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gress diggin the gairden anhunnerso ither seetiations whan thochts
an manglit ilk ither furhunnersan hunners o years maistlie
ilk ither fur hunners anhunnerso years maistlie in the
aw thae bluidie sea mawshunnerso thaim on tap ma
lie in a sanatorium alangsidehunnerso ithers fin his comrades
weill wappit see wi cammavinehunnerso flouers ay fillin the
flooer mills doon in partickhunnersa years ago an ye
gless ee ye can playhunnerso pliskies wi a gless
alang in yer motor wihunnerso thochts gaun throu yer
fine buik a m shairhunnerso fowk across the kintra
thocht it sport tae sheethunnerso hermless elephants he cudnae
o cattle beas maybe owerhunnerso ears nae at e
[throat] m1048: he s gothunnerso freezers in his his
this slave ship cairriet affhunnerso toun bairns frae meikleburgh
face onywye ere wis dizzenshunnerso butterflees an e lass
ye cry them there shunnerso them the endives maldives
aa tae sue the councilhunnersmair jist vainished tho syne
heid scientist dr shiran bandarahunnerso years syne tho twisna
a wye they d taenhunnerso times afore far the

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