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centre afor wi davie bithudayeweys felt a wee bit
end him an davie hehudbeen best pals since the
like ayeways it hogmananay hehudgot pished wi davie and
possabilities davie his best palhudsays tae him he d
usual it wis davie whaehudseen him the first he
ken where tae gae hehudthoucht o phonin davie bit
a cheap meal there tonyhudbeen it this centre afor
firivver tony felt drained hehudheard the wurds clear enough
oot tony wis anaw hehudhis pairty caird noo so
it wis only aifter thayshudleft the scuil that tony
o the cooncil schemes tonyhudlived alasdair fir aw that
guy ower fae fife tonyhudmeet him in the bar
night needin seein tae alasdairhudseemt tae find tony s
it it furst whun tonyhudtellt thaim he wis gay
youse the pairtie fir hogmananayhudbeen a few week back
hud then youse wud haehudtae sell yir grannie tae
fir oniething an if yousehudthen youse wud hae hud
mah bleedin hud it stoppedhuda fell an you swellin
askin mi aboot mah bleedinhudit stopped hud a fell
dae cause ah wish yihudthen ah widnae huv hud
hud ti stop ed wehudti breck the chain breck
hud then ah widnae huvhudti face they scum that
you took yours stew ithudti stop ed we hud
the gay bars which thayhudboucht tickets fir afore tae
two week back when hehudcome furst fir the test
yin o the offies thathuddecided tae stay open fir
came alang wi him hehudkent his ain diagnosis fir
yir thir fir thay awhudyon look in the side
lori s noh long sincehuda turn della silence della
noh like the yin ahhudas a bairn pause yi
della thone bad spell yihudnoh eatin noh sleepin noh
itsell noh say wi awhudthe curse the mithir reading
s nae watter tae behudan that many huv died
mair ay hunger ahd huvhudtae eat at her an
couldnae leave it there jisthudti huv it pause ah
truth robby pause auld manhuda fine biblical name unaw
hide bag that is widhuda lot robby hoo di
call me zeb tess oohudan uncle cawed zebediah robby
dauchter tess awa robby shehudnae dauchter whit mother waed
ah beg yi mony timeshudah planned an easy wae
yur ain guid yi besthudit again zeb you stupid
the panic silence ed jisthudti see yi yi ken
we been here silence stewhudti tell yi it widnae
back ti where auld solhudyi tied ti the table
the hert della aw ahhuddae wis produce krista oo
the problem he hudnae everhuda real yin oh aye
been the big yin thayhudbeen bangin on aboot it
few week back now ithudbeen the big yin thay
yin oh aye he dhudflings as ye dae bit
that yin man cawed solhudnae male seed in his
wis the same yin hehudseen two week back when
pat game jilly said leehuda game noo your askin
up the fight jilly hehudan illnes lee lee the
dad wis ill lee hehuddepression lee shouts a man
oot the chippy jilly youhudthe bag silence bj awwwww
laughs long silence jilly ahhudti get pat away fi
tae bag aff wi somyinhuda competition usually tae see
an aw an mr gobbshudees big firritin bag slung
efter aboot an oor wehudfive bunnies in the bag
exposed silence cammy if wihudoor mobbies could ve phoned
hammer inside ma heid ahuda lump oan ma broo
land land oor famely shudfur nigh oan four hunner
oan the worm the rodhudjurked an the line went
tae keep it oan ahhudtae beat the batter hard
made oan it an allhudtae take his hale pey
the staff leukt like thayhudthe answer awredae fae the
what we want ed hehuda hare up his hole
he promises sadie we vehudguid times carolanne reading a
to carolanne bet he neverhudoney lunch school dinners snacks
carolanne ay made share wehudthe curtains shut afore about
this address carolanne s manhudthe phone number fur a
says it aw onywey ihudbigger fish tae fry me
normal lives an naethin muchhudchanged it aw in thir
sleep pause aw aye shihuddeep feelin fur you so
aw the bad big peoplehuddone aw they dirty sick
aw that early trainin wehudfollowing orders doll he knows
juist then bit aw hehudinstead wis this hail torrent
this crack n camera dahudoor haversack aw ready frae
this is no ma shurthudsumdy pochled aw ma clathes
aw it the time hehudtae leave haim an so
sumdy pochled aw ma clatheshudthey goat me dressed oota
the kingston bridge if shehuduv burst ye aw right
heard spencer shoutin oot hehudwan an aw when the
before sadie bet you neverhuda bit ae rough before
aff sadie so you neverhudit aff agnes oh aye
withoot them agnes mibbe shehudtae sadie she managed tae
a few week back hehudbeen pairtyin bit whaur now
the sassenach tongue an ahhudbut few years ay sculin
a few year now anhudjuist lost his boyfriend a
wis starvin for ah onlyhudan apple or a biscuit
thought ah wis deid anhudcome tae paradise but then
thum doon fur maw ahhuddecidit ma time wis right
ah d finished something amazinghudhappened ah canny explain whit
bit this wisnae whit ahhudin mind exactly that was
s ma cocoa ah vehudit stands up takes key
year ah wis mairrit ahhudma man charged he goat
white heather ah know buthudsister josephine no stepped forward
in the evenin times ahhudtae jump the subway man
alert listenin tae whit ahhudtae say but his skin
on right again an ahhudtae taste the shame for
ay her passin robert ahhudtae throw her overboard coz
i overheard one explaining ahhudtae to pit some mad
get tae ye but ahhudtae write it for ye
south of here ah vehudthose bethia said to morag
pack of four and ahhudwan ninety three in ma
pubs concerts oh aye ahhudwhit ye d caw a
for gold ah wish yehudwrit mair robert ma mind
times the wifes or girlfriendshudbeen gaein tae dae the
a d won a packethuda been mugged fur ma
faults but never hus eehudany time fur stupit religious
haud a some blankets anhudlaid thum doon fur maw
deprivation does fur ye wehudtae haud her back maggie
men fur fun we vehudthem fur everythin but maggie
stapped fu of spare wehudoor pick i never guessed
heid hopin that naw hehudreally misheart whit the doctor
really misheart whit the doctorhudsays tae him bit it
getting shoved inside it whithudthey dun tae me okay
that ll be nice nohudoney weans in since afore
the doctor an his teachershudused it the scuil afore
a shoat a thum larssonhuda gowden sheen tae um
an the rickets but shehuda strong will tae survive
wis fae him aye hehudayeways tried tae practise safer
s intuition an so hehuddecidit tae come intae the
kettle son an ye huvnaehudoneything tae eat yet fact
enough ye re gaun yehudtae frichten the lassie furst
shall an ought to scotshudtae substitute ither modal verbs
tae write it for yehudtae write it for ma
it wis his wallet ihudtae yank it oot an
tellt tae dae an awayshudthe condoms in his flat
wes mine but i hivhudenough o daith an noo
this time the wee manhudbeen actin the hermit ee
he felt like he dhuda big h pit on
in the mornin an wehuda big scran up bacon
berna auld gerda noo shehudtwa cherry trees twa pare
an his pairtner ian whaehuddied fae it it wud
in the auld days hehudbeen telt aboot it the
famely bj famely laughs youhudthe chance ti be part
me an pat kent wihudti git courage an wi
ti witness things she shudti hear she makes to
lori an things she shudti pit up wi things
up wi things she shudti witness things she s
hoose every bit an piecehudcost that dear mibbe see
peter a nivir thought yehuda chance a winnin you
cammy hey stew thought wihuda rule aboot lockin the
a wee drink a dhuda wee bucket foo didny
when a minded a dhuda wee drink a d
up he d think hehudawready been it the pub
like ayeways it hogmaney hehudlost the heid he d
calton hill whaur he dhudsae monie o his recent
middle english but these formshudwee deviation in meanin in
on his first bairn whichhudbeen an accident anaw he
he thoucht o how hehudgot it an yon australian
3rd wicht he ll haehudhis tea shall like ought
the pairty caird aifter hehudleft the royal he didnae
side the royal anyways hehudwent in it one as
whaur his chest an stomachhudbeen juist a short while
the spot wher sister josephinehudbeen staunin prayin jist a
moon cud lift if theyhudbeen the ghaists o fowk
compassion in it as thirhudbeen wi his grannie whun
donkey blaegart is a blackguardhudhim tee is hold him
knees the blaegart rides aathinhudhim tee t the millstane
an rubbed yer back probablyhudtears in his een when
wheeched oot the worm anhuda blether spencer gote a
reddin up helpin oot ihuda sort o yearnin for
ghaists o fowk that ihudnivver met there wid hae
up some rods an wehuda spin wae a toby
motherwell 20 year an nivirhudany decent swordplay morag slid
the drum an how wehuddecidit that they wur the
that s doon there shehuddel an me tipplin it
cried craigallian wher mr gobbshudgote nabbed poachin when ee
micky s radio dimps shouldvehudthat cunt destroyed first time
comparison thi aulder scots periodhuda large quantity o modal
bein a sailor yu llhudyur tonic awright zeb not
thing is even if somebodyhudstepped in i wouldnae have
the wumman at the tillhuddyed jet black hair and

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