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a pso could not beimposedand why a pso could
a pso could not beimposedon any such routes s1w
service obligation pso could beimposedon every internal air route
t d conventions o dimposedlanguage and keep her personal
to the conventions of theimposedlanguage and keep her personal
lot of fiscal fines areimposedin glasgow perhaps len higson
only small fines have beenimposedin the cases that have
it will detail any finesimposedon companies during the course
the drug and the penaltiesimposedfor diverting the drug to
could lead to penalties beingimposedon a member by the
will detail any financial penaltiesimposedon private sector firms in
executive whether all new burdensimposedon scottish local authorities for
the regulatory burdens that areimposedon the sector and the
financial burdens that legislation hasimposedwe took on the cost
has a method and hasimposeda ceiling which i suspect
still suspect that the limitationsimposedin section 2 make it
ceiling which i suspect wasimposedmr gibson arbitrarily des mcnulty
i suspect that it wasimposedrelatively arbitrarily i am sure
of an obligation should beimposedon them i am not
burden or counter obligation wasimposedset out the terms of
council area remain under restrictionsimposedafter the accident at the
in england as aliens andimposedgreat restrictions on scots trade
reporting restrictions can be properlyimposedin the rest of the
the continuing restrictions in movementimposedon myanmar opposition leader nobel
cuz hit s d voiceimposedby d academy d voice
because it is the voiceimposedby the academy the voice
the imposed white western maleimposedlanguage are not permitted into
fit d white western maleimposedlanguage irna permitted intae d
that do not fit theimposedwhite western male imposed language
excercisable there is substituted dutyimposedby subsection 1 above shall
sort comply with the dutyimposedon it by sections 3
appreciated a legal duty isimposedupon ministers and the extent
concern the high landing chargesimposedboth at british airports authority
concern the high landing chargesimposedboth at british airports authority
scottish ministers and c chargesimposedby audit scotland in respect
act and b any chargeimposedand any payment required to
act and b any chargeimposedand any payment required to
an alien medium t beimposedupo dm d exercise o
an alien medium to beimposedupon them the exercise of
inferior tae a linguistic standardimposedby groups higher up d
inferior to a linguistic standardimposedby groups higher up the
local incinerator is to beimposedupon carntyne in the east
and kingdom shall never beimposedupon or required of them
view that should not beimposedupon the 16th and 17th
in operation a hierarchy isimposeddt says dt dis iz
in operation a hierarchy isimposedthat says one way of
that subsection applies the obligationsimposedby this act on the
to comply with a requirementimposedon that person under subsection
that higher still was beingimposedfor political reasons and without
many supervised attendance orders wereimposedby courts during 2000 s1w
page 25 line 16 afterimposedinsert during the lifetime of
and b consider any constraintsimposedby high air fares on
in women s lives sometimesimposedexternally and sometimes coming from
which the court would haveimposedbut for this section the
of the ban will beimposedby the relevant court and
2 of the 1987 actimposedby virtue of the modifications
maximum fine of 500 beingimposedby the courts it is
the cuts that were beingimposedon local government by the
the current statutory determination beingimposedon north lanarkshire is completely
the scottish prison service budgetimposedby the scottish executive is
the scottish prison service budgetimposedby the scottish executive is
almost s- sort of selfimposedm964: how did that how
spoke about cuts that wereimposedby conservative governments never by
bewailed the mourning is obligatoryimposedby dread of a threatened
a pay settlement to beimposedby legislation opposes such an
capital receipts set aside conditionimposedby the secretary of state
by english usage often forciblyimposedhas greatly contributed to the
reserved believes that the taxationimposedon whisky by successive uk
which they are transferred wereimposedon or after 1st october
believe that it should beimposedi point out to mr
are keen that the requirementsimposedon local authorities should not
knowledge explicit should not beimposedor engineered but rather fostered
if such additional costs wereimposedon their businesses they would
that you were f965: familiesimposedit yeah f963: culturally predisposed
simply ignored public opinion andimposedwhat they believed were unpopular
ccl is due to beimposedon 1 april 2001 and
from the climate change levyimposedon energy production to energy
means testing that has beenimposedon pensioners in this country
the real burden was originallyimposedon the land which would
vote in favour of measuresimposedon the west greenland fishery
costs are therefore not immediatelyimposedalasdair morgan our problem is
not want sanctions to beimposedif a public body failed
2 length of custodial sentenceimposedwas s1w 32865 scott barrie
of a condition or requirementimposedin pursuance of an enactment
those that have previously beenimposedin scotland the national union

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