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language edinburgh john donald appendicesiii1 introductory letter iii 2
spread sheet form see appendicesiii17 iii 25 it was
appendices iii 1 introductory letteriii2 letter to the ed
form see appendices iii 17iii25 it was subjected to
of t test see appendicesiii26 iii 27 iii 28
test see appendices iii 26iii27 iii 28 iii 29
appendices iii 26 iii 27iii28 iii 29 the main
pair of respondents see appendicesiii30 iii 32 3 11
respondents see appendices iii 30iii32 3 11 situations where
letter 16 11 98 appendixiii1 was obtained from robert
four page pupils questionnaire appendixiii10 for completion by the
the pilot study booklet appendixiii11 the pilot study was
new booklet was designed appendixiii12 as a result of
aberdeenshire s education department appendixiii13 and by her majesty
her majesty s inspectorate appendixiii14 as each school was
two simple score sheets appendixiii15 and iii 16 were
iii 16 were created appendixiii15 records the answers the
expect to encounter scots appendixiii16 this score sheet was
sheets appendix iii 15 andiii16 were created appendix iii
aberdeenshire 24 11 98 appendixiii2 appendix iii 3 seeking
the broadest terms see appendixiii21 for raw data children
98 appendix iii 2 appendixiii3 seeking permission to carry
11 98 granted permission appendixiii4 but also emphasised that
in the scheme thereafter appendixiii5 during the months of
neil 17 12 98 appendixiii6 responded that the study
the city of aberdeen appendixiii7 replied 1 12 98
the consenting head teachers appendixiii8 thanking them for agreeing
s one page questionnaire appendixiii9 enclosed the teachers questionnaire
figure iii 9 and figureiii10 70 of urban subjects
iii 9 employment patterns ruraliii10 employment patterns urban iii
iii 9 teacher s questionnaireiii10 pupils questionnaire iii 11
scots is used see figuresiii11 iii 12 iii 13
questionnaire iii 10 pupils questionnaireiii11 pilot study booklet iii
iii 10 employment patterns urbaniii11 situations where scots is
iii 11 pilot study bookletiii12 amended booklet iii 13
used see figures iii 11iii12 iii 13 all 119
figures iii 11 iii 12iii13 all 119 subjects completed
booklet iii 12 amended bookletiii13 data on aboyne academy
on aboyne academy feeder schoolsiii14 hmi information iii 15
schools iii 14 hmi informationiii15 score sheet 1 pupils
2 score sheet pupils bookletiii17 iii 25 raw data
sheet pupils booklet iii 17iii25 raw data spreadsheets phoneme
26 iii 27 iii 28iii29 the main finding was
scots population stability see figureiii3 and figure iii 4
scores and mean phoneme scoresiii3 population stability rural iii
29 t test results localiii30 iii 32 raw data
test results local iii 30iii32 raw data on parental
figure iii 3 and figureiii4 78 of urban subjects
iii 3 population stability ruraliii4 population stability urban iii
torphins social networks see figuresiii5 and iii 6 only
iii 4 population stability urbaniii5 social networks rural iii
see figures iii 5 andiii6 only 15 of tarland
iii 5 social networks ruraliii6 social networks urban iii
known to pupils see figureiii7 and figure iii 8
6 declined kincardine o neiliii7 reply from city iii
iii 6 social networks urbaniii7 scots speakers known to
figure iii 7 and figureiii8 78 of urban subjects
iii 7 reply from cityiii8 letter of thanks to
and parental occupation see figureiii9 and figure iii 10
speakers known to pupils urbaniii9 employment patterns rural iii
of thanks to participating schoolsiii9 teacher s questionnaire iii
1996 97 ii 1997 98iii1998 99 iv 1999 2000
1996 97 ii 1997 98iii1998 99 iv 1999 2000
1997 98 ii 1998 99iii1999 2000 and iv 2000
1997 98 ii 1998 99iii1999 2000 and iv 2000
1997 98 ii 1998 99iii1999 2000 iv 2000 01
1998 99 ii 1999 2000iii2000 01 and iv 2001
1999 2000 ii 2000 01iii2001 02 and iv 2002
1999 2000 ii 2000 01iii2001 02 and iv 2002
1999 2000 ii 2000 01iii2001 02 and iv 2002
leave curtain end of actiiiact iv scene i a
health treatment ii cancer treatmentiiicardio thoracic treatment iv elderly
optoelectronics industry ii textile industryiiidairy industry and iv food
whereas part iv of voliiiof snd 134 pages cost
runway 07 ii runway 11iiirunway 15 iv runway 25
auditions for rocky iv rockyiiis here now and it
act ii scene 1 actiiiscene 2 act iv scenes
the former director of operationsiiithe science director and iv
steal his gold in iviiitimon calls them thieves which
scottish national dictionary chapter 3iii1 mean scores correct out
40 per kin group categoryiii2 kin link scores and
raw data spreadsheets phoneme scoresiii26 t test results school
it fit fa far figureiiikin link scores and mean
pronunciation in graph form figureiiimean scores correct out of
score sheet 1 pupils questionnaireiii16 score sheet 2 score
with very recent arrivals figureiii2 shows the mean score
i 1997 ii 1998 andiii1999 in a scotland and
i 1999 ii 2000 andiii2001 broken down by local
i 1999 ii 2000 andiii2001 broken down by local
ii clandestine injury to womeniiiabduction of a woman or
ii coronary heart disease andiiicerebrovascular disease s1w 2575 kay
ii coronary heart disease andiiicerebrovascular disease s1w 2576 karen
offences ii cases brought andiiiconvictions secured s1w 34807 michael
i race ii gender andiiidisability s1w 34819 susan deacon
i gender ii race andiiidisability s1w 34820 robert brown
i 1979 ii 1990 andiiieach year from 1992 to
charged with ii convicted andiiiimprisoned for the 1 abduction
i 1979 ii 1990 andiiiin each year from 1992
i 1979 ii 1990 andiiiin each year since 1992
subsection 6 d ii oriiiinsofar as by virtue of
abduction ii serious assault andiiimurder of a child in
contained in parts ii andiiiof the criminal justice and
ii 5 to 16 andiiiover 16 there are in
i police ii fire andiiiprison services s1w 34816 susan
end of act ii actiiiscene i the palace forres
schools ii primary schools andiiisecondary schools for each year
i 1999 ii 2000 andiiiso far in 2001 s1w
bulletins ii formal reports andiiispecial bulletins s1w 33029 stewart
ii the name of andiiithe location of each such
executive ii scottish enterprise andiiithe scottish tourist board over
of seti i ramesses iiiiivi in every case the
ii young students bursaries andiiiyoung students outside scotland bursaries
they march off curtain sceneiiia courtyard in the castle
wun they leave curtain sceneiiia moor with thunder enter
by the murderers curtain sceneiiiengland near the palace of
coud they leave curtain sceneiiiinside an outer door at
leap and exit curtain actiiiscene 1 the queen s
the dream ends curtain actiiiscene 2 the queen s
please they go curtain sceneiiisome distance from the palace
the languages concerned 20 partiiiof the charter serves to
measures set out in partiiiof the charter the charter
recognition of scots under partiiiof the european charter although
the european charter not partiiiunder which gaelic is protected
t test results school sizeiii27 t test results gender
27 t test results genderiii28 t test results non
t test results non localiii29 t test results local
as caal the following figureiii1 was constructed after adding
outside macbeth s castle actiiiscene 1 royal palace forres
end twa weeks later actiiiscene 1 the queen s
under a pilot scheme andiiifor the words this part
32 by 29 september 1999iiithe rural affairs committee and
need to have the leveliiifigures as early as possible
we cannot promise that leveliiifigures can be provided in
by then ross finnie leveliiifigures from your opening remarks
the importance of including leveliiifigures in the budget document
brief question on the leveliiifigures we have been asked
now we have the leveliiifigures which were not available
writes his report on partiiiof the police act 1997
speakers known to pupils ruraliii8 scots speakers known to
letters of d h lawrenceiii173 10 ibid 11 letter
8 the current position 10iiirecent developments 11 action in
letters of d h lawrenceiii125 12 letter of 29
ed director of aberdeen cityiii3 letter to the ed
4 reply from the countyiii5 invitation to schools to
invitation to schools to participateiii6 declined kincardine o neil
in topics such as theseiiiwinter in many primary schools
or minister once final leveliiidecisions have been taken you
the details of the leveliiifunding but i will give
that formal announcements on leveliiiwill not happen until early
i of this act andiiiafter the word provide there
people the duties in partiiiof the disability discrimination act
other legislation that includes partiiiof the disability discrimination act
should be covered under partiiicitizens of a multilingual world
part of the fee andiiinone of the fee s1w
2000 chalmers george caledonia voliii1824 fergusson jas the parish
6 endeavour 7 language sectioniiisociety largely complete 1 social
effect on 1 july 2001iiidirects the spcb to pay
scots musical museum volumes 1iiiwhere burns s poem appears
the ed director of aberdeenshireiii4 reply from the county
awnin o scots unner pairtiiio the european chairter altho
38 at end insert oriiiin the case of the
line 38 at end insertiiiin the case of the
36 from that organisation oriiian adoption society registered under
of such an investigation oriiiin a report published under
2 participation in the interregiiicommunity initiative in scotland the
any carer of the patientiiiany guardian of the patient
any covert human intelligence oriiiany person from whom information
any of its functions oriiiany power or duty to
package or contract to itiiimade any other comments in
that includes the authority oriiiof any other body if
contributor may make payments andiiiout of which any contributor
or a local authority andiiifor the words the society
service organisation or society andiiifor the words the authority
pages or 41 parts volumeiiih l the first volume
derived from relevant dividends oriiiis derived from relevant profit
a map or plan andiiithe extent to which the
out to competitive tender andiiilet on a non commercial
up doorway in it pageiiirules out a role as
a briefing paper on interregiiiand its relevance to scotland
biomass and solar thermal energyiiiestablish a scottish wave energy
certain arable crops and chapteriiiof commission regulation no 2316
luis salvador s grandfather carlosiiiof spain and maria amelia
on decorum strongly influence chapteriiiof the reulis and cautelis
and the scotland office andiiithe executive and her majesty
maintenance of an intruder alarmiiithe installation and maintenance of
the same agricultural unit andiiithe real burden was originally
the area by the publiciiito promote sustainable economic and
the death of king alexanderiii1249 1286 was the catalyst
of christian knowledge general meetingsiii51 scottish legal records of
that is found in chapteriiigoverns the choice of descriptive
the service of king kamehamehaiiiin 1845 as minister of
ceremonius overcame his brother jaimeiiiin the battle of lluchmajor
right of the track pageiiithe presence of a blocked
princess margaret married king malcolmiii1057 1093 the normans quickly
us aga khan aga khaniii1877 1957 the aga khan
energy plants in new guidelinesiiia commitment to set an
be taen in unner pairtiiicitizens o a multilingual warld
occurs there is inserted notiiifor the words may if
justice in 1394 king robertiiigranted a licence to build
dost s v stane niiii am grateful to marace
me doing my famous rockyiiiimpersonation on the famous philly
tumbling verse for flyting chiiimontgomerie s flyting sonnet certainly
the leids concerned 20 pairtiiio the chairter serves tae
encyclopaedia britannica 9th edn voliiipp 581f 19 the letters
my powers according to lawiiirecent developments action in the
an a wycer loon snailieiiislivvery slivvery bubbly snoot i
i am confirmed as ptoiiitgu at long last wednesday
the european chairter no pairtiiiwhaur gaelic is beildit this
policy decisions they have takeniiiwhere exceptionally committees find it
applicant has a priority neediiiwhether the applicant became homeless

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