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with the paper dr murrayindividuallearning accounts are part of
than text is information aboutindividuallearning accounts available to the
than english is information aboutindividuallearning accounts available to the
scottish enterprise and 10 000individuallearning accounts by highlands and
of delivery of 90 000individuallearning accounts by scottish enterprise
has to publish information aboutindividuallearning accounts in formats other
has to publish information aboutindividuallearning accounts in languages other
auditor general for scotland entitledindividuallearning accounts in scotland ags
scotland on his report entitledindividuallearning accounts in scotland ags
and 8 in private 2individuallearning accounts in scotland the
scotland sp paper 753 6individuallearning accounts in scotland the
made in relation to itsindividuallearning accounts initiative s1w 12253
those wishing to take outindividuallearning accounts s1w 9157 fergus
provider for the purpose ofindividuallearning accounts s1w 9158 fergus
evidence from the minister onindividuallearning accounts we raised the
variation is in which applicationsindividualauthorities decide are their priorities
think can decide on anindividualclaim either phil gallie i
workshops at faculty level andindividualconsultations to decide on the
let the chairman decide thatindividualhas been denied care for
promoting language learning notes thatindividualmember states decide which languages
promoting language learning notes thatindividualmember states decide which languages
it is then up toindividualmember states to decide on
that that is for theindividualmsp to decide i am
that puk would decide onindividualprojects on their individual merits
that she is content forindividualschools to decide for themselves
need to decide as anindividualwhat works for us in
a position to comment onindividualcases but i think that
child or young person althoughindividualcases can be referred to
we cannot get involved inindividualcases however one comment suggests
appropriate to the circumstances ofindividualcases our colleagues are sometimes
we cannot make judgments inindividualcases pauline mcneill there are
should not get involved inindividualcases such as this in
such cases in respect ofindividualcases that have been through
or rules which relate toindividualcases where they feel that
further action in respect ofindividualcases which have been subject
playing field for justice whenindividualnational courts are trying cases
per cent of cases anindividuals contact with the health
thesauri resembles that of manyindividualwords in their cases however
of subject specific projects inindividualinstitutions and of national centres
on individual projects on theirindividualmerits and that the bodies
strategy allocate resources and supportindividualprojects across the uk our
based in grantown on speyindividualprojects are funded by the
will be recovered from theindividualprojects as the life of
on quarterly reports from theindividualprojects in turn the internal
must be about more thanindividualprojects the projects must work
of financial support available toindividualprojects varied by the type
cent of the scottish totalindividualprojects will be monitored on
local authorities are taking forwardindividualschools projects to the markets
2003 whether the estimate thatindividuallearning account fraud occurred in
developing a successor to theindividuallearning account scheme and when
for monies owed under theindividuallearning account scheme are still
for monies owed under theindividuallearning account scheme have now
in such circumstances would anindividualbe expected to bear the
the circumstances in which anindividualcan challenge a fixed penalty
homes most appropriate to theirindividualcircumstances and preferences s1f 1735
will be made depending onindividualcircumstances it is all very
4 but also emphasised thatindividualcircumstances may preclude some establishments
should be decided for eachindividualprisoner depending on their circumstances
by the words variation variabilityindividualvaries in different circumstances and
puts the needs of theindividualbefore the needs of government
round the needs of theindividualchild and where there is
matched with the needs ofindividualchildren many children who are
personal care needs of anindividualit therefore recommends to the
that meets his or herindividualneeds 2 drugs courts bill
teachers sae as tae meetindividualneeds encourage confidence an mak
teachers so as to meetindividualneeds encourage confidence and make
that meets his or herindividualneeds michael russell moved amendment
in order to address theindividualneeds of homeless people in
in work meeting the basicindividualneeds of people young and
account is taken of theindividualneeds of such children s1w
to the needs of theindividualparent and people are so
single needs assessment for eachindividualrequiring care the proposed approach
clearly on the needs ofindividualservice users and volunteers the
balances the rights of theindividualwith the needs of the
convention will also affect ourindividualand collective rights in many
and the rights of theindividualbut the amendment does not
life and their rights asindividualcitizens we will show how
before the rights of anyindividualinvolved in illegally disrupting lives
find a fair balance betweenindividualprivacy rights and the public
you mean the balance betweenindividualrights and those of housing
development of young golfers protectingindividualrights scottish liberal democrats believe
to the rights of theindividualsubsection 8 provides regulations on
promote the rights of theindividualwe will legislate to establish
their rights were if theindividualwere located within their home
would not be done byindividualeuropean union member states but
of ministers ways in whichindividualmember states can improve their
on prosecutions taking place inindividualstates a lot of time
trials procedures and evidence ifindividualstates take proceedings differently from
be any person because anindividualconstituent might treat a member
the requirement to consult anindividualmember of staff that is
procedure would be for anindividualmember of this committee to
to legislation instigated by anindividualmember of your lordships house
to legislation instigated by anindividualmember of your lordships house
the audit trail for eachindividualmember s inquiry mr macintosh
independent scotland would be anindividualmember state if he has
it has to be anindividualmember we as a committee
of an enhanced role forindividualsub member state administrations but
stages of schooling both inindividualclassrooms in which teachers had
problems that were identified byindividualteachers and schools i presume
depended on the commitment ofindividualteachers in the west there
crucible the choice determined byindividualteachers or departments when higher
that it is up toindividualteachers so he is not
problems of one or twoindividualcolleges we should deal with
that targeted action to supportindividualfamilies and children with problems
are responsive to local andindividualproblems rather than because the
understand that a series ofindividualproblems were being resolved but
our problems international national andindividualthursday 5 january here we
could be resolved by theindividualand the local authority without
office processes instead of anindividualauthority dealing with and maintaining
the 1984 act to anindividualby a local authority or
scottish qualifications authority rather thanindividualcolleges within the fe sector
for certain costs if anindividualfelt that the authority was
in which funding follows theindividualfrom the source authority brian
the scheme being worked byindividuallocal authorities with each authority
1 august 2002 why aindividuallocal authority figures for scotland
whether the practice of publishingindividuallocal authority figures should be
the local authority and anindividualover whether a fixed penalty
polyculture rather there will beindividualcage farms for each species
the overall profitability of anindividualcompany rather than considering the
to consider strategic rather thanindividualissues our undoubted priority is
meaning in clauses rather thanindividualparts of speech as crinson
back rather than taking anindividualschool it is taking a
rather than a collection ofindividualsystems based on the personal
a douglas social credit partyindividualbut he he d publish
party or as an independentindividualcoalition a formal arrangement between
regulations d that if anindividuali is a party to
a political party group anindividualmsp or a group of
vote for the party orindividualof their choice supported by
also be highlighted that anyindividualor party opposing an application
section may provide that anindividualwho is a party to
at end insert 6a anindividualfalls within this subsection if
north east of scotland withinindividualfamilies linguistic preferences operated when
at different times within anindividualor group as the result
service sps are delegated toindividualprisons and other establishments within
responsible for identifying and nominatingindividualsites within scotland and for
per cent target or theindividualtargets within each of the
type intensive clustering shows howindividualwords within the synonym groups
that the clerks of theindividualcommittees would consult each other
owners agreed to have theindividualfences for each close removed
existing reports these would setindividualgoals for each child for
will undertake to address eachindividualissue and if there is
of that support for eachindividualproject not because of some
in scotland each year everyindividualsmoker should be encouraged and
establishing institutions may influence theindividualstructure and governance of each
may i suggest that eachindividualtenant writes a letter of
so on and then eachindividualtopic analyses the data in
constantly created anew since eachindividualwho makes a fresh entry
the words indicating whether anindividualform is being completed by
the words indicating whether anindividualform is being completed by
the words indicating whether anindividualform is being completed by
method when one looks atindividualwords and tracks their development
have a tendency to repeatindividualwords or clusters involving compounds
suggest that the clustering ofindividualwords or of words similar
amongst local authorities and whichindividualauthorities have carried out such
and the extent to whichindividualbodies or authorities are organised
convention of scottish local authoritiesindividualcouncils and others 09 41
that view cosla and theindividuallocal authorities have all submitted
or do you think thatindividuallocal authorities in consultation with
by local authorities from anindividualowner or several owners there
can pursue issues on anindividualcollege basis if members so
could doubt the commitment ofindividualcommittee members to apprising themselves
work done i would likeindividualcommittee members to take on
of the other body orindividualmembers are not prohibited from
whether it will list theindividualmembers including their remuneration and
whether it will list theindividualmembers including their remuneration and
whether it will list theindividualmembers including their remuneration and
involving organisations and around 50individualmembers local youth councils 146
that is the rule whichindividualmembers must take on board
simply because doing so suitsindividualmembers of the committee that
time i will first askindividualmembers of the committee to
european committee plan to sendindividualmembers of the committee to
body motions are moved byindividualmembers on behalf of the
but that they may approachindividualmembers to request that they
work which i am sureindividualmembers will highlight from gentle
consider the way in whichindividualoffices operate members will be
to express a view onindividualplanning issues i ask members
that those members receive anindividualreply as they deserve nothing
his language and all theindividualand group experience it carries
a licence may authorise anindividualor a group of individuals
or context setting leading toindividualor group follow up on
the point of need byindividualor small group discussion as
group of retailers or anindividualretailer and a tobacco company
work for local communities andindividualfamilies in demanding standards in
institute for scotland and gindividuallocal area drug and therapeutic
wish to get drawn intoindividuallocal issues around scotland there
of a local communities bindividualresidents and c local businesses
open and uniplex whereby theindividualwould relate to local people
we cannot rule on anindividualcase where compensation is being
with being a wee bitindividualf958: just trying to be
reason for the information forindividualferry routes not similarly being
being taken to ensure thatindividualnhs boards adhere to the
taught 1 reliance on anindividualteacher being interested in scots
voices this concept of theindividualvoice being valuable was quite
have a situation where anindividualwas being checked on in
the conduct as being theindividualwith responsibility for reviewing the
living life as a normalindividuali know from the cigarettes
the lowest practical level theindividuallife chances of many people
enlargement and cultivation of theindividuallife they do not deserve
throughout the whole of anindividuals life improving the quality
genetic enhancement ee o theindividualspyin life creation the shiver
on many different social andindividualfactors trudgill 1986 34 36
different areas and for differentindividuallandlords at different times the
differently by different individuals styleindividualmanipulation of style eh the
companies and lobbyists employed byindividualorganisations there was a different
than the commercial implications forindividualfarmers perhaps the matter should
than its impact on theindividualif policies do not have
surveillance that might do anindividualmore harm than good amendments
scottish than others carving upindividualoeuvres into authentic and inauthentic
school and thereby realising hisindividualpotential than the pupil who
carries more weight than anindividualview would not it be
consulted in relation to releasingindividualcontract details and whether all
when god looks at anindividualon this planet whether they
we are not asking whetherindividualscottish public bodies wish to
agreed to consider whether anindividualshould be informed that a
bank items to test whetherindividualunits have been achieved and
the border zone between theindividualand society there is pressure
mind the difference between anindividuallodging an objection and the
of the work load ofindividualoffices and of variations between
between the state and theindividualthere are opportunities to expand
one should be excluded fromindividualand community opportunity in this
should be exercised by theindividualand the community at the
on not only should theindividualbe taken on but the
should not be dependent onindividualcouncils priorities as kay ullrich
of culture language sport andindividualidentity should be nurtured we
for us to engage withindividualinstitutions we should engage with
across the whole country anindividualrespondent felt that powers should
should consider giving a singleindividualresponsibility for managing the certification
starting premise should be theindividuals expectation of privacy and
judge a concern that theindividualshould be registered there would
to the disclosure to theindividualsurely the person who should
work and work loads ofindividualstaff and information about the
increase in the support forindividualfarmers we are asking for
replacing that support and theindividualinvolved will now be part
support as recommended in anindividuals care plan s1w 27426
of their commitment to theindividualareas of work in which
have told me of theirindividualexperiences it may be helpful
as a result of theirindividualexperiences or principals for example
regional fiscal following consultation withindividualfiscals in their region to
people not only in theirindividualhouseholds but in the community
though it is up toindividualpartners to find their own
and otherwise to both theindividualtheir families and society at
i would have thought everyindividualwould have to take their
this subsection applies to anindividualappointed or seeking appointment a
can staund as an independentindividualcandidate or jine a political
can stand as an independentindividualcandidate or join a political
which relates solely to anindividualchild or young person although
pairty or as an independentindividualcoalition a formal arrangement atween
or gif this is anindividualfeature o glesgae science centre
paid to the agency orindividualfor this advice s1w 24692
to the parliament or toindividualmsps s1w 27372 donald gorrie
not exceed three pages perindividualor 20 pages in total
club and calls upon anindividualor collection of individuals with
they do not create anindividualperception or attitude as might
in the cities but someindividualquarter casks or firkins had
a more reasoned or reflectiveindividualresponse then follows frequently in
on the sector or onindividualretailers patrick browne i have
or partner when assessing anindividuals ability to pay for
scotland cannot possibly measure anindividuals loss of independence or
or affirm b not anindividualthen any person authorised to
to be registered of anindividualto act for it or
provision of which to anindividualunder the 1968 act or
to find his or herindividualvoice and in the process
others there is pressure fromindividualwith his or her often
either for whole groups orindividualyoungsters they would often then
making student loan repayments forindividualgraduates who commit to the
any shakespeare sonnet one suchindividualis jeremy boot who strikes
noble macduff who got anindividualround of applause for his
a framework that will allowindividualtenants who choose to become
j alfred prufrock features anindividualwho feels that he has
the power to stop anindividualwho has been convicted of
down to having a skilledindividualwho knew the area and
with another but for theindividualwho lives in poverty it
as to the description ofindividualwho may enter into arrangements
takes place ranged against anindividualwho may wish to make
legislation to ensure that anindividualwho raises a court action
yeah yeah m762: politically correctindividualwho s kind of [laugh]
centre and spoke to anindividualwho said that not much
minister s definitions however anindividualwho was running a small
might want to have anindividualexpert on a matter is
might be used to helpindividualgirls 9 branch clubs brief
one would imagine that anindividualmight have a particular reason
of not becoming involved inindividualplanning issues it might also
to be discharged by anindividuala under section 42a 1
been exercised maistly on anindividualan antrin basis an the
an act forbidden to theindividualand justifiable only through the
been exercised largely on anindividualand piecemeal basis and the
cabbage he is truly anindividualas we grow older we
[censored: forename] [censored: surname] was given anindividualaward for his design a
them not only as anindividualbut also that helps them
severely violate civil liberties andindividualchoice and would be an
of the executive that anindividualcommittee with expertise in a
load as much as anindividualcould carry it is the
we must consider where anindividualcould expect to have absolute
statutory obligation to consult anindividualemployee in this case it
in to play once anindividualhas been made redundant research
and the personal developing anindividualidentity function is likely to
important the income of anindividualis a matter for them
the suggestion that if anindividualis unhappy about an instrument
committees and individuals if anindividuallodges an objection they will
scottish executive hooiver committees anindividualmsps can introduce bills an
to hand over to anindividualof wise guidance and wise
desk officer and as anindividualofficial on a wide range
in the case against anindividualonly if the relevant state
the profit margin on anindividualproduct that is how pharmaceutical
practical terms to give anindividualright to participate it was
literacy and education affect anindividuals basic form of speech
that will not make anindividuals debt worse and calls
as intrusive surveillance however anindividuals expectation of privacy is
the basic form of anindividuals idiolect is established in
which is based on anindividuals income and is inherently
which is based on anindividuals income and is inherently
which is based on anindividuals income and is inherently
has erred and infringed anindividuals liberties and privacy to
and taking account of anindividuals medical history this will
the extent to which anindividuals privacy is likely to
policy it is just anindividuals view of the issue
there is evidence of anindividuals wrongdoing s1o 272 21
social services departments to anindividuals1w 9225 david mundell to
social services departments to anindividuals1w 9226 david mundell to
an independent ombudsman to hearindividualsubsidy grievances supported by mr
it seems to be anindividualthing you can t quite
giving intimation is a anindividualunable by reason of legal
understanding is that if anindividualwere in a place of
had been under surveillance anindividualwould certainly want to know
an ad hoc basis thatindividualwould not be a source
terror may dictate to theindividual11 one problem for smith
ireland must work in ourindividualways to ensure the implementation
textile enthusiasts gathered to developindividualwork designing and making felted
the robert burns world federationindividualburns clubs and the many
crisis which will face manyindividualcrofters s1m 1442 david mundell
boslit lists many translations ofindividualpoems throughout the 1790s and
t actually remember how manyindividualsubjects you ve got all
small so we only hadindividualf1025: in the good room
appears however only sporadically withindividualfeatures mutschmann 1909 17 romaine
masses becoming plural only latterlyindividualhills were named earlier but
peter nicol scotland s onlyindividualworld champion s1o 384 23
pieces of paper on whichindividualquotations were recorded so that
also the case of oneindividualand we are not here
scottish executive however committees andindividualmsps can also introduce bills
road maintenance broken down byindividualtrunk road s1w 26356 david
lead to disclosure to theindividualconcerned the authorising officer would
lost revenue would vary amongindividualretailers but it is likely
a mechanism for protecting theindividualwould have been welcome had
wrongly must be destroyed anyindividualwould want to know that
really a covered block ofindividualbooths linked by a complex
and the responsibility of theindividualby ensuring that hotel and
out the sentence number theindividualchildren responded by giving the
minister refused to reply toindividualconcerns that were raised by
is best enhanced by encouragingindividualgiving through the use of
required to establish that theindividualhad been tried by a
[note: photo: 'arbuthnott school board newspaper notice, 1915.'] [note: news articles from kincardineshire observer] [note: photo: 'notice for the scottish week - war savings certificates. 1918.'] chapter 6individualreminiscences reminiscences of arbuthnott by
could not be predicted inindividualschools i stick by what
by all oxfam groups andindividualsupporters in scotland in raising
not possible to make detailedindividualarguments for all the additional
influence will affect personal andindividualfreedom issues and make legal
make a big difference toindividuallanguages i found anyway i
perhaps not enough time forindividualcommittees to explore any petition
the churchyard but not necessarilyindividualgraves the stock was redeemed
ensuring that internal committees ofindividualhealth boards do not operate
not exceed three pages perindividualin addition to the household
it does not carry theindividuals identity it could belong
schemes has been introduced withoutindividualanomalies mary scanlon will the
if discounts are offered theindividualcard user will benefit personally
court it is hoped thatindividualflat owners will now donate
will affect no jist theseindividualmen but the future relations
to focus more on theindividualpatient we will as capacity
intention cannot be inferred theindividualwill be acquitted of the
leaving you bedrodder a certainindividualwill be most prominent among
contact with the parliament thatindividualwill be notified in the
our website these all haveindividualfacilities and provide breakfast twin
our nonsensical sentences cheating bingoindividualpupils are supplied with bingo
of a formal interview theindividualchildren were asked if they
with a complaint if theindividualgoes through what we are
for the protection of theindividualif the intention cannot be
determine the agenda for anyindividualmeeting of the committee the
put the right of theindividualand society to be free
there has to be thisindividuale- epiphany is the word
sexual nature and required theindividualto be registered i do
it seems reasonable for theindividualto be required to represent
juice mix chill spoon intoindividualdishes top with prawns blob
up market student residence withindividualen suite shower toilet facilities
domestic customers with a newindividualincome based water tax that
the eggs in coops withindividualruns these were surrounded with
come forward with proposals forindividualschools to implement a race
written entirely in english theindividualsubjects with the poems before
it necessary to provide theindividualwith the right to appeal
communities build effective opportunities forindividualand community wealth creation to
effective and inexpensive system forindividualcitizens wishing to appeal against
influence of peer pressure theindividualcreates for himself the patterns
woman sailor and the firstindividualgold for a scottish woman
its staff and a namedindividualresponsible for monitoring its implementation
it up into lots ofindividualroutes makes sense for localised
to enable it to assessindividualsites for fish farming des
tourist signposting policy has forindividualtourist businesses and what assessment
hold for a year theindividualwinners for both primary and
is always invidious to selectindividualareas of activity but as
the judge from registering theindividualas a result of what
world federation and of theindividualburns clubs in keeping alive
consisted simply of rows ofindividualchairs on a slight gradient
reassured about the perspective ofindividualdepartments it is deeply ironic
the problem and what theindividualelements of it are before
reality 56 there were someindividualexamples of a comprehensive policy
[censored: surname] commended the generosity ofindividualfps the refurbishment of the
survivors at donaghadee stories ofindividualgood fortune and bad fortune
ear tag and record theindividualidentification numbers of every sheep
dangers of the loss ofindividualidentity what makes the voluntary
the dangers of loss ofindividualidentity what makes the voluntary
to the possible invitation ofindividualproprietors convener the convener indeed
no major modification of theindividuals basic form of speech
as a projection of everyindividuals father image god played
represents the victory of theindividuals primal desires against the
is it up to theindividualservice users of binny house
so there were plenty ofindividualshapes they all had handles
was a feature of guidedindividualstudy and research in the
shows hallmarks of lochhead sindividualstyle the presence of a
you balanced the right ofindividualtenants to participate in decisions
that its simplicity is veryindividualvery one of a kind
nurses i am sure thatindividualagency nurses are excellent people
these functions essentially putting forwardindividualexplanations and reasoned justifications are
whilst there are some promisingindividualinitiatives there is a lack
the cooperating farms reverted toindividualunits as they are today
now is up to yourindividualconsciences rowland what a bombshell
s portrayed there then oneindividualhas to give a series
to other areas moving toindividualhills let s look at
in order to resolve thisindividualissue the convener thank you
respect to the patient sindividualqualities abilities and background and
priority that it gives toindividualrecommendations it seeks to reflect
language programme options available toindividualschools ranging from a one
is why three pages perindividualtaking around 10 minutes to
a nutshell william mccormack theindividualthat i mentioned chose to
a great deal longer andindividualpresentation could take hours and
the same as the bilingualindividualf745: erm there definitely was
the principal issue is theindividualnurse and what the nurse
and living costs remained theindividuals responsibility the line is
tho there a hantle promisinindividualinitiatives there a want o
56 there wis ae twaeindividualswatches o a comprehensive policy
gow was opened up fromindividualgardens and land scaped in
and strongly recommend that theindividualtakes that route in the
out but i remember theindividualareas that it covered in
but when we look atindividualauthors erm we find that
you ve got all theindividualsubjects that you re gonna
degree o variation in thiindividualfunctions o modal verbs in
community 15 23 houanever theindividualwhiles suffers a retour o
was wee it was alwaysindividualchairs we had f1025: mmhm
without price a wholly honestindividualhe had never knowingly short
that thae refer tae certainindividualacts sic like obligation volition
areas thay ur twa geyindividualdialects this transcript o a
tools cannae mind athing sindividualyer haimmer yer saw yer

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