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as well ian jenkins yesindeedmichael russell we already have
and candlelight ceremonies at midnightindeedthat demand already exists i
managing and supervising sex offendersindeedthe parliament has already recognised
groups have already sprouted upindeedthey seem to be sprouting
behind time already mrs mcintoshindeedwe are however unwillingly i
discuss enforcement of the schemeindeedwe have already done so
wood which is very straightindeedafter she is satisfied that
social life is very limitedindeedand i would like to
remarks are really very crudeindeedand made in harsh voices
members take it very seriouslyindeedbut we are getting to
a very very special childindeedhe reflected after a few
mystical sacrifices it was foreshadowedindeedin a very crude and
thought pei is very niceindeedlow rolling farmlands full of
round them very very quicklyindeedm1013: very good yeah f1054:
be a very effective bodyindeedonce it is fully set
her thoughts are very relevantindeedremembering that the debate centred
basking walrus very like itindeedshe would have put up
very fine and scarce itemsindeedsome were unique the success
is a very serious problemindeedthe third age group affair
the very beginning in 1994indeedthere was a difference of
with this mismatch very wellindeedthey learn that there is
session i am very pleasedindeedto associate my colleagues and
but a very different personindeedunable to comprehend the change
evidence to be very usefulindeedwe have run a bit
students has been very positiveindeedwe now find that students
to speak french very fluentlyindeedwhereas in fact much like
your silence and was sorryindeedfor the cause i hope
to take place i hopeindeedi am sure that members
me for my first answerindeedi hope that he heard
of their career for othersindeedmany more i hope it
we will resist the amendmentindeedwe hope that mr matheson
mrs baxter s shoes wereindeedfar too small but it
busiest district court mrs mcintoshindeedit is i am thinking
mrs mcfarlane was unconvinced maybeindeedit was all the rage
as all that mrs boyterindeedit was mrs laing you
place for them rowland noindeedquietly to mrs beaumont run
was most revered and whichindeedconstituted divinity incarnate this act
he or she was workingindeedmost people praised their environment
powers as a writer areindeedmost prominent in this book
into american or australian orindeedscottish english for most school
in edinburgh been the mostindeedso far the only controversial
particularly lubeck and hamburg andindeedsome of the most impressive
the time required the convenerindeedfor the purpose of getting
relationships the convener it isindeedi think that local government
individual proprietors convener the convenerindeedjamie i propose also to
widespread phenomenon the convener councilsindeedmake policy but surely there
crystallise our view the convenerindeedthat is why we are
set in stone the convenerindeedthe code of conduct is
expand on that the convenerindeedwould it be appropriate to
and might go far andindeedhe has sir david represented
the same journey to makeindeedi would go so far
jewish reviewer wrote there isindeedno other book so far
boards dr murray that mayindeedbe the case but there
sentences the grammatical awareness mayindeedextend the learner s perception
across the narrow party dividesindeedit may have encouraged him
of a good landing placeindeedit may have possessed a
to fund a smack habitindeedmedieval justice may be a
key to our future prosperityindeedpublic services may be able
due to age and disabilityindeedthey may face discrimination on
course of their nomadic existenceindeedthey may have returned on
has ever tackled them beforeindeedwe may have started processes
of rural sub post officesindeed11 the government has placed
government can take oppositions andindeedits own back benches for
civic government scotland act 1982indeedthe consultation paper on the
that the scottish government orindeedthe uk government had gone
our first presiding officer hasindeedbeen an historic one presiding
gap for older people andindeedfor all our people scotland
custody of the brain throughoutindeedfronted by our marvellous security
that affect our daily livesindeedi think that sir david
beautiful of our ballads andindeedof all ballads adolescent groups
expect that to happen overnightindeedour own federal pre general
b c g medicine isindeedrevolutionising our life it seems
parliament for nearly 300 yearsindeedthis is our first ever
our driveway once a weekindeedthis was a typically enduring
wigtownshire place names if innermessanindeedhad one of those institutions
budget is now in placeindeedmy constituency argyll and bute
heritage of gaelic place namesindeedthe majority of locality names
so many times and wasindeeddiscussed by lawrence burrell a
not allowed to speak itindeedmany of us have grown
per cent in 1997 98indeedmany pensioners who have benefited
of many people throughout scotlandindeedmany people who make such
ve sent back as manyindeedmore persons than in m608:
have effect or is cancelledindeedalarm bells might be ringing
before in any policy areaindeedit might never occur again
a point of view mightindeedprove quite fruitful mine was
experience they are necessary orindeedwhether further conditions might be
first world war we areindeedhere to talk about the
necessarily their mothers freud wasindeedreiterating a principle first articulated
london founded in 1907 andindeedthe first appointment in this
language learning can be promotedindeedthe first steps in language
ministerial statement on care developmentindeedthe first time that such
have been considered possible thatindeedwas where i first heard
not written by moses norindeedwere any of the first
they wish to continue negotiationsindeedas recently as last week
and practices of modern governanceindeedi was in london last
was subsequently his chief whipindeedi was the last chief
this last period are knownindeedstevenson himself referred tothe standard
the colliers servitude was mildindeedyet even in the last
i like to be stretchedindeedi am no slouch i
am retiring voluntarily this timeindeedi am now retiring for
a series of worthy causesindeedspeaking for myself i am
can take an independent approachindeedas we saw this morning
of the united kingdom orindeedeurope to take up nursing
of the minister s commentsindeedi can take issue only
of which i agree withindeedi take this opportunity to
we need that kind orindeedany kind of rehabilitative help
the index to toe orindeedany thesaurus which reveals the
another of my jackets orindeedanything i wanted to sell
and lifeboats were available orindeedat sea but no one
recommendations from this committee orindeedfrom the transport and the
up or do daft thingsindeedhe d long since learned
small or non aligned statesindeedit was an initiative by
or good [laugh] independently f718: indeed[laugh] arguably yeah yeah m017:
like a brotherly brother orindeedlike any kind of human
members of the committee orindeedother members of the parliament
for prioritising capital expenditure orindeedrevenue expenditure on dbfo transport
or whether the weather hadindeedsuffered some drastic change i
local sports facilities or cafesindeedthey cannot afford to use
to the scots language orindeedto the arts generally f785:
or separately to be consideredindeedvarious aspects of the functioning
what would happen if orindeedwhen the snp motion was
ithat relationship is working orindeedwhether it is working members
fundamental change was required orindeedwhether they rejected all the
one to the other orindeedwhich we are receiving the
the church of scotland orindeedwithin other protestant and reformed
can we expect further announcementsindeedany announcements about improvements to
have any 42 yet ifindeedthe two men did meet
have touched their consciences ifindeedthey have any 42 yet
major effect of the billindeedalmost its entire effect would
the uk at present andindeedaustralia which would present significant
pianoforte wp xi this wouldindeedbe the best way to
him is disaggregation that wouldindeedbe virgin will the deputy
would be an odd pastimeindeedbit fur eence the wizard
of opportunities for remoter areasindeedbusinesses especially on lewis would
thought that it would andindeedin the way that parliament
an inquiry into the departmentindeedit would be helpful if
not be a fair oneindeedit would constitute an unnecessary
childhood sexuality it is probableindeedthat he would have rejected
would have become intimate friendsindeedthe reverse would have been
in more locations derek feeleyindeedwe would need to have
to make her a poetindeedbut for now janie is
now appreciate that we areindeedin deep water because there
remains true now as thenindeedit is one of the
we favour the former andindeednow we have someone working
deputy presiding officer you areindeedyou must close now malcolm
content with that mr macintoshindeedwhen committee conveners and members
3513 whether the research wasindeedcommissioned and if so why
established whether the instrument couldindeedplay tunes 2 beautiful kittens
experience the tendering process hasindeedbeen a shambles it is
years ago has numerous relativesindeedeverybody in newhaven seems to
a giant in british politicsindeedhis influence and fame has
as it has been depictedindeedi think that the infrastructure
get more parties to agreeindeedjohn swinney has been in
approach to local economic developmentindeedthe european commission has in
of written accuracy are requiredindeedthe task has been selected
out new ideas and opportunitiesindeedthe voluntary sector has an
ancient literary and folk traditionsindeedthis distinctive scottish situation has
brand new spotlessly clean spaciousindeedluxurious oasis in the midst
new england spring scarcely existsindeedthe lack of a real
established in the new systemindeedthe new hierarchy of standards
new type of dictionary userindeedto a user community which
together as i have yesindeedand making five of it
the a82 north of tarbetindeedi have been urging the
of education in east lothianindeedi have sometimes been jealous
for licensing across local authoritiesindeedthey have often differed by
deliver a social justice agendaindeedvoluntary organisations have proved that
the rights of homeless peopleindeedwe have worked on a
are eligible do not claimindeed50 000 pensioners who are
be reassured that we areindeeda tolerant society depending on
the internet are they likelyindeedable to pronounce with clarity
local authority wards for exampleindeeddata are often produced for
in scotland are over 50indeedone can hear them casting
construction the capital charges andindeedthe depreciation increase are substantially
nor fowattis within thar housisindeedthe edinburgh burgh records are
people are the electorate andindeedthe politicians of the future
that hardness and angularity areindeedthe qualities which link it
in the earliest records andindeedthe scots forms are found
straightforward as clach na cùdainnindeedthere are a few whose
its lowest level for decadesindeedthere are increasing concerns about
victim but if speccy hadindeedbeen raped of his shoes
been overused throughout the pieceindeedmargaret nicol used the word
building had been beautifully restoredindeedthere was a lot of
seed i woke i didindeeda million years before the
this disgrace as well aheadindeedstretch years without time the
look forward to irene mcguganindeedin relation to scots there
for the preservation of scotsindeedperhaps for its revivification as
evidently not expected of usindeedthe use of scots in
to sustain themselves between projectsindeedagencies can be diverted from
will ensure that they canindeedbecome effective citizens of a
the steering group is andindeedhow we can raise the
that can write f718: ohindeedi meant really in in
english spelling grammar and vocabularyindeedthe reulis and cautelis can
troubles you can catch barefootindeedto visit a heathen shrine
not exhibit jumps in sizeindeedwe can demonstrate continuity in
figure out of the airindeedmr matheson proposed 10 people
re aw the same carolanneindeedthey re not cutting people
5 per cent des hudsonindeedbut if we consider allan
[laugh] m939: [laugh] f940: in-indeedbut mine if m942: i
burns if he did notindeedimitate him macintosh p 14
that if the song wasindeedin her repertoire then she
s not done apparently ifindeedthere is a secret ingredient
had not followed it ifindeedthey had heard of it
grand job it is doingindeedit also sent us the
gives food for thought rowlandindeedit shows us a worthy
lot of work in progressindeedthat presented us with some
intellectually he had matured quicklyindeedhis father said of him
tower and queen s bowerindeedit arguably had two of
her two design flaws hadindeedshown up in minor incidents
the bible as traditionally believedindeedthe whole hebrew bible had
in my own country asindeedwas the child who had
suppressing community languages and couldindeedbe a form of institutionalised
o them a hunger foodindeedbut they could be used
century scotland and later andindeedearlier you could easily illustrate
of practice affects such activityindeedit could be argued that
could think m1007: oh ayeindeedthat s enough to suggest
the increase in ni contributionsindeedas the employer the nhs
greenock small and uncanny worldindeedbut as chic murray said
as polarised as pennant suggestedindeeddiack collecting material on deeside
for the united kingdom andindeedfor the commonwealth as a
we will hear that againindeedfrom back benchers as well
janie as a potential poetindeedher love of literature is
well as andgiet understanding intellectindeedi find it difficult to
the group as being substantiveindeedit verges on the chimerical
wi ruth as a littlinindeedkate wis ay there the
of language as structure andindeedstructuralism as a model in
the west of scotland andindeedthe nation as a whole
was given as dalneich andindeedthis was the pronunciation known
floor the water was hotindeedand we began to relax
rural areas alike i wasindeedfortunate to be living then
and no long term remitindeedits remit was switched midway
that was submitted that wasindeedthe case and highland council
for the consequences for theseindeedthe shorter catechist was ever
nonetheless it was the shoulderindeedthen there s arnie again
not be carried out effectivelyindeedthere was a strong argument
proper report for the parliamentindeedi did not particularly want
from the european committee andindeedthe parliament on the issue
morrison s commitment to gaelicindeedthe scottish parliament information centre
charges relate to other mattersindeedi assume that a lot
s phone being tapped andindeedthe phones of other trade
this final legal definition norindeedthat the more significant barley
scaremongering to get more resourcesindeedwhat about tony blair s
and wealth in some areasindeeda recent report in the
gallie some information alloway isindeedin my constituency which covers
some pairt to play andindeedthat s pairt o the
luggage too which is somethingindeedanyway the main thing is
palm nothing jars the sensesindeedthe lovely small houses which
is clear to me andindeeda large number of leading
for andy s stink isindeedfilling the room i should
ennui o the ithers anindeedhis neurosis is different a
of ways to ensure thatindeedit is a shame that
the poem is read aloudindeedit is difficult to read
is actually in there noindeedit s an absolute genetic
the sequence but it isindeedme evie henry tough it
burns supper robert burns isindeedone of scotland s truly
hard to quantify this isindeedpart of the justification for
of education and go nowhereindeedthat group is the greatest
ground bill swann that isindeedthe case the bill seeks
to show that imitation isindeedthe sincerest form of flattery
introduce similar private sector verificationindeedto an extent that is
living languages diachronic change isindeedvirtually a diagnostic sign of
i said you know andyindeedi do she murmured sexily
need for an action planindeedin your introduction you said
honour ye ken yer lawindeedsaid lauder i hae plenty
explain its situation for itselfindeedcathy jamieson and i were
the degree m734: yeah erindeedbut they f718: [inaudible] handy
they got the food thereindeedthe guides didn t seem
in regular contact with themindeedthey meet them at every
oedipal struggles were woefully protractedindeedthey were never successfully worked
over with him why notindeedi wrote the artist s
eyes glared redly grey faceindeedmacphail s not my fornicating
not only desirable but requiredindeedone of the best speeches
of important debate negotiation andindeedtreaty not just in recent
hae the deevil s wordindeedgin men heed you we
the hilltop where we wereindeedrewarded with spectacular views over
corruption of the old nameindeedbut a gaelic rather than
a hard kind of humourindeedbut it comes straight out
of the scottish executive andindeedof the industry but i
exactly three such units andindeedthe larger pint of about
making it hard to defineindeeda study of the literature
excellent record of community involvementindeedfor the reasons that elaine
of that committee meeting andindeedfurther committee meetings in the
the three categories of landindeedi draw robin harper s
apply in the uk andindeedin different parts of the
of sexual offender treatment placesindeedit called for a fourfold
you dr monteith mr monteithindeedon monday the chairman of
lives of the present staffindeedpart of the package of
a lack of vision 3indeedthe executive published a review
tackle all sorts of prejudiceindeedthe initiative that i mentioned
transport volunteer recruitment and communicationindeedthe method of taking evidence
and no red cards yetindeedwith the benefit of hindsight
the work be taken seriouslyindeedi think at different times
give evidence to the committeeindeedit will be submitting written
basis for the prepared presentationindeedduring the prepared presentation students
continue in use for centuriesindeedthe english standards sent in
just sort it out yesindeedthe opportunities for light hearted
lot on what constitutes leadershipindeedwartime analogies were quite common
sadie i will i willindeedagnes come oan lassie takes
i got the job elbaindeedgin that he s sic
the voluntary sector robert brownindeedi accept that entirely however
george lakoff and mark johnsonindeedi ve put the d
my comrade ally colleague andindeedsister johann lamont that i
feet about in the pastindeedit s hard to reconcile
love eternal wis rinnin strangindeedo it s het abune
proud and thriving music sceneindeedan industry and shetland plays
wholeheartedly with the plan andindeedbecame so enthusiastic that he
a consultant s remit andindeedchoose the consultant developers should
communicative approach to methodology andindeedhawkins acknowledges that the second
imported from the european continentindeedin the preface and chapter
ensure that school meals andindeedthe wider curriculum reflect a
quinan acted perfectly competently andindeedtimeously within the existing rules
seen that improved partnership workindeedthe executive considers the sector
a penny the piece missusindeedcam the repone an she
the monarch being a catholicindeedjames ii an avowed catholic
address those shortcomings craig russellindeedmiss goldie the uk civil
drink chp waïne chp waïneindeedthe natives always waïning nevah
her wad gie her powerindeedshe thocht he ll answer
indian girl sink jack whyindeedbeaumont to himself sink jack
sinatra s moon river vivaindeedclublines vegas goes west monthly
unlike an extraordinary love affairindeedgertrude stein warned robert graves

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