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the national action group forimplementinginclusiveness are s1w 28467 mr
a national action group forimplementinginclusiveness as recommended in the
recommended in the beattie reportimplementinginclusiveness realising potential and whether
of the beattie committee reportimplementinginclusiveness realising potential broken down
recommendations of the beattie reportimplementinginclusiveness realising potential by developing
recommended in the beattie reportimplementinginclusiveness realising potential s1w 28470
22 6 million allocated toimplementingthe recommendations of the beattie
commented the potential costs ofimplementinga glp could be enormous
distributing a glp [note: table here in original] inimplementingthe glp the financial memorandum
is the right way ofimplementinga directive decisions about the
was the right way ofimplementingthe directive as the convener
is the right way ofimplementingthe eu directive that being
out in previous consultations onimplementingthe eu directive the bill
are making considerable progress inimplementingother recommendations mr hamilton is
and agrees that progress inimplementingthe committee s recommendations and
gone a long way toimplementingthe major recommendations of the
update on how we areimplementingthe other recommendations i will
that it gets on withimplementingthe recommendations in them dr
change fund is spent onimplementingthe recommendations of the same
prepare an action plan forimplementingthe review s recommendations consultants
executive has committed itself toimplementingthe task force s recommendations
she consider going further byimplementingsir stewart sutherland s recommendation
comment about the costs ofimplementingsutherland and its effect on
s parliamentary colleagues say thatimplementingsutherland in full would help
majority support in scotland forimplementingthe sutherland recommendation and i
allocated towards the cost ofimplementingsuch requirements what action it
organisation is or will beimplementingthe requirements of the disability
been made in respect ofimplementingthe requirements on it under
himself the report concluded thatimplementingits recommendation would by the
policies and 15 member statesimplementingcertain others there was a
progress has been made inimplementingflexible and family friendly policies
union with 14 member statesimplementingsome european social policies and
trusts are now working towardsimplementingsuch policies i am particularly
site and has difficulty inimplementingextended fallowing periods however a
fine the difficulty comes withimplementingit and ensuring sufficient sanctions
30 pm executive debate onimplementingthe cancer strategy 5 00
30 pm executive debate onimplementingthe cancer strategy 5 00
further assist local authorities inimplementingthe national cultural strategy s1w
be met by local authoritiesimplementingthe national waste strategy the
to recognise that pharmacists areimplementingthe strategy we would be
term measures and is nowimplementingthe medium term priorities in
term measures and is nowimplementingthe medium term priorities in
that the nof is alreadyimplementinglonger term funding of three
strides towards integrated responses byimplementingthe joint future agenda that
that is to be welcomedimplementingthe joint futures agenda to
european commission 2003 scoreboard onimplementingthe social policy agenda online
have helped when we wereimplementingeuropean legislation we recognise that
impact of eu legislation onimplementingauthorities compared to the value
made in rural areas inimplementingits action programme to reduce
made by the council inimplementingthe action plan and will
the cost of preparing andimplementinga plan financial memorandum p6
has considered the cost ofimplementingsuch a policy and if
focused on the practicalities ofimplementinga scheme rather than discussing
but on the practicalities ofimplementingthe scheme do you want
the experience of introducing andimplementingthe scheme has concentrated our
who are directly involved inimplementingthe scheme the proposal would
framework legislation which would allowimplementingauthorities such as the scottish
welsh assembly has responsibility forimplementingexisting language legislation there are
that are ultimately responsible forimplementinglegislation have a right to
on the voluntary sector whenimplementinglegislation or making changes in
progress has been made inimplementingthe proposals for the eradication
closely with local authorities inimplementingthe changes as i said
local authorities in entering andimplementingsuch arrangements or agreements 2
best practice and expertise inimplementingthe dispersal programme take steps
best practice and expertise inimplementingthe dispersal programme take steps
and of the experience ofimplementingthe new regulations that the
to the public purse ofimplementingeach of its proposals for
briefing documents says that inimplementingthe heating policy the eaga
that might be involved inimplementingthe procedures will there be
body corporate and b inimplementingany such arrangement or agreement
salmon in freshwater such asimplementingcatch and release for rod
made in other submissions thatimplementinga ban only in scotland
arrangements to be made forimplementingthose commitments and for monitoring
rural development s caution inimplementingwhat we all believe is
elections in time for 2007implementingthe local governance bill councils
we are committed now toimplementingthem in doing so we
implemented the executive is nowimplementingthings as it goes along
there are practical difficulties inimplementingthe proposal the suggestion has
office suggests three options forimplementingthe protocol the first option
other countries the choice aboutimplementingthe protocol is plainly substantial
care iain gray we areimplementingone of the two main
a firm commitment today toimplementinguniversal free care no one
ensure compliance with echr inimplementingthe bill we should as
on a reckless haste inimplementinghigher still despite warnings from
associations and tenant co operativesimplementingstock transfers and investing in
role it will play inimplementingthe e commerce initiatives agreed
securing market transparency and byimplementingand enforcing laws against illegally
seek parliament s agreement beforeimplementingthis as a de facto
having a clear set ofimplementingprovisions across the uk that
the big bang approach toimplementingthe tenancy secondly it is

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