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moo- [laugh] meh meh horsiehorsiedon t [inaudible] horsie s
f1114: moo- [laugh] meh mehhorsiehorsie don t [inaudible] horsie
yes but what does thehorsiesay f1114: moo- [laugh] meh
f1093: right m1094: my otherhorsie[?]but look[/?] f1093: a horsie m1094:
other horsie [?]but look[/?] f1093: ahorsiem1094: yes f1093: where s
f1113: aye that s ahorsiea rocking horsie go and
f1114: horsie and a cowhorsieand a cow f1113: right
that s a cow f1114: horsieand a cow horsie and
that f1114: that s thehorsief1113: horsie f1114: that s
that s the horsie f1113: horsief1114: that s the horsie
s a horsie a rockinghorsiego and sing a bonny
horsie horsie don t [inaudible]horsies dancin f1113: is he
horsie f1114: that s thehorsiewhat s this ain that
pairish bit a dallie ahorsiea zither this he could
he hid gaen minnie herhorsiedaisy her dallie betsy tee
f1113: moo what does thehorsiesay f1114: oink oink oink
horsi- no that s ahorsieand that s a cow
it s a cow thenhorsief1113: cows and horses mm
f1114: no that s thehorsiethat s the cow f1113:
jist aboot makk oot thehorsiesteen frae the windae o
the leddrach caad it thehorsiesteen fur gin ye luikit
the runkled face o thehorsiesteen loons warna coorse tae
o the wids stude thehorsiesteen the bairns o the
cairtit in bi daisy thehorsiethat her faither hid gien
pushed it f1113: push thehorsiein the cart yeah there
well it should be thehorsiesee you put the cart
makk it staun hup noohorsieaff we gyang on the
where can the ho- thehorsiebe we re wanting a
be we re wanting ahorsief1093: what where s the
f1093: right m1094: with thehorsie[inaudible] and there s the
other one then fitt doeshorsiesay m1094: [click clock click clock] [click] f1093:
ll pick er er thehorsiewith the f1093: right m1094:
f1093: [clip-clopping] where are youhorsieyou found him yet m1094:
go in there beside thehorsief1113: alright it goes beside
alright it goes beside thehorsiehere s a lion i
who s that f1114: thehorsies too big it s
song to mum f1114: [inaudible]horsiethat s bookie f1113: aye
help me hen fit likehorsiehorse nae bad neigh bad
jigsaws is hard f1104: thehorsiewants something to eat f1103:
and there s the thehorsiei ve found a [?]clue[/?]
mum [inaudible] the little babyhorsief1103: now f1104: that s
this ain s gonna [inaudible]horsiei put this here f1103:
yes f1117: what was yourhorsiecalled [censored: forename] was called f1118:
the bottle wi the fitehorsieon the front o t
however the scots cuddie orhorsiedon t quite fit and
go across the bridge thathorsiewas friendly to me was
there f1121: there s ahorsielook there do you want
sweems awa a saumon ahorsiewi a mannie clip cloppin

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