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corbies wallop frae howf taehowfa skirl o schulequines swingin
craik o corbies wallop fraehowftae howf a skirl o
claith chittered awa in thehowfbi her droothy man capernuitie
plooky chikked cook frae thehowfbi nether logie niver gee
d bin mugged ootside ahowfsome nesty breet hid chored
hooded houlet owl houss househowfinn howk dig howp hope
stint as barman at thehowfin oor clachan the blaik
a crisp sleep is shatteredhowfis hotchin hauf the bar
a slave quyne aroun mahowfthe littil waw is laich
heilan cateran bit wis thehowfo anither macgregor aathegither a
wattir forenent a yill housshowfthe quyne thai hae peyed
the brukken waw o hishowfye canna finnd the poems
yer braw bit sang setshowfan clachan dirlin the warld
adv how houss n househowfn den howp v n
n house howderin v swarminghowfn dwelling howp v n
said walcum til the spinstershowfsyne she chappit on the
an breist syne throw thehowfin thon cauld airt the
thair horses til the nearesthowfan aye the man we
aw she stytert out thehowfonti the road whaur the

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