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behind for afters honest assassinhungerpangs assuaged the filled cat
and [censored: forename] was feeling stronghungerpangs so three of us
here breeds hate here nohungerafter fame wealth nor love
ay ma stomack like ahungerah nivir knew until ah
nivir knew until ah knewhungerfor real what a night
t want to hear thathungers gweed kitchie kitchie meaning
byornar dried bi cauld heathungerfit mair cud ye sikk
of young folk feeling springhungera longing for green things
meat an feel a stronghungerfor it though ah couldnae
strong turkish coffee made secretarieshungerfor more the curls dark
s a licht cairriet loadhungeran skaith in a cripple
they watters what wi thehungergnawin at ma belly worse
where the iron man shungerfor metal is emphasised he
an jonsar eck felt thehungerpains begin tae gnaw at
such as pastoral and landhungerrecreate in poetry the struggle
and few o them ahungerfood indeed but they could
food in greed or greathungerand so connachan their stamachs
a few days mair ayhungerahd huv hud tae eat
only too well that ahungerfor authority for position and
a turnip to skite theirhungera passing photographer saw them
soasij in tae keep thehungeraff thum so s they
guests in their own homehungerwant disease terror destruction dismay
deen dod admiringly ye greedyhungerye ve eaten them a
ye ll mebbe dee ohungeron the wye tae yarmouth
shilpit an cruppen in wihungernou the verra meenit the
he grups his wime ashungerpreens stob throu him like

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