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ye d think it wouldnahurtjist the opposite in fact
well i think it wouldnahurttae r- to rev- it
r- to rev- it wouldnahurtto revive it i wouldna
mm f948: i think wouldnahurtto to learn them it
ti tell yi it widnaehurthurt the same as when
steve somebody s gonnae githurthurt wi rough stuff be
darling f1122: [sob] i thinkhurtmy knee f1121: you hurt
tell yi it widnae hurthurtthe same as when they
somebody s gonnae git hurthurtwi rough stuff be aw
hurt my knee f1121: youhurtyour knee f1122: look there
let me see it youhurtyour knee f1122: [sob] f1121:
use a gun a widnaehurta sparrow an a dinnae
the face widnae want yihurtbj cherie sarah and gary
f1018: if you fell andhurtyourself and i would be
only if you fell andhurtyourself bad if you broke
i f1111: you didn thurtyourself did you f1112: no
living room wi that mighthurtyourself it ll break this
f1113: oh watch you dinnahurtyourself oh look at this
greeting match because you vehurtyourself on the rug m1106:
ain if you fall andhurtyourself what would you have
someone had an accident andhurta leg for example she
fell owre the dyke anhurtits leg an ah lost
f833: [laugh] f835: i reallyhurtmy leg f832: how what
it is and i reallyhurtmy leg [laugh] f833: [laugh]
it a beat chrissie ishurtchrissie oh teenie if you
of the shelter chrissie onybodyhurtdod i dinna ken yet
chrissie is frozen in thehurtshe feels i ken i
help maggie it wouldn thurtand you d find out
had to she might havehurtherself maggie no i should
the police beth is shehurtmaggie she s in the
s just carolanne is shehurtmaggie wiping her eyes nothing
tae live maybe it disnaehurtme is that it maggie
the pain of loneliness reallyhurthe tried hard to change
suffered all the pain andhurtit s cost how can
in pain stew hus hehurtyi ed tell thum stew
fell into the bath andhurthis head stand on the
i just fall down andhurtmyself f1135: mmhm f1136: and
you fall you you winnahurtyour heid will you m1096:
the bairn didnae want tihurtthe bairn cammy cammy remember
naw mind the bairn deyhurtwee micky nae rope burns
bairn a they dee ishurtye she turns away slowly
afore ye really micht githurtthon ice is treacherous flet
t know if somebody shurtor s- f1111: aye you
kiss it better but youhurtsomebody s feelings and eh
somebody f632: mmhm f646: thanhurttheir feelins mean you hit
inside deep inside it bloominghurtevery time inside jimmy didn
to smash his face inhurthim back and and i
it i ll p- f1115: hurtmy face that was sair
tho she kent it didnahurtthe smith s face lichtit
was there much jim naebodyhurtbut a fair bit o
georgie jim shut up jimhurti jist wanted to show
fit ye dinna ken disnahurtye two girl students were
ye ah dinna want tihurtyeir feelins but ah canna
you dinna climb up andhurtyoursel m1092: okay f1091: oh
in a right state yivhurthur real bad jilly oh
jilly pat could huv gothurtreal bad lee yis wur
happen or he s maybehurthis heid m1096: aye he
he so he maybe shurthis heid m1096: aye [inaudible]
didn t really mean tohurtme she can t help
noo dinnae say ye vehurtyersel jist stung wi nettles
however and you might gethurtbecause neither sweden nor norway
although we might sometimes gethurtby the voluntary sector s
ain wee brither moula wadnahurta flie lat alane an
ma ain whaur dis ithurtin ma breist or is
ken him richt jek wadnahurta flie whan he s
disna mean ye want tihurtoniebodie it s terrible ti
to others if they werehurta blacksmith about huntly had
feelin i winner if ithurtem fin e black spikes
aye but the poet llhurtnane but himsel if he
up time they don thurtthe doctor if i complained
oh i see he shurthis eye he s had
loretta and neil bessie apparentlyhurtoh i see it s
isnae should never should neverhurtanybody s f- i think
you think that i widhurther by letting on about
false gods people have beenhurtthis week i think of
tiles just now and probablyhurtyour bum f1112: we will
f1114: yes f1113: okay youhurtyour eye wipe it is
at no you re gonnahurtyour finger f1116: you pull
onything in case ye gothurtan it would be a
sword on sumbodie ye canhurtye l dae nae skaith
greetin words werena supposed taehurtye the only things that
the only things that couldhurtye were sticks and stanes
had had many ways tohurther but this was the
it in the past andhurther he had had many
but she was very badlyhurtwell no many months ago
i says she was badlyhurtbut she lived an he
you re in does ithurti heard about it this
through fire and it widnyhurtyou aye in the aulden
it s nae going tohurtyou so what will we
us that experience was nobodyhurtyou the whole thing is
beside sadie it won thurtyou to use a clean
sea was so bright ithurtto look at it morag
experience i m starting tohurtagain i haven t something
sacrificial victim this won thurtat all he remarked just
going i hope nobody shurtf1112: i don t know
have vanished his fingers stillhurthe finds now that he
a hard bed since hehurthis back i like a
he disnae waant tae gethurtin the process ah m
held his head when hehurtit falling off a forbidden
push it through and thathurtagain so it was just
no notice my baby shurti scream but mummy just
outdoor busy evening 2 fridayhurtmy toe right foot drop
s my finger i vehurton another occasion mrs reid
painting the garden shed andhurthis back for a week
were mair concerned wi wummankindhurtpride spent passion love declined
winn tak a haet ohurtwi a wey at wad
glass right so it winnahurtcome on gie it a
cowpet ower a steen anhurtma tae it wis sae
style 24 monday cub getshurtduncan takes him to hospital
can an i ll nohurthim ony mair than i
a new raw wound thehurtof her father s marital
awa luikin fur some deephurton her flesh tae makk
and joe was to behurtpoor chap i m sure
ower the telephone they rehurttheir funny bane in aiberdeen
like clouds here flowers ofhurtand sorrow their bitter perfumes
few of thair men etherhurtor slaine the earle of
rhyme or part rhyme harthurtrhythm regular patterns of stress
said the traveller in ahurttone spreading the palms of

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