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demand and supply pause forgivenesshusti come inti the equasion
come inti the equasion redemptionhusti stand along side it
an thinkin so ma haerthusbin filled wi wrath for
ma love for ma haerthusbin full ay sorrow an
ane major advantage quhilk ssehusower scots is thi ease
wi a educational system quhilkhusthi majority o its texts
with you della this robbyhusinherited this he cairries aw
land oor very souls bithusit thame awready della tradition
written standard a hing thathusan influential effect oan thi
thi promotion o the englishhusbeen tae thi unfortunate detriment
aulder scots a situation quilkhuscontinuit up till thi present
dominies thi teachin o ithustae begin at thi same
o thi kist it stillhustae compete wi a educational
year ae brainwashin an torturehuswasted ma heid but i
by aulder generations mair workhustae be done tae actively
doon tae glesga its dirthusgot intae ma soul an
krista an him comin backhusnae upset you della back
beatins ur ti stop bruisinghusti stop della krista stop
krista tess could be hehusa cat in the bag
leave him be silence tesshushe a name robby what
to the sky tess legendhusit that yin man cawed
perfumed petals aye tattie blossomhusnae delicate fragrance tess puts
as all othir leids scotshusa continuum o registers wi
quhile leids urnae this howeverhusits limitations some dialects o
vocabulary spelling pronunciation an grammarhusa considerable body o literature
bairns inti the world hehusti be strong jilly why
the firm hauld standard englishhusoan mony aspects o daily
ti mi ken when hehusthat look o fear oan
cam fi the past ithusti be kept cairried oan
yir airms aroond me ithusbin a rare long time
an leid curriculum fur scotshusbecome available less than 5
as a leid but scotshusnae written standard isnae taucht
silence jilly that look pathusit s like a like
cammy yur in pain stewhushe hurt yi ed tell
them at his side stewhussteve got a point cammy
huv ees faults but neverhusee hud any time fur
ay thaim but the inkhusran wi the salt watter
berna love what the hellhusthat ti dae wi oanythin
number anyway agnes course ithusmaggie taen it oot carolanne
jist maks hir fret shehusa hert likin fur hoosework
although a loat o workhusbeen done fur scots tae
the same waiy as ithusdone fur the past 50
laughs dimps what the fuckhusaw this ti dae wi
pal syndrome nane o ushusthat shit ti deal wi
a large nummer o usershussignificant dialectal variation within itself

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