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of income persistence of lowincomebased on 50 of median
higher poverty rates and medianincomebelow the eu median atkinson
of the national equivalised medianincomefor example tony atkinson viewed
of low income median lowincomegap regional cohesion long term
based on 50 of medianincomelong term unemployment share very
of income persistence of lowincomemedian low income gap regional
of medium income distribution ofincomepersistence of low income median
median low income threshold lowincomerate anchored at a point
around the 60 median lowincomethreshold low income rate anchored
pensioners living in households withincomebelow half of the uk
children living in households withincomebelow half of the uk
a serious issue for lowincomehouseholds and calls upon the
degree of protection for lowerincomehouseholds and the most vulnerable
degree of protection for lowerincomehouseholds and the most vulnerable
provides help to those lowincomehouseholds facing the biggest charge
provides help to those lowincomehouseholds facing the biggest charge
executive what percentage of lowincomehouseholds in the private rented
and sewerage charges and lowincomehouseholds lodged on 15 december
and sewerage charges and lowincomehouseholds that the parliament agrees
serious problems for many lowincomehouseholds who face extortionate interest
serious problems for many lowincomehouseholds who face extortionate interest
individuals living in households whereincomeis below 60 of the
the draft general commissioners ofincometax costs scotland regulations 2003
the draft general commissioners ofincometax expenses scotland regulation 2003
the draft general commissioners ofincometax expenses scotland regulation 2003
the draft general commissioners ofincometax expenses scotland regulation 2003
the draft general commissioners ofincometax expenses scotland regulations 2003
the draft general commissioners ofincometax expenses scotland regulations 2003
the draft general commissioners ofincometax expenses scotland regulations 2003
the draft general commissioners ofincometax expenses scotland regulations 2003
the draft general commissioners ofincometax expenses scotland regulations 2003
the draft general commissioners ofincometax expenses scotland regulations 2003
the draft general commissioners ofincometax expenses scotland regulations 2003
resolution the general commissioners ofincometax expenses scotland regulations 2003
the draft general commissioners ofincometax expenses scotland regulations 2003
the draft general commissioners ofincometax expenses scotland regulations 2003
the draft general commissioners ofincometax expenses scotland regulations 2003
have a clear idea ofincomedistribution in the scottish population
set at 60 of mediumincomedistribution of income persistence of
get a clear picture ofincomedistribution on a geographical basis
we need comprehensive information onincomedistribution on a geographical basis
rate before transfers distribution ofincomepersistence of low income based
a point in time lowincomerate before transfers distribution of
older people is devolved minimumincomebenefits should enable pensioners to
guarantee is more minimum thanincomecannot enjoy their retirement mix
not applying for the minimumincomeguarantee and not taking up
week there is the minimumincomeguarantee but surely if it
to the means tested minimumincomeguarantee do not claim it
state pension and the minimumincomeguarantee however sandra white rightly
of a pension the minimumincomeguarantee is more minimum than
the existence of the minimumincomeguarantee is proof that the
the net of the minimumincomeguarantee that is the point
security by april the minimumincomeguarantee will ensure that no
and replace it with theincomebased local government tax the
paid for by using anincomebased personal tax which would
customers with a new individualincomebased water tax that would
on a modest but averageincomefaces a marginal tax rate
operated through a system ofincometax and a universal benefits
by an appropriate rise inincometax for which the liberal
i ll get myself anincometax form and see what
that it was not raisingincometax if the government had
only 60p better off beforeincometax is taken into account
duncan hamilton s1m 2768 localincometax lodged on 22 february
a slip from the canadianincometax people with the enigmatic
council tax with a localincometax related to ability to
lower the basic rate ofincometax s1w 15093 mr kenneth
the current rate of basicincometax s1w 18257 stewart stevenson
is devoid of power overincometax social security pensions and
caught in the net ofincometax there is a way
would seek to use theincometax varying power to a
i ve payed 705 00incometax which mrs [censored: surname] says
with a system of localincometax which takes account of
to those earning a lowincomeand an abuse of public
support for students from lowincomebackgrounds if the snp does
with me by the lowincomegroups in society particularly those
subordinate legislation to exempt lowincomegroups such as those on
to be on a lowincomein aberdeen than just about
include long term unemployment lowincomelow quality employment homelessness poor
ocial exclusion these are lowincomerate after transfers with low
rate after transfers with lowincomethreshold set at 60 of
particularly those on a lowincomewho wish to replace or
particularly those on a lowincomewho wish to test their
rate distorting the data onincomeas well as other aspects
security the scope for modellingincomedata and the development of
to address the issue ofincomedata as tommy sheridan said
is no other source ofincomedata at the small area
the availability of small areaincomedata from the department of
them a reliable source ofincomedata i ask the parliament
in order to gain essentialincomedata i suggest that the
information the dss small areaincomedata inland revenue data the
been useful when considering theincomedata question in its letter
over the validity of theincomedata that might be obtained
are no reliable sources ofincomedata that would allow the
crude and unreliable source ofincomedata the executive says that
hope that the issue ofincomedata will be taken forward
for gathering reasonable data onincomethe convention of scottish local
the uses the data onincomewould be put to they
penalties for not answering theincomequestion the response rate would
two primary elements cover priceincomeand advertising income i can
cover price income and advertisingincomei can assure you that
30 per cent of theirincomeloss of that income will
income why a question onincomemr wallace said that the
addition of a question onincomewhy a question on income
their income loss of thatincomewill have an impact on
allowances for people from lowerincomefamilies peter wood when we
and young people from lowerincomefamilies s1o 5393 13 ms
timber prices the commission sincomeforecasts are significantly lower than
with asking a question aboutincomeand speech in the census
for a census question onincomehowever after careful consideration and
people that a question onincomein a compulsory census would
against including a question onincomein the census but labour
by including a question onincomein the census i cannot
inclusion of a question onincomein the census i move
must be a question onincomein the census so that
census is designed around gatheringincomeinformation alongside other information this
about the absence of theincomequestion from the census and
for the inclusion of anincomequestion in the census is
acquire information from a singleincomequestion the census is designed
the census would find anincomequestion useful for two main
look into other sources ofincomeinformation i am grateful to
on developing other sources ofincomeinformation so that we can
selfemployed 8 sources of touristincomeover 60 of scottish tourism
extra questions on sources ofincomesecond and holiday homes five
outlines the main sources ofincometo social economy organisations the
an important additional source ofincomefor the smugglers most of
is our only source ofincomeso we hope that you
are our only source ofincomeyour nearest committee member will
estimated figures for loss ofincomeand job losses within the
in respect of loss ofincomecaused by voluntary closure due
30 per cent loss ofincomeif the minister s proposals
2 for the loss ofincomethat might be occasioned by
given the loss of suchincomewill the minister for finance
for having a question onincomealthough i accept that there
all ask a question onincomeas do the united states
inclusion of the question onincomeas it is worried that
bear on the question ofincomeby organisations too numerous to
clear that a question onincomedoes not lead to a
inclusion of a question onincomehas been made vociferously by
inclusion of a question onincomehas cost implications that might
because of the question onincomei hope that the executive
apply to the question onincomeif there were no penalties
wonder whether a question onincomeis a real intrusion into
argued that a question onincomeis not only desirable but
absence of a question onincomeit is said that including
scotland although a question onincomemight help to highlight that
inclusion of a question onincomemr duncan mcneil greenock and
of the arguments for anincomequestion and on the practicalities
do the same for theincomequestion at the end of
we do not accept anincomequestion at this stage for
from service users for anincomequestion but he ignored that
the extent to which anincomequestion can validate other kinds
in terms of difficulty theincomequestion does not seem to
against the inclusion of anincomequestion i take on board
mr sheridan accept that theincomequestion might be difficult for
main interest is in theincomequestion the deputy first minister
take the risk of anincomequestion undermining the valuable information
not just about adding anincomequestion we need to think
how the inclusion of anincomequestion would affect different projects
whole not just to theincomequestion would fall by some
to why a question onincomeshould be included first it
about the additional question onincomethe issue has not yet
should include a question onincometo suspend the idea that
that includes a question onincomewe must grasp the opportunity
argued for a question onincomewhile we recognise the strength
from including a question onincomewould be unacceptable there are
said that a question onincomewould lead to a significant
believe that a question onincomewould result in a reduced
was put a question onincomewould throw the entire validity
change in publishers access toincomefrom tobacco advertising would make
per cent of our advertisingincomelast year was from tobacco
a significant part of newspaperincomeregardless of how the advertising
to disclose the total advertisingincomethis morning certain newspapers attract
by eu silc statistics onincomeand living conditions after 2004
start living from nature sincomefurther notes that it was
proportion of pensioners living inincomepoverty from 29 per cent
families with children living onincomesupport in the rest of
partner who are living belowincomesupport levels we also have
based on an individual sincomeand is inherently fairer more
based on an individual sincomeand is inherently fairer more
based on an individual sincomeand is inherently fairer more
bottom 20 per cent ofincomeearners account for less than
top 40 per cent ofincomeearners account for more than
per cent of the nationalincometo 37 3 per cent
employed the amount of disposableincomeand the general economic well
correspondingly a significant amount ofincomecomes via service level agreements
hmo who has a significantincomethat could more easily absorb
a significant drop in theincomethat is going into agriculture
economic conditions and with mediumincomefigures rising by 19 per
and possibly most important theincomeof an individual is a
interest as i have anincomefrom a weekly newspaper in
in the church of scotlandincomefund the interest from which
questions on other topics particularlyincomelanguage spoken at home and
society particularly those applying forincomesupport why do they have
have reliable detailed information onincomei ask members to support
important that we examine carefullyincomeinformation because there are problems
not like the gathering ofincomeinformation in future censuses to
those new questions along withincomeare the expressed priorities of
return to how questions onincomecan be incorporated into the
no questions on religion onincomeon languages spoken at home
which asks specific questions onincomethat are then cross referenced
union countries include questions onincomethat give them a reliable
a couple who are onincomesupport and were assessed as
committee committee had recommended thatincomesupport applicable amounts should be
groups such as those onincomesupport from court fees when
such as housing benefit orincomesupport is concerned that the
saved to give farmers directincomesupport while encouraging crop diversification
because a single parent onincomesupport with four youngsters has
part of the sector sincome32 and arises from the
sold to generate much neededincomefor the livestock sector at
voluntary sector has an annualincomein excess of 2 billion
2001 there was a sectorincomeof 2 8 billion equivalent
000 people the sector enjoysincomeof more than 2 billion
voluntary sector in scotland theincomeof those organisations is between
not all of those whoseincomeentitles them to a benefit
is not related precisely toincomenot all of those whose
activities such as trading rentalincomeand returns from investments correspondingly
relation to the use ofincomearising from the graduate endowment
not include provision that theincomearising from the graduate endowment
the poem he mentions myincomecomes from my book by
are in receipt of anincomefrom any other bodies involved
charities who will lose anticipatedincomefrom fund raising events scheduled
of the document that theincomefrom non domestic rates is
this meeting iain mcmillan theincomefrom non domestic rates should
ask the scottish executive whatincomefrom rent for the positioning
there was a fall inincomefrom uk tourists this was
of rent arrears and lostincomefrom unlet properties and recognises
of rent arrears and lostincomefrom unlet properties and recognises
clear from various reports thatincomeinequality at the beginning of
area and what the projectedincomeis from any such sales
facilities for free and theincomeis generated from what they
proposed by it if theincomethreshold was raised from 10
the volume of knowledge aboutincomewhich is not available from
authority a proportion of anyincomewhich it derives from carrying
prevents them from supplementing theirincomewith part time employment which
also reveals that self generatedincomehas become a major part
will be a need forincomeon the part of individuals
ownership as an indicator ofincomeas if someone who has
and galloway who have noincomedue to the foot and
pensioner who has an annualincomeof 6 000 will in
fewer farmers who have lessincomesimilarly we have hundreds of
car necessarily has a betterincomethan someone who does not
who do not have theincometo maintain and repair their
is spent rather than theincomeand expenditure equation itself the
staff on shifts with modestincomeand working in essential medical
to include an item onincomebands 15 18 mr brian
regardless of an absence ofincomefollowed by debate on abolition
name on the subject ofincomein contrast with religion more
and report separately on aincomelevels of disabled people and
will get a decent weeklyincomeon which to enjoy it
amendment s1m 459 1 onincomepeople often wonder whether a
spoken at home and onincomeprimarily because i do not
surplus straw to supplement yourincomesince all straw grown on
wrong for example on theincomesupplement people fall through the
catch less fish and reducingincomethe impact on the rod
have additional demands on theirincomewhich further disadvantage them s1m
a pensioner on double theincomewill be able to keep
provide a modest but steadyincomebut more importantly the appended
30 40 of core atbincome16 the scottish tourist board
of funding 17 and commercialincomeand membership subscriptions providing the
course indicators of inequalities inincomeand wealth in some areas
of 18 in their weeklyincomeat present which would raise
home the scots language andincomeby way of contrast one
within the categories of occupationincomeeducation type of housing locality
people and a level ofincomefor older people that the
of a number of factorsincomefuel costs and the energy
in the church of scotlandincomefund 1895 smith bequest the
of church of scotland trustincomefund value 816 63 [note: newspaper article extracts here in original]
1 of pension or savingsincomegordon brown will claw back
put a portion of theirincomeinto tobacco products as a
time that a family sincomeis reduced because of retirement
of urgency the current qualifyingincomelevels which ultimately determine whether
of taking into account theincomeof a spouse or partner
any department that considers theincomeof one of the main
bbc stripped of either itsincomeor its uk base the
were lifted out of relativeincomepoverty and 170 000 were
were lifted out of absoluteincomepoverty that is a fall
regardless of an absence ofincomes1m 3811 1 phil gallie
you know means er ofincomeso er so slowly wo-
of the service and theincomestream to post office counters
of existing taxation profit orincomestreams and requires payment in
of existing taxation profit orincomestreams and requires payment in
mean the only sort ofincomethat the paper receives is
just about a lack ofincomethe grip of poverty is
out of an annual rentalincomevarying between 16 and 25
we have growing disparities ofincomewealth and power we have
to say nothing of theincomewhich is estimated to be
and or whose access toincomeand other resources personal family
that s really the onlyincomewe re getting m608: mmhm
not enough to improve familyincomealone we must also widen
should not be limited toincomeand employment the spc noted
plan will make to theincomeif you do not have
ability to draw down theincomewill not be affected des
to reconsider this rather crudeincomegeneration scheme which will greatly
research that would provide someincomefor the scallop fishermen affected
the ban have lost theirincomeand recommends that the executive
want others to know theirincomewe should make the same
at that level however lotteryincomehas dropped significantly and the
to allow us to examineincomeinequality pressure has been brought
every pensioner has a decentincomeso that they can enjoy
the scottish executive what feeincomethe scottish qualifications authority has
opportunity for all guaranteeing adequateincomeand resources for a decent
it will publish the farmincomefigures for 2002 s1w 33559δ
have regard to the overallincomefor a newspaper that is
was intended to generate anincomefor dumfries and galloway council
seem to suggest that feeincomeand savings gained will result
and next if any annualincomeshall remain unexpended to distribute
quite easily flushed with theincomei ve started buying winter
gross domestic product and thatincomeis growing as well as
that is met through personalincomepension or benefits no matter
them he had a generousincomea comfortable house a car
naething in the wey oincomeah mean a pause kolyghin
s father supplemented a meagreincomeby accepting boarding pupils at
like a a reasonable m608: income[laugh] f643: in- well aye
aye brocht a bit oincometill e hoose my mother
as a permanent fund theincometo be annually expended first
about the balance between taxationincomeand expenditure however i am
tabulations could be done betweenincomeand health effects household factors
particles advisory group receive anincomeand the incomes that they
the scots language and secondlyincomebrackets during the early days
and services e g adequateincomedecent and sanitary housing healthcare
sport 21 was reviewed lotteryincomewas exceptionally high and it
had to ensure that feeincomewas reasonable and could cover
worldwide may actually reduce theincomeavailable to the bbc supports
in the 1980s attracted highincomefamilies often employed in the
tony atkinson viewed the relativeincomepolicy indicator as insufficient to
says she ll maximise theincomeso i finally had to
games in order to maximiseincomenow that official owner hugh
[laugh] f643: in- well ayeincomebut f641: [laugh] [laugh] f643:
shop or petrol station theseincomestreams are generally considered crucial

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