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know f1187: [laugh] f66: andiagree with people i mean
you know what i meanialways wonder how has this
mean thing about béranger butiam going to write a
th- saying i think thereforeiam i mean if if
not mean anything to meiam looking for something that
what does that mean f1011: iam so m1013: i am
yeah yeah okay f951: anian i mean an i
out between us rowland mayiask what you mean by
m be- i mean whatibasically look tend to be
i was good i meanic- i had settled down
interested in semiotics and deconstructionicalled him rebus i mean
and eh ye know iican hear things i mean
a bit ehm i meanican laugh at the the
does siccar mean f951: yeahican read it siccar is
i can remember i meanican remember being christened we
f641: mmhm f640: ehm andican remember i mean i
mean i i m afraidican t do that i
er yeah i i meanican t remember whether i
m1007: yeah m1008: i meanican think of adjectives like
to be ca- i meanican understand a lot of
you know what i meanican understand it cause if
yeah okay f950: no butican understand what you mean
aboot fit are they onyweyicanna picture fit you mean
f1129: cause i mean ificanna remember cause [censored: forename] was
people i mean obviously iicome from a a very
thought i mean really iicould be doing more than
i mean that was awicould put i mean i
mean the the f- iicouldnae say well it s
and it was the richestid ever been i mean
in scotland eh i meanid- i d- ye know
now happily ehm translated andidid bring i mean because
interesting f745: yeah i meanidid like the stuff we
what i mean and ifidid that all day it
mean it when wrote thatididn t feel guilty about
actually i ended up beingididn t mean to but
f963: mm mmhm m762: andididn t re- i mean
are not allowed to smokeididn t really mean to
mm mmhm m762: i meanididn t think about all
but with that i meanididn t write in a
grand i canna believe itididna expect i mean there
aboot five does that meanidinna ken lass it s
eh that s tuppy f1113: idinna ken what you mean
break up the community andyidinna mean what he means
i mean things like newspapersidinna think there s any
mean well i don tidinnae ken aboot that i
that s how i cou-idinnae ken i mean well
m952: but i mean iidinnae ken it noo but
it mean m952: well iidinnae want tae see the
m818: right aye aye ehmido i mean but the
i mean plays don tido like having a word
and 2003 04 ross finnieido not mean pejoratively to
debt reduction on the agendaido not mean that in
is that agreed christine grahameido not mean to be
mmhm yeah i mean iidon t dislike it in
interesting not to i meanidon t feel that i
there last sunday i meanidon t go to the
f1025: i wou- ah ahidon t i mean it
times in psychoraag i meanidon t know how many
er m818: [inhale] like m819: idon t know i mean
somethin but m819: er wellidon t know i mean
speak scots ye mean f785: idon t know i mean
t know but i meanidon t know i well
m1174: yeah i mean [exhale]idon t know if any
huh m1174: and i meanidon t know if there
i wouldna mind i meanidon t know if they
mean what carrie actually meansidon t know it s
b- i mean an excellentidon t know why they
mean f745: [laugh] f746: [inhale]idon t know yeah it
a love for fantasy iidon t mean fantasy in
with that genre but does-idon t mean it in
be honest it s aboutidon t mean political will
ll be there carolanne noidon t mean that i
f963: no i don tidon t mean that i
m1174: and said okay iidon t mind i mean
i an i mean anidon t suppose if i
but also er i meanidon t think it s
it s a i meanidon t think it s
mean i don t knowidon t think th- there
[cough] no on i meanidon t think you have
not not i i meanidon t want to be
be honest with you iierm my god i mean
all very good i meanif1026: truant s a modern
searching or wondering but butif639: mean i and i
i mean fit certainly fanifan i moved an as
it i mean you haveifeel very self conscious at
to ask is that iifelt i mean i was
m954: i d- i meaniget yeah i get a
man m1021: you mean haveigot a fellae you mean
so that s really howigot into it i mean
that was another amazing thingigot the i mean i
long i mean that soigrab my daddy horse s
mean several reasons number oneihad no competition i mean
no m1014: only i meanihave heard my wife often
that [laugh] m642: i meanihave i listen i have
aye f643: ehm i meanihave many memories of of
mean i wear trousers butihave never had jeans no
what do that mean m964: ihave no idea i well
ii p 159 to colvinihave written a very mean
i mean i don tihaven t you know i
spendthrift weel i dinna keniheard she was mean and
mean because the other dayiheard some expert complaining on
can mean to lift nowiheard this lady saying i
of people i mean obviouslyii come from a a
i thought i mean reallyii could be doing more
i mean the the f-ii couldnae say well it
mmhm yeah i mean iii d heard of them
and eh and i meanii do think that the
f1151: mmhm yeah i meanii don t dislike it
wanted to ask is thatii felt i mean i
i mean as i sayii grew up there and
m1174: mmhm yeah i meanii i d heard of
m762: oh yeah i meanii i mean i i
m816: yeah i mean evenii i mooted it with
mean i i i meanii i think both their
f1054: mm f1006: i meanii m afraid i can
all that would i meanii m m608: cause they
should just not go butii m not i mean
yes [laugh] yeah mmhm m762: ii mean academia you know
well [laugh] mm m762: wellii mean i feel very
oh yeah i mean iii mean i i i
t accept it but iii mean i ll put
all of these influences iii mean i m kind
as i don t haveii mean i m not
that f1025: mmhm [inhale] wellii mean in in the
ehm that was interesting becauseii mean thinking in terms
that s the thing nowii mean you made that
yeah i mean even iii mooted it with my
s right f1038: i meanii personally i wish that
mean you know and soii see myself as as
a deeper level m762: yeahii think so i mean
f1023: an lavvie i meanii ve always ha- like
s it but i meanii ve got words like
weird [laugh] writing i meanii ve read you know
erm you know i meanii was livin in the
as yeah m762: i thi-ii yes i i mean
mean do- has it survivedii yes it s still
m954: i think i meanii you know i mean
becoming very popular i meaniin brazil you see it
i mean at the timeiinternalised it all i was
a very long time agoiinterrupt what do you mean
ma ma camera i meanijust got a like a
i mean in simple termsijust think that on day
i mean i you knowikind of read some of
t know it i meaniknew it growing up in
f1151: yeah f1150: i meaniknow cause my boyfriend lives
uh huh m1174: i meaniknow er of of two
that s not that longiknow f1026: i mean that
generation even below me f1025: iknow f1026: so i mean
m608: mmhm [drinking] i meaniknow i know louise is
mmhm oh yeah i meaniknow in glasgow it s
it [laugh] f978: i meaniknow it looks nice an
do ye mean like m1016: iknow kenny cause kenny used
family there so m815: yeahiknow m816: yeah i mean
idea i mean at leastiknow that whatever i do
to the playground supervisor nowiknow the girl you mean
them in the original ohiknow the one you mean
i mean f1151: i knowiknow totally erm cause i
like silly model things m941: iknow what you mean but
but why why i meaniknow you had dolls and
it in primary i meaniliked pe in primary because
i mean that s whatiliked when i took the
m642: i mean i haveilisten i have it on
been different i mean whenilived in cupar angus if
off ye mean oh ayeill dae that an i
but i i i meanill put the argument in
whenever it starts er andill try i mean at
what it would mean causeilooked at that and it
one for writing the scriptilooked puzzled oh you mean
were different you know f1054: ilove it i mean when
one of the things wh-im be- i mean what
ehm no i mean i-im because i ve been
i mean sometimes i meanim co- i come at
i think i mean i-i-im drawing on people that
d ye mean andra whenim for off ye mean
uh huh f639: i meanim glad i got the
no i mean i supposeim glad i had a
by england m605: i meanim i m lookin at
know as well i meanim i m one of
[laugh] f965: that s notim mean that s a
same i mean i mim much cleaner in my
it but i mean nowim never hardly in a
s certain erm i meanim not a scholar so
i mean i m notim not especially sympathetic to
i don t mean thatim not frightened sadie what
in wordsworth and i meanim not i m not
just not go but iim not i mean i
you know m816: [laugh] m815: im not i mean i
happens i mean don tim not in any means
no i don t meanim not sayin it s
it you know i meanim not saying you know
mm if i mean yeahim not scottish but i
mm m1174: do i meanim not sure m608: i
huh i mean i mim not too troubled about
downsides i mean i obviouslyim older than you are
well i mean i mim one of four and
that i did f746: yeahim really gla- i mean
real hard here i meanim scratching so hard i
mean i m c- ifim speakin just now i
s a generalisation i meanim sure it is but
you mean mmhm f689: ermim sure it s very
but m819: i mean ermim tryin tae think of
like ehm like i meanim workin a bit on
inverness and perth f950: weelim865,: i mean people that
you would not want toimean a dry stick of
f718: mmhm m734: was erimean a few memories like
a funny business [laugh] f1187: imean a lot of the
that s electrical there simean a mic or a
oppo is one buddy erimean a woman seeing a
f961: oh absolutely everything isimean aa yon chainmail and
[laugh] yeah mmhm m762: iimean academia you know but
or anythin like that butimean actually to fling if
directed ye tae yours noimean after this after this
the music m734: both erimean all kind of a
needs to be thought outimean almost certainly it s
who has put a forkytailimean an earwig in my
they an they have theyimean an it s an
like do you see whatimean and give me that
working class folk buy itimean and it s like
know do you know whatimean and not just in
orbits thankfully in a wayimean and of course it
real myths if you likeimean and real legends from
mmhm m194: there and payinimean and the company i
like f832: yeah f835: butimean and then he was
[laugh] m819: you know whatimean and we thought and
be playing guitar know whatimean and we used to
much a- alive erm iimean another another example is
spectrum o words as wellimean any one o them
lots there would you useimean are some o those
grew up with louise butimean are you fr- also
can appreciate that much butimean arnie and aliens and
game yeah but like whatimean as a- f1027: like
we didnae learn it butimean as for learnin the
decide m865,: uh huh yeahimean as i said it
cause ye go back andimean as i say i
you might feel like itimean as long as there
at least a rough ideaimean at least i know
bidin in the one streetimean at one time i
f829: yes uh huh becauseimean at that time we
and i didn t re-imean at the time i
yeah you do m608: butimean at what point does
that aye m819: know whatimean aye i mean we
o ballet dancing look f1118: imean ballet dance f1117: what
on a place like barraimean barra s a huge
can justify my inaction cowardiceimean because the other day
translated and i did bringimean because we are in
radical critics and by ourimean black women third world
radical critics and by ourimean black women third world
why he gets so emotionalimean but at the same
mean martha ye ken whitimean but dinny let s
the right you know whatimean but he s not
f832: well how [laugh] soimean but how are we
s what he does m815: imean but it s difficult
aye aye ehm i doimean but the thing is
of consultations that is whatimean by consultation fatigue which
fist at you what didimean by these words and
not to his face butimean by us but i
f902: that ye see soimean c- that s a
in glasgow you know whatimean cause you go through
as as a tutorial ermimean certainly cause it s
think that was a deliberateimean clearly it was a
the language as being compartmelisedimean compartmentalised i could probably
attract competition and by thatimean competitors to shetland with
really couldn t remember thatimean couldn t forget their
be guid eh for theimean dae teribus the first
it s not always trueimean dead souls into french
no real defence what doimean defence against what i
aye and i mean andimean di- down the the
or blown off course f746: imean did you find the
what do they have inimean do they actually have
uh huh m608: oh rightimean do you find that
job do you know whatimean do you know that
monthly newspaper and a websiteimean do you see it
in do you know whatimean each foot in an
the local authorities ye knowimean edinburgh cooncil is a
ontae the [laugh] f638: butimean eh f637: and the
when ye think about itimean eh the answer to
s just things in generalimean eh there s no
m819: i don t knowimean em no he was
me to university is englishimean english through and through
well i don t knowimean er [censored: companyname] that s
most of glasgow erm animean er one of the
f1151: that s the thingimean erm at least this
cause we got we gotimean erm [inaudible] m818: two
yeah m762: you know whatimean erm [laugh] you know
re carrying on m762: yeahimean erm the passage of
computer and er erm f1037: imean even architecture s like
is quite funny though causeimean even denniston denniston is
that f902: aye aye kenimean even down here there
yeah i know m816: yeahimean even i i i
thing is to hae teachersimean even if it is
old f718: yeah m734: erimean even now it in
m830: oh yeah f829: soimean even now there s
and that and f746: yeahimean even the changes over
think that s a lotimean even though it s
you know f963: oh yesimean even when i was
know favoured f835: favoured f834: imean everywhere s different i
she do you know whatimean f1049: what was the
fae what they uise nowimean f1054: is there a
it s just you knowimean f1151: i know i
that ori- aye originate likeimean f606: it depends a
there at the weekend butimean f606: mmhm f890: but
it s a bit hardimean f631: yeah f689: it
so but you survived itimean f639: mmhm f640: put
m642: and remember he saidimean f643: [cough] m642: it
hippies but you know whatimean f814: it s not
like doing somethin about itimean f814: no cause it
well this is it ayeimean f826: yeah she s
a shame but ehm [inaudible]imean f834: we- sometimes but
two especially in this worldimean f890: no two years
but it s very difficultimean f963: mm m762: i
or getting learned richt grammarimean fan we wis at
[laugh] f1073: [laugh] f1074: animean first of aa i
uh huh yes yes f1145: imean fishermen can t go
aye uh huh m842: soimean fit certainly fan i
that s a generational thingimean folk have said that
take from there m734: erimean for certainly a good
box that would haud athingimean for for the i
t see the the massiveimean fortunately there s a
jist gets changed and ada-imean gadgie gadgie s a
m762: and that s anotherimean going back to influences
m816: see that at allimean gonnae c- i mean
glens and sheepdog trials ohimean grampian s selection of
aye bunkin off she wisimean half a dozen of
go it it s likeimean have you ever been
such and such a placeimean he actually poked the
really interested in in judaismimean he is interested in
would be no more sherl-imean he murdered him for
mmhm yes yeah mmhm m762: imean he s guilty about
s not exactly that noimean he s not the
the arch puritan cromwell [laugh]imean he s trying to
that there used to beimean he used to be
mmhm mr leith died causeimean he was a good
he was a printer butimean he was quite good
ve forgotten you know whoimean he wr- erm this
level guys m941: aye butimean her job is more
all i mean gonnae c-imean how can how can
her on the phone ehmimean how do you be
the thing about it isimean how many people are
even though i was goodimean i c- i had
western isles a bit ehmimean i can laugh at
uh huh yeah okay f951: imean i can read it
mm m903: mm f826: butimean i can t do
cheap trendy m1007: yeah m1008: imean i can think of
have go to be ca-imean i can understand a
entertain you you know whatimean i can understand it
as well f745: yeah yeahimean i cou- it was
and er but see nowimean i could kiss them
words for eh this wellimean i d ca this
with m741: yeah m605: [inaudible]imean i d love to
really really interesting f745: yeahimean i did like the
i was there last sundayimean i don t go
do something f641: mmhm f639: imean i don t i
ehm weel i wouldna mindimean i don t know
i don t know butimean i don t know
huh uh huh [inaudible] m017: imean i don t know
m608: uh huh m1174: andimean i don t know
sitting there but she saysimean i don t know
it as extreme as exactlyimean i don t know
so many times in psychoraagimean i don t know
i ve just put hubbyimean i don t know
[audio recording of 'daimen icker in a thrave'] [speaking over end of audio recording of 'daimen icker in a thrave'] okay now iimean i don t know
a lot of admin butimean i don t know
that position m741: yeah butimean i don t know
mmhm f1023: yeah f1026: butimean i enjoyed being one
though [inaudible] f745: yeah yeahimean i enjoyed doing it
we were all very goodimean i f1026: truant s
[laugh] mm m762: well iimean i feel very much
remote countries m954: i d-imean i get yeah i
we m1016: no m1014: onlyimean i have heard my
ye never f- even yetimean i hear men on
to have done it iimean i i cannae i
real so m762: oh yeahimean i i i mean
to be north east thingsimean i i ken are
f1037: that s right f1038: imean i i personally i
freedom do you know whatimean i i want to
m842: jist kinna be yerselimean i i was we
know how it works butimean i i went to
being translated m954: i thinkimean i i you know
walk take ma ma cameraimean i just got a
and that s not meimean i keep trying it
do it f1151: yeah f1150: imean i know cause my
grow m608: uh huh m1174: imean i know er of
a bonus m608: mmhm [drinking]imean i know i know
or closer to scottish cultureimean i know it s
and it m642: away m608: imean i know nothing about
to some extent it hasimean i know that my
you think but why whyimean i know you had
we did it in primaryimean i liked pe in
accept it but i iimean i ll put the
a place ehm one thingimean i m c- if
their poetry i mean sometimesimean i m co- i
and f640: uh huh f639: imean i m glad i
f960: no nedder am iimean i m heard a
of these influences i iimean i m kind of
m1174: there s certain ermimean i m not a
to do in wordsworth andimean i m not i
my head real hard hereimean i m scratching so
maybe that s a generalisationimean i m sure it
well because like ehm likeimean i m workin a
is it f1133: aye f1134: imean i mean [censored: forename] s
at school m194: aye wellimean i mean i mean
m194: aye well i meanimean i mean [inaudible] and
mean it in that wayimean i mean it in
nationalist corner you know whatimean i mean that this
m815: it s all rightimean i mean you do
lot of american cop no-imean i much prefer the
ties funerals eh dead funnyimean i never knew my
broad broad is the thingimean i one o the
was in- incredible for forimean i only had a
f1143: scum in the sunimean i only heard it
i had to get stoppedimean i really did have
f639: you know to bethlehemimean i really you know
f639: co colouring in booksimean i remember colouring in
place can make a differenceimean i remember this is
it s only fair enoughimean i shouldn t i
much of it f745: noimean i suppose you know
i m addicted to itimean i think i well
different eh a different thingimean i think it s
f606: right [laugh] [audience laugh] ermimean i think it s
kinna scots language [inaudible] m605: imean i think that like
grow out of it soimean i think that s
a loner and er ermimean i think that s
century f963: mm yeah m762: imean i think that was
m1161: yeah definitely certainly yeahimean i think this well
f965: forget f963: still didimean i think we still
to m741: yeah yeah definitelyimean i think when i
yeah i m really gla-imean i took one english
[laugh] m815: i m notimean i tried to play
f718: uh huh m734: erimean i ve always kind
is no way i couldimean i ve f1024: but
think yeah m1014: yes becauseimean i ve got a
thinkin f831: aye m842: ehmimean i ve got i
but i i m notimean i ve got this
f1024: [?]like me[/?] f1026: i knowimean i ve tried all
is that i i feltimean i was i was
that hail big ba- f643: imean i was just a
especially early in the morningimean i was lucky because
in a skirt [laugh] butimean i wear trousers but
f1037: is that right f1038: imean i work i work
know but not f1023: yeahimean i would be about
their names after that mmhmimean i would if i
[laugh] f1026: [laugh] know whatimean i would just be
s quite far but ehmimean i would love i
i can still put i-imean i would never have
the thing about ehm [inaudible]imean i wouldnae be there
the owersetting of official documentsimean i wouldnae like to
mean going back to influencesimean i you know i
slow doon but ehm noimean i- i m because
mm f637: ye know butimean i- that was the
it s a source ofimean i- you listen to
still uh huh f639: yeahimean ideally i would like
place in promotin scots ehimean if it wisnae for
as possible erm yeah soimean if there s like
with it m055: [cough] f785: imean if they re the
mmhm mmhm f950: yeah butimean if they were if
can if you know whatimean if we have to
they want to change himimean if we were that
would you describe it todayimean if you talk to
m762: that s another thingimean if you think about
in scotland [laugh] [laugh] m815: imean if you went down
suppose as well m605: yeahimean i-i- i-i- it s
ve looked f637: [laugh] f638: imean imagine ye take a
scottish parliament m865: mmhm f951: imean immediately we had had
it a little bit butimean in a in a
aye m819: right erm likeimean in in london in
have lots of things whereasimean in our day it
s such a shame m605: imean in simple terms i
was there f606: yeah m845: imean in terms o- of
f606: right yeah m845: ehimean in terms of my
thi- i i yes iimean in the sense that
know do you know whatimean in the sort of
skipping rope f965: [laugh] m964: imean in the u s
ah runnin around aye andimean in them days it
well i mean i meanimean [inaudible] and then the
s alright it [sigh] achimean [inaudible] they re all
you think folk are inimean is is is the
job planned for the summerimean is she going to
she s be- almost be-imean it becomes like that
an alternative to radio ramadhanimean it comes on during
is it m822: an ehimean it d just be
in that way i meanimean it in the kind
all f1151: i suppose yeahimean it is it is
f1023: oh yeah f1026: andimean it is much more
for something to eat butimean it is one of
s not really is itimean it is used at
to find something else lorettaimean it loretta i will
cut like every two weeksimean it m944: that s
who has never really ehimean it recently it s
you been working on itimean it s a it
do you think it simean it s a- an
f641: must be yeah f643: imean it s all all
the area absolutely nothin rightimean it s all it
eh makin the teachers teaimean it s amazin the
a big day for usimean it s especially a
mmhm f1018: and that simean it s gonnae be
an people are livin longerimean it s it s
tae be a grandparent butimean it s it s
s the mythology i supposeimean it s it s
yeah f951: so it simean it s it s
yaised fur anither artistic purposeimean it s it s
it s no just scotsimean it s it s
know it s just ehimean it s it s
s all right m819: noimean it s it s
another interpretation isn t itimean it s just another
that s just the noth-imean it s just no
m1014: mmhm m1017: an whackimean it s just to
know m762: well it simean it s just well
ever take that erm yo-imean it s like a
goin out an but justimean it s like a
like that sort of thingimean it s like the
f823: no this is itimean it s m824: but
that [laugh] m608: [laugh] f638: imean it s my one
m194: and that and thatimean it s n- it
that s all it isimean it s no that
chinese in the evenin butimean it s not as
mean it s deliberately unstableimean it s not that
suppose there are bagpipes butimean it s not the
most in most cases tooimean it s not to
nobody speaks it is itimean it s only it
yeah yeah cool m605: causeimean it s published now
too this food is justimean it s so there
me wi whisky again soimean it s usually about
ah ah i don timean it s usually in
money m608: mmhm m642: butimean it s what these
ah that s really goodimean it seems especially on
it of course but thenimean it sounded really like
[laugh] f833: [laugh] f834: alsoimean it sounds a bit
m608: but it s st-imean it started off it
lavvie f1025: mmhm f1023: butimean it was cold in
right that s right soimean it was hard it
orkney f606: aye yeah m903: imean it was i mean
mean it was very basicimean it was just like
went it was the sunniestimean it was like a
gum f1038: i think soimean it was popular when
thing f746: oh right f745: imean it was qu- in
m1161: so yeah definitely [inaudible]imean it was ten years
me ten year f643: butimean it was worth it
come from the north becauseimean it wisnae just my
gonna clean this weekend f810: imean it won t be
at the moment m815: mmhmimean it would be like
would hae been cotter hoosesimean it would hae been
[laugh] f1143: a ned wouldimean it would vary over
if you re a retardimean jesus christ m944: there
off a bide with meimean jesus whose idea was
of us m815: yeah m816: imean jim ure would be
meant uh huh yeah f1026: imean just a simple word
at edinburgh er scots m605: imean just from a from
reason tae ken get awaimean just ken f826: an
cause it s not likeimean kyle s only a
language and by language teachingimean language across all the
t it m865: yeah wellimean latin is in in
s a very rude bookimean [laugh] not just in
is f1026: much more sensibleimean leaning over all these
exactly m819: you know whatimean like erm i was
[laugh] f813: but [laugh] m811: imean like f812: so it
some f813: [laugh] f812: kidsimean like more so in
all f813: and teachers butimean like one day we
yeah i suppose as wellimean like the oil an
nae sugars like that sugarimean like you need to
went along and th- iimean loads of people it
f- the wey the folkimean m- [laugh] even the
that s right be yourselfimean m1013: that s the
like that ye know animean m1014: mmhm m1015: we
we used the word kenimean m1017: aye m1014: we
knew what was goin onimean m608: people talked about
how i got into itimean m608: so what- what
i came in er m605: imean m741: and it was
street m605: hokum you knowimean m741: but that s
the do you know whatimean m811: aye they are
s so funny yeah butimean m811: oh f812: at
being quite strident within itimean m818: as in are
of permanence you know whatimean m818: aye m819: no
bastards realise you know whatimean m818: [laugh] ah it
that almost a- ken whitimean m939: have you have
night out you know whatimean m959: yeah that s
rich ehm m608: mm f643: imean massage takes about an
think that you know whatimean mike jones i will
no they were very restrainedimean monboddo of course was
a buzz m608: yeah m642: imean my bike it s
dear no that was iimean my father m1042: it
it s quite hard toimean my grandparents are very
having a conversation with themimean my granny every time
m865: mm mmhm mmhm f951: imean my some o the
f1025: mmhm f1026: even theimean my son s in
surroundings m818: [snort] m819: ermimean no that s the
aye m819: you know whatimean no wonder people in
find that a difficult transitionimean no yeah m1163: it
f958: very you know whatimean not many people do
half way through the lectureimean now i realise it
still you could do itimean now in fact but
of living f746: yeah becauseimean now it s a
aye m608: mmhm m194: didimean now n-n- now the
[laugh] f1043: [laugh] f1041: soimean now we had a
s cross generational yeah m1174: imean nowadays you know like
certain extent yeah m1174: yeahimean obviously a- anyone nowadays
honestly he was just likeimean obviously it was like
made such an impact erimean obviously kind of the
yeah f963: with with psychoraagimean one of the other
yeah i i think soimean one one of my
s amazin f643: aye butimean one one of the
[throat] f606: yeah f826: butimean our boys i mean
mmhm okay yeah glasgow accentimean people seem to be
business and gavin hutchison hasimean personally i think it
yeah which is strange causeimean plays don t i
or accent f950: [exhale] possiblyimean possibly glasgow it s
whether you ll have enoughimean potentially you ve all
s rude isn t itimean psychoraag s a very
the old and it isimean r- the month of
be english the whole timeimean really could there no
yes i mean y- yesimean really i- it s
here like here at allimean really [laugh] f978: no
yes f746: really really ni-imean really really different as
was no danger you knowimean really there was no
that s that s whenimean really yeah f965: it
know do you know whatimean really you know to
t know how you pr-imean rebus would be the
wee warnin furst next timeimean ring a bell or
been paid m815: yeah m816: imean ronnie woods is not
she was going too farimean rupert this is all
none o the major onesimean school w- we used
gave her a bottle s-imean see my father had
to be doin that f643: imean see the thing is
bad influence you know whatimean see women do this
was actually quite wonderful becauseimean several reasons number one
was down to renny harlinimean shane black that s
f637: mmhm f638: and ehmimean she d hems on
christian when i say thatimean she doesn t go
f902: but eh m903: butimean she just flies in
knittin up just fine pauseimean she ll never be
ehm [tut] she trie- wellimean she must have because
ve heard of her m605: imean she s she s
keepin well jist noo sheimean she s through in
i know but i supposeimean shetland dialect s very
mean they ve been aroundimean since i was a
s no need for theseimean skelpit an ye know
went do you know whatimean so a lot of
m762: do you know whatimean so erm you know
so do you know whatimean so no- it s
english do you know whatimean so of course it
why they changed the po-imean some f1038: it s
in italian f1054: so g-imean some in some ways
i m sure that ehimean some o them are
about their about their poetryimean sometimes i mean i
[laugh] [inaudible] in the pubimean sorry i would be
thing and of course m-imean sweeties were were for
m865: mm m952: [laugh] causeimean tae me i had
uni take away takes itimean takes the biscuit at
do you spell it m605: imean th- i think the
m741: mmhm m605: ehm butimean th- it s not
picked waaa f963: [inhale] noimean th- there was a
partner his life erm andimean that cuts both ways
f643: [censored: forename] you re somebodyimean that er [censored: forename] does
the thing is though ehimean that had that had
wantin it [laugh] [cough] butimean that heidmaster realised we
erm m608: uh huh m1174: imean that is er probably
[laugh] but but the caseimean that is really the
t know f606: yeah [laugh]imean that leads on to
is m865: mm ah yeahimean that s a a
green movement didn t itimean that s another very
teenage pregnancy but f834: butimean that s f835: i
man m818: aye m819: causeimean that s just the
like m1048: [laugh] f1049: noimean that s not good
that long i know f1026: imean that s not that
but you ve got eddiesimean that s not words
uh huh so that thatimean that s one area
foreign country no m954: noimean that s one of
m605: do you know whatimean that s that s
the obvious thing f829: butimean that s what i
skills at the lecture levelimean that s where the
that you were ill thoughimean that should really be
a point where you won-imean that the the the
huh but that s whatimean that there would have
you know what i meanimean that this is the
were smashers that was butimean that was aw i
that yeah f209: yeah animean that was just one
went to your door [inhale]imean that was the end
deem m1000: mmhm mmhm m999: imean that would hae been
worked puttin a shoppin centreimean the big one at
with i mean you knowimean the biggest barnies i
erm there were no busesimean the bus service was
a block m608: mmhm m194: imean the chaps come in
of wrong person by thatimean the circumstances in which
that i meant to m762: imean the clearances you know
i went to the englishimean the english department s
they don t do theyimean the figures show it
in the school so youimean the glaziers were out
that i write and myselfimean the i that i
aye m1008: or anything erimean the i think the
it doesn t travel wellimean the if you go
m608: aye aye f638: butimean the ja- i mean
working class scots you knowimean the kilt was it
previous years this is whatimean the letter does not
of study m741: yeah m605: imean the motivation behind my
anymore there s just notimean the older f832: no
finance erm m608: mm m1174: imean the only sort of
m194: oh t- aye ayeimean the only thing is
f1049: it s so goodimean the pizzas out of
innit [laugh] m819: aye butimean the pl- place in
mean that cuts both waysimean the reason that s
wi john there was lotsimean the sayings and in
this nation and by thatimean the scottish nation it
an f746: mm and especiallyimean the shetland fiddle as
kinda they say the wellimean the shetland is the
cause it s friends andimean the the americism the
all these years ago andimean the the behaviour is
f641: mmhm f639: church seeminglyimean the the church in
became more standardised m605: butimean the the f- i
yeah m816: you know whatimean the the old english
of minutes more erm ermimean the the other problem
m818: [laugh] m819: er iimean the the parade that
f963: yeah uh huh f965: imean the the population of
f963: but like i sayimean the the you know
aa yer days m903: butimean the thing would influence
through that aye f978: yesimean the village where i
f638: was durin the warimean the war started when
lot regionally m741: eh yeahimean the- the- it all
that yeah f963: things m964: imean there are some that
with independence could be detrimentalimean there could be a
di- there s different wordsimean there ll be two
believe it i didna expectimean there must ve been
years ago yeah m605: wellimean there probably sure there
m842: be who ye areimean there s a time
tae encourage the shetland dialectimean there s actually a
as well f1025: mmhm f1026: imean there s allleyways an
got but they always hadimean there s like a
toilet [laugh] f826: [laugh] noimean there s not like
or that m608: mmhm m194: imean there s one or
so much [inaudible] f1026: soimean there s quite a
s got a vibrant sceneimean there s so many
these difficult questions [laugh] yeahimean there s so many
shetland speaker m865: yeah f951: imean there s there s
go you use a dunnyimean there s there s
wh- the thing is butimean there s this kind
free m865: mmhm mm wellimean there s various ways
f1049: school was nuts m1048: imean there wa- there was
there was there was noimean there was actually no
m636: in those days andimean there was is there
done before as well causeimean there was like so
it but m903: mmhm f902: imean there was quite a
them doon oh everything wentimean there wasnae all that
an everybody shared ye kenimean there wasnae o- there
was just really really dullimean there were people in
also listen to radio 3imean there wi- there will
dialect [?]though[/?] f637: no butimean they add an an
wear trousers at work butimean they cannae stop well
companies do in other countriesimean they cared enough to
that was them finished becauseimean they couldnae see in
mm oh aye f637: becauseimean they didnae have a
f978: but ehm they d-imean they don t there
f940: [inaudible] m941: apart fromimean they have penises but
mmhm okay f951: roadsigns againimean they have to be
built the forge are justimean they ll be like
m608: aye m194: yes wellimean they never had the
we just don t haveimean they re about the
developing country but erm erimean they re both as
should do more about thatimean they re doing a
some o the doric wordsimean they re just they
to suit them rather thanimean they re not the
older do you know whatimean they re pronouncing it
f689: erm och just totallyimean they re soaked in
f947: do you know butimean they re still the
was like these big hugeimean they re supposed to
they re alright they veimean they re supposed to
about fifty years mm m194: imean they re tryin to
ceol s craic [inaudible] f947: imean they re trying to
that turnin the sound downimean they should have the
out to be this bigimean they should instead of
an i s- it isimean they they do have
took a good drink butimean they they m- they
vary over the years butimean they ve been around
platform same thing aye butimean they ve stripped it
over you f963: yeah f965: imean they were anticipating an
after m608: right m194: soimean they were doin it
u1028: [inaudible] f951: right wellimean things like newspapers i
that was interesting because iimean thinking in terms of
had ye know in schoolsimean this is about two
beth this is gordon bethimean this is sadie s
place m819: no it simean this was dead at
think so yes yeah mmhmimean th-th- there s a
offspring like philip or alexanderimean to say castor and
and empty harry empty wellimean to say lilian what
yes yeah mmhm yeah wellimean trivial is m762: was
kind of did a fewimean unwell and tired what
off millie f1018: well unwellimean unwell is so- no
er st- staff s skillsimean w- we re at
as well as you knowimean we all know about
there we d arrived m815: imean we did it it
a sore tooth and becauseimean we didn t have
because we didn t haveimean we didn t have
or getting a story orimean we didn t have
you see because you knowimean we don t know
session but guys arrive inimean we had a we
should be kind of carefulimean we live erm on
s no in oor haunsimean we maun tak the
know what i mean ayeimean we never lived to
f1023: oh aye it mightimean we only had a
that some o the timesimean we spoke to them
i mean first of aaimean we startit sma and
he sets up the flatimean we ve got the
town but there s alsoimean we ve got there
the kids try to talkimean we ve spoken about
onto this shelter and ehimean we were just we
i cou- i dinnae kenimean well i go in
the that s it butimean well linda i mean
coo your dairy cattle butimean well so she s
f963: mmhm yeah m964: butimean wh- f965: or extremely
an apostrophe with a wimean wh- how how do
[expels air through teeth] f643: but that wasimean what about that other
joukit eh corrie joukit m1014: imean what carrie actually means
things wh- i m be-imean what i basically look
f640: mmhm f641: [inaudible] f639: imean what i would like
school and the junior schoolimean what kinda f638: well
s f831: aye m842: athinimean what we were on
m608: hm and [?]dad[/?] [hm]imean what what is the
other areas in scotland whatimean what when what they
it would have been differentimean when i lived in
manner is key to whatimean when i talk about
know f1054: i love itimean when i think of
some place m608: mmhm m194: imean when i was in
but one of the thingsimean when i when i
look how they ve changedimean when my sister was
t come to the pubimean when you arrive in
that how did that workimean whi- who brought the
m762: do you know whatimean which to me is
it s vouchers for freeimean why not f810: but
the wean s fine gordonimean with me if i
are gonna get decent contractsimean without [censored: forename] and do
re saying mmhm f950: yesimean y- yes i mean
doon that hole f643: butimean ye could have a
ye do ye laugh m842: imean ye forget it i
f637: aye [laugh] f638: butimean ye got got them
m815: [inaudible] jellyfish m816: jellyfishimean ye gottae m815: those
re own m605: but alsoimean ye m741: com- so
[inaudible] [laugh] f902: yeah butimean ye no no they
know if erm mm ifimean yeah i m not
way f718: [laugh] m734: erimean yeah th- they are
know if you know whatimean yes yeah and i
onbody that was left handitimean yin time even at
we didn t feel comfortableimean you always f829: no
oh god i can timean you ca- you can
m903: i mean it wasimean you couldnae mistake it
f1027: mmhm f1023: see f1025: imean you d think i
yeah well yeah f640: andimean you didn t have
of sherry something like thatimean you didn t have
spare m636: in those daysimean you didn t know
s all right i meanimean you do logic like
seemed to survive the accentimean you don t have
it is espe- m815: [inaudible]imean you don t know
i can t stand itimean you ever go it
a meal and that simean you forget about that
mmhm yeah yeah m762: ermimean you had bands that
yeah mm mm yeah m762: imean you know and all
know do you know whatimean you know and all
m762: do you know whatimean you know and so
barnies would probably go withimean you know i mean
there already is a lotimean you know not a
s the thing now iimean you made that point
you go to the brew-imean you must have been
wisnae a case of itimean you only went to
from just out of interestimean you re all from
i ve absolutely no ideaimean you re [?]flung intae[/?] this
you do you know whatimean you re not that
lass it s been grandimean you re the only
imagine you being a camperimean you re too used
mmhm m865: children s booksimean you ve seen this
ehm f746: you kind ofimean you were talking about
m819: [inaudible] it s m818: imean you would go for
exactly f1038: it s justimean you wouldn t do
structure of a town ermimean you you get the
asked whit did ye meanimeant naething in particular my
else actually about psychoraag thatimeant to m762: i mean
actually comin oot i meanimoved in primary seven an
mean that for the recordimust state that i was
ever play peever f963: wellinever had any i mean
does have downsides i meaniobviously i m older than
is the thing i meanione o the things i
in the sun i meanionly heard it the other
right f1038: i mean iipersonally i wish that i
does it mean where shalliput it for historical lexicographers
otherwise like shakespeare i meaniquite like shakespeare but it
t my driving i meanireally didn t want that
know to bethlehem i meanireally you know and i
you see what i meanirecognise the argument behind what
colouring in books i meaniremember colouring in pictures and
[laugh] m964: and i meaniremember for example when i
make a difference i meaniremember this is kind of
didna take them up anis- it is i mean
you mean uh f1104: noisaid eh f1103: aye i
mean by being lobbied asisaid originally perhaps it is
mean davie was awright sometimesisat next tae him in
belt though f963: but likeisay i mean the the
i mean i would ifisay if the wee one
the life belt brigade [eating]isays what dae ye mean
f1151: yeah no i seeisee what you mean it
i mean i ve gotishould [inaudible] one o my
didny mean us exactly deanaishould like to see a
the you ve i meanisort of grew up with
ehm all that f746: yeahisuppose as well i mean
obviously kind of reinvigoratin glaswegianisuppose but m605: i mean
f745: yeah no i meanisuppose i m glad i
f963: it s the mythologyisuppose i mean it s
that fuck knows everybody changesisuppose i mean look there
you mean jine in soisuppose if you went down
f963: you know i meanisuppose in your day they
f745: yeah but i meanisuppose there already is a
mmhm mmhm m1000: of courseisuppose ye hear often mean
f1150: glasgow at all f1151: isuppose yeah i mean it
it f745: no i meanisuppose you know it s
erm well i mean th-isuppose you know it s
mean restarting the process andisuspect that the chances of
mean in pounds m642: caniswear fuckin heavy aye two
corresponded to kupper p 51itake him to mean that
involved in the final decisionitake it that you mean
t mean [inaudible] m642: noitell you eh this is
and myself i mean theithat i write is very
i i mean i iithink both their views are
life and er i meanithink he reflects authors in
no m734: no i meanithink i m aware of
you re being translated m954: ithink i mean i i
you know m762: b- bothithink i mean i-i- i
after a while i meanithink i think that s
university i mean m055: [tut]ithink i think the key
addicted to it i meanithink i well it s
no mean somethin an whitithink is that religion s
[laugh] [audience laugh] erm i meanithink it s it s
a different thing i meanithink it s necessary for
love it i mean whenithink of edinburgh accent i
still get bubble gum f1038: ithink so i mean it
deeper level m762: yeah iithink so i mean one
and i mean that wasithink ten years later we
mean professional lobbyist the convenerithink that it is written
language [inaudible] m605: i meanithink that like that there
you re born and bredithink that makes i mean
while i mean i thinkithink that s maybe the
and er erm i meanithink that s partly because
of it so i meanithink that s true and
anything er i mean theithink the effect o- of
mean m055: [tut] i thinkithink the key thing is
mean if you shouldn tithink there s too much
all literature m605: i meanithink they ve got this
f963: still did i meanithink we still spent a
wee bit ambitious i thoughtithought i mean really i
get a wee bit ambitiousithought i thought i mean
m really gla- i meanitook one english lit paper
see what you mean f806: itried to shop for a
of the deadline the conveneriunderstand that to mean that
else to do but studyiunderstand what they mean still
three shillings f637: mmhm butiused f638: aye i mean
an lavvie i mean iive always ha- like been
huh m734: er i meanive always kind of been
mean i- i m becauseive been exposed tae it
mmhm m952: i mean iive bluffed me wey through
m1014: yes because i meanive got a sister in
see john m642: i meanive got tae try an
i m not i meanive got this story in
don t think so noive no recollection i mean
f1026: i know i meanive tried all craig s
much of that i meaniwanted to write sort of
been around i mean sinceiwas a kid an my
i mean the village whereiwas born you know in
mean one of the thingsiwas curious about is that
about the specific thing thatiwas doing but i mean
i mean and the companyiwas gonnae work for they
oh right f813: even thoughiwas good i mean i
mmhm m194: i mean wheniwas in glasgow and the
mean it was popular wheniwas in primary school for
yes i mean even wheniwas in school there was
didn t mean to butiwas m959: [laugh] f958: i
felt i mean i wasiwas very interested in in
of references er i meaniwas very struck by simply
be yersel i mean iiwas we were daein that
i mean defence against whatiwas wishing the pyjamas had
i mean i think wheniwas writing ma stuff it
was even you know wheniwas young i mean my
summertime f641: mmhm f640: wheniwas young i mean we
busy apparently i mean wheniwas younger the lewis and
skirt [laugh] but i meaniwear trousers but i have
mean i don t knowiwell i ve never been
works but i mean iiwent to her feeling very
loretta i mean it lorettaiwill just gi e me
fae readin eh i meaniwis i wis readin a
that right f1038: i meaniwork i work in the
say f1026: but i meaniwould automatically say to the
not f1023: yeah i meaniwould be about sixteen or
i mean i would loveiwould have loved to have
after that mmhm i meaniwould if i say if
f639: yeah i mean ideallyiwould like for sam to
[inaudible] f639: i mean whatiwould like ideally f640: well
far but ehm i meaniwould love i would have
whatever reason so i meaniwould say definitely let s
mean since she left hereiwould say her accent s
about here well i wouldiwould say i mean it
that [laugh] f950: ehm weeliwouldna mind i mean i
about ehm [inaudible] i meaniwouldnae be there it is
mean any one o themiwouldnae ehm moody eh again
of official documents i meaniwouldnae like to think that
difference between the i thatiwrite and myself i mean
i mean the i thatiwrite is very rarely me
yeah m762: i thi- iiyes i i mean in
back to influences i meaniyou know i kind of

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