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i would cause i wroteilltrickit an i wrote i
eh aye f1053: what wouldilltrickit be to you ill
a girner i did writeilltrickit but it s nae
s nae right for moodyilltrickit is is mair mischievous
women canny is astute richtilltrickit is malevolent slap dab
the michies were there anilltrickit kinna chiel persuaded a
door gaird an that nestieilltrickit loun wul hae ti
puddok that s a richtilltrickit loun ye keep here
ill trickit be to youilltrickit m1000: mm mm m999:
whan up bangs this mukkililltrickit puddok frae ahint sum
see an i wouldnae associateilltrickit wi sleekit m1000: aye
mmhm nae coorse no m1002: illtrickit would be sleekit meaning
trickit m1000: mm mm m999: illtrickit would you use that
weill daein wumman an yeirillwull agin hir gin ye
is luiv an yours isillwull ai faither faither ah
them sair grue that cannibalismillwull an brattle still smuchtered
his nay say drees naeillwull and the maitter o
hir hert wes fou oillwull bonnie gowd tree ma
shaw the r wesna onieillwull he wes a rale
tae be little or naeillwull naebody wis offerin tae
life and ah sall haeillwull pitten atween ye and
nae merridges wi fremmit fowkillwull tae the fremmit and
in his face tae shawillwull this was gie auldfanglt
the lad hes a naitralillwull ti the sassenach the
gae a ve duin naeillbut syne a maun mynd
owre the heid o sumilldeid he haed duin as
ye needna think ye rillduin til the witch beckons
ahint him an feelin geyillduin til whan thay cam
ve never duin hir onieilleilidh moula the r a
tyme ti rue aw theillshe haes duin in this
ah duin that ye soudilluise me this gait sae
sic oneste fowk behaud theillwark ye hae duin wi
the juidge axed me whitlikilldaein a bene arreistit fur
up nou til aw hirilldaein an she s been
war turnt ooto eden likeilldaein cottars at term time
lippent til he s anilldaein fylit felon forby at
aw the droug treffekin anilldaein i scotland thai haud
mynd that in this warldilldaein is aften weill aneuch
an end til aw hirilldaein she maun hae gien
hir richt for aw hirilldaein syne thay aw leeved
in the states is anilldaein terrorist sae twad be
find an excuse for himilldaein wee limmer no whit
ain daein forgie me maillfashions then says wang jin
bi curse vrocht ill furilldeeds anely guid far aa
skreichmakker clans war the maistillfaured an ill gaited in
which god bi curse vrochtillfur ill deeds anely guid
the maist ill faured anillgaited in yon charnel hoose
term costs reduce ill healthillhealth costs the health service
reduce long term costs reduceillhealth ill health costs the
things is naither guid norillif ill whatfor this promise
d put through the sieveillsalted ill soden boiled thin
sowins are ill sowr dillsell d put through the
through the sieve ill saltedillsoden boiled thin and few
of scotland our sowins areillsowr d ill sell d
naither guid nor ill ifillwhatfor this promise o success
reduce the cost of futureillhealth assist joint working on
improve patient care and reduceillhealth reduce the number of
of projects designed to reduceillhealth reduce youth crime youth
brocht up his dochter geyillan littil wad his guidwyfe
profunditas nae need for sicillfashions profunditas wis gey fou
morag whyles ye r geyillon ringan mither he s
moula moula shona wes geyillon ye eilidh but ah
an ye micht be geyillpeyed wi yersel if you
yairn hir faither we geyillpleised ti hear this but
he ll be gey anillti fin the marischal lissent
here he wad be geyillti shift he soonds lyke
banquo it wad be owreilla thing oniewhaur man duff
here tho wad be anillaffront for uis a ve
its ain fur gweed orillan sae they wad anely
m feart it ll comeillbut wad the marischal tak
a dout it wad beillconvenient gin marischal gao wis
hero for that wad meillconvenient we d liefer hae
oot the road hir ainillfaured dochter wad be lyker
ma lord it wad beenillfor me no ti ken
rabbit aa thon wad bringillluck on his heid his
if he d kent fooillshe wad grow nurse mackenzie
wha wad dae siccan anillthing dae ye think an
wha wad dae siccan anillthing dae ye think div
ye wad juist watch thatilltung o yours je vous
gweed wad cam oot oillweel pranny wis terrified o
didna fur brian wad takkillwi acquirin a new hauf
hous an haa the meikleillye dae wad derken the
ken for guid or forillah micht be back in
aw men maks guid fraeillan freins frae faes all
guid wyfe an an aeillane ae wumman soud be
kimmer spak strecht ti theillhertit queen ye ir guid
ye no ken the rillmagic forby guid ay ir
ye no ken the rillmagic forby guid morag but
guid but rab haed aneillsyde til his naitur an
harns is fain ti waitillthat i flee fae guid
finnd anither job jobs isillti finnd thir days guid
aye be bricht an thoilltrys ti kyth lyke guid
howffs an mansions guid anillwhaur aft ye fand the
turn aboot for guid anillwyfes yeir neist wyfe wul
wes strang ah haed anillday at the fishin an
haed she no brukken theillspell that haed been on
that he haed been anaithillspells haed thir no turnt
a fell stound juist houillthe serrin haed been at
telt him strecht o hirillwush that haed brocht the
wrang wi you ye irillaboot the puddok shawin ye
no verra wyce it isillaneuch that ye ir ugsum
no verra wyce it isillaneuch that ye ir ugsum
kenna whitfor ye ir saeillon me ah hae still
ye ir vext for yeirillset til yeir bairn thorfinn
for that nanse it sillti credit ir ye shuir
dochter the new queen taenillat this the mair sae
gaed in brawlie or aeillday the queen fell seik
s thrappil at aince theillhertit queen foundert an dee
tither syde the dure theillhertit queen hoyed back til
english queen the croon satillon her royal heid till
richt dose o greigorie sillqueen mercie whit s that
ti gy him awaw fraeillals a hae hecht ti
awa as a wairnin tiilldaears syne awbodie jaloused that
skame ti airt out theilldaer an gied ower hiz
direck order ti kep theilldaer athout mair nor his
the border ll be anillday ti see tho efter
ti be gien agin thisilldispensation an remeid sae brocht
ti be fund he silleneuch ti fin even for
wyfe cam an fush hirillfaured dochter ti try ti
fowk jek maister it sillfor me no ti be
aye rairin fou it sillfor ti byde sober masell
ti blame for aw hirillfortuin beatrix gaed ti see
this wattir wul sort onieillfrae plouks ti the blek
elder ti tell him houillgaitit this profunditas wis but
frae dayset ti dayset thisillgien guidmither cam owre the
gin ye onlie kent houillit is for me ti
moula at the window theilljaud that she is ti
ti the page whan thisillletter wes deleivert ti the
thegither bot the r aneillsyde ti d ilkane o
ti fowk wi greigorie sillthair teeth an aw the
ti mairrie him it sillti credit a puddok that
kynd ye micht finnd itillti credit but it s
lassie aince pepper that sillti credit the r naething
ti ye malcolm that sillti credit ye dinna mukkil
til yeirsell gret thochts isillti cum bi thir days
ma leddie that soudna beillti dae ah l awa
ma teeth an hairs isillti finnd ah lyke aye
bodie lyke that soudna beillti finnd for awbodie kens
ye an it is geyanillti git quut o sic
souch ma life ll beillti keep this time a
waesum news ross it sillti keep up wi the
nou ah sal finnd itillti keep up wi ye
ti gaird ma treisir saeillti mak ma bairn ma
an they hae aw beenillti pey morag ah m
tattie soup ah m noillti please but ah canna
aw ye want ye irnaillti pleise reponed the keing
sayin oniething macduff it sillti tak this in ye
doun the doormen did muckleillti the braw reid cheeks
ai a tuim bed isillti thole from the chinese
ay lyfe is dour anillti thole it seems the
wi ivan romanych it silltryin ti lairn an auld
ti let the twenes sayinillwirds ti andra anent the
hed ti gie tammas theillwittins o the damish ti
grund but he wes ayeillat meg an gart hir
bonnie yung quyne wi naeillin hir sobbing nanse ma
vext at hir son forilltraetin his wyfe for naething
lay haunds on hir anilluise hir aw but ane
nor mither faither deid mitherillan needin benjie s care
louse nor bund to aneillbaikie in caithness there is
o thair bewtie an taenillout at oniebodie bonnier nor
awa by the pooers oillsall fleg us nor tak
haun wi naither haterent norillwill in our hairts here
grace the r a hantilillnaitur gangs aye wi greigorie
irena mercie ye r thatillnaiturt turnt masha masha weill
sain his fowk frae theirilldaeins aa this was dune
fowk wisna smittlt wi thisillfrae ilka stewartrie an sheriffdom
with her hands whitna coorseillmainnert keelie masha fowk that
lade fowk wi birns gieilltae thole and ye yersels
fyle fur auld fowk sillwill agin jed tae dee
like fowk says whan twaillwillers meets byornar shairp s
is in oor hame whitillcoud the bairn cum til
tak tent til him hisillturn wul lest the langir
an at wul be maillchaunce the day sae he
ah wul dae sae theillhertit siller tree pat the
tammas sinkit hiz pynt wiillwul an keikit out hiz
end the quaisten is whitillwul she can dae afore
a retirements through age billhealth and c other reasons
that the relationship between respiratoryillhealth and opencast development is
available avenues to alleviate veteransillhealth and poverty supported by
available avenues to alleviate veteransillhealth and poverty supported by
the link between tobacco andillhealth as everybody here would
the health service by reducingillhealth cut crime by giving
to airborne particulates and respiratoryillhealth however it goes on
are gravely damaged by povertyillhealth illiteracy and fractured homes
haein focht back fae seriousillhealth in his usual fine
cause of preventable disease andillhealth in scotland and is
services for those suffering mentalillhealth including multi disciplinary care
potential cause of very seriousillhealth maureen moore we know
link between tobacco consumption andillhealth mrs warrington i accept
tackle reducing youth crime reducingillhealth reducing energy waste and
the rising level of policeillhealth retirals as a consequence
the stigma attached to mentalillhealth specifically we will support
escaped call up because ofillhealth unhappy about the extra
on siccar foonds weir yeirillgotten croun macbeth the law
ah trummil aye afore yeirilltein ah respect yeir gret
whyles ye hae a richtilltung in yeir heid nanse
wes yeir mither never anillwird aboor oniebodie she kent
him a shuir taiken oillchaunce he wes in twa
haeled up at lest theillguidmither wes taen an thrawn
bairns but she wes anillguiidmither for whan she saw
for his hound wes thatillnaiturt he wes fair lyke
waukent he wes in theillplece an the deil wes
he wes lowsed frae theillspell o the wutch he
hae lowsed me frae anillspell that wes putten on
it wesna hauf o theillthings at wes sayed bi
nou it wes banquo thatilluised ye yon tyme ye
hissel hou s he saeillfaured then gin he s
or ony golach gaurs usillgin it s jaloust hoo
ye ah m kynd oillo hearin andrey aweill gin
fair tribbled bi aathin oillomen gin a fisherman saw
fear o unco dreidour anillamang men it isna safe
fear o unco dreidour anillamang men the marischal wis
at dawnin doon the glenillfavoured yawnin lowland men they
thaim it s no thatillfor men whas herts is
characterised as that meritorious andillrewarded class of men 4
maist o them dinnae lookillthe men are work dodgers
mair but the tymes isillwhan men is traitors athoot
us thorfinn ah hae anillbodement at ma hert richt
hae awfu nichtmeirs whyles theilldream is that awbodie in
you hae to be soillnatured beaumont oh aye that
but he coudna unredd theillshe hae wrocht syne the
some wha hae tholit theillstraiks o life hae seen
some wha hae tholit theillstraiks o life hae seen
tae hae daen ony realilltae a sowl an kate
she ye hae smoorit maillthochts and ye hae spak
mak ye sairrie fur theillye hae wrocht than thai
brither brian that eyndit saeillan her een fulled wi
see a dug treatit saeillbut that s by wi
breidth sae they werena saeillfor faain apairt fin ey
howp ye winna tak itillquo the auld bodie sae
lum sae lood it wisilltae hear onythin else hoosaeiver
shachilt feet hingin painches lowpinillah aince suffert frae that
speir the ruit o hizilldunts an swaps frae onsetters
gaed wrang an explened whittenillfaculties cam frae hiz pawrents
but save us frae aaillfor the croun is thine
sall waird ye frae ilkaillyer gaens in and gaens
in this houss shona naeillat aw ah m shuir
the deid mirk dail naeillcan dae me skaith ye
him nae need for sicillfashions the laddie says aw
a dram thegither an naeillfeelin they drink ah daursay
atween her broos like anillfittin seam there war nae
stook tae stook e wisillfor nae minin it wisna
twa smaw bodies wi naeillin thaim at fowerteen ah
it ll be a muckleilllookin thing dominie an nae
shop windae neil wis naeillluikin chiel derk haired sax
naewye nae at i wasillpleased for it wis aafa
tae gie oorsels easement naeills bin daen ye ken
ma tale at s naeilltae dee for ma heid
shall in e nest naeilltae win up till fower
thole thair snash an thairilltungs nae langir an forby
finnds nae pleisur i theillwark o ithers is ay
lonely georgie you ll takillwi t lizzie nae being
oh well it s anillwind that blows nae good
toozie tykes shilpit whuppits anillfaured mongrels is aw cryit
see that aw this isillthat is weirdit an canna
ever ah did oniebodie anillturn aw ma days ah
they ll aiblins dae yeillance mair the marischal speirit
dinna beleve it s asillas ye deskreive the morn
dout this place maun beillconvenient for ye a d
shair at ye arna sicnaillfarrand buddie bot it gies
scuil s routine ye wirillfitted they said ye could
made foam squaries ey reillfor lumpin egither ye ve
trusted ye jack thae wicketillheartit things folk spak o
haes wun malcolm dinna takilloot a dinna misdout ye
an maybe widna be jistillpleased for ye kent e
it flegs ye i wisnaillpleast tae get intae stornowa
i widnae say ye reilltae please but ye d
beauty brocht ye nocht butilltae wither on a windaesill
fin ye wis in anillteen an ye didna bother
ye lee ye lee yeillteirant that ye are an
the patient wis far owerillfur veesitors as the lassie
fur nurses an bein owerilltae move twa war hired
fur gweed an gods furilltasty ostriche byled wi brains
for haein faithered sic anillbairn jek ah m rael
ah canna pray afore thirillgien eimages she looks for
ah m fair bumbaized princeillmagic pat me in the
masha weill an ah millnaiturt juist dinna you speak
ah wadna wuss him onieillpuir sowl at aince the
mend rainbows haes putten anillspell on me pepper ah
ah im in sic anilltid an whan ah see
wi baith gweed news anillbit is biz bizzin jist
nou chairged wi the itherilldeeds i the year bygaen
caad draconian penalties wi theilldoers locked inno isolation wards
till t bit it sillfor giein onybody wi s
o a blak bogil wiillgowd ein an a berde
a foir test o theillluk we hed wi projeks
byled wi excitement or wiillnatur or wi wae or
tae makkin thum tammy wisillpleised wi the inference o
a wumman taen wi anillspeirit she s fair possesst
you cum yeirsell things wiillsterts growes strang wi wickedness
you caum yeirsell things wiillsterts growes strang wi wickedness
as weel they re noilltae catch wi a gaff
year wi barley it wisilltae fish for the slow
that gangs wi greigorie sillthe sheep s hairns is
gang doun wi greigorie sillyon s no a daith
the road tae speir fooillher faither wis her ma
maun forgie me man maillthochts canna chynge the wey
holding his chest here maillturn cum back again binna
wednesday quiet new year mumillwith us 2 thursday ma
beast caad timoshenko it wisillfor wannerin miles oot aboot
and forward pat dad wisilllee he hud depression lee
in fac she wis thatillnaturit she haimmerit pranny ilkie
wis no tae be forillset pharoah had renagit forgettin
a strong breet it wisilltae get e noose aff
the pairish boord it wisilltae squar the buiks if
some coorse bit it wisilltae thole seein steenhillock pet
e wis in a richtillteen an i heard e
a pure fite powe theillvrocht buik wis back on
an mensk he is asilla brigganeir as the k
sheerlin blissins on göd anillalick an i da waa
richest o the land taeillan infirm you lent a
his ain civil authoritie theilldaer bein an officiar o
spak afore our een anilldispensation rins its course an
gie up an here theilldream cums back again ae
well i always just useillf1054: [inaudible] nice an simple
squeak inside it aye anillfashint loon i haaled awa
warld nou he hes anillfaurd ugsome look an a
tae his boatie or anillfaured wummin or a meenister
files a bit rositty anillfor cryin crack an throwin
haa an the sainin oillhaa ance an they d
kiehole an at aince theillhertit siller tree jaggit a
an again she pat anillletter fou o hatred an
end whiles donnerin through anilllit ville a weary lookin
but juist an inglified kinnaillmoothit slang that s the
taibil but suin thay becamillmoued an impiddent an lichtlied
darnley turnt oot tae beillnatered prood greedy lazy an
o forty miss mcfarlan anillnaturet worrit o a craitur
that an dinna think owerillo me olga wipes her
social union an justifies thatillopinion which makes thee startle
a gowk the warld sillpairtit nicht an day pyed
freen an that s noilltae see for twa three
a mistak is it anilltaiken or whit olga na
if ey re in anillteen e days wore on
anither bi yer side anillthing me be borne oh
moula shona is in anilltid again she s awa
is she no in anilltid she s been lyke
makes it illegal to cruellyilltreat an animal in specified
buik anither statistic o anillweird the secunt pairt o
oafun say it s anillwind that blows nobody ony
alasdair haird his mither sillwurds an telt the haill
the modern period eit breadillail and all things are
you re taking things awfyillout at the moment beaumont
the maist awfy straik oillchance he had managed tae
ey dinna think aboot eilley re deein tae sic
want tae jyne yer cliqueillgab bit folk aye mak
will be tae be veryillin the mornin no no
i rain or snaw didilllick cam tae cloot me
get tae a hoose oillrepute aye aye but whit
and the butter had beenilltae come there was then
fanglt and his leid isilltae lear in 1901 the
that he wished his maisterillbit a body makk o
edge a perfit raing oillcolourit girse riven posters a
direction o the fire beillluck he let it faa
self destruction in measly mindsillnaitur dwells o that i
i never like to speakillo onybody but if there
herself malcolm we maunna speakillo the deid eilidh we
deid eilidh we maunna speakillo the deid that wadna
living soul folk will thinkillo the yaird if this
born o the sea sitillon lan a glimmer in
d say m- bad forillher man s bad meanin
braisse name plate adversity sillliked here he d puckles
said just thinkin back ehilloo oo d say m-
a while then he gotilland became very thin and
i thought my sister wasillit wasnae very fair that
in my opinion a veryilljudged policy of selling off
quiet day stewart [censored: surname] veryillmonday 3 a boring day
folk don t remember beingillvery often which was perhaps
was grass sickness they tookillvery quickly and sometimes died
years when she was psychologicallyilland trying to get to
long stretches when mother wasillfamily folklore insists that she
a while till mum tookillm642: aye and she lived
one of my teachers wasillor somethin and she was
grandson s takkin it realillshe meant a hantle mair
oor ain she s whilesillto please mrs laing mrs
medicine when she later fellillwith cancer she recognised the
last year i was constantlyillit has made a massive
s bodie thir monie yearillmagic pat me thare div
last year and was reallyillthis year i have had
the year that you wereillthough i mean that should
forgie thae wha did usilland lat us no be
and forgie us aa ourilldeeds as we forgie thae
countryside dryin up i millat ease saturday 24 temp
horse again as i millfor deein for i hinna
m not allowed to beilli m wonderful for my
to pack up s millrain in torrents 9 saturday
in uniform he may beillbut the madness will not
throwe e hens run beillchance he let oot a
s bad meanin he silldoesnae mean he s no
date he has shown noilleffects but my courage has
and he relates er herillfated marriage in 1558 to
was at home in bedillhe had a heart specialist
vratch shairly disna ken fooillhe is the doctor telt
i think james is feelingillhe s all dirty isn
the day cause he wasillhe s got the cold
then at agnes susan sillhe says even if i
f643: and [censored: forename] had tookillthen and he m642: aye
explaining that he had beenillwhen the decision had been
join me in condemning theillinformed comments made by some
aye bring oot the warstillgabbit crack the guttin knife
spent half my life feelingillbecause my body was determined
slaves hard and feed themillbecause that is the way
last week those people areillbecause they were contaminated in
erm because i had takenillerm and just just thought
as loon because someone wasillthey got saps for supper
be true that slaves areillused there because it is
everyone got a little bitillf1151: mmhm f1150: which i
cases caused a bit ofillfeeling meat was also rationed
could reconstruct his world sadilldisillusioned and living with the
at beoch farm became severelyillwith pneumonia and his doctor
here i ll never beillenough to be sent away
dome and notes that thisillconceived and wasteful project has
council leader to reverse thisillconceived decision supported by kay
spent on this misguided andillfated endeavour and questions the
roderick the romance of thisillstarred pair the only one
of this booklet like thatillstarred town innermessan had its
support for people who fallilland for whom a short
that waiting times for theillare up the number of
resources in that council itillbehoves a local member for
house which caters for terminallyillcancer patients and st magnus
chas for families of terminallyillchildren and the pressing need
our assize for aa ourilldaens als we maun dree
andy for it would createillfeeling in the toun if
a long t- i wasillfor a long time before
worked and when i wasillfor months and couldn t
it is that i wasillfor quite a long t-
for it wuz sore gaunillon the bak on the
caring for those who areillthat offers exciting potential for
for them should they becomeillwaiting lists and waiting times
mmm beaumont it wisny forillwill then or to get
the highlands should be moreillbefore they receive it the
seen to be eh uneducatitilleducatit eh or even perhaps
be ruggit doun inti theillplece the carline hed hecht
discreetly too poor to beillunder the sickly light the
eh i ve just gotillif you re no well
not the authors of theirillno more than wax shall
200 yet 6 sunday cathillwith a wrenched back comm
bites her lip malcolm looksillat ease malcolm eilidh s
without pupils or teacher feelingillat ease secondly we need
a moslem festival was practicallyillat night i was sleeping
cam afoir a juidge aneillauld stok at semed surpreised
may have heard and ifillhertit folk succeed in shaking
well even if not seriouslyillin fact hanging betwixt and
nurses and midwives is oftenilldefined and ambiguous i concur
way out is to followilldigested new notions of intonation
gaen gyte clean gyte fitillis there in a bawd
mind remembering fit is whatillt kinnle is hard to
havers means nonsense coorse isillwilled severe unkind aal is
you know you never getillduring the summer holidays when
when my mother was terminallyillin hospital two years ago
waiting from when they becomeillto when they are treated
first time offender and seriouslyillwhen committing the crime which
administration then there was theillfated idea of projecting the
monday to see ian mcclureillwith rheumatics a fine old
drug and alcohol abusers mentallyillpeople exoffenders prostitutes or children
or partly by malice andillwill towards members of a
elderly until they are sufficientlyillto fit her definition how
f640: woman whose husband wasilland you made a meal
like my my mother tookilli i was the only
may it was aggressive andilljudged will you expand on
stomach cramps and was uncomfortablyillmaybe i shouldn t have
a every ilk a eachilla difficult im v am
v raise ilk a eachilla difficult im v am
looked simply dreadful green andilland drained i fantasised that
were exposed to asbestos becameilland have now contracted mesothelioma
which leaves them more severelyilland needing more intensive treatment
by committing a series ofilldeeds and blaming them on
the wrong side of thatilldefined boundary between sentiment and
in 2003 despite being badlyillgraeme made a one song
by david purves synopsis theillguidmither black comedy fantasy 100
a bluiter beggar borne aneillheud huirsone lyk a barkit
williams a williams p willillilliams williams v the valla
of carers of the mentallyillin ayrshire recognises the specific
bad to aunt charlotte johnillin bed return via burntisland
on leave stewart [censored: surname] seriouslyillin victoria hospital kirkcaldy run
address the incidence of criticallyillpatients being turned away from
system which provides elderly andillpeople and their carers with
hoe idder other idleseat idlenessillpeyed in a bad mood
[laugh] f1001: a woman ofillrepute m999: [laugh] m1000: [laugh]
patients who are too mentallyillto agree to the operation
wooden container bad use toilluse baikie tether pin bailie
of the offence malice andillwill based on the victim
easy journey 12 wednesday dadillwith stomach trouble rehearsal poor

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