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wife a slave ti thurhusbandthe rest o thur life
wife a slave ti thurhusbandthe rest o thur life
wife a slave ti thurhusbandthe rest o thur life
wife a slave ti thurhusbandthe rest o thur life
these years chris s thirdhusbandake ogilvie never contacted her
he went there chris shusbandewan had gone off to
a tragic turn chris shusbandrobert colquohoun died in rather
your husband does this yourhusbanddoes that or his my
man does that or yourhusbanddoes this your husband does
my husband said this myhusbandsaid that when she s
does that or his myhusbandsaid this my husband said
and see she lost herhusbandand they d been married
married it would be yourhusbandif it you know or
eh male partner f1023: wellhusbandif you re married f1024:
re married it s yourhusbandor your wife aye f1026:
liability to maintain wife orhusbandand children 2 in subsection
business work shops where ahusbandand wife come from different
in it an over inquisitivehusbandinspecting his wife s private
a a wife or ahusbandor a bidie in as
bryden s wife an hirhusbandwis jock short ane o
[laugh] f1143: ehm and herhusbandhad died and ehm davey
of vermin and grannie whosehusbandhad died of a shock
john s daughter joan shusbandpaul died its a while
widow s fault if herhusbandupped and died on her
that s the one whosehusbandjumped oot the windae on
if [inaudible] f640: woman whosehusbandwas ill and you made
holland and belgium with herhusbandwhose business was fruit exportation
mcdougall in memory of herhusband1978 long service certificates and
s she lives with herhusbanda journalist in a very
fae gordon to agnes herhusbandagnes getting up no at
sent to collectors by herhusbandand her nephew two ballads
friend [laugh] [laugh] f1049: herhusbandand her rate the checkout
that problem she and herhusbandand her six sons and
your aunt mary and herhusbandand s- your cousin came
first sighting of her futurehusbandarbuthnott 1900 1960 by the
i know her and herhusbandare you know they re
mrs [censored: surname] s niece herhusbandarrived to spend a few
wumman is bund til herhusbandas lang as he líves
mother always spoke aboot herhusbandas their father ne- never
disaster when her mentally unstablehusbandattempted to kill her on
head of music and herhusbandbe invited to the concert
workers means she and herhusbandcannot move on and escape
a whole bec- because herhusbandcheats on her and then
crossly but making sure herhusbanddoen t hear sae nou
in the bottom clo- herhusbandeh was the the sort
very religious because her latehusbandhad been a minister and
that both she and herhusbandhad been born in braemar
over fae italy but herhusbandhas got some overtime that
her celebrate her birthday herhusbandis a poet and we
i had for though herhusbandis not brutish he has
week [censored: street name] ter church herhusbandis senior lecturer at edin
fool said peggy of herhusbandit maks it easy tae
summer jack that s herhusbandjack an i just in
sporting two black eyes herhusbandjoe a merchant seaman had
having our daughter and herhusbandjoin us overseas and this
a tirade against her runawayhusbandlucky sod suffocating amongst family
s the carer for herhusbandm608: uh huh m1163: you
fine that madge and herhusbandmanaged to get to the
wye she d met herhusbandneil neil duguid wis a
say her hubby or herhusbandor use the name she
found the heart of herhusbandosiris after having collected his
occasions she was alone herhusbandpaddy found history as exciting
head of dept natasha herhusbandpavel and their two kids
she erm like er herhusbandphoned the hospital and they
to reclaim her from herhusbandpluto and restore fertility to
her tongue steadily to herhusbands back how do you
interrogate her and thwart herhusbands career she was forced
for years since before herhusbands early death she had
leaned over and squeezed herhusbands hand on the eiderdown
but the effect of herhusbands handwriting is too much
years ago she and herhusbands jobs were threatened i
female task of typing herhusbands manuscripts and it was
carried away when listing herhusbands virtues that her list
i notice liz [censored: surname] herhusbandsitting at a picnic bench
to the speaker and herhusbandthe principal and mrs [censored: surname]
before committing suttee with herhusbandthe sun the two of
get a divorce from herhusbandthey ve been separated for
carried off by her newhusbandto his castle home where
you to slow down herhusbandtold her get a nice
friend eliane she and herhusbandtolo de montes belong to
the relationship since bill herhusbandwas more of a stranger
journalism for the bar herhusbandwas not successful in attracting
traivel til thaim to herhusbandwe maun gae hame whaur
gold rings she and herhusbandwho also works hard in
her mother and her strickenhusbandwho wrang his milk white
his daughter mary and herhusbandwilliam of orange as joint
vanished presumably to join herhusbandwonderingly i stepped into the
through the day and herhusbandworked at nights m642: aye
in his domestic capacity ofhusbandfather son and friend these
the bedrooms for myself myhusbandan the kids f1054: an
problem lots of support fromhusbandand kids and all the
garden f1025: aye f1023: myhusbandeh he until he got
f1023: again that was myhusbandhe said breeks that s
beautiful f1023: yes well myhusbandused to guddle f1025: mmhm
can write ye any mairhusbanday mine robert ma love
[censored: forename] tae be your waddithusbandafore god an aa fowk
carolanne who then maggie yourhusbandas if the threat was
a story about what yourhusbandhad been doing what would
way of describing what yourhusbandis doing it would be
in it doesnae say yourhusbandit says a male partner
and explosions every time yourhusbandmust be awfy keen on
precisely after all given yourhusbands er somewhat casual attitude
and they didnae know yourhusbands name f1005: er fiancé
a m865: what s yourhusbands occupation f948: eh depot
okay w- what s yourhusbands occupation f950: he s
far far better if yourhusbandsaid manure do you think
mmhm f1144: breeks yeah myhusbandsays your kegs but i
may be sure that yourhusbandwas an instrument in the
dear a replica of thehusbandwould not be your best
an then i asked myhusbandan he says well that
this time last year myhusbandand i were in our
a teacher as is myhusbandand m865: and finally how
would say he s myhusbandbut a [laugh] uh huh
huh f947: careful but myhusbandcalls it home and he
coming from the lamp myhusbandgrabbed hold of a big
aboot wi nae breeks myhusbandhas taen tae walkin in
er i will say myhusbandi i i will say
[censored: forename] tae be my waddithusbandi pledge you in the
i as- i asked myhusbandlast night and he said
happenin here f831: [laugh] myhusbandoften comes hame cause he
tae ye an say myhusbandor my man whatever it
say harry or or myhusbandor or him eh which
me f1025: mmhm well myhusbands got a boat an
very rarely used as myhusbandsays it s like for
i don t know myhusbandseems to have someone with
cauld cauld f1018: whenever myhusbandsmoked and you opened the
or i would tell myhusbandthat i have a a
or i said to myhusbandthe other night i have
don t say meet myhusbandthey say this is jock
are now arguing carolanne myhusbandwants me sadie crippled same
to a fine art myhusbandwho has learned this by
ay uised ti caw hirhusbandma man is he here
finish at night if thehusbandbecame unable to work through
said that wrong m1016: justhusbanddi- i wasnae sure what
ti tak robby fur mahhusbandsay s she an why
i maimorie o hir umwhilehusbandwis the laird o borth
yer man f1054: rather thanhusbandf1144: [inaudible] m1146: mmhm f1143:
i would tend to usehusbander again whether or not
[laugh] m1055: [laugh] m1007: yeshusbandor partner would would suffice
i use that probably mehusbandthat comes from orphir doesn
desire shall be to thyhusbandand he shall rule over
log getting a bona fidehusbandhad been something of a
we met yuri ksenia shusbandand their friends sergei a
interested in helping nina shusbandarrived later a tall lean
whan mr scott mag shusbanddyed appearinlie thar wur ae
plot unfolds that rachel shusbandis gey deeply involvit in
are from basingstoke linda shusbandpicked john and me up
a guidman s in sudronhusbands brither it is deponit
i nearly blurt out ahusbands right but think better
they re from beth shusbandsadie nods aye maggie then
aff the b roo househusbandthe sun s come oot
school for boys masha shusbandvershinin alexandr ignatyevitch lieutenant colonel
clear note agatha s brutishhusbandwas buried on top of
is the lass whan mahusbandan masell socht divortioun shae
no no fi- see mahusbandis one of six f1024:
kirk as weel as ahusbandan faither his bairns aa
by donor sperm when thehusbandis fertile as his test
mallorcan woman with a wealthyhusbandhe ran a restaurant on
he could be a househusbandhe wouldn t have time
f1038: [laugh] f1037: with thehusbandand the children and you
motherhood and sacrificing all forhusbandand weans it made women
french according to pascal thehusbandpavel is a friendly and
old shoe like a discardedhusbandlike a ripped stocking it
the part of an angryhusbandlover but what is the
adulthood by an angry jealoushusbandsurely the worse for drink
f1187: yeah f66: with thehusbanderm locked together in in

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