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need is to save binnyhouseand as mr egan rightly
need is to save binnyhouseand call the charity to
get together to buy binnyhouseand take it over bristow
a service user at binnyhouseand wilma campbell who is
priority is to save binnyhouseany assistance that the committee
for the residents of binnyhouseare not of such a
fife receive care at binnyhouseas does which the convener
of no use to binnyhousebecause it will be closed
a service user at binnyhousebrian clark who is also
that was offered to binnyhouseby the public authorities would
care to close the binnyhousecare centre in ecclesmachan west
grace elder who owns binnyhousedoes sue ryder care own
grace elder s1m 2327 binnyhouseecclesmachan west lothian lodged on
every two months at binnyhousefor four and a half
lothian and representatives of binnyhousehas such a meeting taken
the deputy matron of binnyhousei am a member of
discuss how to save binnyhousein the interim we will
everybody who works in binnyhouseincluding the kitchen maintenance and
be stressed that although binnyhouseis situated in my constituency
although the situation with binnyhouseis utterly baffling the petition
is the future of binnyhousemy plea which i made
when i go to binnyhousemy wife can sit back
organisation wanted to sell binnyhouseon the open market for
egan on behalf of binnyhouseon the regulation of charitable
care homes such as binnyhousepay the price for those
one person from dundee binnyhouseserves people throughout central scotland
trying to ensure that binnyhousestays open the committee will
muldoon proposed closure of binnyhousesue ryder care for text
muldoon proposed closure of binnyhousesue ryder care that the
for the people in binnyhousethat i do not think
commissioners to discuss saving binnyhousethat is about as much
be willing to sell binnyhousethe difficulty is that nobody
care would have made binnyhousethe second best funded of
care for residents of binnyhousethe sue ryder care home
the service users at binnyhouseto address the committee my
individual service users of binnyhouseto arrange that for themselves
allow places such as binnyhouseto stay open in central
its intention to close binnyhousewe are calling on the
the decision to close binnyhousewhen extra money was offered
residents and staff of binnyhousewhom i consider as family
the closure eddie egan binnyhousewill close on 28 february
progress the closure of binnyhousewill mean the death of
is that unlike in thehouseof commons a bill that
is held falls in thehouseof commons a bill that
able to vote in thehouseof commons against this regressive
able to vote in thehouseof commons against this regressive
able to vote in thehouseof commons against this regressive
is currently proceeding through thehouseof commons and attracting significant
spent eight years in thehouseof commons and i have
currently being considered by thehouseof commons and is provisionally
committee other members of thehouseof commons and the house
a statutory instrument of thehouseof commons as i understand
rickman the clerk to thehouseof commons at the end
a sewel motion on ahouseof commons bill although westminster
europe in july 2002 thehouseof commons established a standing
imrie the clerk to thehouseof commons european scrutiny committee
than are those in thehouseof commons for that reason
i was alone in thehouseof commons for three years
he is not in thehouseof commons he has good
with westminster secondly in thehouseof commons i found that
that i spoke at thehouseof commons i had to
that statutory instrument in thehouseof commons i have been
paid a visit to thehouseof commons i toured the
from my experience in thehouseof commons i understand that
party when i entered thehouseof commons in 1983 i
for gaelic made in thehouseof commons in a private
early day motion in thehouseof commons in november in
the whole story while thehouseof commons is to be
the speaker before the wholehouseof commons it has happened
to post office ltd 3houseof commons library research paper
are also members of thehouseof commons messrs dewar galbraith
team 5 visit by thehouseof commons modernisation committee the
parliament the purpose of myhouseof commons motion is to
concern the progress through thehouseof commons of the welfare
concern the progress through thehouseof commons of the welfare
concern the progress through thehouseof commons of the welfare
its second reading in thehouseof commons on 7 april
22 october 2002 in thehouseof commons on lack of
john rickman clerk to thehouseof commons outlined 12 reasons
the recent findings of thehouseof commons public accounts committee
the recent report of thehouseof commons science and technology
notes the report from thehouseof commons scottish affairs committee
conclusions and recommendations of thehouseof commons scottish affairs committee
chairman and members of thehouseof commons select committee on
land in june 1998 thehouseof commons select committee report
affairs select committee of thehouseof commons so there we
a substantive motion in thehouseof commons supported by george
to select committees of thehouseof commons surely there should
sir anthony eden told thehouseof commons that it would
there but even in thehouseof commons there is an
majesty s government and thehouseof commons to amend the
debate today at least thehouseof commons unlike the house
post war rebuilding of thehouseof commons we shape our
meeting are available on thehouseof commons website at http
house down house of lordshouseof commons will eat you
house of commons and thehouseof lords are also able
house of commons unlike thehouseof lords has democratic legitimacy
could bring the house downhouseof lords house of commons
ears this could bring thehousedown house of lords house
individual member of your lordshipshousei cannot tell noble lords
is a member of thehouseof lords 25 see footnote
insert a member of thehouseof lords and entitled to
bill that is before thehouseof lords and your opening
a sewel motion for ahouseof lords bill that great
on 24 march by ahouseof lords committee on the
role for msps in ahouseof lords debate on the
the rome statute in thehouseof lords during the lords
is simply that if thehouseof lords has had the
at committee stage in thehouseof lords in january there
bill took place in thehouseof lords on 13 february
bill was introduced in thehouseof lords on 19 november
operation bill introduced in thehouseof lords on 19 november
of the bill in thehouseof lords on 2 december
weston super mare in thehouseof lords on 27 february
implications the ruling by thehouseof lords on 27 july
the government s confusion thehouseof lords on thursday 2
by his colleagues in thehouseof lords on which see
director future skills scotland 4houseof lords select committee on
will be debated in thehouseof lords this afternoon on
constitution from devolution to thehouseof lords to date it
it was valid for thehouseof lords to have a
initially they met in arbuthnotthouseand enjoyed tea and strawberry
wife dorothy took on arbuthnotthouseand the surrounding farms and
for the mail for arbuthnotthouseat night lady arbuthnott bought
london to work in arbuthnotthousebefore running the post office
at a picnic at arbuthnotthousefalling in mud and being
brim [note: photo: 'maisie greig, home farm in her land army uniform, 1941.'] [note: photo: 'maisie greig's personal message from the queen in 1946.'] [note: photo: 'madge greig, home farm in her land army uniform -1941.'] arbuthnotthousefemale staff were called to
signals regiment took over arbuthnotthousefor a few days as
in the corner of arbuthnotthousegardens about 100 yards from
madge greig worked in arbuthnotthousegardens because the under gardener
also helped out in arbuthnotthousegardens mrs greig east lodge
was the regeneration of arbuthnotthousegardens sadly they never had
an annual fete in arbuthnotthousegardens the stalls were on
a private school beside arbuthnotthousein 1901 115 pupils were
three evacuees came to arbuthnotthousejimmy jessie and williamina welsh
author had said about arbuthnotthousekinraddie and the family who
also received supplies at arbuthnotthouselady arbuthnott also gave all
manse and then in arbuthnotthouselater meetings moved to the
to have dinner at arbuthnotthousemaggie who lived in the
given by mrs clark arbuthnotthousethe cake was sold in
at the manse or arbuthnotthousethe following notices which appeared
church and hidden in arbuthnotthousethey remained in the arbuthnott
gamekeeper and a forester arbuthnotthousewas self sufficient except for
artificial light unless like arbuthnotthouseyou had a generator to
the four sides of ahousea special house a white
of a house a specialhousea white house of calm
make [inhale] all of thehouseall of the house i
new house round the oldhouseand took the old house
just went from house tohouseand we just went in
to know everyone else otherhouseevents like a house tennis
house is that auntie shousef1093: no m1094: what house
here tae here aside myhousef1109: aside your house there
house this is [censored: forename] shousef1112: no this i- that
s their house the teletubbieshousef1114: where s the teletubbies
f1113: let s build ahousef1114: you build a house
is f1122: is it ahousef1121: a house f1122: mmhm
it a house f1121: ahousef1122: mmhm look f1121: that
house see f1135: her oldhousef1136: mmhm and [censored: forename] had
the house really cleaned thehousef639: mmhm f640: eh for
house they kept the washhousefire on for the next
it usually means only ahousefor a house ie if
the house all of thehousei tip them all on
only a house for ahouseie if you sell high
lyke wake fur the deidhousein affleck street the house
[exhale] but it s auntiehouseis that auntie s house
house that s a lovelyhouse[laugh] m1094: is it f1093:
house in affleck street thehouselike an eaglet sits in
s five hours house tohousem608: aye uh huh m1163:
fireplaces varied from house tohousemost had a standard range
house f1114: you build ahousemummy f1113: right gently dinna
a special house a whitehouseof calm and cool simplicity
leaving the childhood house thehouseof the music man edinburgh
our house was also thehouseof the music man my
house will you make yourhouseor t- f1093: woo what
whether it was the secondhouseor the first house ye
house and took the oldhouseout the window that s
mmhm f640: you cleaned thehousereally cleaned the house f639:
built the old the newhouseround the old house and
f1136: there s [censored: forename] shousesee f1135: her old house
they travelled from house tohouseselling goods which because of
that s true m1163: faehousetae house you know that
other house events like ahousetennis tournament planned for next
f1093: now look at thathousethat s a lovely house
felt at leaving the childhoodhousethe house of the music
this f1113: that s theirhousethe teletubbies house f1114: where
my house f1109: aside yourhousethere s little stanes that
ye know when ye washhousethey kept the wash house
going to draw a littlehousethis is [censored: forename] s house
that we just went fromhouseto house and we just
er it s five hourshouseto house m608: aye uh
range although fireplaces varied fromhouseto house most had a
the 1960s they travelled fromhouseto house selling goods which
we knew though that ourhousewas also the house of
no m1094: what house whosehousewhose h- f1093: i don
house f1093: no m1094: whathousewhose house whose h- f1093:
you make this one whathousewill you make your house
second house or the firsthouseye went tae ye had
true m1163: fae house taehouseyou know that s us
a full scale japanese teahouseand eastern temple and the
had real tea in thehousefor years fit on earth
a wee tea in theirhouselater on carole s parents
and got archie into thehouseover a cup of tea
5 the tea wyfe shousepompitie buys tea and carries
6 the toll man shousepompitie delivers tea to the
3 the tea wyfe shousethe broun ogre calls to
by the tea wyfe shousethe tea wyfe is sitting
by the tea wyfe shousethe tea wyfe is sitting
or for tea in thehousethere was a kitchen range
to the tea wyfe shouseto buy a thimbleful of
goodby and goes into hishouseto make his tea pompitie
tom s room and kitchenhouseacross the landing her brother
decorated room upstairs in ravelstonhouseafter amicable negotiations the committee
or a room in ahouseand requiring one partner in
gang they go into thehousebeaumont coming into the room
am in room g2 cannonballhouseedinburgh 1 robin rigg offshore
the smallest room in thehousef1024: [tut] no i think
my room in the neilhousefor a night or so
be entertained beforehand in ravelstonhouseguild room or in the
ben the hoose through thehousein the best room besom
a room in evie shouseit can be as detailed
room in the prozorov shouseit is separated from a
was the room in thehouseit was the kitchen the
the main room of thehousem1000: well m1002: the sittin
gaun intae somebody else shousenormally sittin room m999: aye
s room was a treasurehouseof eastern nick nacks despite
[tut] main room of thehouserain lightly rain heavily toilet
the main room of thehousethat might have that seat
most important room in anyhousethe larder i can still
the main room in thehousethe livin room is so
garden room in the beaumontshousethe work table has been
closed room in a mustyhousetheir lives on hold till
the main room of thehousewith a t v m1008:
the main room in thehousewith a tv in it
the main room in thehousewith a tv in you
and half barrels round thehouseand an old bit of
had that bit round thehouseand that that was aw
round the back of thehouseand threw a sheet over
to see round the whitehouseat 8am around 1600 people
parking also difficult round morayhousechristian just leave the printing
of christmas time round thehousef640: uh huh f641: the
debt collector coming round hishousehe s like squandered something
father never swore round thehousehe used tae swear at
show you round the whitehouseit was fun there were
come round to the thehouseone day and i ll
had established all round thehouseroses and carnations orange and
years after chopin left ourhouseround the corner the world
took ages going round thehouseshe didn t even know
had me round to yourhouseto eat a meal that
to see round the whitehousewe re also going to
i went round the wholehousewith a damp cloth and
one door run through thehouseand out the other door
the witch retires inside herhouseand shuts her door pompitie
goodby then goes into herhouseand shuts her door the
she was alone in thehouseand the door was bolted
to call betty through thehousedoor harry betty betty betty
looks in cautiously from thehousedoor johnny uncle uncle harry
he goes out by thehousedoor lilian james you say
martha comes in by thehousedoor music is heard softly
towards the door into thehouselilian enters from outside lilian
lady to go in thehousem1094: there s a door
across the valley and thehousenext door all owned by
fitt co- colour s thathousenext door colour s its
johnny disappears back into thehouseshutting the door as he
on the door of thehousethe hen continues to protest
gable end driveway of hishousewhere gate and garage door
at the door of thehousewhere the lord resided that
granite back wall of thehousewith the door and windows
came home to an emptyhousealthough devastated the note didn
however you came into thehouseand stood glumly while i
curtains that came with thehouseand they look a bit
they never came to myhousebut they m608: oh right
week in the big newhouseerm but they we- came
eh he came to thehousef641: mmhm f640: one night
ehm came into our newhousein castle douglas and she
at pitglassie came from ahousein torrie street huntly so
came over and searched thehousejohn even the attic for
and hid in a henhouselots of spuggies came to
came back and seen thehouseno many months ago m642:
know that they had movedhouseor they came from somewhere
i recorded it in thehousesaid ricky lorraine came in
and airforcemen came to thehouseso ye m608: mmhm m194:
and they came to thehousesome of the m608: uh
were lo- just in yourhousethat came about as part
i wanted to experience thehousealone an old man and
a rosemary bush outside ourhousein the good old days
living in the old familyhousein the mountains then that
were going to your oldhouse[laugh] f1154: so did i
the old part of thehouseother than that i ve
for another yard at oldhousepoint about half a mile
cairnryan junction to the oldhousepoint unfortunately it is no
the line ran into oldhousepoint where an enclosure on
the pension an old familyhousewas not designed to muffle
the council chamber aberdeen townhouseaberdeen 1 lines of questioning
shellfield estates the three bedroomhouseallocated by the council was
people to buy their councilhousebecause rents were so high
fortunately they got a councilhousein callander you wouldn t
they moved into a councilhousein rothie finally they moved
move out to a councilhousein the country erm with
you know like a councilhousein the village and she
ellen two bedroomed ex councilhousenot particularly attractive area ehm
would buy their parents councilhouseon their behalf but the
reducing any backlog of councilhouserepairs and what progress is
a 30 000 former councilhouserich or wealthy such a
average selling price per councilhousesold to sitting tenants was
the council got its inhousesolicitor into the appeal we
on the council having tohousethem all they re a
bad ehm an ex councilhousewas sold in port ellen
happened to buy their councilhousewas too stupid to realise
and that s a councilhousewhich should never have been
six maids at the bighousealso a coachman and three
says anyone living in bighousean that in dunbar oh
a big discussion in ourhousef1023: aye i asked eddie
m1094: and be a bighousef1093: do it up this
going to be a bighousef1093: mm m1094: and be
to enter the big brotherhousehe s a politician for
bucket for a toilet thishouseis a she indicates big
this is a great bighouseisn t it m1094: yes
look that s a bighouselook and it s got
f1093: make a nice bighousem1094: why who for whose
blocks and making a bighouseor a tower or something
had come to the bighouseout on the perth road
ah f1093: make a bighousethat s it put it
well there s this bighousethat they must this ehm
going to have a bighousethey were going to have
has got quite a bighouseup about [inaudible] m608: mmhm
head gardener at the bighousewas santa mr moore was
ll make a great bighousewill we m1094: for daddy
will eat you out ofhouseand home here s the
no home where home meanshouseand love is a sick
about at a mate shouseand you would come home
tenant intends to occupy thehouseas the tenant s home
not intend to occupy thehouseas the tenant s home
in a home and thehouseat cairndhu was sold as
much shoogly stuff in myhousebut in our holiday home
return home to an emptyhousechilly and damp a drop
sue ryder care home marchmonthousegreenlaw lodged on 24 october
sue ryder care home marchmonthousegreenlaw lodged on 24 october
erm kind of er maisonhousehome building okay which one
it s not the h-househoose home hame er cognate
its care home at lesliehousein fife s1w 27382 christine
all of us down athousetoday feels like home again
large camp cairnryan above lochryanhousewas home to servicemen and
melling into shards a charnelhousea curling feather blowing across
one she runs into herhouseand comes out in minute
when i went into myhouseand read the post i
would not come into thishousebecause of the blackie peggy
pipe broadband directly into everyhousebut we should require that
ye she goes into herhousecarrying the hen with her
i stepped into the weatherhouseeach wall was covered with
james would barge into thehousefind margaret stalking the parlour
she went back into thehouseher mother s wheel was
let s go into thehouse[inaudible] f1136: not want it
c n d badge myhousekey and my 3½p into
deprecating and goes into thehousekoolyghin it happent forenent the
she goes off into thehouselilian well the great moment
resort go into the poorhouse[note: photo: 'typical family group in 1920s - arch and janet middleton, brakes of barras.] [note: photo: 'mrs riddoch, parkneuk, feeding the hens.] [note: photo: 'hen with chickens, parkneuk.'] [note: photo: 'couple howking tatties in their garden, early 1930s.] [note: photo: 'bothy billies at haremuir, benholm in 1915, including william middleton (killed in 1st world war) on far left and arch middleton snr on the far right.]
if people are buying ahouseor moving into new offices
is the backdoor of thehousepermanently propped open leading into
hen wyfe goes into herhousepompitie ow ow ai that
office later goes into thehousereading the papers ferapont wheels
dew smuggled it into thehousesnuggled my eyes into its
man high reeds like ahousesucked into quicksand the water
in 1661 welcomed into holyroodhousethe remains of his former
he goes off into thehousethere is a silence beaumont
then we go into thehousethis is one of the
a- anybody else into thehousethis morning i think [censored: forename]
stairs to go into thehouseto show off my catch
small son back into thehouseto smarten him up still
this saet going into thehouseto the maid whit is
who had broken into thehousewas killed large derelict empty
has invited us to herhouseacross new brunswick for a
and pieces out of pentlandhouseand build a new mezzanine
go out of use inhouseand steading and workshop new
we were in a newhouseand we d to make
a new castle or towerhouseat castle kennedy by the
f640: have drink in thehouseat new year and you
re just building their newhousebehind their own so i
to improve standards in newhousebuilding s1w 14925 robert brown
problems on completion of newhousebuilding s1w 14926 mr kenny
get broadband in their newhousecan be quoted ridiculous prices
so weird in the newhousef1155: mm that ll be
from top to bottom thehousef640: oh at new year
you were lucky your newhousehad a kitchen and two
group held in the coachhousehotel new cumnock on saturday
new year at robert shouseis [inhale] jesus you think
behind their public face eachhouseis locked new buyers strip
forgot you had a newhouse[laugh] f1154: yeah i keep
they re lifting a newhousem1007: aye f1009: mmhm yes
first new year at thehouseof gaia a time when
it s either a newhouseor california what would i
mum s new erm newhouseshe s got her couches
with the costs of portcullishousethe new accommodation block for
you had alcohol in thehousewas at new year f641:
have steak pie in mahousewhen it was new year
splendid new office in ravelstonhousewill now also be the
mm has [censored: forename] [?]not at[/?] thathouseany more f1135: that s
it s not [censored: forename] shouseany more is it f1136:
in [censored: forename] s m1110: whosehousef1109: what aboot this one
i was over [censored: forename] shousef1117: oh right okay f1118:
[censored: forename] [censored: forename] s granny shousef1121: that s right [censored: forename]
right [censored: forename] s granny shousef1122: mum can you lift
who stays in the nexthousef1122: no f1121: [censored: forename] f1122:
we know where [censored: forename] shousef1135: aye f1136: we know
we know where [censored: forename] shousef1135: mmhm [inaudible] f1136: mmhm
it f1122: mmhm f1121: whosehouseis that f1122: [censored: forename] s
will you fix [censored: forename] shouseit s bro- will you
[censored: forename] talkin about the holidayhouse[laugh] in fort william wi
i joined [censored: forename] at thehouseof artists opposite gorky park
ve been to [censored: forename] shousetoday f1135: mmhm f1136: is
a nice view from yourhouseand access to a good
re decorating and marketing yourhouseand rule number one is
and it was just yourhouseand that was fine but
rent for your tied cottarhouseas it was included as
they d walk intae yourhouseat any time day or
f1111: no not in yourhousecause we ve got to
and i ll blow yourhousedown as children meet a
kno- use in your ownhousef1018: well they ve gone
f1112: and not in myhousef1111: no not in your
little dog stays in yourhousef1112: [inaudible] tell him [inaudible]
ve got windows in yourhousehaven t you that you
to smoke in your ownhouseif you do it ll
up the back where yourhouseis away up and he
get up get in herhousem1094: mum where s your
this i- that s yourhouseno i m going to
travelling person as a dosshousenow retrace your steps to
just bought your nice weehouseon the west coast you
it at your mum shouseor right f689: it was
off the value of yourhouseor so the experts say
smoke in is your ownhouseor your car but only
first rule of the fishhousepull your weight be careful
not be much longer yourhousesadie i had a hoose
have been at your mothershouseshe was a nice gentle
individual member of your lordshipshousethis government approach to the
bet your boots that thehousewas being let to more
forester f643: no helen shousewas the undergaffer m642: your
lifestyle like your car yourhousewhat you ate where you
after your look after yourhousewhen you when you go
on your mantlepiece filling thehousewith ancient lamentations examining their
so when you had yourhouseyou needed everything from clothes
her he had drawn herhousea radio she stared at
had to clean up ahouseafter fire damage i i
had a a two bedroomedhousean we had a one
more romantic than a townhouseand in edinburgh chopin had
organised when they bought theirhouseand that there had been
m1007: we had a thatchedhouseand there was only two
to us there was ourhouseand they had they had
had a hall in thehouseand we could see in
who had the the boardinghouseas it was called in
though vaguely he had thehouseat the end of his
no we had the wholehouseaw built m642: no i
had to scrub out thehousebefore they could move in
had sneaked out of thehousecarrying its slippers in its
had paraffin heaters in thehousecause we didn t have
weekend we had the maggiehousedinner christmas formal i wore
and she had like ahousef813: dead small uh huh
a dry eye in thehousehad a fabulous lobster supper
recess because mainly every everyhousehad a recess had a
and a lot besides thehousehad a rough cement kitchen
been estimated that once thehousehad been fully restored its
because the mistress of thehousehad been mabel s mother
blaze on the prairie ilkahousehad folk keeking through the
grounds it stated that kilmartinhousehad not accepted its offer
and it was this beautifulhousehe had a picture of
composer had lived in ourhousehe used my brother robert
in the front of thehousei had no idea what
my folks knew had ahousein ayr f718: right a
for norman bobbie and thehouselooks like a bomb had
the bridge and the operahouseof course had been built
pretty mrs simpson from thehouseon the corner who had
although i had sensed thehouses grand atmospheres and the
we had in the wholehousesadie awed fascinated whit a
had left at alice shouseshe encouraged me to use
then when we bought thehousethey had to add that
who had planned to movehouseto newtownards on that fateful
are displayed outside nearly everyhousetoday for as i had
had pointed out the ancienthousewhere he d once lived
dark cold days and ahousewhich once i had shared
thursday i am lazy inhousewish i had more time
had a dance in thehousewith music usually provided by
if you can remember thehouseyou had in runcorn this
going on er in theirhouseand er that would be
it was a a darkhouseand she was scared going
going away back to hishousef1112: soon be f1111: soon
the news i hope thehouseflat hunting is going well
my cigarettes outside with ourhousegoing on the market tomorrow
m1094: why who for whosehouseis it going to be
you going to draw ahousem1132: i dinna ken how
going forward of the scotlandhouseoffice in brussels in capital
letters glad to hear thehousepainting is going well that
previous to the wedding thehousewhere they were going to
from the canaries in thehouseand the garden where sugar
egypt where he bought ahouseat ramleh near alexandria he
mmhm f1135: where f1136: inhousef1135: what kind of white
they been staying in thehousef1154: yeah f1155: where f1154:
want to stay in thishousego not freezing where it
snow journey s end ahouseof stairs and hush where
quiet doors in the spirithouseon the moor where grandmother
in lanarkshire and elsewhere wherehouseowners titles have been left
to the place where hishousewas and it was just
dans les couloirs in thehousewhere i worked in geneva
i lived in in ahousewhere my grandparents were still
is in st andrew shousewhere the information liaison centre
would treat with respect ahousewhere you might even remove
audience to where the washhousewould be in a corner
reader directions to reach ourhouseand yet the language in
we are waiting until ourhouseat balsusney rd is repaired
cause we re selling ourhouseat the moment erm and
our past is the washhousein the basement of no
the stair in our firsthouseit was f1025: aye that
then you know our nexthouseit was like a proper
f646: another one in ourhouseoh i loved him dearly
address is [censored: address] [censored: telephone number] ourhouseseems very quiet after the
is now a non smokinghouseso between our own self
in our town find ourhousestrange though young couples engaged
book unser elternhaus our parentshousethe narrative of a cultured
definitely the couch in ourhouse[throat] f1026: was it but
elderly townswomen arrived at ourhouseto remind us of this
eighty three eh our firsthousewas in hillington in the
teeming down on us ourhousewas teetering on the verge
were partly acceptable in ourhousewere sod and get these
onto the table in ourhouseyou always says it s
wednesday do small jobs inhouse14 thursday i am lazy
wtih so much trouble inhouse20 friday cath ricks her
19 tuesday very busy inhouse22 friday painting 23 saturday
bad in fact a goodhouse6 monday get ok from
chopin lived in my childhoodhousea century and a half
tablets 21 saturday work inhousea m p m walk
loon who slept in thehouseaabody ate in the kitchen
she resides in a tinyhouseabove the fish inn in
you were usually in thehouseall day so the feelin
most training is done inhousealthough the institute of system
she would be in thehousean she d been in
a week staying in thehouseand being fed by coutts
that book somewhere in thehouseand eh f746: yes f978:
it in at somebody shouseand he took me tae
was one man in thishouseand he was on drugs
in mr crawford s bakehouseand i can tell you
held in nancy [censored: surname] shouseand it can only be
small share in a boardinghouseand it was here that
of lochnaw to swap thehouseand lands in return for
anfisa come out of thehouseand listen in silence for
i are in the samehouseand mother doesn t help
was prepared for printing inhouseand recorded for the first
have hot water in herhouseand she didn t have
was with child in hishouseand that all believed it
camp beside a small adobehouseand thatched shelter early in
non smoking rule in thehouseand the government s blanket
up holy fuck in thehouseand to this day nobody
the sharpestest ears in thehouseand we listen very very
my standing in my ainhouseand with my ain folk
still living in the samehouseas i was born in
we were born in thehouseat at 129 dalsalloch row
brought up in the schoolhouseat [censored: placename] f638: oh she
in glasgow including the mackintoshhouseat glasgow university scotland street
still cold 12 tuesday inhouseat night can t get
overlooking the harbour in thehouseat the corner of stair
related subjects perhaps in eitherhouseat westminster such as that
particularly vitriolic meeting in doverhouseat which one of my
lived at their father shouseat wicketshaw by carluke in
has toilet paper in herhousebecause her dad works in
we used english in thehousebecause my father wasn t
speak street vernacular in thehousebecause my mother was born
them in to the churchhousebefore the service 10 leavers
houses in turn the firsthousebelonged to the lady artist
levels have been at eachhouseblock in each scottish prison
levels have been at eachhouseblock in hm prison kilmarnock
who helps me in thehousebut erm only iron if
are 24 years in thishousebut oh the rent and
middle i- in in thehousebut there was a kind
anyway very seldom in thehousebut they buy these you
total in that two bedroomedhousebut we were still f1041:
well outside in the milkhousebutter and cheese were made
will assist in improving thehousebuying process and encourage greater
lads were out of thehouseby 9 o clock in
look you go in thehousecan i buy that f1089:
almond tree encircled garden twohousecats played in the branches
will be in the churchhousecommittee will provide sandwiches tray
examined in the 1996 scottishhousecondition survey did not achieve
information in the 2002 scottishhousecondition survey it was not
lunchtime cafe at the morvenhouseday centre project in kilmarnock
bag come in from thehousedeana i hae to see
in the middle of thehousedinner at which i received
my granny and granda shousedo you hear it in
a fight in an emptyhousedo you know that way
boyter and in this veryhousedo you no ken it
all the work in thehousedoctors verdict rest with pills
seems to be somewhat inhousedoes the unit have lay
included helping in the bakehousedoing all the housework and
ducking several girls including thehousedon moira in the showers
de vil stormed in thehousedon t take those puppies
teaching or studying in cairohouseelections were last week and
the dipthong in now downhouseetc gs the glottal stop
5 wednesday busy today inhouseevening 6 thursday prepare for
typically glaswegian or in thehousef1005: ehm cutlery mm let
was still livin in thehousef1024: [laugh] f1025: [laugh] [laugh]
want to stay in thehousef1103: mmhm cause tinkerbell you
fl- flour in ruby shousef1107: oh max did did
to be playing in thehousef1112: uh huh f1111: okay
s doing something in thehousef1136: what is it f1135:
come in to a dirtyhousef810: [laugh] [laugh] f809: cause
done a thing in thehousef889: mmhm f890: and two
off work to help inhousefeel frustrated because dad seems
who have lived in ahousefor 15 or 20 years
would get together in hishousefor the wireless sports report
my submission i mention duffhousegallery in banff which has
training was largely provided inhousegeorge lyon i can offer
lunch and 52 in ravelstonhousegirls will stand at school
upright plump churn in thehousegiven to her by wattie
headaches family problems cause inhousegod if people aren t
was housed within the townhousegrand in its towers and
antiquities awful grand in embrohousegrannies tongues which mutter ye
said as they left thehousehand in hand and tramped
rather than just in thehousehavin a a bag of
months after i began thehousehe resided in is still
jack comes in from thehousehe speaks back through the
17 thursday plumber work inhouseheld up emergency elsewhere 18
his mother at fiona shouseher mum is standing in
live in a nice detachedhousehere there are a lot
a pianist practising in ahousehigh above the cove it
sweet and sour in thehousei love eatin chinese out
one of them in myhousei loved it f814: they
teenager in my granny shousei never ever heard a
never in in my ownhousei never heard a single-
in the mountains then thathousei showed you on the
braes o glenlivet the highesthousei think in britain twelve
i m sittin in thehousei was born in but
in either a tied cottarhouseif a farm worker or
wore the trousers in thehouseif there was a rosemary
trying to buy a littlehousein a place called blackrod
n america helping build ahousein a religious commune and
days in the common lodginghousein aberdeen when jimmy hunter
the funding arrangements for duffhousein aberdeenshire s1o 5839 3
daith high dam the britishhousein aswan has a sloping
left they have a rentedhousein balloch for a few
speech he made in scotlandhousein brussels on 6 june
and imminent closure of cockenziehousein cockenzie a private nursing
fourth a dancer keeps ahousein deià but later in
heroin and methadone and simpsonhousein edinburgh which is run
sister born in the samehousein glasgow green but now
margaret [censored: surname] who left erskinehousein good heart after a
pity it was a goodhousein good order 5 wednesday
bob was born in ahousein hilton drive aberdeen in
proportions of a smaller ancienthousein his remodelling of the
done by it at rachelhousein kinross and asks the
done by it at rachelhousein kinross and asks the
radiated from the best situatedhousein mallorca as he judged
the electric we got thehousein order and then m642:
land but not a dwellinghousein order to exercise a
within this subsection if thehousein question is or is
friends in shetland at theirhousein scalloway you got a
five megabyte connectivity in everyhousein sweden the irish have
in a very very smallhousein the centre of the
then jouking out o thehousein the middle o the
own times salvador s favouritehousein the soller region was
[laugh] yeah m830: bought ahousein the town so yeah
a prayer meeting in ahousein the west bow weir
to go in the h-house[inhale] lady f1093: lady to
is reflected in premiums forhouseinsurance policies before i finish
00 am in the townhouseinverness 1 local economic development
in the chamber before balthayockhouseis an historic listed building
to mary later the entirehouseis tiled in white the
trying to get in wirhouseisn t he aye m1108:
s grace in dubliners fatimahouseisn t run by moonies
me too m1048: in thehouseit s just no the
a phone installed in thehouseit was essential the public
were five fires in thishouseit was only a but
was shrill in the emptyhouseit was proof that she
at mabel s grandfather shouseit was stored in the
and just sit in thehouse[laugh] f958: it s really
kept him close to thehouselike a sheep in a
he asked in the fourthhouselived mrs bayview that stupid
and prison cells in washhouselums we ve poles to
want doesna get in thishousem1090: i want doesna get
like to stay in thathousem1094: mmhm yes f1093: would
f606: [laugh] f826: in thehousem827: aye yeah f826: the
stones laid in front ofhousemackreel mackerel sillerweed silverweed glim
that is done in thishousemay the lord bless us
just dae things in thehousemaybe have a walk up
and smelling nice in thehousemaybe she ll let me
further evidence that in thishousemoral considerations override the ties
never mention it in thishousemrs laing or the half
five of us in thathousemy mum two brothers and
would be in ony shelteredhouseneil s at hame a
oh sure m1042: in thehouseno one swore nowadays i
at the back of thehousenot in there dad commanded
am in a wee shelteredhousenow and eh i have
ah we are in thehousenow f1111: oh f1112: that
expression [exhale] eh building ahousenow in gaelic as you
in the grounds o auchmacoyhouseof coorse it wisna jist
realism a ghost in thehouseof fiction at an early
been those at wicketshaw thehouseof her youth in those
in bed 26 friday ahouseof illness 27 saturday mend
it she agreed in thathouseof locked doors and hidden
papists from sitting in eitherhouseof parlyament but if it
or her throne in thehouseof peeres in the presence
the fortunate lovers in thehouseof venus gude will stood
affected by it in thehouseof venus there are three
alone in the very lasthouseon the other side of
i was alone in thehouseone morning when two authentic
in the back of hishouseone of sayings to it
sod salinger in his penthouseor behind his piranha infested
have worn them in thehouseor when whe- would you
it will take to assisthouseowners in lanarkshire and elsewhere
band provided several selections poorhousepicnic in july 1917 the
cath at pics stay inhouseplay piano latest gift from
scene 10 inside pompitie shousepompitie is reclining in an
data available in relation tohouseprices s1o 6453 27 john
very busy work work inhouseprogresses 15 tuesday ditto 16
scott barrie s1m 2917 inhouseprovision of public services lodged
donald gorrie s1m 3482 inhouseprovision of public services lodged
in middlefield is the learninghouserun by scottish enterprise which
want doesna get in thishouses- hey pepper f1089: fitt
entitled to vote in thehouseschedule 2 mr andy kerr
s up th- in hishousesee f1114: this little piggies
to create its own inhouseservice which has yet to
the minute façade for thishouseset in a line of
in the lord s ownhousesh sh shall i dwell
granny she was in thehouseshe stayed with us f606:
her treasures too in thehouseshe would sometimes take them
live in a flat ahousesheltered accommodation or a hostel
all the faces in thehouseshifted as if a wind
in future everyone in thehouseshould be aware that too
no salt left in thehouseso father sent the loon
one f606: yeah m845: bedroomedhouseso it was a in
bin or bag in thehouseso that you can keep
m815: [cough] m816: in thehouseso we just m815: [?]oh, let's go[/?]
or at least an inhousesolicitor s opinion on that
be in clivver in thehousesomeone plays the maiden s
who lived in a blackhousesomething or a croft or
who have sat in thishousesometimes for years and some
in the bride s parentshousesometimes the local hall and
that in 83 this noblehousestill stands but don t
m living in the samehousethat i was born in
to live in a licensedhousethat meets certain standards they
the people that built thehousethat put in the bathroom
scene 8 the witch shousethe broun ogre arrives in
years here in the smallhousethe cassita called the music
be in brussels in scotlandhousethe convener yes several things
childhood alone in the tallhousethe lamp lit rooms the
have taken place in ahousethe proposals for building standards
training is all done inhousethere is a specific area
his work in the childhoodhousethere was no outward evidence
fee e printer for boardinghousethis is in hand and
bursary concert held in ravelstonhousethis was music par excellence
of the head of thehousethough in the kitchen whether
mass then back to gettinghousetidy group committee in evening
we moved from the chopinhouseto live in a hotel
ever have to sell theirhouseto look after themselves in
do you need in ahouseto see out of m1132:
re all hiding in thehouseto surprise spot aren t
plenty work to do inhousetoday curtains fixed bath cleaned
problem lies in identifying particularhousetypes and in gathering evidence
a whole area is designatedhousetypes in that area that
in a devolved scotland morayhouseuniversity o edinburgh commission for
in a devolved scotland morayhouseuniversity of edinburgh commission for
would necessarily use in thehouseunless we were being m1008:
us stayed on in thehouseuntil as i say nineteen
to live in the crofthouseuntil her ninetieth year at
for t water for thehousewas carried in frachts i
and partly in hand thehousewas close to being derelict
gone with her herself thehousewas in a state right
anger one temper in thehousewas quite enough her mother
said in disgust the secondhousewas rented by the holiday
always stayed in the onehousewe only f606: mmhm m845:
not to smoke in thehousewe ve watched these programmes
five of us in thathousewell there was six but
mm mm f806: cleaning myhousewhen i was in australia
on 28th june in ravelstonhousewhen over 50 members enjoyed
his unique standing in thehousewhich made him both less
like a guest in ahousewho d overstayed his welcome
lived in bervie in ahousewith a stone stair he
historical site this is ahousewith nothing in it but
the partner living in thehousewith somebody else m1055: is
work to do in thehousewith the children and ehm
time ended in the poorhousewith the exceptions of wull
would have used in thehousewould have been press for
a burglar s in thehouseyou are in such a
most of their training inhouseyou may not have gone
and you bide in thehouseyou re not f1115: oh
was built the miller shousealso a ruin can still
still standing by his tollhouseand is holding a small
29 saturday still searching foundhousedevonshire park march 1 sunday
something to get to herhousef810: and stuart s still
for a time dr milroyshouseis still to the fore
i i still leave thehousequite early and i sneak
by the toll man shousethe toll man is still
belonging to the prozorov shousea river is seen at
stayed at the chip shophousea whilie uh huh he
at the side of thehousealongside the barn naturally a
to stop at any waysidehouseand get food and a
pompitie arrives at thewitch shouseand she relieves him of
like at mr jeffrey shouseat ardoyne near insch and
exchange of land with hishouseat castle kennedy destroyed by
shopping then went the secondhouseat the pictures [note: photo: 'wedding at the mill house in 1913.'] chapter
question of using the killinghouseat the time but there
use that as a partyhouseat weekends m939: [laugh] [?]peering from[/?]
members of one or otherhouseat westminster as mps or
gassing accident tragedy stalks thishouseaunt c at janet [censored: surname]
they will not visit thehousebut at least they know
at brownhill was the enginehousecontaining the sturdy paraffin engine
with my friends night athousecrazy sentences this is simply
sound asleep at sheila shouseeagerly anticipating when you waken
monday a rare day athousegardening repairing washing m c
barrow 14 tuesday again athouseget front bedroom finished get
at such things but thehousehas many acres the drive
picnic at mike livingstone shousehe s away at the
commun 9 mass get wethousehunting afternoon call again at
they got caught at onehousei don t suppose it
a desperate tragedy at baldoviehousejust outside dundee a young
3 000 acres the mansionhouselot was bought back at
s always locked at mahousem816: aye we used to
f689: it was at mahousemmhm but naw they showed
to lunch at luisa shousemost days at one thirty
they complained at the thirdhousemr macmaster was standing by
by russian artists at thehouseof artists some of the
salvador presented himself at thehouseof francisco manuel de los
and smiled wanly at thehouseof fraser woman this is
comes toffee back inside thehouseoh oh look at the
to a party at hishouseon friday evening so i
lu au at the volcanohouseon the rim of the
sometimes it is a substantialhouseor at least an outbuilding
[censored: surname] s and that thehousepainting is at last finished
common by the witch shousepompitie arrives at last entering
scene 7 the witch shousepompitie arrives at thewitch s
difference here 5 sunday athousesketching it as not bad
of america at the whitehousesupported by alasdair morgan andrew
communal meal at luisa shousethe women take turns to
their time at the wronghousethey explained reassuringly that they
at the back of thehouseto the field beyond which
to do was connect thehouseto the pipe at the
of asylum seekers at dungavelhousewhen it begins use as
cath 22 saturday see finehousewith central heating at bedford
at the side of thehouseye doo myt taak oot
scouters for jubilee camp myhouse18 tuesday out quiet evening
to come over to myhouseand play f1121: i think
the almond terrace near thehouseas my car negotiated the
my childhood dreams that ruinedhousedappled sunbeams stippling its flanks
coming to morn to myhousef1103: santa winna be back
up the road to hishousef1112: y- right [inaudible] my
t like cleaning my ownhousei m not willing to
the cold emptiness of thehouseitself my partner would be
to keep my place ashousemonitor because of immigration regulations
to keep my job ashousemonitor so i ll be
bit of a blow thehousemonitorship represented my one real
sit memory reinvents my childhoodhousemy father returned from dad
when my family left thehousenow his spirit claimed an
enter the doorway of thehouseopposite my resting place does
back to my to thehouseor or to the street
couple of hours to myhouseso he was as happy
life of me find hishousethe directions my scottish contact
have you been to myhouseyet f1155: oh right yeah
there f606: mmhm f209: thehouseactually was left and now
of work and lost theirhousealthough that was unlucky for
language i used outside thehouseand school when i was
about 100 yards from thehouseand there was also a
was er it was theirhouseand we went to stay
alth- it was a boardinghouseand you used to get
half the man of thehouseas always was best off
was invited to prof [censored: surname]houseas i mentioned last letter
all sent out of thehousebecause it was so contagious
grown and fed to thehousecows flax was also grown
was trying [inaudible] doon thehousef1113: and was it good
you lived on or ahousef828: mmhm it was a
was made of low claddyhousefarm the fishermen s store
because when he bought thehousehe bought it was an
a car [?]keer[/?] was ahousehighers was money flattie meant
see if i was movinghousei wouldn t want other
on entering the renovated townhouseit was a happy marriage
sixties and his this littlehouseit was absolutely beautiful you
fire f643: the auld washhouseit was an auld wash
of austria who visited thehouseit was important too that
i kept runnin through thehouseit was such a novelty
was called to the ainsleyhousejennifer was bedridden with joint
father was head of thehousekind to a fault nobody
suitable site to build thehouseon i was about to
if it was a secondhouseor i can t remember
i was not occupying thehouseor ii did not intend
just now there was ahouseparty to watch canada v
there was a lovely wendyhouseplay area so we entertained
grasp like some exotic hothouserarity he was carefully protected
housewife that was having herhousere done and she was
her brother seemingly bought ahouseso jean was glad to
about 15 folk from thehousethat was fun and i
not paint and that thehousewas a crazy collage of
level of the floor thehousewas a small two roomed
3d or 1 the firsthousewas between 6 p m
wine was good moreoever thehousewas full of antiques from
op cit after innermessan towerhousewas no longer needed to
woke me up all thehousewas shaking i remembered the
to be reached if ahousewas to be saved by
of their own but thehousewas usually full of young
interior this was her townhousewhich ca na gaia s
was the church nearest theirhousewho attended the funeral which
it was an auld washhousewi a boiler m608: uh
meadaple rothienorman there was nohousewith the mill but he
they would have got ahouseafter putting their name on
it s like a manorhouseand they grow all their
let robert norman use theirhousebefore the wedding well they
the m e s boardinghousehas no printer for their
long the front of theirhouseis and bade me a
is breeding wonders a charnelhouseof multiplying temples hedging their
check their data this halfwayhouseon the mountain they called
get work done to theirhousethey always get a building
their anoraks on inside thehousevery droll madam actually i
keeping a lookout on theirhousewhile they re away the
could defend their er theirhousewi their left hand f1144:
now until they have jobhouseetc i think we will
done now windows on thehousef1112: windows windows windows windows
the last five years thishouseis now a non smoking
are worth ten grand thehouseis now well aired and
son brother is now ahousemonitor for the maggie this
name of the pig shouseno answer come on now
the cavernous hallway of thehousenow i m a mouse
of innermessan and its towerhousenow known as the manor
which parcel is for whichhousenow only grannie s parcel
me and walk towards thehouseset now against the sturdy
did get out of thehousetogether now and then to
now that s a nicehousewe re making eh m1094:
bobbie were moving to anotherhousewell the move has now
purchase property not only tohouseits staff but also to
mmhm f638: articles fae thehouseand ye washed them f637:
it s quite nice eachhousebeing different mm f122: mmhm
it it s a nicehouseeh m1094: mmhm it s
the base course o thehousef606: mmhm [cough] m824: then
mmhm f640: away from thehousef641: mmhm f640: ehm and
mmhm f890: hou- this ehmhousef889: mmhm f606: yeah f890:
it s eh a namedhouseit s f889: mmhm f890:
s a tree behind thathousem1090: mm mm hmm mmhm
ho- will i draw ahousem1132: mmhm [laugh] f1131: or
that when they built thehousemmhm f1112: no we did
to the first or secondhouseof the pictures m608: mmhm
m1007: the hub of thehouse[paper rustling] yeah f1009: yes mmhm
[inaudible] f1091: mmhm m1092: therehousethere f1091: it s stormy
running until she reaches herhouseand disappears through the gate
her hand she indicated thehouseand the land around it
been subject to harassment andhousearrest because of her campaign
never actually been inside herhousebut from the many voluble
the evening of the finalhousedinner so her first impression
which has stopped outside herhousehola como esta usted the
loose people coming to herhouseon saturday nights f963: yeah
from her moping about thehouserefusing her every offer of
i suppose i expected herhouseto follow traditional style with
that the walls of herhousewere built of office ledgers
that she did front ofhousewhile her sister whom i
goose llama shares her penthousewith two goats rabbit and
when passing mrs greig shouseagain teachers over the years
the siesta hours when thehousebecomes partly darkened and the
doctor although he did makehousecalls when required district nurse
t you have kept thehousecause of course when the
when you phone jenny shousedo they bother about you
when i emerged from thehousei could confirm that vyborni
might only be when thehouseis surveyed and an offer
the foundations of the towerhousenothing beside remains but when
the case when nanny shousesupposed to be that they
it is when the midnighthouseupon a summer s day
chance when the don orhousewarden moira asked if i
specific types and sizes ofhousewhen we discussed the matter
know like the sort ofhouseyou draw when you re
to work i dodge aroundhouse29 tuesday camp profit may
loss of work loss ofhouseor land loss of family
the field work and thehousepause why he s only
t know she left thehouseto go to work so
carry us back to thehouseand i get very cross
might roar out of thehouseand never come back she
driven but being back ofhousedriven so to speak you
these people back to thehousefolk i d never seen
of coal back to thehousemr mccracken recovered as most
the retiring housemistress of erskinehousea framed photograph of the
sort of moping around thehouseand erm no not really
be the mother of thehouseand follow winnie ewing perhaps
of the tenement and thehouseand improvement task force the
vivid picture of a thatchedhouseand its hingin lum you
can buy part of thehouseand rent part of the
out the use of dungavelhouseas a component of the
to the rest of thehousebeaumont to himself the indian
major out of his ownhousedeponed that they heard him
ve any intentions of movinghousedo it soon while you
christian knowledge general meetings registerhouseedinburgh transactions of the gaelic
of finding a silent darkenedhouseencountered one ablaze with light
the tenant of the otherhouseis a member of the
that the history of ahouseis known if that idea
the draft number of innerhousejudges variation order 2001 8
draft the number of innerhousejudges variation order be approved
with the acquisition of braidwoodhouselanarkshire s1w 28480 david mundell
to be mistress of ahouselike ballindean which of course
m1008: the hub of thehousem1007: the hub of the
that the temperature of thehousemust be kept as high
way to the dom knigihouseof books moscow s best
jones the drunk and thehouseof fraser lady all struggled
please to his amazement thehouseof fraser lady stood up
pearl necklace and lilac blousehouseof fraser type he said
nine gods he swore greathouseof tarquin should suffer wrong
second line traces the imperialhouseof the austro hungarian empire
modest size of craigcaffie towerhousepoints to the same conclusion
alberti arbona a splendid 1919houseprefigures the restraint of art
the mess and above lochryanhousethe remains of cairnryan camp
d claim half of thehousethen she replied besides he
system to take account ofhousetype or size a crucial
and rent part of thehousewhat consideration has been given
all ages and types ofhousewithin them and has remained

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