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hot f1091: mmhm fire shotand we ve got to
out with hot water ashotas ye could thole and
hot f1113: the eggs arehotaye f1114: [exhale] f1113: do
hot f1117: it will gethotaye fitt else did you
hot f1127: a wee bittiehotaye m1128: aye f1127: i
hot backside f1089: and ahotbackside aye m1090: yeah and
yeah and give him ahotbackside f1089: and a hot
hot f1117: aye it getshotdinna put your hand on
bleezin hot here aye blazinhotf1040: mm m1042: aye bleezin
fire s hot m1092: [inaudible]hotf1091: mmhm fire s hot
the fire s ho- m1092: hotf1091: the fire s hot
hot f1102: i m toohotf1101: well that s your
your vest if you rehotf1102: i m too hot
cut f1112: mum this ishotf1111: it s getting hot
hot f1111: it s gettinghotf1112: oh it s a
hot f1114: er the egghotf1113: the eggs are hot
f1114: mm it s reallyhotf1113: what s hot f1114:
my [?]bumpy[/?] f1113: what shotf1114: er the egg hot
really hot f1113: what shotf1114: my [?]bumpy[/?] f1113: what
it f1118: it s toohotf1117: aye it gets hot
the pan f1118: is thathotf1117: it will get hot
hot now the plate shotf1118: okay f1117: so take
that cooker is really hothotf1121: so you ve got
f1125: awful hot f1126: awfulhotf1125: awful hot f1126: this
on f1126: is that naehotf1125: it is hot that
got to here f1125: awfulhotf1126: awful hot f1125: awful
hot that ll be awfulhotf1126: that s nae f1125:
f1126: awful hot f1125: awfulhotf1126: this is f1125: cool
hot m1128: a wee bittiehotf1127: a wee bittie hot
it caul m1128: ca- nohotf1127: hot like ye hot
me try u1028: they rehotf951: they re not hot
o that f1054: what aboothotgordon m1015: hot hot hot
bleezin hot it s bleezinhothere aye blazin hot f1040:
hot in australia it shothere tae awfy hot thair
and that cooker is reallyhothot f1121: so you ve
what aboot hot gordon m1015: hothot hot is bilin ehm
so that the water getshothot hot so just po-
aboot hot gordon m1015: hothothot is bilin ehm no
[inaudible] doggy m865: yeah u1028: hothot m865: [laugh] f951: is
that the water gets hothothot so just po- dinna
my gloves i m toohoti m too hot wi
hot so i just wrotehoti ve done the same
darlin ye say it shotin australia it s hot
hot gordon m1015: hot hothotis bilin ehm no just
say it it s bleezinhotit s bleezin hot here
hot f1127: hot like yehotlike a bath m1128: aye
aye aye hot like f1127: hotlike a bath or just
a bath m1128: aye ayehotlike f1127: hot like a
m1128: ca- no hot f1127: hotlike ye hot like a
the weather yes mmhm m1055: hotm1008: hot well again i
hot f1091: the fire shotm1092: [inaudible] hot f1091: mmhm
or just a wee bittiehotm1128: a wee bittie hot
aye f1127: hot still aafiehotm1128: no f1127: we ve
doggy m865: yeah u1028: hothotm865: [laugh] f951: is it
on cause this plate shotnow the plate s hot
cause this tray s aafahotnow they re hot okay
aafa hot now they rehotokay m1128: wh- are the-
plate and burnt with ahotpoker sore throat hot salt
us in hot pursuit thehotpursuit didnae last lang for
the fower o us inhotpursuit the hot pursuit didnae
a hot poker sore throathotsalt was placed in an
meant wi the question ehhotso i just wrote hot
the water gets hot hothotso just po- dinna touch
they good m1128: aye f1127: hotstill aafie hot m1128: no
s hot here tae awfyhotthair are many strange things
nae hot f1125: it ishotthat ll be awful hot
hot f951: they re nothotthey re good sorry carry
churn was washed out withhotwater as hot as ye
yes mmhm m1055: hot m1008: hotwell again i find i
go too far wow m1090: hotwheels f1089: hot wheels m1090:
wow m1090: hot wheels f1089: hotwheels m1090: yeah [rustling noise] that
hot wheels on that f1097: hotwheels m1098: aye [car noises] [panting]
a fancy ain that m1098: hotwheels on that f1097: hot
too hot i m toohotwi my gloves on mum
f1093: okay m1094: where shotbottle f1093: oh it s
m1094: who s taked thehotbottle out f1093: me i
me yerr like a toastyhotwater bottle a the time
on a pig a stonehotwater bottle chaff beds were
climb meat food piggy earthenwarehotwater bottle kist chest skelp
it now we need yourhotwater bottle out too to
and i had like ahotwater bottle right i don
all the rage but ahotwater bottle she ruminated was
re going to put yourhotwater bottle up to your
meant tae be cold ishotan the trays are all
cream cone that s righthotand cold f1114: [inaudible] see
on cases together boswell blewhotand cold over the man
wall insulation loft insulation draughtproofinghotand cold tank and pipe
het is the word forhotcal f1054: what aboot cold
that s pleased tired unwellhotcold and annoyed we ve
aa that pleased tired unweelhotcold annoyed this is the
them the use of electricityhotcold running water and automobiles
flurry of fish in ahotcold shower a spider on
let s see pleased annoyedhotcold tired good to throw
ehm so we ve donehotcold unwell m1010: no weel
we ve got everything therehotcold unwell tired pleased annoyed
cold and i am gettinghotflushes so [censored: forename] and i
that s meant tae behotis cold an the stuff
ready you could eat ithotor cold fit else did
30 mins at 350 servehotor cold old fashioned tomato
for 30 35 mins servehotor cold or with melted
30 mins at 375 servehotor cold with salad cabbage
yes f1009: degrees of beinghotyes m1055: and cold f1009:
wait till that water getshotf1122: takes a wee f1121:
water in the pot toohotfor walking floppy laces trail
sandy floor the water washotindeed and we began to
why and was the waterhotor caul m1128: i- caul
a little water put inhotoven until it starts to
the bath water ran sohotthat her flesh reddened like
there till the water getshotwarm f1100: [child noises] f1099: we
stirring frequently 5 fl ozhotwater tblspns diabetic strawberry
cook 5 mins ½ pthotwater 2 oz raisins add
pepper nutmeg melt butter overhotwater add flour and blend
returns with the bowl ofhotwater and a cloth meg
tbsp honey in 1 tbsphotwater and brush over freshly
bed platform and all withhotwater and disinfectant though i
put into a basin ofhotwater and inhaled chestiness a
in kitchen 3 radiators plushotwater app cost 110 120
you could have as muchhotwater as you liked [laugh]
and often a boiler forhotwater at the other began
with butter in bowl overhotwater beat in egg yolks
of mustard powder and scaldinghotwater blocked nose camphor oil
whipped and gangled like emptyhotwater bottles and made me
mean f639: mmhm f640: puthotwater bottles in bed at
of old sweaters padded withhotwater bottles surrounded by electric
has recommended sodium vinegar andhotwater but the smell still
with that kind of handlehotwater can make that one
plumbers begin to install newhotwater central heating system 12
3 tspns gelatine ¼ cuphotwater dissolve allow to cool
fine f1112: you took thehotwater f1111: yes i made
first f1112: you took outhotwater f1111: yes you gon-
you do it you needhotwater for the dishes right
also outdoor swimming pool withhotwater from springs used all
know she didn t havehotwater in her house and
in coloured layers and shapeshotwater is added and friction
that s dissolving wi thehotwater isn t it f1112:
sceptical comments is this thehotwater jet or is that
the challenge using gallons ofhotwater kilos of wool and
on the side to providehotwater later you could buy
rolled out melt choc inhotwater milk pour over cake
flour 4 fl oz vhotwater mix knead for 8
eggs 1 tablsp milk 1hotwater 5 375 20
was an outside boiler forhotwater otherwise you used the
but can only give ushotwater over christmas 25 friday
and she didn t havehotwater she d only like
rather grotty peeling plaster nohotwater telephones in the rooms
melted over a pot ofhotwater then jiggle about with
it s made with boilinghotwater you just have to
acquired taste sitting in ahotwooden box throwing water on
the- [exhale] f1127: they rehotm1128: [exhale] f1127: aren t
aye f1127: it s naehotm1128: mammy i dae that
that so it gets reallyhotf1121: mm right how are
wee minute till it getshotf1122: can you mix it
ben before it gets toohotnow okay let s have
bittie m1098: they re veryhotf1097: they re very very
[inaudible] that s a bittiehotfor me this is a
noo cause they re veryhothaud on a bittie m1098:
a bittie cause it shotthe day [child noises] f1111: okay
the weather here was sohotand humid that adel the
weather is still gorgeous veryhotduring the day but cooler
20 rbc bingo call veryhotfriday 21 weather turns cloudy
weather too is gorgeous veryhotsunny i ll probably have
the butter but in veryhotweather if the butter wouldn
was goin off in thehotweather last year f122: uh
peas and sourocks and inhotweather we would burst tar
it off f1111: is thathotenough is that nice and
f1112: it s a bithotf1111: a- no i ve
[inaudible] oh it s toohotf1111: is that far too
oh it s a bithotf1111: oh it s just
goes f1112: it s nothotf1111: that s a tiny
f1111: is that far toohotf1112: mmhm f1111: mummy sort
[inaudible] f1111: are you toohotf1112: uh huh that s
f1112: no it s toohotfor me f1111: mummy go
f1111: is it a bithotfor your hands i think
ow ow it s toohotnow f1111: it s not
just now oh they rehoton my hands f1111: okay
oh it s a bithoton my [inaudible] f1111: oh
[inaudible] legs on that to-hottap f1111: yes you re
f1112: okay they re veryhotthis one f1111: is it
doll [inaudible] ow it shotyou put it off f1111:
not make the iron toohotand it was a disaster
aboot ootside an m608: toohotaye aye it s a
words giving you degrees ofhotehm tsk burning sweltering too
alright m1094: it s toohotf1093: no try it m1094:
two minutes i m toohotf1101: do you want to
a rage it s toohotfor february everyone says we
gaiety it s much toohotfor lovers dalliance winged in
no thanks it s toohotfor tea they have gone
sure it s not toohotfor you cause i ve
think it might be toohotfor you you be careful
i m cured of hugehotfurry bodies too not him
that s okay not toohotit s just fine f1112:
the cakes are still toohotit s running woops a
must have been still toohotlook [inaudible] f1126: [exhale] it
you wear your kilt toohotperhaps though i remember someone
[sob] f1105: is it toohotright sit doon then i
mall because it s toohottae tae walk aboot ootside
bank like a sphinx toohotto blink nailed in its
moan it s far toohotwell represented noo we ve
fire so that he goeshotagain so he ll be
got a voice like redhotfire but she s sae
a lever and applying ahotpeat from the fire from
in to the fire andhotquiles were laid on the
baaniks wir maakin on thehotstones around the fire a
were really gave a reallyhotye know fire and she
fire to- is the firehotyou being careful now fitt
watch cause it s burninghotmilk oh you re good
i ll make myself somehotmilk pit a wee tate
milk with a piece ofhotoatcakes crumbled into it mealy
together until almost dry murleyhotoatcakes crumbled into milk rabbit
milk is going in thehotpan and you dinna touch
do not allow to gethotstir in sugar evap milk
f1097: they re very veryhotaye m1098: aye f1097: you
m1098: no you mak ithotf1097: i m nae making
[laugh] f1097: oh is ithotis that better m1098: aye
better it s nae sohotis that better m1098: aye
head back head m1098: [laugh]hot[laugh] [laugh] f1097: oh is
i m nae making ithotm1098: cauld f1097: aye i
i telt you it shotm1098: [child noises] f1097: need your
all the switchboard was redhotand jammed with six incoming
the hawaiian volcano observatory washotas red chili peppers well
[laugh] f813: [laugh] f814: redhotchili peppers tickets over it
peppers tickets over it redhotchili yeah that s what
could lie here in hishotred coat his ribs like
spring onions clove garlic 1hotred seeded pepper sprig thyme
means ye- ye re redhotye re ye re f1006:
chocolate chocolate is messy gettinghot[child noise] f1121: it s aa
shouldna be getting lumpy [inaudible]hotenough then is it f1118:
the mixture s getting reallyhotf1121: mm that bowl s
aye the mixture is gettinghotis it f1121: mmhm f1122:
mm that bowl s gettinghotisn t it f1122: aye
nearly the mixture s gettinghotm- f1121: is it aafu
f1121: the bowl s aafuhot[censored: forename] so you ll maybe
m- f1121: is it aafuhotd- watch yoursel then f1122:
it good f1122: it shotf1121: [answer phone outgoing message] that s a
in cause that grill shotand you ll maybe burn
me cause i was shithotaye cause i had googly
cause it s aafu aafuhotf1122: are we goin- am
huh but [inaudible] i gethotf1135: no cause it will
microwave now cause it shothear me f1142: why is
cause it ll all behotoh wow look at your
bit cause this bit shotput them onto the plate
gas sadie as opposed taehotair mairried agnes we re
is where you re veryhotand bothered f1018: and for
m1108: why but i mhotf1107: becau- oh ye re
m865: eh u1028: they rehotm865: do you have any
happened to that they rehotmind mm they re nae
mm they re nae thathotmm are they good no
cost they re always sizzlinhoton a saturday night when
f1107: becau- oh ye rehotwi it on well wait
sometimes get like really reallyhot[?]bright[/?] proper summer like f1149:
to work saturday 15 reallyhotnow lunch at aberdour but
summer days that were reallyhotso m- my mother had
you d really be sweatyhotto be ploutin or or
s going to be veryhotdarling it s b- it
walk has made you veryhotdeana no it was braw
right they ll be veryhotfann mammy takes them oot
s going to be veryhotwe ll need to put
when you put down ahotcup so it doesn t
question so i just puthotf1054: what were you in
it m1002: aye f1053: andhotm1002: i put doon het
put it on is thishotno f1117: it will get
she s had her ownhotplate put in her room
no f1117: it will gethotaye dinna touch it [inaudible]
f1040: mm m1042: aye bleezinhotbut het is the word
off your jumper f1102: ayehotf1101: right haud on till
spellin but eh instead ohotit s het m999: aye
do you mean it forhotm1004: oh aye ye can
like yes she s thehotone [laugh] m1048: aye yeah
aye yeah she s thehotone yeah [laugh] see when
s stopped okay it shotin there is it eh
i just tend to sayhotwarm f1054: yeah okay that
f951: [inaudible] are they stillhotlet me try u1028: they
[laugh] f951: is it stillhotm865: what do you teach
have taken place outwith thehotpursuit of higher still for
gone ahead but not inhotpursuit of higher still it
simmer days sae still anhotthe oak pits on its
the times 19 june 1998hotair rises over holyrood 14
spoon over pancakes place underhotgrill till golden brown bubbling
dress bows approvingly over thehottureen left of the blue
and the opposite o thathotf1005: ehm roastin m1004: bilin
ehm [scans list of words] let s dohotf1145: bilin it s bilin
uh huh ehm what aboothotm1012: s- swee- m1013: sweaty
fitt do i dae thehotbit [inaudible] m1108: this one
[inaudible] that s going deadhotf1117: [breaking chocolate] bang f1118: [inaudible]
it [inaudible] it will gethotso don t touch it
tattie [inaudible] m1014: it shotso that s what i
as well m1022: well forhoti ve got ploatin which
no we ve no donehotmadge f1025: eh bilin i
ve done have we donehotno we ve no done
into it a piece ofhotoatcakes i ve tried it
but watch this is aafuhotso you ve to be
he went she s thehotone i was like yes
oh watch that that shotfarr s the bag we
and beach hats flop likehotsweet peas oh archers emmerdale
the circus and it ishot30 sunday to 10 mass
through my hair it shotand feels as if each
hit the sack it shotand muggy tonight but i
the summer and it ishotat night guitars and singing
shining but it wasn thotbut it was enough you
to spread it thinly onhotbuttered toast she was vegemite
bay but it was ahotday and katie morag had
seventeenth and you get twohotdays and [inhale] it s
firsts and seconds it washotdusty work and i helpit
a bit m1094: is ithotf1093: no it s alright
f1100: [child noises] tha- is thathotf1099: it will be in
bit cool m1108: is ithotf1107: darling can you let
will it f1095: with thehotgrill m1096: grill f1095: mmhm
wait a minute it shothands up i telt you
already though summer may behothere but it doesn t
ways but it is ayhothere ma dearie dear an
it eh f1142: it shotin there is it f1141:
he helped to hammer thehotiron on the anvil it
climate when it s thishotit s hard or harder
like it ain t halfhotmum were on the tv
to read assuming it washotoff the graphics department press
pleasing whether it s bakinghotor freezing some gardens have
it add sugar place inhotoven for 20 25 minutes
that it is completely sealedhotoven for 5 mins 1lb
touch it when it shotremember f1142: mummy i m
ti it reaches the ridhotsearin flames waitin on it
hours we searched on ahotsummer morning feeling that it
like this it is taehottae wear claes but ah
it is bright sunny andhotthe hottest day anyone in
simmer a pot keep ithotthe next big change a
time when it was extrahotwe often went up to
min it ever bein saehotweel nae in aiberdeen it
till it drops zoo thehotwild leopard moves across its
so i hung around myhotbothered and anxious feelings slowly
day was airless and increasinglyhotso i could take no
when the sun is sohotthat my neighbours have covered
helicopter wings small sycamores sohottheir leaves hang slack past
the beautiful couple naked andhotclinging together like a rodin
room clicking machines productive screamshothands pressed like leaves one
her grasp like some exotichothouse rarity he was carefully
to think about they arehotlike four chips straight out
you like cook in ahotoven for about 10 minutes
if you don t likehottuna seasoning chillis if feeling
f1113: now this one shotlook he s eating a
yeah he ll get ahotbackside he d [inhale] [exhale]
f1089: he ll get ahotbackside will he [laugh] m1090:
call a taxi on thehotline to get to the
can make that one gethottake o- take a blue
fat lady s on ahotday orange is a a
s heidless in the freezerhotdog ah ken a wumman
look he s eating ahotsausage and he s eating
fredericton which has finally turnedhottemp s in the mid
then sprinkle with sugar eathotwith custard christine s christmas
mm mmhm m1007: not ashotblooded as we were f1009:
high corries snow down herehotsun cattle dozing hielan getherin
this leave them in therehotand maybe granny ll hae
for annoyed f1043: mmhm f1054: hotf1040: het het m1042: haet
grill f1095: mmhm m1096: ahotgrill there f1095: mmhm i
is the alternative fiona ishotand dry in my arms
is rioting petticoats in ahotbrazilian fiesta orange is pips
this space this is wanhotwummin headin oot tae play
the irish sea on ahotjuly day to be with
close day four was excessivelyhotthe office fan behind her
hit him he mixed ahotlemon drink with sugar then
together then fry in ahotoiled pan do not overcook
where i had a thoroughhotshower bliss we then went
another baking tin make smokinghotthen pour in batter cook
an up he cam wihottoddies an then aa kinkind
them baith they managed finehotbaps an muffins fruitcake an
an reindeers lugs they buyhotdogs an woolly rugs dutch
lie in a bath ashotas you can bear one
change ur you huvven ahotflush naw ah sez ah
and you dinna touch thehotpan you were meant to
cooked on top of ahotplate i suppose you can
where people were baking empenadashotbread filled with melted cheese
brown turn roll up inhotdish sprinkle with sugar lemon
transfer to serving dish keephotmake sauce with butter flour
with a tray of steaminghotstovies and oatcakes blushing as
bring us a cup ofhottea laced with aguardiente a
until melted add seasoning servehotwith cubes of fr bread
we had a couple ofhotdogs each in the one
an open grate the onehotplate dresser wi crocks black
efforts to find the onehotshower which meant walking down
therefore we describe killing inhotblood as murder at this
the ingredients together serve pipinghotguests will enjoy this dish
poly mincer i feel themhotthrough this sad black jacket
replied rather irritably we werehotand tired mary stooped down
were always bits of dryhotblack peat on the outer
an he ordered a hunnerhotdogs which were a a
sup a bowlful of thehotjam but she preferred syrup
usually br- brings things nothotoff the press but wet
of the english caudle ahotdrink mixture when people speak
pot or frying pan whenhotdrop in the chopped garlic
a herd of horses ahotdog short of a bun
down his legs a wethotflow soaking into his socks
flan case bake in ahotoven 425 for 25 30
hard we nicked a realhotrod eh andy he asked
beach where we got ahotsausage roll a bag of
in while listening to somehotsounds courtesy of a xylophone
picnic prepared by the guideshottea and a tasty chicken
sort of sound a smallhottoddler makes after its first
we d heard about thehotsprings at the top of
otherwise the shower was superhotand plentiful and i felt
for her dismissal of thehotblooded llull her breast was
silence the soup was saltyhotcoorse lumps o carrot and
northern miramar coast was thehotline to commerce and culture
face he said his breathhotand wet in her ear
its joys tae the ridhotcoals blazin in the grate
idder information an plenty ohotlinks tae idder websites some
ear he sez naw yerhotah mean sizzlin hen ah
beech leaves hangs in thehotair the cool grass sucks
dimly seen through mist throughhotblack hours all the others
slaughter of earl william inhotblood done to prevent further
christine mcgladdery writes of thehotblooded stabbing of the earl
of march 1917 mentions thathotdinners from the school soup
teenie whusky stoop there wishotdogs collie dogs an daschunds
butter blend in flour addhotfish liquor stirring until thick
buildings p c macnamara followedhotfoot using all his skill
the habit of that hugehotfurry body of his will
of suet for greasing thehotgirdle swats liquor made by
fact that our eizels arehotmight point to the custom
small joints of slices keephotmix egg yolks cream pepper
onions hazelnuts 5 mins inhotoil stir in other ingredients
4 baste stuffed chicken inhotonion etc fat for 3
caul burn at lochranza ovenhotplunging our feet in the
tephra jets sending fragments ofhotrocks froth scalding waves and
in fugitation sae letters ohottrod wis sent roun for

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