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wuidna a gied me ahurleftir thon wringe i se
tammas maun taen the ranghurlhame oniegates it wuidna be
sky div ye get ahurlon a passin aeroplane veesit
there it wis a granhurlon a sleek aeroplane an
relievers skliff your peevers sandyhurlyour gir and cleek caw
onything m1002: ye could haehurlf1001: aye m999: chuck f1001:
definitely mmhm m1002: chuck orhurlor f1053: what would you
something different fae would youhurlsome things and chuck ithers
huh and i would sayhurli would hurl it erm
would say hurl i wouldhurlit erm i think that
wave timid surrender while rhododendronshurldefiance in pennons of scarlet
teetle the gig fur thehurldoon the roch road tae
he telt winnie a rochhurllike thon s eneuch tae
the weather twis a rochhurlup tae the sanatorium chae
tak bobik for a bithurlin his pram whit a
a cooncil rubbish skip taehurlmaisie tae the tip fa
wytin ti gie thaim ahurlinti carlyle john an tammas
delighted to give them ahurlin his cart many a
second silage crap ithers ahurlon a combine ey div
man i hiv enjoyed athurlmabel smith s stories hiv
life jonsar ferrly enjoyed ahurlin a bus as he
wis a lot harder ahurloot till e parks e
a wikkday fur the sledgehurlower the parks tae the
mornin tae gie s ahurle mile doon e road
pleisur ti gie ye ahurlti the ceitie bot ye
ye l gie me ahurlti the rodd en bot
will ye gie me ahurlquo he tae the skipper
bi elephant or bullock cairthurlnae bother ava efter a
an it gied them ahurlricht ower tae the door
juist gaun for a weehurlgoes out irena alone with
ma claes an than ahurlti embro or at laist
ve heard the kids sayhurlas well f1054: would you
are you go for ahurlin a car don t
i would go for ahurlin a car you know
oh are you getting ahurlf1114: the the what s
he s just getting ahurlisn t he m1092: uh
e mrs she got ahurlup till e aalyoch wi
ower britain an wid ohurlt the hale jing bang
as well f1054: would youhurlsomething different fae would you
war leevin ah uised tihurlin a cairriage wi fower
me ti gae for ahurlwi him in a troika
s bungalow tae hitch ahurlwi the mail convoy that
many headed hydra coxcomb charmershurloaths like stones beano bedlamites
as well m1146: rather thanhurlbut there you are you
byzantium did it thoom ahurlon a simmer s cloud
hummlie a hornless cattle animalhurlto drive to have a
the schuil aften cadged aehurlon yin o the waitter

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