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survive on bursaries which despiteincreasesare unable to support a
pay for all nurses andincreasesin student bursaries the pay
commit himself to considering furtherincreasesto nurses bursaries malcolm chisholm
of the act and bincreasesattributable to the act in
consequence of the act andincreasesattributable to the act in
of the act and iiincreasesattributable to the act in
probably increases asthma it certainlyincreasesaccidents you know m818: aye
increases the traffic it probablyincreasesasthma it certainly increases accidents
of the people right itincreasesthe traffic it probably increases
will be accounted for byincreasesin health spending about 30
that the executive with recordincreasesin its spending for local
affects our expenditure the mainincreasesin my spending plans over
scottish executive what real termincreasesin nhs spending and planned
that even after those recordincreasesin spending at the end
manage public spending advocating substantialincreasesin spending on every occasion
households facing the biggest chargeincreases3 faslane and the anti
households facing the biggest chargeincreasesafter debate the amendment was
acknowledges the substantial real termincreasesin health resources since 1999
acknowledges the substantial real termincreasesin health resources since 1999
in countries like scotland actuallyincreasesemployment overall and benefits the
for advice within the overallincreasesin health and local authority
collection without prior negotiation onlyincreasesoverall indebtedness making it harder
scottish executive what the projectedincreasesin a road traffic levels
destinations in europe as thisincreasesthe volume of freight traffic
what we are doing aboutincreasesin expenditure across the departments
review compare with the percentageincreasesreceived by other executive departments
of scotland following recent fuelincreasesand b make representations to
godman s1m 681 fuel priceincreaseslodged on 22 march 2000
services staffing levels or alternativelyincreasesin council tax as stated
know that there have beenincreasesin staffing levels but for
no fewer than 53 taxincreasesmany people in scotland will
anything to reduce council taxincreasesto the level of inflation
year there have been unprecedentedincreasesin public expenditure as george
with poverty groups regarding theincreasesin water charges and initiatives
light of the proposed significantincreasesin water charges particularly in
were going to be significantincreasesin capital investment in housing
20 per cent those significantincreaseswill have a direct impact
a tobacco advertising ban andincreasesin taxation in real terms
poorest families have experienced realincreasesin their living standards since
career option the package includesincreasesin pay for all nurses
bilingual s awareness but alsoincreasesawareness of these issues for
have stability there are recordincreasesin the settlement for local
they would eventually result inincreasesin fish stocks and increase
made because of the highincreasesmight avoid an increase in
increase and including the cumulativeincreasessince vesting date in each
2m in addition to theincreasesin construction cost estimates identified
and contingencies at 6m theincreasesin cost will have to
because many of the costincreaseswere not connected to the
about 30 per cent byincreasesin the resources available to
the amount of time allocatedincreasesit s up to about
that is compatible with eitherincreasesor decreases in the amount
standards through annual education budgetincreasesthat average 9 7 per
government i welcome also theincreasesfor education at a recent
the main reasons for theincreasesthere is increased support for
valid point about national insuranceincreaseshaving a serious impact on
act the occurrence of sharpincreasesin the defined size of
between fish farming and theincreasesin toxic algal blooms colin
sources by 2010 with furtherincreasesto 2050 b achieving between
sector the snp welcomes fundingincreaseseven if in some cases
turnover and even more massiveincreasesin profits preferably calculated and
plus really aggressive marketing massiveincreasesin turnover and even more
scottish executive what the percentageincreaseswere in a water and
next generation comes along andincreasesthe difference between them and
to the community to otherincreasesin funding in the nhsis
the provision in the billincreasesthe maximum penalty available to
scottish executive there will beincreasesof 1 9 billion in
will not lead to furtherincreasesin waiting lists in tayside
in the table there areincreasesfor agricultural services agencies and
accounted for by the proposedincreasesin staff and how many
few years who do thoseincreaseshit worst of all they
ask the scottish executive whatincreasesor decreases have been applied
committee to investigate urgently theseincreasesthe scottish executive s response
address the problems there areincreasesin the programme which are
to scotland there will beincreasesof 800 million in 2001
of two or more languagesincreasescognitive and literate abilities and
funded with the sorts ofincreasesthat will secure them as
russia no dry cleaning whichincreasesthe shabbiness of the people
the financial settlement s budgetincreasesfor the enterprise and lifelong
number of blue flag beachesincreasesdramatically supported by trish godman
but the total of suchincreasesshall not exceed 100 of
just puzzled bessie s urgencyincreasesye mauna leave him nae

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