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viz harden chisholm an borthwickbraeferrer doun frae the beef
a ferst kent the borthickbraegairdenfit cottages wullie mackinnon ane
shorts whae yince fermed borthickbraeburnfit ay betty s paurents
hed been wurkin it borthickbraeburnfit ferm i the days
bowie the ferrier it borthickbraeburnfit smiddy a met in
gangs awa oot the borthickbraeheichts owre intil yill waitter
i the wuds it borthickbraea think it wur owre
cottages pairt o the borthickbraeestate a think it wur
guid wheen yeir nou borthickbraeestate sei a pages 147
tae tent at the borthickbraelaird hed lat eck pow
ker haund wis the borthickbraepost office an i the

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