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the auld toun 60p forilkacaird 18 00 plenishin 10
thochts o yule 20p forilkacaird 2 00 plenishin 10
ower the ochils 50p forilkacaird 20 00 plenishin 10
the auld toun 60p forilkacaird 24 00 plenishin 40
tree wi glesses 30p forilkacaird 3 00 plenishin 10
cairds the mound 50p forilkacaird 5 00 plenishin 10
ower the ochils 50p forilkacaird 5 00 plenishin 10
thochts o yule 15p forilkacaird 1 50 white envelope
bairns o scotland 20p forilkacaird 2 00 white envelope
1 50 white envelope forilkacaird includit in the abuin
2 00 white envelope wiilkacaird includit in the abuin
least ae new christmas cairdilkayear aw written in scots
common a sheinin luminance inilkaairt an his prayers is
ben kunlun see leukin owreilkaairt hairt lowp lowpin ay
he set clappies up inilkaairt he hed his armour
clouds forgaither arras faa inilkaairt see sodgers warslin forrit
yersels and aa fowk inilkaairt tae ye is born
exile throu the warlt silkaairt this is thon warlt
culors o spring splairge inilkaairt wi lowpin fish the
that buddie has hackit thochtsilkaday ilka week ilka year
has hackit thochts ilka dayilkaweek ilka year the face
thochts ilka day ilka weekilkayear the face gets mair
a swatch o claith fraeilkacoat an frae ilka goun
frae ilka coat an fraeilkagoun ti bring hame wi
haughmagandie is yer bent anilkaladdie craves his stent o
i dinna care to tellilkalassie has her laddie nane
body need a body cryilkalassie has her laddie nane
body need a body frownilkalassie has her laddie nane
body need a body tellilkalassie has her laddie ne
laddie gangin til roberton schuililkayeir shei wuid hae mei
sae oot o lyne atilkablaw it seemed it ae
blaw the ugsum deed inilkaee or aw the tears
blaw at seeven o clockilkamornin gittin up on time
blaw frae sooth an rattleilkayawking tuith tae cry the
midden saucht an quaeit sainsilkachaumer ah im content ti
war an ingil bleizin inilkachaumer an an unco graund
sleepin thair lyfes awa throuilkachaumer gaed fergal fou o
wynds pipe an thairm inilkahaa an chaumer ring the
in the caller air butilkatyme the lassie gaed out
hae a keik inby anilkatyme the lassie inby cryit
shapes an kynds an fraeilkacoat mysie cut a swatch
haena tyme ti lat inilkatrade that airts til the
the treuth mair or lessilkatyme a think back upo
til the reid bul anilkatyme did he no mak
ye sae ah can anilkatyme the prince wad humf
went oot tae the seailkayin hid aboot twintie or
oot throu the mooth oilkayin then he jyned the
wee stumpit bits o airnilkayin wantin a wee bit
wee stumpit bits o airnilkayin wantin a wee bit
fixed tae the end oilkayin yin o the men
an steyed tae watch asilkapailin wis burnt throu wi
8 muckle areas for electionsilkaarea is kent as a
73 local areas for electionsilkaarea is kent as a
is kent as a constituencyilkaconstituency elects 1 msp kent
hae kent the wecht oilkadule the ir ah im
kent as ordinary an properilkajanuar in the schuil we
sly tho naebodie kent itilkanicht he grat she cums
is kent as a regionilkaregion elects 7 msps that
nicht well a packit hooseilkaeer since wid be eneuch
local cooncil me that dreamsilkanicht a m a weill
the pale muin crynes dounilkanicht an whitfor soud this
dream as guid as newilkanicht for ti keep me
milk frae oor kye anilkanicht hei cad it oor
haill toun by the earsilkanicht there s fechting in
the glisterin silk thay roostitilkanicht up in the tree
me ah dream o moscowilkanicht whyles ah feel lyke
sauntlik king warkt guid tiilkabody baur himsel whaur aa
queen dae ye ken nanseilkaday ah see masell in
hert is lyke ti brekilkaday ah wauken up i
wi the prince follaed himilkaday an gaed niver an
wul ye try ti myndilkaday athout greitin that we
uise thae same words forilkaday communication in the cless
lang syne welland s hereilkaday deaving me he s
you to that position beaumontilkaday for fifteen years i
is lyke in bloom taeilkaday he is fou the
deana oh but i doilkaday hilda laing and netta
mair restrictit uis as theilkaday language o the fowk
mair restrictit uis as theilkaday language o the fowk
city echt hunder thousan atilkaday maun jouk an jink
an noon fower traivels pedalledilkaday nae wastin wikly croon
the gret yerl he serredilkaday on his knees ti
in the lift gie usilkaday our needfu fendin and
o our brithers gie usilkaday our needfu fendin st
keepit on at the mainsilkaday shi jin socht leir
stop there the meantime anilkaday tak bite an sup
murders claggin his guiltie haundsilkaday that daws he s
growe the mair cankert wiilkaday that passed an she
as he said it wesnailkaday that sic a walcum
his peace this day anilkaday the quaich [censored: forename] an
parliament stone still at tarbetilkaday the snawline a bittock
like the wey they speakilkaday they haed nae sic
no aye been gittin itilkaday this past wee while
spendin o his siller gaunilkaday ti bordel hous an
ti the mains an wrochtilkaday ti strenthen hissel a
awa frae nuptial chains saeilkaday was aa his ain
but keeps waird o usilkaday we leeve the deid
an nou he licks hirilkaday wi a leather strap
oor kintrie is dounhauden nouilkanew day anither gaw is
doon alsweel its waas andilkahoose forbye the fowk were
baith agayne the broun inilkakintra we hae fowk warstlin
fowk to be exonert oilkalevy an cess item ordainit
the quire and the naveilkasabbath fowk cam tae the
the three best entries fraeilkacless will be gien a
scheps aince set saul fraeilkafirth an loch ti tred
o aw kynds an fraeilkagoun she cut a swatch
he sall waird ye fraeilkaill yer gaens in and
smittlt wi this ill fraeilkastewartrie an sheriffdom cam notandums
the comic that cam outilkawick frae the echteen echties
stick twa muckle tubes intaeilkahowld an they sook awthin
the licht is beamin forilkaman wha comes intae the
the licht is beamin forilkaman wha comes intae the
turned intae sweet reid jellyilkaoctober but naebody could sweeten
the kies that wad openilkadure til hir she gaed
the cup an pree saeilkaane juist tell me plain
yet come what will toilkaane may he wha rules
in wi this letter forilkaane o thaim the stw
will be the match oilkaither ane i catch aye
til ma claes an follaeilkastep ah tak ah juist
we war veesitin sang sitesilkaplace we d cam till
of the haill community forilkalife lost hundreds mair will
stauchert an snappert an atilkastep he stottit nae mair
oor pains diseases strokes anilkaailment that hastens human life
v raise i prep inilkaa each im v am
v raise i prep inilkaa every ilk a each
sheds in ahint the mainsilkacottarbodie wis set ti rowe
wurk an ti pit backilkadivot in the verra place
his luvin mercie ti exonerilkafelon o the kinrik whan
is birnam wud malcolm tellilkaman ti chap a brainch
strae yields ti their hurdiesilkasklent spreit o the auncient
be sweir ti shine latilkastarn fade like a dream
an sent them out tiilkastewartrie an sheriffdom the twae
apen ti the cheenge oilkatid an saison 3 the
hir awhaur an chappit atilkadure o aw tha chaumers
pleasure on hir face tentinilkawurd at hir man mintit
the birds were silent onilkabush i luikit aa roun
justice for aa men inilkakintra it s the auld
justice for aa men inilkathede it s the auld
aye the same thing forilkafairie whan he gruppit the
whan a am glifft biilkasoond a hear he examines
skuddok o the meat atilkastok o kail an whan
re sum new gruesum thingilkameinit macduff hou s ma
wonder an a ferlie inilkathing an here ablow s
a ll staun guid forilkathing at s needit for
at stauns about us inilkathing be mercifu brither profunditas
canny cairry the responsibility forilkathing you gie me your
sic a deidlie fae thatilkablink he is alive it
him awa fae winnin nearilkaeer i m damnt sure
tae promote equality an helpilkapupil benefit fae education wi
1 3 fae then onilkayear the animals chaav t
pit doun a fether saeilkaburd taen up a pea
naethin in this warld saeilkasponsor gets their name and
three exotic holidays every yearilkayear i should say m999:
year i should say m999: ilkayear that s ehm aye
the plot the plot oilkabuik is awmaist identical i
the burds o the airilkaburd tak up a pea
the subjects they are discussinilkacommittee is made up o
seats in the pairlament committeeilkacommittee is made up o
s the dule forby oilkahonest man macduff gin ye
kinrick o aquas they ruledilkalochan an burn an stank
growe an traivel forrit forilkamairch dyke o experience we
must greenbaum nelson 2002 281ilkapair o modals is dividit
o public policy scottish meenisterilkascottish meenister is the heid
and evite the mishent oilkasort lat god himsel the
coast mission s sunday schuililkasunday forenuin at eleeven o
wis fu o fishin yolesilkatime the boats went oot
its last bidin speaker deesilkatwa weeks this tynin o
baith gleg an smairt inilkawastrife business o the ramstam
hurry hummil humble hunker crouchilkaevery ilkane each one ill
weida s houss an onilkatraik he set doun the
wauch an foustit raens inilkaage an immortal genius is
officiars an seek a rewairdilkabraw lad i the land
shuirlie be sair fasherie forilkacraitur at s quick an
huntit for it awroads inilkadrawer press an shelf an
s name an spierit atilkagangril she saw whit wes
when a wis young anilkaheavin breath is like a
up the disks an wiilkakyle ebenezer kikkit hiz dowp
lesson to the heart canilkalatent thought expose an nature
should aw be brithers anilkalot since a ve been
an in thi semantic rangeilkamodal verb covers this essay
west lothian it is postitilkamonth an aw on the
2006 ma blin neebor fingersilkanew blume an smirks my
ploy didnae aye work anilkanoo an again he wad
sweir tae gaun on strikeilkanoo an agane an wi
in the 1960s an 70silkasax month in spring an
fish naewhere but here anilkatroot will be the match
tint me my reason forilkatroot i cast it ower
isnae dune for love butilkaturf that a turn ower
kill me shona ah meanilkawurd ah say moula ah
bags or ocht ye kenilkahowld is stappit fu wi
doon wi a suppone theilkayeir xmas concert i the
befawn us fower plates atilkadounsittin whyles as monie helpins
awbody camel the final ootcomeilkatime a comatee sets oot
lord he lowsit daniel asilkachristian lairns ma lord he
s he took his porritchilkamorning efter traivellin in tae
maist byordnar bairn he kensilkawurd a say soliony gin
ll end up washin dishesilkatime the burn s in
press it ll be inilkapaper for miles around whether
saucht mak ye halie inilkapairt and keep ye steive
ye seen forget the sweerinilkasentence as the stage presence
spent doon the balbutt airmsilkasangster bairn wis fair heidit
there ae pairtner library inilkaconstituency in scotland thon is
the neist fyew wikks inilkaenglish class i saa her
have a gaelic specialist inilkaivver primary scuil or ivver
tummlin in the cowp thenilkatrue patriot maun git aff
and waited on him comingilkasummer i looked to see
monie tungs a brick firilkadeid sowel vyces are low
a blaze on the prairieilkahouse had folk keeking through
mulsintoun ferm twae weeks abootilkamonth throuoot the yeir tho
it s it s noilkawriter eh that yaises scots

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