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inn howk dig howp hopehoyhurry hummil humble hunker crouch
leaf in his coat whusperthoyon pompitie ye maun hurrie
secured the success of chrishoycraig mclean and others however
that craig mclean and chrishoyhave had the benefit of
in ane o the kistshoyon nou for feir the
in here in a hurryhoyah m aw cuivert wi
the garden fareweill trees shoutshoythare a pause cheerio echo
off glancing back rodé shoutshoyho koolyghin shouts fare ye
whit did he dae buthoyback again in a tid
hir this tellin hir tihoyon an rowe up the
s1m 3440 congratulations to chrishoylodged on 27 september 2002
green leaf speakin til yehoyon pompitie ye maun hurry
dig howp v n hopehoyv hurry hunder n a
be ae wey or titherhoyhame at aince sae a
me afore an ah lhoyon oot for ti meet

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