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now empowered to carry outhumanitarianaid and peacekeeping tasks which
have agreed to contribute tohumanitarianand peacekeeping missions it is
common defence policy that covershumanitarianand rescue tasks peacekeeping and
20 the petersberg tasks involvehumanitarianand rescue tasks peacekeeping tasks
ye o thir latest ployhumanitarianbombs a hit bull s
have worked together on thishumanitarianproject namely the church of
only in the provision ofhumanitarianaid in iraq during and
military action would have serioushumanitarianconsequences for iraq s vulnerable
save the children regarding thehumanitarianconsequences of military action against
place of how justice inhumanitarianterms operates will the icc
government of china of thehumanitarianconcern of scotland s parliament
steadfastly for scottish devolution andhumanitariancauses and who like his
play an international role thathumanitariannot constitutional point must be
to it including development aidhumanitarianaction financial assistance trade policy
putting in place the necessaryhumanitarianassistance in a recent keynote
area to promote respect forhumanitarianprinciples and calls upon the
about the work of thehumanitarianagencies and the primacy of

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