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spending or is the apparentincreasea result of a change
04 spending on health willincreaseby 15 per cent on
the spending review 2000 toincreaseexpenditure on transport by 500
the spending review 2000 toincreaseexpenditure on transport by 500
a shift with a greaterincreasein spending on higher education
there will be a considerableincreasein spending on school refurbishment
there appears to be anincreasein spending on the agricultural
institutes is there a realincreasein spending or is the
corner we will see anincreasein spending over the next
cost estimates imply both anincreasein spending to 33m this
develop with regard to theincreasein transport spending we have
democrats are already committed toincreasespending on dealing with young
spending review has provided anincreaseto the scottish budget of
great bulk of the spendingincreasewith the greatest part being
is that given the overallincreasein available funding in the
the uk a the overallincreasein both the levels of
the uk a the overallincreasein both the levels of
the uk a the overallincreasein both the levels of
of an overall upgrade toincreasesafety for staff patients and
of an overall upgrade toincreasesafety for staff patients and
organic imports into the ukincreasethe overall size of the
years giving the annual percentageincreaseand including the cumulative increases
scottish executive what the percentageincreasein outlets owned by overseas
scottish executive what the percentageincreasein supermarkets was in each
five years showing any percentageincreaseor decrease in each year
for example considering a percentageincreaseover the year in the
departments what was the percentageincreaseross finnie in terms of
simple how does the percentageincreasethat was received by the
expressed as an annual percentageincreasewhen calculating their grant aided
action it is taking toincreasea the number of social
expected to retire and toincreaseeven further the record number
practise without it the hugeincreasein the number of agency
there has been a hugeincreasein the number of appeals
the reasons are for theincreasein the number of appeals
of accidents which records anincreasein the number of children
years there has been anincreasein the number of deaths
and a 23 per centincreasein the number of drug
well above the much smallerincreasein the number of english
in decision making through anincreasein the number of nurse
to such situations given theincreasein the number of officers
very pleased to see anincreasein the number of ornamental
the light of the expectedincreasein the number of people
10 years given the expectedincreasein the number of people
part on what the steadyincreasein the number of questions
more effectively hugh flinn theincreasein the number of questions
address these matters because theincreasein the number of questions
take to deal with anyincreasein the number of racist
be reconciled with the hugeincreasein the number of raptors
is taking to address theincreasein the number of school
intends to undertake into theincreasein the number of section
which would lead to anincreasein the number of students
survey the figures indicate anincreasein the number of welsh
whether there has been anyincreasesince 1997 in the number
are there any plans toincreasethat number assistant chief constable
future policy on rail toincreasethe number and proportion of
cut waiting times is toincreasethe number of beds available
in conjunction with local authoritiesincreasethe number of children undertaking
there is an intention toincreasethe number of civilians working
steps it is taking toincreasethe number of consultants in
what plans there are toincreasethe number of dental graduates
who commit to the areaincreasethe number of dental training
action it will take toincreasethe number of fiscal fines
education acknowledged the need toincreasethe number of gaelic medium
steps are being taken toincreasethe number of gaelic teachers
population we will need toincreasethe number of homes by
the stock transfer programme willincreasethe number of houses that
the minister s commitment toincreasethe number of meetings that
will be the proposal toincreasethe number of member states
as a senior post andincreasethe number of nurse consultant
four more years we willincreasethe number of nurses attracting
people are financially secure toincreasethe number of older people
action has been taken toincreasethe number of people across
steps it is taking toincreasethe number of people and
i said we want toincreasethe number of places and
associations will be required toincreasethe number of previously homeless
what plans it has toincreasethe number of primary school
services in small gp practicesincreasethe number of salaried dentists
made under the bill couldincreasethe number of salmon surviving
measures are being taken toincreasethe number of school leavers
measures are being taken toincreasethe number of school leavers
what plans it has toincreasethe number of specialist clinical
and improve education we willincreasethe number of teachers by
action it is taking toincreasethe number of university students
steps it is taking toincreasethe number of visually impaired
that it had failed toincreasethe number of working age
the bill contains provisions toincreasethe sentence for a number
there are no plans toincreasetheir number assistant chief constable
of the ways used toincreaseinnovation and investment in public
what plans it has toincreaseinvestment in building up locally
is a real opportunity toincreaseinvestment in housing in scotland
youth work to prevent crimeincreaseinvestment in police it and
and providing more convalescence careincreaseinvestment in promoting good health
in and we plan toincreaseinvestment in the transport infrastructure
the quality of housing orincreaseinvestment the new housing partnership
lighting for new public lightingincreaseinvestment to tackle contaminated and
bill that housing investment willincreaseover the budget period through
and colleges and business toincreaseprivate investment in the sector
must make an investment andincreasesepa s financial resource so
it is important that weincreaseawareness ben wallace will the
action it is taking toincreaseawareness of age discrimination legislation
whatever assistance is necessary toincreaseawareness of colorectal cancer supported
the campaign is designed toincreaseawareness of colorectal cancer the
languages have to been toincreaseawareness of europe s linguistic
action is being taken toincreasedrug misuse awareness amongst parents
and cross linguistic sharing canincreasemulticultural awareness making pupils aware
authorities civil society etc andincreasepublic awareness of the social
to promote bsl and toincreasethe public s awareness of
it plans any measures toincreasevoters awareness of the fact
theatre a 92 per centincreasefor the dundee rep theatre
and a 60 per centincreasefor the puppet and animation
theatre a 24 per centincreasefor the royal lyceum theatre
and a 57 per centincreasein allocation for the capital
been a 90 per centincreasein funding for the byre
the 1 1 per centincreasein gross domestic product in
a 15 9 per centincreasein its budget over the
been a 24 per centincreasein recorded incidents of violent
about a 10 per centincreasein student bursaries which was
in a 20 per centincreasein the entry charges for
crime a 9 per centincreasein the level of vehicle
of funding which is anincreaseof 18 per cent from
2 500 that is anincreaseof almost 40 per cent
2 400 which is anincreaseof around 22 per cent
applications had been approved anincreaseof nearly 250 per cent
a 2 9 per centincreasethere were distinct rumbles of
bill which introduce new orincreaseexisting expenditure charged on or
bill which introduce new orincreaseexisting expenditure charged on or
it received the average mainlandincreasein direct grant expenditure in
that the balance of theincreasein expenditure between higher education
scotland bill agrees to anyincreasein expenditure payable out of
bill agrees to a anyincreasein expenditure payable out of
bill agrees to a anyincreasein expenditure payable out of
cut public expenditure we willincreaseit in real terms mr
what plans it has toincreaseaccess to hardship funds for
what plans it has toincreasedirect exports from scotland s1w
it has any plans toincreasefunding for such groups s1o
it plans to facilitate anincreasein exchange visits between scottish
what plans it has toincreaseits share of the funding
term plans it has toincreaseoccupancy in these houses s1w
details of the plans toincreaseprovision of new computers and
it plans to introduce toincreaserecruitment and improve the retention
and whether it plans toincreasesupport for retraining following recent
executive whether it plans toincreasethe accountability of its inquiry
there are any plans toincreasethe allocation of additional costs
locations take forward plans toincreasethe availability of affordable housing
what plans it has toincreasethe complement of specialist teachers
it has any plans toincreasethe level of the mental
what plans it has toincreasethe responsibilities of community pharmacists
there are plans afoot toincreasethe service there are bilingual
what plans it has toincreasethe take up rate of
what plans it has toincreasevaccinations against tuberculosis in light
my reckoning that is anincreaseof more than 10 per
scottish enterprise has set toincreasethe sector by 30 per
in a presiding over anincreasein both the levels of
ask the scottish executive whatincreasein funding levels will be
it might be necessary toincreaseor decrease the levels in
executive whether it intends toincreasestaffing levels of the procurator
in student bursaries the payincreasefor nurses is 3 6
of scottish nurses through hisincreasein national insurance contributions sarah
community care the nurses agenciesincreaseof licence fees scotland regulations
june 2001 the nurses agenciesincreaseof licence fees scotland regulations
community care the nurses agenciesincreaseof licence fees scotland regulations
act 1938 the nurses agenciesincreaseof licence fees scotland regulations
practices we must work toincreasepay rates for nurses to
but there has been anincreasein the amount of serious
expansion of forests and anincreasein the amount of timber
in administration lead to anincreaseor decrease in the amount
alter that amount and thereforeincreaseor decrease the relative seriousness
it expects member states toincreasethe amount of co operation
funded long term maintenance fundsincreasethe amount of money devoted
b in those circumstances mayincreasethe amount of this allowance
and whether it intends toincreasethis amount s1w 17767 mary
her majesty s government toincreaseconservation funding to poor countries
scottish executive s commitment toincreasedirect funding to the sector
big part of this 119increasefunding for initiatives which will
i urge the executive toincreasefunding for local authorities to
very needy people will anincreasein funding be considered by
has been worth while anincreasein funding from 23 million
assessment of the impact anincreasein funding of bail supervision
committee on licensing and anincreasein funding of schemes to
that george lyon the futureincreasein funding will of course
funding the problem of theincreasein scale of the dictionary
universities and colleges we willincreasethe funding of further and
the voluntary sector and toincreasethe level of available funding
funding it is providing toincreasethis availability s1w 34824 richard
tax and what the estimatedincreaseand additional costs would be
especially important for supermarkets anincreasecan lead to lower costs
be removed in terms ofincreasein construction costs the report
funded to deal with theincreasein costs an organisation with
party to help meet theincreasein costs edinburgh agreed to
will investigate whether the recentincreasein fuel costs has had
added the more costs wouldincreasethat is why three pages
55 million that figure willincreaseas a result of taking
effects of a 1 millionincreasedecrease of landings of different
we are asking for anincreasefrom 5 million this year
8 million to cover thatincreasei do not think that
will be a 340 millionincreasein ndr over the next
that will lead to anincreasein resources from 45 million
5 million which is anincreaseof 1 1 million or
instances of poisoning and snaringincreaseas a result of the
result of that is anincreasein staff two years ago
result in a long termincreasein stocks because of the
as a result of theincreasein the practice of flaring
the past year although thatincreasemight be the result of
under no circumstances shall anyincreaseunder this provision result in
budget to pay for theincreasein staff christine grahame perhaps
existing services that treat illnessincreasethe health promotion budget by
580 new council houses toincreasethe highlands education capital budget
in his recent budget toincreasethe level of national insurance
bid for more money toincreasethe share of the budget
parliament is to try toincreasethe total budget for scotland
steps it is taking toincreaserecruitment of special constables s1w
practical steps to improve andincreasethat dialogue we would be
i certainly took steps toincreasethe use of the district
action it is taking toincreaseaccessibility for disabled people to
action is it taking toincreasethis proportion s1w 22126 mary
or two there was anincreasebut the level then flattened
the level of experience willincreasemore junior deputes are with
that the level of eitherincreaseor decrease would necessarily reflect
at joint ministerial level toincreasethe basic state pension to
to ensure that local authoritiesincreasethe level of ozone damaging
contains a clear requirement toincreasethe level of support for
the requirements of historic buildingsincreasethe required level of insulation
and supports their efforts toincreaseaction to meet the un
expect such action to helpincreasecensus return rates i hope
action is being taken toincreasethe employment rates of disadvantaged
action has been taken toincreasethe quality and variety of
2001 also requires a majorincreasein housing advice from the
able to access housing willincreaseour view is that the
of any new development toincreaserural housing stock we propose
taken to tackle such anincreases1w 24858 mary scanlon to
measures are being taken toincreasethe employment opportunities of those
understand the marking that wouldincreaseconsiderably both the pay and
osteoporosis such as a slightincreasein both the risk of
through local outlets across scotlandincreasethe payments available for farmers
current debate surrounding proposals toincreasethe powers currently available to
people away from repeat offencesincreasethe range of disposals available
2003 04 that will substantiallyincreasethe resources available for core
the act and ii anyincreaseattributable to the act in
man didn t feel anyincreasein his pulse any insistent
they accept or reject anyincreasein long term council debt
local authorities on any possibleincreasein road construction and maintenance
scotland bill agrees to anyincreasein the sums payable out
been made of any possibleincreasein the volume of heavy
its estimate is of anyincreasein traffic flows along local
sub paragraph 1 but anyincreaseshall be not greater than
nitrogen on the land toincreaseyields was banned any flouting
would abolish tuition fees andincreasefinancial support for students thanks
there is a real termsincreasein direct support for current
less favoured areas did theincreasein support for less favoured
are not asking for anincreasein the support for individual
beyond the age of 16increasesupport for schemes aimed at
of dropping out through truancyincreasethe opportunities for parental support
which we support strongly willincreasethe population of the eu
be effective at changing behaviourincreasethe provision of support services
arable land productivity continues toincreasefor 20 years until it
to recognise and address theincreasein recent years in the
judging by the kind ofincreasein roll over six years
last four years whereas theincreasein state benefits for the
identifying factor is likely toincreaseover the next 10 years
next three years we willincreasethat with a new 20million
next three years we willincreasethat with a new fund
9 agreed to section 10increasein fixed penalty 14 15
democrats opposition to the 10increasein taxation on the north
recent announcement of a 10increasein taxation on the north
democrats opposition to the 10increasein taxation on the north
section 10 provides for anincreasein the fixed penalty if
20001 2002 and to restrictincreaseto 10 in each of
prescriptions if so what thisincreasehas been and whether it
precognition teams initially so theincreasehas been from five to
the three year period thatincreasehas been more dramatic in
or so and if theincreasehas come through yet i
developments in relation to theincreasein disabled customers that has
rivers has resulted in anincreasein migratory fish stocks and
of the virus and theincreasein resistance has allowed the
there has been no overwhelmingincreasein scholastic activity we should
brown there has been anincreasein stealth taxes that cannot
susan deacon the waiting listincreasein tayside has been due
has led to a markedincreasein the consumption of tobacco
has led to a hugeincreasein university applications while the
has a superb opportunity toincreaseits own accessibility to the
stewardship has resulted in anincreaseof 103 to the average
has been described already willincreaseor reduce that but about
for about 6m of theincreasethe design team has identified
of cowboy builders and toincreaseconsumer protection through a national
gordon brown s decision toincreaseemployers national insurance contributions to
that fife will receive anincreasegreater than the national average
the figures illustrate a nationalincreasein that type of work
brown s recent decision toincreasenational insurance contributions will serve
burden that the national insuranceincreasewill have on smaller organisations
provide as the national insuranceincreasewill obviously affect their budgets
the light of the anticipatedincreasein admissions over the millennium
announced last week was theincreasein fifg over the baseline
figures for scotland show anincreaseof 12 over the same
figures for scotland show anincreaseof 12 over the same
capita and what the cumulativeincreasewas over this period s1w
with time that proportion willincreasefurther because the credit will
its operation is needed toincreasefurther water quality standards and
there will be a furtherincreasein bursaries this year i
there will be a furtherincreaselater this year tommy sheridan
rejoining the nhs a furtherincreaseof 250 in the student
the reason for the apparentincreasewe will incur further capital
bore the brunt of theincreasewhen we add in further
significantly upgraded in order toincreasecapacity in each year since
substantially upgraded in order toincreasecapacity in each year since
with a 1 2 billionincreasefor local government by year
year that is a realincreasei will give examples from
what impact this year sincreasein water and sewerage rates
in scotland which is anincreaseon last year that compares
be needed next year toincreasethose rates the convener that
short supply those numbers willincreasebecause we have to meet
greater patient choice we willincreasecapacity in the nhs by
the rio agreement and willincreaseglobal warming supported by mr
severely undermined by the 33increasein corporation tax which will
will continue to consider theincreasein the volume of parliamentary
a demand that will clearlyincreaseit is difficult to identify
will be produced organically thatincreasemust be matched by an
state pension will continue toincreaseonly with prices means testing
will lose an opportunity toincreaseour access to people in
in their lifetime we willincreasethe availability of services for
of their communities we willincreasethe choice people have in
teaching of community languages willincreasethe status of those languages
pressure in rural areas toincreasetheir viability we will take
maximum by which they willincreasethere have been similar achievements
school o- our roll willincreasewhen we move into this
older scottish tongue will continuallyincreasewith the fuller development of
go away and it willincreasewith time all sorts of
services to complement nhs servicesincreasethe provision of health services
that have led to theincreasein cases being marked no
that have led to theincreasein cases being marked no
that have led to theincreasein cases being marked no
are being made now toincreaseperformance among young people in
currently planning in order toincreasecapacity s1w 19656 nora radcliffe
broken down by the proposedincreasein a uniformed and b
that there would be anincreasein activities such as snaring
had an average of 15increasein august and a staggering
rubella mmr vaccine with theincreasein cases of autistic spectrum
can lead to a suddenincreasein certain types of report
practice in recognition of theincreasein community based teaching s1w
so that all children canincreasein confidence and pride in
must be matched by anincreasein consumer demand and the
would probably lead to anincreasein consumption that point is
catch members eyes given theincreasein demand that led you
in the pension and theincreasein earnings rather than prices
a declining population without anincreasein effort though without data
between a 40 and 60increasein energy efficiency across domestic
if she d noticed anincreasein interest we ve had
not changing apart from anincreasein its volume we were
the responsibility without an appropriateincreasein my salary without appropriate
the impact of the potentialincreasein nephrops fishing on stocks
pay rise because of theincreasein ni contributions indeed as
were not related to anincreasein organic improved grassland animals
a sensible use if theincreasein organic rough grassland were
questions that they ask theincreasein parliamentary questions since 1999
healthcraft hadn t noticed anincreasein people buying vitamins or
it called for a fourfoldincreasein places the scottish prison
secure accommodation and a substantialincreasein police officers visible in
high increases might avoid anincreasein postcode prescribing malcolm chisholm
necessarily be linked to anincreasein production it is self
and insert welcomes the significantincreasein proposed designation of sites
its concern at the significantincreasein proposed designations of sites
s improvements in section 15increasein rent for certain improvements
13 before section 52 insertincreasein rent landlord s improvements
service orders along with anincreasein secure accommodation and a
of the echr and theincreasein serious crime i also
glasgow office arising from anincreasein serious crime that increase
smuggling is leading to anincreasein smoking brian fitzpatrick i
4m of the increase theincreasein space is largely to
of the community was theincreasein taxation under the government
that there would be noincreasein taxation yet scots businesses
bureaucracy for teachers a significantincreasein teachers hours and new
its concern at the apparentincreasein the abuse of older
hand in hand with anincreasein the application of qualified
to three main factors anincreasein the building area from
fishin village an with theincreasein the fishin industry torry
be no liability for anincreasein the fixed penalty under
the circumstances in which anincreasein the fixed penalty would
their fellow passengers notes theincreasein the frequency of mobile
the extra impact of theincreasein the nhs prescription bill
the link between the annualincreasein the pension and the
and 1996 there was anincreasein the proportion of spend
majesty s government requesting anincreasein the scottish block s1o
achievable outcome would be anincreasein the use of the
raised relevant concerns about theincreasein the volume of questions
these assizes is a progressiveincreasein the volumes of the
of charge because of anincreasein thefts of damage to
provide pensioners with a decentincreasein their depleted state pensions
policy of a continuing steadyincreasein tobacco taxation which made
of scotland survey indicating anincreasein under age sex among
you have responded to theincreasein work load len higson
a concrete example of theincreasein work load our strategic
increase in serious crime thatincreaseis shown quite clearly in
really entitled to an averageincreaseof 18 in their weekly
to 965million in 1997 anincreaseof 36 since the 1980s
it is talking about anincreaseof 400 000 in its
nursing vacancies in scotland anincreaseof more than 500 since
have powers to act toincreaseor protect salmon stocks in
paradoxically that same decision mightincreaseother countries confidence in the
the dwp s efforts toincreaseparticipation in the eu social
maintain local links and accountabilityincreasepublic consultation and participation in
indicate how they intend toincreasepublic willingness to participate in
denominations in scotland today andincreasereligious tolerance we have no
my face in frailties iincreaseso strong and tall grows
committee encourages the executive toincreasetargeting of volunteering initiatives in
resulted in specific recommendations toincreasethe existing social work complement
for around 4m of theincreasethe increase in space is
no harm in trying toincreasethe professionalism of private landlords
that it is vital toincreasetheir coverage in scotland they
increases in fish stocks andincreasetheir opportunity to catch fish
to know their community andincreasetheir role in youth work
lower to work out whatincreasethere should be in money
tae play in this 119increasetocher for initiatives tae uphaud
been greatly expanded such anincreasewould normally go hand in
association for sleep apnoea toincreasethe public and professional understanding
but our job is toincreasethe public s understanding for
limit urges the executive toincreaseas a matter of urgency
the volume of work shouldincreaseconsiderably simply to put all
so how much of anincreasedoes that represent i have
this way if we canincreaseexports of whisky and haggis
a modern high quality serviceincreasefunds for the modernisation of
infirmary of edinburgh so theincreaseis not all that great
the question of how thatincreaseis used internally the business
to reverse the decision toincreasenorth of scotland water authority
bought and then abandoned toincreasenumbers of salmon running upriver
3billion to 1 7billion anincreaseof 26 however from 1997
editing by 1994 with anincreaseof staff and replacement of
longer term effects of thisincreaseon property prices rates and
do not talk of growthincreaseor augmentation we have a
develop the infrastructure needed toincreasescotland s share of the
gyms and other sports facilitiesincreasethe availability of school sports
pots outside front doors toincreasethe delight of the passer
debate is the need toincreasethe democratic legitimacy of the
of the newspapers helps toincreasethe diversity of media ownership
targets for the health serviceincreasethe length of time doctors
executive whether it intends toincreasethe monetary limit of 750
this may also help toincreasethe openness and transparency of
what scope there is toincreasethe proportion of electricity generated
a to establish targets toincreasethe proportion of land that
scottish executive s policy toincreasethe sustainable growth of scotland
scottish executive s policy toincreasethe sustainable growth of scotland
representation of the union wouldincreasethe union s influence at
which can be used toincreasethe use and appreciation of
to that problem is toincreaseaccessibility to facilities the more
reduce air fares and toincreaseair travel to scotland s
said that we tried toincreaseand strengthen our resources to
brand switching rather than toincreaseconsumption do not bear scrutiny
s priorities councils have toincreasecouncil tax well above the
party opposes the opportunity toincreaseinternational co operation to deal
be an estimated 62m theincreaseis attributed to three main
currently employs 321 staff theincreaseis largely attributable to consultative
higher to decide what taxincreasemotorists should pay and condemns
more people to get involvedincreaseopportunities for volunteering make it
authority are expected to reduceincreaseor remain the same s1w
and task forces and toincreaseparticipation it is perfectly acceptable
strive to improve access andincreaseparticipation sharing power and accountability
scottish airports are continuing toincreasesubstantially and notes the publication
scottish airports are continuing toincreasesubstantially and notes the publication
sufficiently parlous that we shouldincreasethat figure yet again to
though it was necessary toincreasethe charge to 1p local
equivalent to the highest standardincreasethe insulation requirement for walls
scottish parliament to review andincreasethe minimum sentence for convictions
the scottish executive not toincreasethe tax regulatory burden on
and grampian nhs board shouldincreasetheir efforts to recruit and
giving parents real opportunities toincreasetheir incomes we are getting
grahame leave out from toincreaseto end and insert to
that a government anxious toincreasetotal felicity needs to know
be liable to an automaticincreaseunder that section even when
possibilities for local figures mayincreasehowever they are not really
specific feasibility studies projects thatincreasesocial cohesion such as food
that a fixed penalty wouldincreaseonly if the original fixed
euro were that it wouldincreaseprice transparency when buying cds
would mean it would greatlyincreaseteacher training eh i mean
the scheme the proposal wouldincreasethe cost and might add
area clearly would eventually fatallyincreasethe starboard list hence the
revs you know the revsincreasem608: uh huh m642: because
charges and indeed the depreciationincreaseare substantially greater than is
laboratory tests demonstrated a significantincreasebetween the 1980s and 1990s
did not mention that theincreaseis below average he did
from cars is on theincreasem [censored: surname] told the meeting
up officers for street dutyincreasepolice efficiency by expanding the
is unhappy about the massiveincreasethat everyone recognises is going
at 0 25 w m2kincreasethe insulation requirement for floors
as the narrator starts thenincreasevolume between the two paragraphs
sheridan s1m 2050 bingo licenceincreaselodged on 26 june 2001

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