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the executive has agreed toincludea question on religion and
that it is correct toincludea question on religion and
that it has agreed toincludea question on religion and
the minister that he willincludea question on religion and
laid before the parliament toincludea question on religion once
religious groups in future toincludea question on religion we
lay an amendment order toincludea question on religion when
it is not possible toincludea religion question in the
not have been competent toincludeany reference to religion in
order and census regulations toincludereligion passing the draft order
in making the decision toincludethe questions on religion and
in the tourism industry membersincluderepresentatives from a range of
task and steering groups whichincluderepresentatives from teachers associations further
purpose such a body wouldincluderepresentatives from the industry the
august 1985 judges will againincluderepresentatives from the parks department
implementation of sport 21 willincluderepresentatives of minority sports s1w
established and that this shouldincludewithin its membership representatives from
regulations under this section mayincludea conditions as to the
of subsection 2 above mayincludeconditions as to the kinds
consent the environmental consent wouldincludeconditions regarding site management husbandry
of line 23 and insertincludeconditions such as are mentioned
authority sqa board wished toincludein the terms and conditions
have terms and conditions thatincludeperformance bonus payments s1w 15016
conditions for language learning whichincludethe almost undivided attention of
hearts that the census shouldincludea question on income to
the majority of msps toincludein the census additional questions
that it is possible toincludein the census at this
in deciding which questions toincludein the census we must
amend the census format toincludequestions on caring responsibilities s1w
1 above person does notincludea person who is receiving
of subsection 2 above mayincludea requirement that bodies shall
in subsection 3 above mayincludea requirement that such kinds
a and b ii aboveincludea those deriving from the
public referred to above shallincludeamong others pupils and students
above any such order mayincludeprovision a as to how
in subsection 3 above mayincludeprovision for the kinds of
of subsection 1 above mayincluderequirements calculated to ensure compliance
above nursing care does notincludesuch social care as falls
the additional support needed toincludechildren with special needs appropriately
of special scientific interest toincludeeconomic social and other factors
that such special need mightincludeexceptional visitor pressure or special
the usual tour route toincludeitems of special interest to
special qualities being taken toincludespecial linguistic qualities and in
that it is unnecessary toincludea provision specifying that an
consultants and whether the figuresincludeany provision for site operation
basis it seems reasonable toincludeflexible provision in the bill
calls for the review toincludeprovision for a scottish child
its policies on social inclusionincludeprovision for gypsies and travellers
achieved that these proposals mustincludeprovision for support to rough
into the parliament does notincludeprovision that the income arising
policy is it ought toincludesome provision for coal such
offers a good opportunity toincludesuch provision with the building
wonderful singing dove doesn tincludea fleece on a far
egg by faberge doesn tincludea wonderful singing dove doesn
my wish list doesn tincludean egg by faberge doesn
high and to maximise toincludebut also eh fiona doesn
for our licensing committee toincludeconsideration of applications for approval
justice such a review toincludeconsideration of giving children s
and whether the outcome willincludeconsideration of odour control the
be worthy of consideration thoseincludedefects in service delivery in
expand the debate and toincludenew material for consideration by
aspects that are under considerationincludethe application process the principle
the commission s findings andincludethem in our consideration of
decisions on which questions toincludeand which questions to leave
executive has refused consistently toincludeany of the additional questions
concerns of industry those wouldincludequestions about testing regimes elsewhere
which we are proposing toincludequestions as there are no
and many european union countriesincludequestions on income that give
we get it right andincludequestions that will provide valuable
we must ensure that weincludethe proper questions in the
parliamentary duties the allowance shallincludeemployers costs other than employers
insert the access code shallincludeguidance on how access rights
magnificent masons our ceremonies shallincludehorn weavings ritual munchings of
consulted shall be construed toincludethe district salmon fishery board
plan 1 the plan shallincludethe matters listed in the
under subsection 1 shall aincludethe roll prepared by the
morning most of the orchardsincludea random rubble building of
users of a building couldincludedisabled people who wish to
make building regulations it willincludefor the first time a
to a building warrant mightincludei move amendment 59 amendment
this project the work willincluderelocating and re building the
building standards advisory committee willincluderepresentation from fire authorities and
and sometimes international catchment areaincludethe glasgow college of building
industry the committee agreed toincludean inquiry into education and
plans for the tourism industryincludelooking at ways to market
industry and whether it willincludepopular music in the national
industry will be extended toincludesmall businesses such as fish
has strategies in place toincludevoluntary sector industry community and
are over 60 does itincludea complete cut off at
owner of land does notincludea creditor in a heritable
the spcb but does notincludea member s activities which
living wild b does notincludea rabbit c does not
at end insert does notincludea rabbit mike watson 56
a rabbit c does notincludea rodent and references to
at end insert does notincludea rodent proposals for members
act social care does notincludea service which or so
the expression occurs does notincludeaccommodation of such description as
that state it does notincludeeither dialects of the official
that state it does notincludeeither dialects of the official
and social services does notincludesome advisers working in the
that the order does notincludethe gaelic translation of cairngorms
it amendment 8 does notincludethe situation in which surveillance
collected poems which does notincludethis song suggests that if
report mr paterson does thatincludetuition fees iain smith it
specify that the plan mustincludedetails of other stakeholders and
and recycling action plan toincludei additional support for community
on the scottish executive toincludein that plan practical and
p2 the public body mustincludewithin its gaelic language plan
so whether these representations willincludea request that the bill
trade is prohibited these animalsincludeall bats the otter porpoises
hae dee d oot theseincludeaucht aw ought behove kin
to the act these animalsincludebadgers dormice pine martens shrews
vision is mental vision theseincludebehealdan locian sceawian beseon all
tenure and whether these willincludechanging the method of calculation
capital investment to overcome theseincludefor instance the edinburgh city
promotion of scots these solutionsincludeincreased funding for scots and
poverty and social exclusion theseincludelong term unemployment low income
s initial two volumes theseincludenot only the firlot boll
for national park status theseincludeparts of easter ross extensive
the presentations 18 these eventsincludethe assembly of european regions
dimensions of the problem theseincludethe following dispersion around the
island as well these worksincludethe second ballade in f
control of animal numbers theseincludethe use of dogs to
position on these schemes theseincludethe warm deal the review
a purpose these purposes mightincludeto inform by presenting information
plans under the strategy theseincludetourism training scotland arts and
know m964: why would theyincludeunlucky charms in these things
meaning of mental stunning theseincludewords like astonishing astounded stupified
the outcome of consultation toincludea more detailed question on
the boosted household survey willincludea question on scots from
happy to support moves toincludea question on scots in
it would be good toincludea question on scots language
2000 and whether it shouldincludea question on the scots
my name which seeks toincludea question on the scots
support to the campaign toincludea question on the scots
it is usual practice toincludea reference to such provisions
s medical history this willincludechronic problems such as asthma
that have been raised thoseincludecrucial issues such as the
of such law this couldincludeissuing statements or reports on
partners in the project whichincludelocal government services such as
merged with universities such transfersincludemoray house and jordanhill which
original attempt such support mightincludereferring the student back to
it was not necessary toincludesmall companies such as loganair
that point and want toincludesuch figures there is no
take advantage of those defencesincludesuch things as not knowing
and that the terms mayincludeterms requiring repayment in such
national park such functions mightincludethe national park body possibly
scottish parliament such status wouldincludethe right to establish direct
and where holiday itineraries couldincludevisits to facilities such as
work examples of such workincludework on blocked drains and
an annual report which mustincludea review of issues identified
review of licensing this mayincludepolicies to improve enforcement reduce
stretch of road and willincludethe results of that review
would be put to theyincludeinforming work on social inclusion
social development being taken toincludelinguistic development and in particular
the social justice strategy toincludemilestones to address disability issues
public buildings and infrastructure theyincludethe department of social security
social inclusion surely that shouldincludethe scots language until we
transfers within the he sectorincludea number of former higher
of response within certain deadlinesincludeholding responses my suggestion is
themselves and were happy toincludeit within the school curriculum
considerably it was decided toincludewithin a synonym group all
revised draft order which willincludewithin particulars to be stated
functions of a public bodyincludea those relating to its
parliament s website and willincludean interactive forum for those
understanding of it those membersincludecathy peattie des mcnulty robert
those cross border public authoritiesincludencis although as i said
to expand those arrangements toincludeother interested parties the convener
also conducted those spoken toincludeprofessor richard johnstone director scottish
at improving policy making thoseincludethe scottish compact to which
of event those do notincludethe street party in edinburgh
border public authorities those authoritiesincludethe surveillance commissioners although we
and groups its primary beneficiariesincludethe unemployed and those on
heating scheme further aiming toincludethose in receipt of higher
believes that the programme shouldincludethose living in the public
who are most at riskincludewomen with early menopause those
the east coast line mustincludea contract to electrify the
of their choosing this mustincludemeans of agreeing outcomes between
agreed clinical criteria and mustincludemeasures to safeguard the interests
enlarging the european union toincludenew members however it must
to take place that mustincludethe more senior markers considering
of a paid lobbyist shouldincludeall staff of organisations and
competition the newsletter should alsoincludean appeal for information on
that any new legislation shouldincludean assurance that persons who
that the word document shouldincludecomputer material it covers anything
in point 4 we shouldincludeinstruction that complaints should be
a bathing water beach shouldincludemore stringent safety measures and
lobbyists but professional lobbyists shouldincludepeople who are employed by
definition of paid lobbyists shouldincludepeople who are employed by
am arguing that we shouldincludepeople who are paid to
and further that this shouldincludepublication of one volume per
capacity should be broadened toincludeshoreline development and visual impact
should not be difficult toincludethat in every initiative for
wonder whether the bill shouldincludethe category of wrong person
william dunbar essays titles shouldincludethe tretis of the twa
that should be widened toincludethe voluntary sector lyndsay mcintosh
important to distinguish dialects whichincludealso words and grammar from
numerous to mention but whichincludean excess of rain midgies
purposes which consist of orincludeany or all of the
matters which it is toincludec the consultation that the
matters which it is toincludec the consultation that the
to address this situation whichincludecutting the budget for secondary
wide variety of industries whichincludeforestry agriculture and tourism they
list which was later toincludeherald of free enterprise and
line of scottish poets whichincludehis immediate predecessors ramsay and
it would be best toincludein the legislation and which
another writer which i wouldincludein this category is the
and type ii multipliers whichincludeinduced effects the study found
of family courts which wouldincludeinter alia powers to deal
broader than hmos but whichincludeissues that are flagged up
this type i multipliers whichincludejobs directly or indirectly supported
texts by scottish authors oftenincludelinguistic and cultural features which
close reading taught which willincludeliteral inferential and stylistic understanding
associated with planning applications whichincludeneighbour notification and consultation with
wording to lobbyists which wouldincludeour previous description what about
and young people which mayincludeproviding information on specific rights
and language structures which mightincludesome of the following relative
points for improvement which mayincludespelling grammatical accuracy range of
northern england franchise which willincludethe existing glasgow to leeds
a common purpose which couldincludetrade unionists the granting of
we have no further informationincludea continuation class dress cutting
that reporter s remit wouldincludebringing back information about the
paper could be interpreted toincludeorganisations that provide an information
be enormous if its requirementsincludeprovisions for signage information leaflets
members of heis and mayincludepeople with professional experience relevant
the listed species this mayincludestatutory changes to protect the
recurring issues from the submissionsincludea lack of cohesion in
as members know that willincludecases brought by the public
sure out of town developmentsincludesufficient public transport links to
to amend the order toincludean item on income bands
it clear that we cannotincludeanything in the order that
determining carrying capacity might theyincludethe physical geography of the
authorities and that it willincludematerial in literary scots to
in older scots other formsincludemeel meyl mill e male
possible that the assessment willincludea form of words that
mcnulty s points we willincludea lot of people whose
cruden bay junction will alsoincludea stacking lane for the
this month that will obviouslyincludean executive statement on sutherland
glp the replacement glp willincludeany amendments and revisions by
march 2003 that strategy willincludechallenging new targets to be
with a remit that willincludecommunity policing the effectiveness of
in more languages this willincludedutch and japanese as well
of assessment the toolkit willincludeexemplar materials marking schemes and
executive s proposals will alsoincludefull planning controls for major
the target that we willincludein the local government bill
health service network this willincludeincreasing the number of salaried
executive will be prepared toincludeit in the bill the
practices and contracts this willincludeless than full time contracts
30 the elphinstone website willincludeover 600 web mounted pages
the 1 million package willincludepayments of 3 000 to
of physical education will specificallyincludeschool sport s1w 26933 jackie
no doubt that it willincludescottish executive members in the
ryder care we will certainlyincludethe committee s view that
scottish executive whether it willincludethe costs of water rates
in the uk grounds willincludethe driver not having an
autumn and that this willincludethe scottish executive s response
will be involved once weincludethree person hmos but i
heard of the need toincludein the bill areas of
why it makes sense toincludein the bill matters that
been expressed about the billincludeits impact on the innocent
mammals scotland bill this wouldincludemonitoring compliance with the law
bill and the scottish billincludeprovisions that allow for the
was an oversight not toincludethat in the bill therefore
in the westminster parliament toincludethe clause in its bill
bill would impact our membersincludethe national federation of retail
any need at all toincludethe power in the bill
fear is that if weincludethis exception in the bill
a single budget that wouldincludedevelopment funding but there would
sustainable development for scotland toincludeindicators addressing a soils b
children the commissioner can alsoincludeany other work areas considered
would also allow ministers toincludein the scope of the
also vital that accredited verifiersincludeprofessionals who are competent and
the guild has made toincludeactivities for younger members and
is it agreed that weincludethat point members indicated agreement
executive whether it intends toincludejordanhill school in its plans
executive whether it intends toincludejordanhill school in its plans
convener that we do notincludea commencement date at this
because if we do notincludeall the key stakeholders in
that our tickets did notincludecabins for the night however
why do we not justincludeeverything and call that the
full size version did notincludehellery that seemed to be
have been remiss not toincludeit in a normal fashion
that his decision not toincludeit was because of practical
commonwealth graves commission do notincludethe farm names as given
relevant to young people andincludethe option not to take
for justice not war thatincludethe scottish trades union congress
for justice not war thatincludethe scottish trades union congress
check that they did notincludetobacco advertising it seems likely
you re not going toincludeyou know erm f963: thing
candidates the qualifications they accreditincludenational qualifications including standard grade
simply a technical amendment toincludeany railway line in the
see an amendment lodged toincludeinsistence that all commercial buildings
would hopefully allow us toincludethe necessary amendment in the
it would be appropriate toincludeclarification of exactly when a
in the environment it wouldincludecoastline developments and potentially tourist
it would be possible toincludeit in any shape or
be encountered and discussed wouldincludelanguage for use in classroom
depth in s1 2 wouldincludenouns concept of gender singular
would be relatively straightforward toincludethe provisos that dennis canavan
orders steve farrell we couldincludethe suggestion that we would
wey o existin that didnaincludeye and niver would ye
new constitutional treaty could usefullyincludea set of principles to
the ten new member statesincludecyprus estonia hungary latvia lithuania
there is the potential toincludein new developments a more
1959 to be amended toincludenew and tougher regulations supported
has changed its story toincludethe new golf course i
fish control regulations 1994 toincludecompensation payments rights of appeal
iain smith the draft regulationsincludesome fairly specific rules you
what plans it has toincludein its housing policy proposals
o roles its main functionsincludethi ability tae dae somethin
out by registered celebrants whoincludechurch of scotland ministers and
in some way if weincludeour constituents who lobby us
from repeatedly violent patients toincludepatients who threaten violence s1o
like to push it toincludepeople who are employees of
who remain to be convincedincludesome cairngorms residents 13 and
who served in the forcesincludewillie watt from the gobbs
days to 10 days andincludea definition of counting days
the nao had wanted toincludea health service figure in
18 months to two yearsincludea millennium date compliance clause
half of the keyboard toincludea note with the same
it is generally taken toincludea proportion of the activity
are no longer required toincludea qualified nursery teacher on
an inclusive approach and toincludeall languages so scotland s
room for doubt was toincludeall the arrest and surrender
the options to control overcrowdingincludealtered stopping patterns through timetable
and counterfeiting act 1981 toincludebills of exchange and credit
1548 to 1861 university recordsincludediet lists and accounts for
the improvement grant system toincludeenergy efficiency measures for the
the improvement grant system toincludeenergy efficiency measures for the
on convenience be expanded toincludeexplicit reference to accessibility and
to the whole community andincludehigh quality facilities for drama
that i ve wanted toincludein the rationale for languages
their parties business managers toincludeit as a subject for
cultural heritage being taken toincludelinguistic heritage and in particular
of converting their fleet toincludelpg powered vehicles and c
to convert their fleet toincludelpg powered vehicles s1w 8775
scottish sites to dcms toincludeon a tentative list this
for ease of access toincludepage numbers as well as
contracts and encourage schools toincludeparenting skills in the curriculum
board on the proposal toincludeperformance bonus payments in the
of scotland is intended toincludepupils with autism in local
the raptor working group toincluderacing pigeons in the list
press release 1094 99 toincluderemote rural areas s1w 185
shelton if we are toincludesea lice in the carrying
addressed you re going toincludespeech as well as writing
are under a duty toincludetargets in the budget i
formal objects were revised toincludethe aim to encourage and
if it is decided toincludethe charter of fundamental rights
remit was switched midway toincludethe establishment of an action
that are relevant to scotlandincludethe following subjects first there
significant revisions are likely toincludethe need to develop all
that it is normal toincludethe place of manufacture as
to provide this document andincludethe rank ordering of all
provisions of the act toincludethe retailers of fireworks lodged
of spte s remit toincludethis issue s1w 10893 mr
has been delivered so farincludeexemplars of candidates work marker
mcletchie says our many achievementsincludethe highest standards in reading
crime that could for exampleincludeseeking relevant details about suspects
it is important that weincludeother languages i am prepared
as 1758 other early referencesincludethe article sent anonymously from
parameters variations of this gameincludelisting as many names for
of this type of parliamentincludethe tasmanian youth parliament holds
the visually impaired but iincludeall the disabled in what
recommendations supported by the parliamentincludethree of the four founding
are fairly inexperienced however theyincludea number of former trainee
amendments have been lodged andincludea rewrite of the section
requirements the materials test canincludea test of a whole
permanent features of the centreincludea wall display and audio
committees 10 areas of overlapincludefisheries agriculture forestry environment health
role key areas for actionincludefull employment and quality of
postoffice_network htm 16 interesting elementsincludeinternational case studies of france
in their final draft theyincludematerial about the disqualification of
records of invercauld 1547 1828includethe following account from a
example specific offences of crueltyincludetransportation of an animal in
s articles for the britannicaincludeart botticelli and leonardo 16
pertain while expressions for rememberingincludege healdan habban niman lettan
teaching packages we have producedincludematerials for modern english grammar
definitions but where he didincludequotations from assizes for example
come into contact with recentlyincludethe perthshire association for mental
being taken forward the proposalsincludethere is a need for
for primary purposes likely itemsincludeup in the morning early
hit wid be fun taeincludesome informal pieces o writin
is available some useful sectionsincludewhat s happening about the
as breton and basque theyincludesardinian corsican andalucian and valencian
included and why we cannotincludeservice as well as maladministration
and manuscript material unique exhibitsincludebooks personal effects and mementoes
coastline s star crossed figuresincludechopin and george sand luis
studies on the m8 corridorincludepark and ride rail facilities
and it becomes law billsincludesections that state when they
body s functions and bincludethe matters mentioned in the
than it is if youincludethem and it s the
gibson commented on them theyincludetransaction costs unsustainability and the
revered in mallorca most townsincludea street named after him
general fe colleges in scotlandincludeclackmannan college cumbernauld college lauder
published in 1994 her poemsincludelove poems poems about the
in mr innes s specimanincludethe following gaaderin asseer baist
they really are insane theyincludetwo hourly visits by staff
by the five groups theyincludethe european convention on human
but adapt smith s viewsincludee durkheim the elementary forms
sae i widna want taincludeonythin personal or sic lick
hard 3 further harlin crimesincluderesurrectin stallone s career with

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