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eh turnberry to turnberry bighotelm608: turnberry hotel was used
was used for m194: turnberryhotelwas a t-t- a a
turnberry big hotel m608: turnberryhotelwas used for m194: turnberry
the slush outside the universitetskayahotela black car rammed up
bag off at the universitetskayahoteland then went for a
to belyaevo via the universitetskayahotelbut spent a quiet afternoon
after a detour to universitetskayahoteli wended my usual way
the streets around the universitetskayahotellooking in vain for a
my room at the universitetskayahotelso we collected that before
my room at the universitetskayahotelstarting the final draft of
went back to the universitetskayahotelto doze and prepare some
we hurried to the universitetskayahotelto meet bruce [censored: surname] and
from profsoyuznaya to the universitetskayahoteltonight the statue of indira
the couple the venue ahotelfor example will pay a
a venue such as ahoteloffers a package it might
social event whether in ahotelor at a family venue
a civil marriage at ahotelor other venue in future
get married in a particularhotelor venue we expect there
so the fee for ahotelvenue for example will have
a restaurant eh in ahotellast summer with some people
licensed restaurant then tae ahotelm608: okay m1163: so i
place is approved as ahotelor restaurant it will have
of the others in thehotelrestaurant for a very pleasant
i d returned to thehotelshe rang to say mum
there i returned to thehotelto catch up with this
then i returned to thehotelto do some russian before
square then returned to thehotelto rejoin the group and
shopping and returned to thehotelto study some more russian
days i returned to thehoteluntil [censored: forename] phoned and then
bar stool jan 4th kirkhillhotelas i sit on this
get a drink in thehotelbar but it was full
in the ho- in thehotelbar i said ireland saturday
a serious bevvy still thehotelbar seemed to be spinning
bar at the local delnashaughhotelwas empty they d given
the was it the countyhotelin the square there and
call red square near thehotelmarvellous with the red brick
main square congress and thehotelparis and then headed out
is happy monday 21 brucefieldhotelsquare up 120 first note
a boat oot tae yourhotelan your hotel is aw
nice and warm in thehotelf1112: this is the hotel
tae your hotel an yourhotelis aw that s on
hotel f1112: this is thehotelwe re in f1111: oh
the massive one outside thehotelis babe ruth s niver
then led back to thehoteloutside of which an ex
the grey drizzle outside thehotelright enough there outside was
food portakabin outside the intouristhotelthen we wandered into the
a disturbing incident outside thehotelthree of four young men
now the grass outside thehotelwas water weighted and raindrops
at the royal inka iihotelat around 7 30 to
at the royal inka iihotelby lunchtime and went out
the boswell society dinner royalhotelcumnock friday 19 august 1988
stabled beside where the royalhotelis today later up to
of newsagent to pub tohotelm1163: uh huh m608: oh
used to be the [censored: business name]hotelm608: mmhm m1163: so i
the day he had ahotelm608: oh right m1163: you
hevin ae meltith i thehoteldinin room naw hei wuid
we went down to thehoteldining room for an end
room 301 in the universitetskajahoteljotting down the continuing story
trip to lake titicaca ourhotelroom 1008 was on the
slipped this letter under yourhotelroom door i see you
he sits in a kensingtonhotelroom his expression is deadpan
the beds flicking through thehotelroom mags you can said
room s unpaying guest thehotelwriting paper s wafer thin
all ok nice tea stationhotel22 sunday again feel bad
hotels is that a nicehotelm1110: look what does f1109:
good journey fix up athotelnice place homely plenty of
if there s a nicehotelthat s a nice one
re going away to thehotelf1112: no this is the
f1112: no this is thehotelthere f1111: what are going
s going away to ahotelwhat for her tea f1112:
f1112: ooh f1111: at thehotelwhat s your favourite dinner
friday or just scrap thehoteland just [inaudible] instead of
now familiar trek to thehotelfriday no thursday 22nd september
of fun 24 thursday parkhotel[illegible] 7 30 25 friday
off her coat at thehotelf1111: oh i see once
her her going to ahotelnow f1111: she s going
up some champagne from thehoteland went down to belyaevo
we went back to thehotelfor dinner as i said
went out fo- to thehotelfor granny s birthday [censored: forename]
i went downstairs to thehotelpost office and bought some
hid sattled inno the glamishotela while back in a
to take back to ourhoteland a couple of bits
weary journey back to myhoteland bumped into lisa who
i got back to thehotelbut found it difficult to
back o some clapped oothoteldodging aroond a makeshift ring
and then back to thehotelfor a rest at nine
then hurried back to thehotelfor lunch chris and ann
fine band at earls courthotellate back to cottage to
back to the good oldhotelpresidente this time a really
and go back to thehotelthere i rested and practically
o makee back at thehotelthey hit the chrome lipped
was driven back to thehotelto pick this up by
and our bed and breakfasthotelwas in the wee back
derby on t v inhotelwe back the third pentland
the squares back to thehotelwednesday 23rd june 1999 cuzco
we sailed back to thehotelwhere we boarded the coach
out to the old racecoursehoteland the staff punters eh
chateau frontenac a massive oldhotelbuilt like a disneyland fairy
the proprietor of the crownhotelin bervie the old chemist
a little shabby one oldhotelthe metropole is being renovated
landscape around it our nexthotelinca utama was situated on
was a very luxurious erhotelthat we were in m608:
became a tearoom then ahotelfrom the point above a
t find it then thehotelmust replace it [censored: forename] had
for a file kemp shotelthen syne george morris mairrit
aberdeen have tea in ahotelthen watch the pantomime dress
with a swing scotsmen athotelkeep the fun going 6
long we arrived at ourhotelel presidente 5 stars an
great time except for ourhotelhe s made an official
my accommodation in the universitetskajahotelour transport was an ageing
the end mmhm f689: ourhoteluh huh that was mum
to a crossroads and ourhotelwas up on the right
the rendezvous at the internationalhoteland as it turned out
and check in at ahoteland get drunk but you
well baith were fae thehotelat ae time willie kemp
gathered at the carlton highlandhotelfor a chat and afternoon
to scrub himself at thehotelhe got as mucky as
nicht at denner in wirhoteli ll sweir at made
who worked at the castlehotelin inverbervie included being barmaid
dennertime oot at morris shotelin meldrum will hae the
evening at the hunting towerhotelin perth i was very
machine kandy at the citadelhotelin the botanical gardens kandy
sigh kandy at the citadelhotellike kingfishers alert and keen
due to gather in thehotellobby at 8 00am to
8 weeks lunch at burnsidehotelnear east kilbride home by
their evening at the barntonhotelpat [censored: surname] an f p
at son morroig at thehotelresidencia in deià in the
a meal at a poshhotelshe accepted an thocht och
at e fit o ehotelsteps an e lave o
chemist shop beside the crownhotelwas at one time the
the other lektors at thehotelwe took luggage belonging to
christie s at bertram shotelwith joan hickson as miss
when he worked in thehotelalways used to go to
been she s with ahotelgroup and eh she s
to accept the north britishhotelgroup s offer of a
get to york easily samehotelok monday 4 off through
once she gets to thehotelshe can take it off
utterly dwarfed by the newhotelbut some rather pathetic neglected
robin philip fit wye thathoteli hear some o ye
the metro to the universiteskayahotelin the evening [censored: forename] and
wir supper in e weehotelan seein ere wis aye
discovered is a lovely weehotelin strathaven which is f606:
they hid bocht a weehotelin the toon awa frae
prosthetic maw of new buildhoteland apartment blocks of the
currency shop of the newhoteldid not buy much except
held in the coach househotelnew cumnock on saturday 5th
the river from brand newhotelwith 6000 beds for the
a late breakfast in thehotelwe wandered down to the
a large complex trade centrehoteladministrative block shopping mall where
last he knew of ahotelin a mountain town where
through the snow to thehotelwhere buoyed up by the
bide in e high classhotelas distinguished guests an wir
odd waterin stop ootside ehotelin liptovska teplicka faar e
chef came out from thehoteland was bringin out food
was dismayed to find thehotelclosed for the winter just
the notice board in thehotelfoyer was a poster featuring
fin de siècle pera palashotelin istanbul it was there
salvador was asleep in ahotelin trieste when a bomb
m816: aye there was ahotelnext m815: it s still
was studying in moscow moscowhotelrather grotty peeling plaster no
a function suite in ahotelwas closed during the ceremony
on the southern shore thishotelwas more basic than el
by the intourist guides thehotelwas pre revolution british railways
hall and occasionally in ahotelwhen the reception was in
him in front of thehotelbeaumont and he s still
time we like booked thishotelf1149: oh no [laugh] f1148:
oh there s the disneylandhoteloh there s a map
hae tae ring up thehoteldear tae say when oor
whan served up on ahotelmenu heiven kens onyweys we
here f1109: that s hishotelsanta fe up tae there
rock strewn beach forenent thehotelan a haven nearby flaired
hoose o daviot a feyhotelan inmate s view o
feed ye like a granhotelan there s a healthy
of the rhins of gallowayhotelbuilt in 1943 as a
in a posh five starhotelbuys no body special favours
standard issue puil in ahotelcomplex the palm weirs stretch
turned the kirk intae ahotelfor germans tae come an
brightly lit hall like ahotelfoyer my two escorts and
shand dances i the crounhotelhawick i 1954 whan a
an tatties in morris shotelhid a maist affable oor
haein a meal in ahotelin aberlour fin he set
married i worked in ahotelin st cyrus and dependin
the current status of ahotellicence or about any other
house to live in ahotelmy father had bought in
an ambition to run ahotelon the isle o man
no [inaudible] uh huh f961: hotelor a or a public
tourism not even a smallhotelor a taxi or menus
s the point buildin ahotelor whatever on a big
a great pity that theirhotelwasn t nearer the centre
the service bureau in thehotelwe needed a pass to
the wedding cake intae thehotelwi a piper an she
howls for a bone thehotelwriting paper s wafer thin
and behind lochryanhall now lochryanhotelborrow pit which had given
which is now the craignelderhotelchief officer shirley duckels lived
the service bureau of thehoteli put on my shoes
an we were in thishotelone night an my dad
an international call from myhotelphone with no luck i
of members in the grosvenorhotelafter the service coffee morning
unit indicated that in thehoteland catering sector 96 of
ve ever been abroad inhotelbedrooms erm [click] [inhale] often
shocks pianists tinkle raffishly inhotelfoyers each home accommodates its
roond the table in thehotelhaein thair brekfast afore gaun
spend 2 hrs in riversidehotelhome via coast thursday 14
130 103 bus to thehoteli made it in about
the four star inchyra grangehotelin falkirk and recognises the
dunracht an bocht the glamishotelin the hairt o the
itself uncannily resembles an ageinghotelin the scottish highlands the
streets after breakfast in thehotelpapaya fruit juice egg and
glass water decanter in allhotelrooms though no hope of
hall or in the hiltonhotelthe fact is that people
the streets in the plushhotelthe staff salaam and bow
overalls smoking etc same withhotelwaitresses policemen in dr zhivago
so we go into thehoteland there s about four
there hotels fitt kind ofhotelare ye nae wantin that
huge curve of the kosmoshotelthere the sputnik obelisk arches
shut everything shut but thehotels open so we go
to go away to thehotelshe has on her dress
it s no the ritzhotelan hamely farin micht no
phoned me from the cosmoshoteland i joined them later
the individual by ensuring thathoteland living costs remained the
from the rhins of gallowayhotelas you continue along the
it would be relaunched ashotelborn so much for the
hours poring over maps andhotelbrochures to plan the perfect
the week i attempted thehotelbuffet for lunch two expensive
the magnificence of the stationhotelbuilding that had once dominated
andy bryce o the [?]seabies[/?]hotelbut when ah thought this
plus 23 invitations issued thehotelcan comfortably accomodate 350 which
his rolls i the touerhotelcar perk i hawick bot
bus to the lord beaverbrookhotelcourtesy of the railway and
the shop next to thehotelhere before gaining entrance to
bathroom were nicked from thehotelm818: [laugh] [laugh] m819: [?]aw he worked that.[/?]
nae lang efter the coylumbridgehotelopen t that wis the
they be borne by thehotelor the couple who are
bags of sandwiches from thehotelrepeat of journey to vyborg
here beside the macchu picchuhotelthe buses which had wound
cowardly i ducked into thehotelthinking discretion is the better
zm zm zm thon poshhotelupon the ben bids walcome
it s no the grandhotelye ll find it warm
perverts he saw from hishotelwindow mister blaikie didn t
over p m to brucefieldhotelto make final arrangements monday
s reemin soap dish teemhotelkeeper s heich on hashish
can hide echo foxtrot golfhoteldante d reinvent his hell
like that m959: [laugh] lochmaddyhoteli know imagine it would

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