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yeah m017: scots with lavatorialhumourf718: [laugh] uh huh uh
dae that eh er lavatorialhumourimage f718: [laugh] uh huh
relished the energy flexibility andhumourespecially with a vituperative edge
to henryson s best inhumourand dark comment the papyngo
like henryson lyndsay uses thehumourof the bird s silliness
the toilets her sense ofhumourhas been pretty crude recently
and drive allied to goodhumourand courage an integral characteristic
you see nae sense ohumouran if you want to
for entertainment value sense ofhumourand generosity this certainly applied
added the mallorcan sense ofhumourand mysticism their amazing ability
got a nice sense ofhumouri got a letter from
to have a sense ofhumourlike and i don t
appeal to their sense ofhumouror whatever [inhale] and another
has a good sense ofhumourshe needed it this morning
and a sardonic sense ofhumourshe s better fun than
wi a fey sense ohumourthe grun that the street
hid a weird sense ohumourthere wis is time e
er have a sense ofhumourto to make this work
their lecturer s sense ofhumourwhy dear boy should we
warmth and you get thehumourbecause no matter where you
lost the warmth and thehumourof it and once you
justify our attention are hishumourfrom high spirited fun to
and friends offer some gentlehumourat the discrepancy between the
his writin included social satirehumourand spikin ershauls creative theorists
puts them back in thehumourwhat are you drinking water
fed he seemed in betterhumournoo bairns get dressed an
it seemed to improve hishumourdragons like smoke too but
buried a hard kind ofhumourindeed but it comes straight
ye serious mischief if theirhumourturned soor outside the fresh
certainly a wonderful language forhumourand numerous books were published
the genuine whigmaleerie touch thehumourrhythm and linguistic playfulness with
she had left more tohumourthe old lady than out
nae doot in high gweedhumourat the thocht o his
this poet s attentions anhumoursits side by side wi
ford r 1895 thistledown scotchhumourcharacter folklore story and anecdote
of grace style kindness andhumourand extends its deep sympathy
own grammar and its ownhumourit is capable of expressing
you re noh helping cammyhumourlaughter best medicine you said
to face are expressed withhumourand irony in to my
songs work because of theirhumourand also because of the
scotland s traditional language andhumourmore than two centuries on
shelt an wumman fin thehumourtuik him nae that he
a country context drollery orhumourhad a more prominent part
be used was that ofhumoursome children suggested pantomime dames
his sel where s thehumourin that steve ah m
sullen expression belies his dryhumourthe reluctant interviewee i was
s gibe lacked the necessaryhumourit said hgv refuse collection
alike she lacks georgie shumourand optimism but each is
be a millionaire there shumouraw through buddha da moistly
the ways of thinking thehumourand beliefs of earlier generations
surreal scatalogical low and violenthumourof the pompous limousin shitting
an example of pawky scottishhumouri smiled weakly but not
years a levantine chronicle thehumouro a pictur buik a

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