
kings f1089: ho- horses m1090: horses[?]kings[/?] f1089: and all the
all the kings f1089: ho-horsesm1090: horses [?]kings[/?] f1089: and
and you can see thehorsesthere s three horses i
42 halflins young lads 32horsesuntil the 1940s horses were
32 horses until the 1940shorseswere in general use on
the bill 20 fate ofhorsesand dogs 20 for the
of the bill fate ofhorsesand dogs those who are
that the bruise for thehorsesfeed could be made thicker
again till dennertime fin thehorsesnott twa oors tae feed
o thur life lori yurhorsesur hungry gan feed them
look look here come thehorsesand animals and there are
whole circus come ashore withhorsesand wild animals and there
referred to [inaudible] even withhorsesor animals knackers meaning the
those animals or for thehorsesthat would no longer be
o thair breed duncan shorsesbrak doun thair staws breinged
tell ye the brawest canniesthorseso thair breed duncan s
an war slauchtert nou thairhorsesreinge aboot nickerin bi the
douks wi the breingin whytehorsesthay play thair fluits an
wir thar wi thair ainhorsesthe crack got roond tae
an thare war thair twahorsesthe twa hawks an the
hinnert traivlars spur up thairhorsestil the nearest howf an
huntassociated employment given that somehorsesand dogs will probably be
about to take place thehorseswould be assembled the dogs
[?]my nose[/?] there f1104: but somehorsesdiv f1103: mak jigsaws f1104:
[sniff] [sniff] f1104: but buthorsesdiv f1103: [?]my nose[/?] there f1104:
awa macbeth a howp thehorsesdiv rin weill a guid
tractors and farm machinery makinghorsesand farm labourers redundant john
the farm men working withhorsesfinished at midday on a
playin wi the ramsh seahorsesan soumin throu the bourachs
fair jist a sea ohorsesan the manager there in
joukit amang the ramsh seahorsesan wannert amang the bourachs
to practise knot tying seahorsesavailable for the ultimate primavera
a sea o parks faarhorsespulled e ploo an e
ross ay an duncan shorseshere a tell ye the
men and pairs ofhorsesa major problem which affected
she haird a clatter ohorsesan the clash o men
great shortage of men andhorsesto work the land the
then f643: it s awhorsescomin back now eh m642:
wis m642: but see theyhorsesin the wuid years ago
in m642: [laugh] f643: muckhorsesmuck and everything m642: all
says see you til thehorsesah wes never duin climmin
haunds frae aferr oor canniehorsesnicher til ither in taiken
wants aye for naething hishorseswire in til the best
fur fowk tae gie thehorsesa heelie o breid or
ain or his faither shorsesfurthermair i will niver gie
fowk waved back an thehorsesboltit an capered there were
limb bi limb bi wildhorsesan her hairt cuttit oot
he ken aboot the twahorsesthat alasdair haed killed or
the wood they were allhorsesthen f643: it s aw
eccles pitcarles continued to usehorsesuntil 1956 and was the
i told you it washorsesf1121: aw look that s
f1121: i can see thehorseshow many is there f1122:
f1121: [laugh] there s threehorsesright jump down that s
i i can see thehorseswe met f1121: i can
war rinnin aboot aw airtshorsesdugs an in the bairns
job at uppermill with threehorsesin a double furrow plough
fox hunts to look afterhorsesthe psg study which considered
fact that the majority ofhorsesthat are used are not
crc research showed that evenhorsesthat are used predominantly for
of movement around the countryhorsesand gigs were the main
lots of clydesdales and heavyhorsesand things f122: we- were
market or such like thehorsesfeet were sometimes washed in
1918 there were 4 861horsesin kincardineshire and in 1920
suggested that 43 of thehorseskept by mounted followers were
were they actually ex workinghorsesor f010: yes mmhm f606:
to 6 o clock thehorseswere cleaned before you had
for it is still unknownhorseswere phased out at the
bad use ony man shorseswi it and if i
re nae gaun to naehorsesdry off your other hand
off or there s naehorsesf1100: no cause i wisna
traffic threatened to put hishorsesoff the road and himself
after f010: yes mmhm thehorsesget regular breaks you know
a cairriage wi fower brawhorsesbut whan thay baith dee
touchin the the groomin thehorseshelp them oot wi that
are sanding down the carnivalhorseslends a dreamlike quality wi
alec an ned an thehorsesoot tae help wi a
an draggin e timmer wihorsessaain an adzin an shapin
sink and that means nohorsesf1100: [sob] f1099: come on
to go and see naehorsesthe day then come on
then all little boys likehorseseveryone knows what a horse
then horsie f1113: cows andhorsesmm right okay here we
there is a sound ofhorsesthen another sound he calls
cattle and stables for thehorsesthere would be a hen
o this jock saidil thehorsesan we l ryde awa
haud the feedbag for thehorsesanother delighted memory aye an
piece an twis for watterinhorsesgaun by at the roadside
an jock s pleated thehorsestails in braids sae they
luim ma cou an mahorseswul dee hou wul ah
long as yi maye mahhorsesaint hungry they won t
know they still had thehorsesand eh he got his
for example and they tradedhorsesand resorted to petty thieving
it and they saved thehorsesbut the hoose was brunt
they would probably air theirhorsesby taking them along the
s your brushes for yourhorseshair do they have to
yeah f1074: and they keepithorsesin in trondra for plooin
drove the second pair ofhorsesin most cases they lived
but they did save thehorsesthat was in the in
its the hens they thehorsestheir a pony it mrs
major problem which affected onlyhorseswas grass sickness they took
the wolf stable fur thehorsesnou than juist feegur yersel
the annunciation of the egghorsessmell sweeter than lilacs their
likes cars much better thanhorseswhich are smelly and dangerous
glendinning wurkit yin o thehorsesi hoscote wud i the
a picnic kinda stuff twaehorsesshort o a rideoot that
harry you wee eedjit circushorsesare no worth a buckie
it f122: and are thehorsesin the taxis are in
from your bones herons andhorseslegs are wafer thin armed
cod barbecues in the carnivalhorsesthe exquisite line all along
table pushing stetsons back hitchinghorsesto the old oak dresser
on their high horse- highhorsesf834: kept sayin oh it
can drive a coach andhorsesthrough the process by going
dae onything feart at thehorsesand feart at the binder
be clear the reference tohorsesand flogging was in respect
with the red coats onhorsesand perhaps organised hare coursing
mid day to rest thehorsesat suppertime you might have
1939 40 a shortage ofhorsescoupled with the number of
a hantil skeil in brekkinhorsesgaed on the driglin hogney
and don t spare thehorseshe said with his customary
ken whuther the r oniehorsesin the stable thirlman ah
be dished out to thehorsesin the wooden lippie a
the home of rest forhorseson the way into work
more he would make thehorsespasture in the same fields
the necropolis four whisk tailedhorsespull a glory box a
to the disposal of deadhorsess1o 5814 10 fergus ewing
i the teimin rain whytehorsesskiffin afore the wund from
had a great name forhorsesthe rector at milne s
bag to carry oats forhorsesthe term continues in scots
f902: that was far thehorseswent in the m903: mmhm
where where the hor- thehorseswent you know aye th-
it from end to endhorsesin full show harness with
zebra in a herd ofhorsesa hot dog short of
find a picture of twohorsesa pair of wally dugs
fifty calves 50 cows 100horsesoh said a youngster new
s wing four whisk tailedhorsespull a glory box a
in red coats sitting onhorseswe accept that in scotland

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