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agency and b the scottishindependentadvocacy alliance s1w 27533 irene
safeguards agency and the scottishindependentadvocacy alliance will play in
social services pe436 access toindependentadvocacy pe440 provision of care
it monitors the progress ofindependentadvocacy programmes in nhs boards
have frozen funds available forindependentadvocacy programmes in the current
plans to take to progressindependentadvocacy programmes in the current
carer d a person providingindependentadvocacy services to the patient
person is detained is providingindependentadvocacy services to the specified
patient of the availability ofindependentadvocacy services under section 182
he could not access theindependentappeals panel the fact that
the point in having anindependentpanel if it cannae correct
councillors make policy not anindependentpanel our argument was to
user s case to theindependentpanel to let the chairman
taken various appeals to theindependentpanel which can only recommend
00 the convener is anindependentreview panel such as that
in living healthy active andindependentlives 09 53 mr kenneth
who enjoy active healthy andindependentlives and to help older
in living healthy active andindependentlives supported by lewis macdonald
in living healthy active andindependentlives that is the target
in living healthy active andindependentlives the presiding officer that
to see healthy active andindependentolder people who lead happy
council of ministers as anindependentnation although we might not
easier were scotland a normalindependentnation i say to sarah
to be represented as anindependentnation state although i hope
recognised olympic committee for eachindependentnation state is pleased that
in such events as anindependentnation state we should not
and that the right ofindependentnation states is prevailing over
nation some time ago scotsindependentthe fundamentalist wing of the
in this country is activeindependentand will not listen to
allergy clinics in scotland pe432independentcomplaints review panels social services
police complaints body put theindependentjudicial appointments board process on
will legislate to establish anindependentpolice complaints body put the
that the case for anindependentpolice complaints tribunal is now
mrs margaret ewing s1m 1274independentpolice complaints tribunal lodged on
sheridan s1m 1274 tommy sheridanindependentpolice complaints tribunal that the
o msps fae sindry pairtiesindependentmsps an group individuals an
of msps from different partiesindependentmsps and individuals and organisations
the sindry political pairties anindependentmsps in the pairlament committees
the sindry political pairties anindependentmsps in the pairlament monie
the various political parties andindependentmsps in the parliament committees
the various political parties andindependentmsps in the parliament many
msps fae aw pairties anindependentmsps scowth tae mak new
msps from all parties andindependentmsps the opportunity to scrutinise
is that it must beindependentand remain independent the deputy
s counsel more open andindependentestablish an independent scottish human
be absolutely independent which meansindependentof the great powers why
it mentions independent schools andindependentprovision and talks about traditional
about care services it mentionsindependentschools and independent provision and
open and independent establish anindependentscottish human rights commission civil
and independent sector voluntary andindependentsector organisations reach many parts
service back the voluntary andindependentsector voluntary and independent sector
must be independent and remainindependentthe deputy presiding officer we
be seen to be absolutelyindependentwhich means independent of the
by motion to establish anindependentcommittee of inquiry on student
establish a statutory right toindependentdebt and money advice and
steps to establish a scottishindependentgreyhound racing regulatory body to
it intends to establish anindependentlegal inquiry to investigate a
in local communities establish anindependentscottish human rights commission bring
which is on free andindependentaccess to advice services for
scottish executive to invest inindependentadvice agencies which are at
in advancing the establishment ofindependentadvice and advisory services for
have equality of access toindependentadvice and information services and
on local authorities to provideindependentadvice and more important to
where i did not haveindependentadvice from the food standards
a statutory duty to provideindependentadvice george reid s point
it is difficult to getindependentadvice ms macdonald none of
statutory duty adequately to fundindependentadvice services the new burdens
on local authorities to provideindependentadvice that is essential george
distance from government to provideindependentadvice to government on matters
provide funding and advice toindependentand smaller arts and culture
by which pensioners may receiveindependentfinancial advice in relation to
older people will receive fullyindependentfinancial advice prior to the
in order to provide genuinelyindependentmoney debt and legal advice
isea scotland isea stands forindependentspecial education advice which is
scottish parliament to hold anindependentand public inquiry into the
to student representatives on theindependentcommittee of inquiry into student
total cost was of theindependentcommittee of inquiry into student
regarding the recommendations of theindependentcommittee of inquiry into student
through the appointment of anindependentcommittee of inquiry s1m 172
through the appointment of anindependentcommittee of inquiry s1m 172
the parliament calls for anindependentinquiry into hepatitis c and
committee to carry out anindependentinquiry into local government finance
the presiding officer whether anindependentinquiry into the circumstances surrounding
whether it will convene anindependentinquiry into the future of
list who will conduct theindependentinquiry into the processing and
744 mr kenny macaskill craigmillarindependentinquiry that the parliament notes
if that establishment is anindependenthospital in which treatment or
commending the establishment of anindependentstate of palestine existing peacefully
unroc recommended the establishment ofindependentstatutory offices to promote children
making and the establishment ofindependentstatutory offices to promote children
should be included in anindependentassessment but originally the view
also called for a fullindependentassessment everyone in the chamber
the national infrastructure and theindependentassessment increased as time went
the responsible body and howindependentassessment is being handled the
about the scope of theindependentassessment of readiness for 2000
is taking to provide forindependentassessment of snagging problems on
instigate a full and properindependentassessment of the results of
executive to initiate an immediateindependentassessment of these and other
submitted in any form forindependentassessment or audit and if
is a result of anyindependentassessment or evaluation of sst
on to the stage ofindependentassessment that comes through in
hawaii was acknowledged as anindependentkingdom by treaties with all
the separate language of anindependentkingdom came to an abrupt
between his two sons theindependentkingdom of mallorca was ruled
into the language of anindependentkingdom on the northumberland side
matter for the united kingdomindependentpay review body i hope
1077 the balearics became anindependenttaifa kingdom dedicated to piracy
the presiding officer what aindependentand b external review processes
process closely the review isindependentand will be robust and
mr william mccormack is aboutindependentappeals and review panels you
scottish ballet restore its ownindependentboard and review its links
and practice review unit isindependentin the sense that it
teachers that a system ofindependentpay review for university academic
serving on the so calledindependentreview and that the same
new parliament given that theindependentreview group on retention of
have called for an urgentindependentreview of one aspect of
contract subject to an urgentindependentreview of one aspect of
affairs on setting up anindependentreview of the appeals process
there must be a fullindependentreview of the methods and
scotland we will implement anindependentreview of the scottish arts
for public service workers theindependentreview s recent 3 per
s amendment and get theindependentreview that is required to
bruce crawford where is theindependentreview to get to the
quality and practice review unitindependentyou said that it was
elderly women who are leadingindependentlives prior to a similar
signing a concordat with theindependentand voluntary sector in similar
signing a concordat with theindependentand voluntary sector in similar
the voluntary sector must remainindependentbill aitken i have read
voluntary sector we established anindependentcommission under jean mcfadden to
allow the sector to beindependenteven if we wanted to
the voluntary sector has beenindependentfrom government and that independence
if the sector was notindependentit would lose one of
than double that for anindependentor voluntary sector residential care
executive to allow a moreindependentrole for the voluntary sector
name and allow a moreindependentrole for the voluntary sector
executive to allow a moreindependentrole for the voluntary sector
increasingly in practice nationally theindependentrole of the sector i
is a case for anindependentscottish voluntary sector development fund
high it was in theindependentsector and had a very
scotland and on the scottishindependentsector and will inevitably be
communities empower the voluntary andindependentsector enabling the dynamism and
in which the voluntary orindependentsector has a democratic legitimacy
society where the voluntary andindependentsector is recognised as a
principle of partnership with theindependentsector to the delivery of
and begin discussions with theindependentsector with a view to
nhs and the voluntary andindependentsectors to improve the care
people the commissioner will beindependentand will have regard to
political party or as anindependentindividual coalition a formal arrangement
political pairty or as anindependentindividual coalition a formal arrangement
government is a distinct entityindependentof the political party or
to create a new andindependentoffice for a commissioner for
we were to appoint anindependentstandards commissioner would not he
young people the commissioner isindependentthe commissioner should cover all
able to go back toindependentliving afterwards and need expensive
their own or to sustainindependentliving as a result that
osteoporosis patients return to fullindependentliving the 50 per cent
ye can staund as anindependentindividual candidate or jine a
you can stand as anindependentindividual candidate or join a
is urgent need for anindependentombudsman to hear individual subsidy
s position is that anindependentscotland would be an individual
dunbar it will commission anindependentanalysis of the production processes
year once a newly createdindependentcommission has considered the issues
be a case for anindependentcommission similar to malcolm chisholm
he s setting up theindependentcommission to look into cultural
to operate as a genuinelyindependentand credible investigatory body able
recognises the need for anindependentbody to be established with
authority which will be anindependentbody will take over the
us all acting as anindependentbody with an adviser we
the full powers of anindependentsovereign state 10 10 mr
make a difference a viableindependentsovereign state could make its
the full powers of anindependentsovereign state the deputy presiding
states the judges shall beindependentand shall not engage in
member states all of themindependentcountries that will have a
palestinians requiring two separate andindependentstates is further concerned that
must be seen to beindependentwhat considerations will motivate states
on acting as as anindependentthird party to provide landlords
believes that a full andindependentinvestigation should be undertaken into
resourced and acknowledges than anindependentscotland with full control over
educational needs including those attendingindependentschools are assessed and supported
erm and both went toindependentschools erm and again quite
theme can be extended toindependentschools we must fiercely guard
the person currently remains anindependentassessor and the process by
to put in place anindependentcertification process through the internal
authority joint or special boardindependentauthority local authority public agency
favour the option of anindependentauthority which will require separate
believes that the use ofindependentgovernment inspectors working for the
became keen on a scottishindependentgovernment myself at the age
the scottish government open toindependentlegal challenge if the contracts
recognition that organisations outwith andindependentof government can not only
only that judges must beindependentbut that they must be
a job and make herselfindependentof murray it must be
gamekeepers association calling for anindependentinvestigation into the impact of
scottish parliament to initiate anindependentinvestigation into the impact of
into this with our localindependentschool and said to them
into account by the newindependentwomen s equality group announced
the group considert haein anindependentevent showcasing the scots leid
executive what consideration the newindependentwomen s equality group will
decision by the liberal democratindependentadministration which will see children
this work led to theindependentconstruction by the children of
the children for writing theirindependentversion of such an information
meet the criteria of beingindependentand accountable to the local
meet the criteria of beingindependentand accountable to the local
national cultural institutions while backingindependentand local projects to promote
additional 3 million will beindependentof local authorities given any
rejected all the options anindependentanalysis of the responses has
are awarded you undertake anindependentand widely defined appraisal of
which we can take anindependentapproach indeed as we saw
they were appointed as anindependentassessor s1w 11810 bruce crawford
the parliament supports the aberdeenindependentcampaign for an integrated detoxification
well because it provides anindependentchairman who because of his
steps towards scotland becoming anindependentcountry in the european union
to be investigated by anindependentinvestigator one convener suggested that
as scotland is not anindependentmember of the european union
federation of subpostmasters is anindependentmembership organisation and trade union
the matter and provided anindependentreport kate maclean dundee west
collected and believes that anindependentresearch study requires to be
parliament the creation of anindependentscottish broadcasting corporation would be
proposed the introduction of anindependentsubsidiarity watchdog although we have
an accusation then ye needindependentwitnesses at least twa baith
care standards act 2000 andindependenthospital has the meaning given
securing contributions from the moreindependentand productive minds who were
guardian the ft and theindependentcannot account for more than
by at least fifteen otherindependentmonarchies within the commonwealth more
f1038: he s actually moreindependentthan he was [laugh] that
nominations for the posts ofindependentassessors will be placed in
techniques will be subject toindependentoversight and there will be
will be a comprehensive andindependentstudy providing robust information on
figure the judges will beindependentthey will not represent the
completed its housing strategy throughindependentresearch it has identified that
of cards simple sentence cardsindependentclauses which are capable of
quality of language which isindependentof social evaluation this is
not in favour of theindependentsetting of interest rates which
contract you insisted on beingindependentand self employed so you
heritage trust being the onlyindependentoperator in scotland to achieve
for the scottish market theindependenteffectively produces a unified edition
scottish people while still politicallyindependentfrom england quickly acquired the
for scottish penal establishments isindependentfrom the scottish prison service
the scottish executive to appointindependentprofessional consultants to examine the
of newsprint the times telegraphindependenttoday guardian glasgow herald scottish
in slogans we believe inindependentcommunities they believe only in
they cannot be described asindependentalthough i agree with the
you be confident that theindependentassessments that have been commissioned
to be some sort ofindependentmechanism perhaps standing slightly outside
are today a proud andindependentpeople it may be that
be significant additional costs forindependentretailers because they would have
since they would not beindependentthey suggest that the national
it were any sort ofindependenttribunal she would certainly be
those who have served asindependentassessors in relation to public
members can see who theindependentassessors were our professional experts
policy tools as scotland sindependentcompetitors focussed on delivering the
policy tools as scotland sindependentcompetitors focussed on delivering the
policy tools as scotland sindependentcompetitors focussed on delivering the
control and established them asindependentincorporated bodies there are 46
long winded first as theindependentjudicial appointments system is about
a wide range of individualsindependentorganisations and associations as well
countries such as scotland withindependentsystems of jurisprudence and a
scotland no credit unions noindependentdrug addiction projects no alcoholics
ensure that scotland has adequateindependentrepresentation on the strategic rail
the olympics despite their nonindependentstatus recognises that scotland competes
to develop their capacity forindependentand creative work a range
m636: before eh india becameindependentand it was a chap
other words the guardian theindependentand the financial times des
us copies of their ownindependentassessments and reports we have
her nineties she was physicallyindependentbut failing sight and progressive
of the guardian and theindependentdo you have any evidence
the funding of regional andindependentmuseums s1w 31105 mr keith
reference to health service bodiesindependentproviders and registered social landlords
conservation measures based on soundindependentscience and the involvement of
waste by 2010 and furtherindependenttargets for recycling of fridges
international olympic committee also recognisesindependentterritories commonwealths protectorates and geographical
the youth hostels association andindependentyouth hostels for the opportunity
s1m 2687 untenable position ofindependentassessors lodged on 1 february
we have a string ofindependentclauses just loosely linked together
mrs laurence it constituted validindependentconfirmation of having achieved grown
in their initial attempts atindependentconstruction of texts teaching genres
different sets of costs theindependentcost consultants report on the
of the countries that becameindependentfrom britain during the intervening
it wishes it is notindependentin the sense of sitting
in contrast quickly become whollyindependentof parental support both at
now had our own systemindependentof that of the school
contentious issue is that ofindependentverifiers it is understandable that
covering small units of locationindependentwork s1w 34921δ maureen macmillan
the maps or so theindependentreported on our flight across
is cantankerous thrawn or downrightindependentis not paid for someone
out within quality schemes byindependentoutside bodies not by the
in society it is robustlyindependentits activities are for the
companies to display brands forindependentoutlets tobacco companies usually square
decision by the liberal democratindependentcouncil administration to withdraw free
the countries that have becomeindependentfrom britain want to get
i appeal to those membersindependentspirit in a letter to
on the blackboard or ohpindependentconstruction having examined specimen texts
us hear from the rightindependentmargo macdonald on the regeneration
from introducing tobacco control policiesindependentstudies show that reducing tobacco
about base quantities properly byindependentaudit before i could sign
notes that this places theindependentrepair shops at a severe
notes that this places theindependentrepair shops at a severe
bring large scale economic benefitsindependentresearch suggests that the united
the phonemes under study theindependentvariable was the sub sets
sentences are largely main clausesindependentclauses linked if at all
it was appropriate that someoneindependentdid it mr macintosh perhaps

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