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base for oil fabrication andidentifyingwhere diversification away from fabrication
he made a case foridentifyingthe famous expedition to the
importance of alliteration james wasidentifyinga distinctive characteristic of scottish
scottish parliament the possibility ofidentifyingand comparing best practice across
a birth mark and otheridentifyingobjects which device is still
by involving the students inidentifyingand discussing the language objectives
to involve the pupils inidentifyingand discussing the language objectives
have been more energetic inidentifyinghmos and considering action using
address in the process ofidentifyinghmos officers will pick up
who have become adept inidentifyingthe key features of genres
various parts of a sentenceidentifyingrelations between parts of a
the meaning of unfamiliar termsidentifyingrelations between various parts of
genre jigsaws with discussion ofidentifyingfeatures of tense vocabulary and
continue to be responsible foridentifyingand nominating individual sites within
historic scotland has responsibility foridentifyingcultural sites for the scottish
the relatively simple task ofidentifyingparts of speech in context
play a central part inidentifyingpriorities and developing strategies for
the gnp s successes inidentifyingthe strategic priorities of health
role of language as anidentifyingfactor is likely to increase
how they can be usedidentifyingthe verbs used adverb charades
originally a newfangled means ofidentifyingthe end of the poetic
to north east speech possiblyidentifyingit with favourite tv characters
placed to do that isidentifyingboth the similarities and differences
paper was most useful inidentifyingkey issues as was the
be a useful tool inidentifyingwhether a building complies with
area of curriculum design byidentifyingboth the most essential contexts
work with the cws inidentifyinginitiatives to address the concerns
should address the following issuesidentifyingour future markets both domestic
applied to agriculture charged withidentifyingthe relevant threats and opportunities
that was the result ofidentifyinga market and moving into
having a central role inidentifyingskills shortages to fulfil our
effective and flexible mechanisms foridentifyingand responding to potential redundancy
sarah boyack the purpose ofidentifyingsafety audits is to analyse
options including primary legislation inidentifyinghow to take forward those
bringing people together and ofidentifyingwhat can be taken forward
legislation with a view toidentifyingnew proposals for legislation to
idea of split targets byidentifyingthose three categories we are
there be a formula foridentifyingthose areas which would enable
in each salmon fishery districtidentifyingthose covered by regulations made
carer identification strategy for aidentifyingcarers living in the health
mentioned the problem lies inidentifyingparticular house types and in
scottish further education funding councilidentifyingthe proportion of that budget
act of 2002 the keeperidentifyingin the entry the burdened
the discriminatory provisions and theidentifyingof solutions to the constitutional
trunk road repairs and maintenanceidentifyingall private finance initiative public

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