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the sutherland report and itsimplementationin full i see that
need a commitment to fullimplementationof sutherland and a detailed
it is clear that theimplementationof sutherland has a cost
in parliament calling for fullimplementationof sutherland on free personal
enough to pay for fullimplementationof sutherland one seventeenth of
a timetable for the fullimplementationof sutherland that is what
commit herself to the fullimplementationof sutherland that refusal clearly
to pay for the fullimplementationof sutherland therefore the idea
than twice for the fullimplementationof sutherland will he confirm
has already announced and fullimplementationof the sutherland commission s
in the parliament supports theimplementationof the sutherland recommendation of
who have campaigned for theimplementationof the sutherland recommendation on
chamber to call for fullimplementationof the sutherland recommendations does
that we endorse the fullimplementationof the sutherland recommendations on
to the newspapers about theimplementationof the sutherland report he
a constraint on the fullimplementationof the sutherland report he
has been made regarding theimplementationof the sutherland report on
and wrongs of the fullimplementationof the sutherland report surely
the motion calling for fullimplementationof the sutherland report the
counter claims about what fullimplementationof the sutherland report will
keith raffan agree that theimplementationof the sutherland report would
any such definite timetable forimplementationall we were told is
a definite timetable for itsimplementationi may have misheard mr
a definite timetable for itsimplementationmr mike rumbles west aberdeenshire
definite time scale for theimplementationof free universal personal care
definite timetable for the fullimplementationof that commitment and that
with a definite timetable forimplementationwe do not expect that
one contained in this actimplementationand timetable 9 details of
the timetable for the approvalimplementationconstruction and completion of the
timetable for the act simplementationin scotland should be extended
details of the timetable andimplementationof each measure specified in
the timetable is for theimplementationof the proposals to regulate
and a detailed timetable forimplementationthat is what the people
for parliament to review theimplementationof environmental impact assessments and
mr philip graves on theimplementationof environmental impact assessments and
mr philip graves on theimplementationof environmental impact assessments and
mr philip graves on theimplementationof environmental impact assessments and
mr philip graves on theimplementationof environmental impact assessments and
to petition pe508 on theimplementationof environmental impact assessments this
whether all assessments for theimplementationof free personal care on
into account in the developmentimplementationand monitoring of national action
in scotland in the preparationimplementationand monitoring of the scottish
social exclusion in the preparationimplementationand monitoring of the social
individual responsible for monitoring itsimplementationdevelop measures to protect shopkeepers
agreed to note the successfulimplementationof monitoring arrangements for parliamentary
voluntary sector are monitoring theimplementationof the compact via a
and the eu over theimplementationof the urban waste water
seek a delay in theimplementationof the urban waste water
scotland water authority regarding theimplementationof the urban waste water
costs of complying with theimplementationof the urban waste water
agrees that the current expensiveimplementationproposals for the urban waste
agrees that the current expensiveimplementationproposals for the urban waste
of current bankruptcy statute pe508implementationof environmental impact assessment eia
food producer and recommends theimplementationof environmental legislation under the
their impact and whether theirimplementationhas been successful s1w 29295
be needed for its successfulimplementationin the classroom what has
minister explain how his intendedimplementationof a smart successful scotland
place to ensure the successfulimplementationof the scheme des mcnulty
in place for the successfulimplementationof the strategy after debate
date of august 2006 successfulimplementationrequires cultural change throughout the
03 before moving to fullimplementationacross the executive from 2003
care committee which recommended fullimplementationand to which malcolm chisholm
arguments in support of fullimplementationare compelling and have been
because her arguments against fullimplementationhave become weaker and weaker
suggestions to pay for fullimplementationin the event of parliament
wealthy pensioners benefiting from fullimplementationis to miss the whole
promote genuine full and comprehensiveimplementationof an area of freedom
a detailed programme for fullimplementationof its substantial and just
signals in support of fullimplementationover the past few weeks
have been made against fullimplementationstarting with the assertion that
to go through with fullimplementationunless the parliament s will
remained consistently opposed to fullimplementationunlike her leader who has
labour back benchers want fullimplementationwill he support the key
will commit herself to fullimplementationwithin a clear time scale
it will have for theimplementationof any recommendations by the
a gaelic language act pe540implementationof recommendations from a fresh
a gaelic language act pe540implementationof recommendations from a fresh
produce an action plan forimplementationof the 59 recommendations within
a a review update andimplementationof the recommendations contained in
it will apply to theimplementationof the recommendations of the
task group to oversee theimplementationof the recommendations today i
the sbg recommendations on itsimplementationsupported by marilyn livingstone mr
i will announce a detailedimplementationplan in due course it
that any detailed plans forimplementationwithin the uk should take
assist local authorities in theimplementationof the area waste plans
the new things higher stillimplementationgetting feedback from schools on
risks with higher still theimplementationof changes at intermediate 1
we get further into theimplementationof higher still and more
you flagged up on theimplementationof higher still contribute to
right on defects in theimplementationof higher still it is
giving on the introduction andimplementationof higher still now that
a political determination that theimplementationof higher still should go
executive sponsored review of theimplementationof higher still so that
the first year of theimplementationof higher still that review
the issues related to theimplementationof higher still with hindsight
was experiencing with higher stillimplementationsuch as the problems with
discussions were about higher stillimplementationunit assessment delivery of the
so that the agreement simplementationcan be properly seen through
missed one deadline in securingimplementationof the agreement local agreements
to be made with theimplementationof the agreement the agreement
committee will consider reviewing theimplementationof the mccrone agreement 3
the committee considered reviewing theimplementationof the mccrone agreement and
the first minister said thatimplementationof the mccrone agreement is
the first minister whether theimplementationof the mccrone agreement is
to be the preparation andimplementationof a management strategy that
more rapid progress in theimplementationof a nationwide comprehensive strategy
at recent meetings have beenimplementationof the agriculture strategy and
implications of this for theimplementationof the national cultural strategy
the scottish executive whether theimplementationof the national cultural strategy
the executive s on goingimplementationof the new strategy for
the executive s on goingimplementationof the new strategy for
to be to co ordinateimplementationof the strategy the remit
a commitment to monitor theimplementationof free personal care but
august 2001 proposals for theimplementationof free personal care for
costs and implications for theimplementationof free personal care for
was four months after theimplementationof free personal care it
to be resolved in theimplementationof free personal care which
he will unequivocally announce theimplementationof universal free personal care
received for this meeting 5implementationof ec eu legislation in
play with the transposition andimplementationof ec eu legislation in
comprise those involved in theimplementationof eu legislation i e
day to day administration andimplementationof eu policies be left
have been won through theimplementationof eu policies on social
prohibited in advance of theimplementationof the eu animal by
it will wait until theimplementationof the new eu bathing
out at that stage theimplementationof free universal care the
place to assess the effectiveimplementationof the free concessionary travel
additional time to undertake theimplementationmeasures that seems reasonable but
nasco has also encouraged theimplementationof other measures to protect
year in revenue following theimplementationof the measures i presume
it seems inconceivable that theimplementationof the measures in a
person hmos or suspend theimplementationof the measures on them
from the public purse theimplementationof the measures will therefore
a firm date for itsimplementationafter debate the amendment was
had hoped for an earlierimplementationdate but we have listened
scottish executive what its proposedimplementationdate is for amendments to
gorrie mentioned a three yearimplementationdate sylvia jackson said that
to learn that the specificimplementationdate that the local government
amendment were accepted the effectiveimplementationdate would be 1 january
than by the date ofimplementationthe convener we will get
group s report on compactimplementationfor 2000 01 and copies
the national cultural strategie simplementationgroup a meetin shuid tak
spawned the facing the futureimplementationgroup and a series of
that will bring together animplementationgroup and deliver the target
has an opportunity through theimplementationgroup and the long term
development group recommended that animplementationgroup be established to take
we established a strong nationalimplementationgroup called partnership in action
the first minister when theimplementationgroup is set up many
new definition of need animplementationgroup not a review a
to form an on goingimplementationgroup that will ensure that
and where necessary legislation theimplementationof the care development group
group focused on action andimplementationover a short time scale
the it pays to payimplementationworking group together with the
the bridge can proceed toimplementationand when any such scheme
advice from in relation toimplementationof a national scheme for
and rural affairs about theimplementationof a scottish scheme for
a member to review theimplementationof the 2003 scheme john
is being made towards theimplementationof the fallen stock scheme
by the delay in theimplementationof the scheme to examine
morning it seems that theimplementationof the scheme varies among
the review of the initialimplementationof the national qualifications he
review when we consider theimplementationof the new guidelines we
more effectively and ensure betterimplementation40 is there a need
individual ways to ensure theimplementationan maintenance of the provisions
partners will ensure that thoseimplementationissues are addressed effectively in
will ensure that consultation andimplementationof sport 21 will include
allocated resources to ensure theimplementationof the sign guideline 52
ensure that we have regionalimplementationof those fishing plans to
ensure the act s smoothimplementationthe education department set up
providers where practical monitor theimplementationto ensure that there is
for its view on theimplementationof current planning guidelines on
of current guidance and theirimplementationof the guidelines that are
on such legislation and itsimplementationis entirely unreasonable people outside
parliament of saxony anhalt 9implementationof agricultural legislation in scotland
and report on b theimplementationof european communities legislation in
small piece of proposed legislationimplementationwill be like falling off
objective 2 1 5 theimplementationaction taen fae the annual
objective 2 1 5 theimplementationaction taken from the annual
2002 will assist with theimplementationof the youth crime action
whether it will consider theimplementationof a national careers advice
patients and believes that continuedimplementationof our national health a
patients and believes that continuedimplementationof our national health a
will have a role inimplementationof the national park plan
control over policies and theirimplementationrather than have the national
and acute trusts make itsimplementationa priority as part of
authorities so its views onimplementationare quite important that committee
were very critical of itsimplementationgenerally their concerns were about
from the council because itsimplementationis not the same as
seriously challenged the report costsimplementationof its recommendation at 110
respect to old age yetimplementationof only one of its
to the uk about itsimplementationof the habitats directive the
offer and agrees that theimplementationof the offer in its
role to play in itsimplementationthe executive s memorandum on
which are involved in itsimplementationthis is estimated to be
established fact while postponing itsimplementationuntil the remainder of the
did we envisage that itsimplementationwould impinge seriously on imports
item on the agenda isimplementationof the ec water framework
outlining the scope for differentialimplementationwithin the ec s water
for the development and increasedimplementationof good practice in local
and rural development on theimplementationof regulation ec no 2037
between development beginning and theimplementationof subsequent phases of development
make a statement on theimplementationof the mcintosh report recommendation
for the timing of theimplementationis okay if the act
to local authorities on theimplementationof the disability discrimination act
is a result of theimplementationof the scotland act 1998
minority languages 14 cost ofimplementation15 the scottish executive s
identification of challenges the designimplementationand assessment of policies the
with the actual cost ofimplementationand delivery otherwise the parliament
communities in scotland cost ofimplementationcertain public bodies were concerned
up the issue of signimplementationclinical governance was the great
is on the means ofimplementationdoes the committee agree that
however quantifying the costs ofimplementationfor instance translating the materials
suited to different methods ofimplementationi would like to know
parliament in favour of immediateimplementationiain gray i have already
real world the timing ofimplementationis a matter of resources
end of the story clearlyimplementationissues arise from many parts
and reporting subsequently on theirimplementationkey elements of the european
we have also heard thatimplementationmight involve increased rationing of
hold off the approval orimplementationof a licence until planning
the first year of theimplementationof a new set of
a seamless transition between theimplementationof abolition and the commencement
right to buy and theimplementationof an exemption that there
trained and informed in theimplementationof and adherence to infection
again to consider delaying theimplementationof any contracts by six
to prevent or control theimplementationof begun developments either in
the need for a rapidimplementationof charity law reform funding
conduct of international negotiations andimplementationof international commitments as important
1999 in relation to theimplementationof new computer systems in
has been made on theimplementationof part 6 of the
to set targets for theimplementationof priorities and that the
northern ireland executive concerning theimplementationof programmes to eradicate sectarianism
paid in instalments linked toimplementationof projects across a number
will add to assist theimplementationof railtrack s network management
and to go for automaticimplementationof requests by not having
option is to require automaticimplementationof requests from foreign investigators
option that would allow automaticimplementationof requests from foreign investigators
that have been taken towardsimplementationof several of the key
role to play in theimplementationof such international obligations pauline
no prospect of the satisfactoryimplementationof such reforms and reversing
which gave rise to theimplementationof that directive is silent
sorts that out again theimplementationof that reserved subject would
but there has been noimplementationof that there are so
how forced that has beenimplementationof the bill on 1
warrant sales may proceed afterimplementationof the bill the amendments
the same as saying thatimplementationof the bill will not
affect the roll out andimplementationof the building standards system
expected to benefit from theimplementationof the central heating initiative
to the commission about theimplementationof the cfp in their
it will also facilitate theimplementationof the construction products directive
interim changes by delaying theimplementationof the contracts i strongly
intends to consult on theimplementationof the digital scotland task
deals with the threshold forimplementationof the directive that is
adopted in relation to theimplementationof the directive throughout europe
of the bill relating toimplementationof the european arrest warrant
has in relation to theimplementationof the european union council
that the next stages ofimplementationof the expansion of priority
to be paid arising fromimplementationof the land reform bill
and five years after theimplementationof the land reform scotland
the scottish conservatives welcome theimplementationof the majority of the
dazzled by the notions thatimplementationof the measure will take
the key provisions are theimplementationof the mutual legal assistance
and funds and in theimplementationof the new package for
the lead role in theimplementationof the omc on social
the next ten years inimplementationof the parliament s commitment
help with the understanding andimplementationof the proposal stephen imrie
produced a document on theimplementationof the protocol to the
the progress made in theimplementationof the recommendation of the
in order to underpin theimplementationof the same as you
remit to take forward theimplementationof the same as you
be carried out on theimplementationof the sexual offences procedures
the main achievements in theimplementationof the social policy agenda
has raised concerns since theimplementationof the system and it
bill allows for the phasedimplementationof the tenancy we are
necessary steps to prevent theimplementationof the title conditions scotland
evident in the creation andimplementationof the voluntary sector compact
responsible for the planning andimplementationof the year with each
guidance on the administration andimplementationof traffic orders s1w 27501
have always argued that theimplementationof what is now called
of advice to schools onimplementationrather than sqa regulations it
head of the local governmentimplementationteam in the 21st century
way through from planning toimplementationthat kind of financial expertise
it examined the practicality ofimplementationthe cost and factors such
principles or the practicalities ofimplementationthe reasons for that feeling
the form and method ofimplementationto states i will develop
during the first year ofimplementationwe found that hmi quite
profession of serious problems ofimplementationwe made the point repeatedly
to be a delay inimplementationwelcomes the introduction of the
worked out the details ofimplementationwhat has been happening in
grant should be ready forimplementationas soon as the new
scottish ministers to delay theimplementationfor at least one year
scottish ministers to delay theimplementationfor at least one year
the second point is thatimplementationis a 10 year programme
how it will encourage standardimplementationacross scotland s1w 1751 hugh
the minister to confirm thatimplementationwill take place in time
whether the additional time forimplementationshould be made available in
s announcement yesterday so isimplementationaffordable the first minister seemed
the first time and theirimplementationthe etuc adopted a resolution
proved difficult to quantify theimplementationcosts for the scottish executive
the executive s plans forimplementationi draw members attention to
discussed the time scale forimplementationin some detail i have
and carry forward work onimplementationmembers need to know as
attend the benchmark groups onimplementationwhich are run by local
06 and supports the continuedimplementationby the scottish executive scottish
to achieve this supports theimplementationby the scottish executive scottish
apply to scotland and theirimplementationcould well come under the
european structural funds and theirimplementationin scotland in private the
guidance is that is animplementationissue the framework that is
convener our responsibility is theimplementationmabel hildebrand yes dr murray
sum up everything about theimplementationphase it says principles dominated
there have been delays inimplementationthat is because the test
the reviews and thoughts onimplementationthat was the point at
more sophisticated approach to compactimplementationwe have followed up the
were giving to schools aboutimplementationthat was not a matter
problems that might occur inimplementationian jenkins tweeddale ettrick and
non prescriptive guidance differences inimplementationcan arise between officers and

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