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a choice of stanza whichindicatesher acknowledgement of the solemn
executive sarah boyack s letterindicatesthat her expectation is that
main point being that itindicatesthe speaker s low opinion
seicond an thrid wicht itindicatesthi speaker s intentions ensaumple
fact that craig is noddingindicatesthat he does craig russell
and insert latest medical adviceindicatesthat it would be safe
and insert latest medical adviceindicatesthat it would be safe
sixteenth century and another whichindicatesonly that there were 16
at each turn the teacherindicateswhich element is to be
at each turn the teacherindicateswhich element is to be
roman camp the name rerigoniumindicatesthe site was already a
sarah boyack s letter certainlyindicatesthat if she says that
needed bill swann mr jonesindicatesthat we agree with that
and gaelic the data collectedindicatesthat most widely spoken languages
choice of verse forms alsoindicateswhat he feels are fit
a statement from sepa thatindicatesthat it had informed the
practices if the legal adviceindicatesthat this can be done
review provisions the letter alsoindicatesthat the application of environmental
comment from the consultation draftindicatesthe shift that is being
committee rooms and other facilitiesindicatesthe success of both the
levels in this way itindicatesthe level of prior knowledge
express that concern but thatindicatessomething of which we should
age concern has provided whichindicatesthat reports of abuse of
document made in september 1994indicateshow they saw this we
some of the problems whichindicatesconcerns that for example sign
national institute for deaf peopleindicatessome of the problems that
10 of the cover noteindicatesthat a moorland working group
s aren t allowed toindicatesher feet pause he has
by the report the reviewindicatesthat action has already been
a walk that s allindicatesbeth she all right sadie
charter to the malting stillindicatesthe town boasted a brewery
action in its response coslaindicatesthat it has consulted section
budget i understand that itindicatesa growth in real expenditure
salvador s books a mapindicateshis residences zindis near florence
business if a member soindicatesthe motion will appear in
of scotland as the motionindicatesthe role of our first
parliament on 29 october 2001indicatesa move by her majesty
it s aboot this bigindicatesa bit ae paper tae
this house is a sheindicatesbig he s a doctor
the parliament notes that researchindicatesthat the current 50m exclusion
newspaper society that information whichindicatesthat a lot of people
their seats until a clerkindicatesto them that they should
bed closures as your reportindicatesno one can make any
and water services scotland billindicatesthat a wetland that is
about a year ago thatindicatesthat much work has been
education an culture an itindicatesthat scots is treatit as
the submission from lloyds pharmacyindicatesthat the company believes that
of january is attached itindicatesthat the executive intends to
conflagration this glimpse of terracingindicatesthat the houses of the
understanding of the english languageindicatesto me that that means
of sutherland that refusal clearlyindicatesto the parliament that she
at the floor where sheindicatesaye an anither bittie ower
as a retaining wall andindicatesit was part of a
end of world war iiindicatesthe character of the reaction
local government and the regionsindicateswhether it is allowable to
1997 [note: table here in original] the table aboveindicatesa fluctuating rise in tourism

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