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the scandinavian and the germaninfluencebut ehm u1028: [inaudible] f951:
there is evidence of scandinavianinfluencein north east scots aitken
east scots aitken acknowledged theinfluenceof the scandinavian languages on
to three main waves ofinfluencescandinavian and french as a
it is to this scandinavianinfluencethat we owe such distinctions
1997 north east region incomerinfluenceas a variable 2 12
3 trudgill 1975 norwich parentalinfluenceas a variable 2 4
7 payne 1980 philadelphia dialectalinfluenceas a variable 2 8
1997 north east region incomerinfluenceas a variable a major
7 payne 1980 philadelphia dialectalinfluenceas a variable in a
3 trudgill 1975 norwich parentalinfluenceas a variable trudgill 1975
not just the ec sinfluencebut scotland s influence in
influence or be intended toinfluencehis or her judgement in
s influence but scotland sinfluencein other parts of the
might reasonably be thought toinfluenceor be intended to influence
us influence way beyond anyinfluencethat we would have if
player in europe gives usinfluenceway beyond any influence that
is possibly a low germaninfluencebecause certain dialects of dutch
little or no present dayinfluencefrom low german but the
german but the low germaninfluenceis tangible in north east
have and how they shouldinfluencedecisions has the executive given
such communities the ability toinfluencestrategic decisions and build skills
the relevant decisions we mustinfluencethose decisions here and now
language shows evidence of linguisticinfluenceand borrowings from outwith britain
linguistic and media studies itsinfluenceis discernible in advanced higher
his hypothesis that the linguisticinfluenceof glasgow speakers in livingston
population and by implication linguisticinfluencethan is generally supposed i
influences television s a majorinfluenceand eh people eh you
s languages was a majorinfluencein a strategy which led
do you think that theinfluenceof major companies such as
would have had a majorinfluenceon the difference between estimates
and indirectly exert a majorinfluencethrough the planning system and
a huge opportunity to participateinfluenceand act in partnership with
the opportunity to exercise someinfluenceover that issue i think
which has the opportunity toinfluencethe content of the regulations
any opportunity for people toinfluencethe decision or to put
an opportunity for us toinfluencethe legislation to tease it
still have the opportunity toinfluencethe process because the measures
we have the opportunity toinfluencewhat they take to meetings
commission has exerted a significantinfluenceamong other things through the
partner organisations with significant fundinginfluenceand powers an elected members
deeside gender had no significantinfluencein the transmission of scots
four explains how graeme sinfluenceplayed a significant part in
has been a strong supportiveinfluencefor many scottish women writers
to demonstrate the strong glaswegianinfluenceon the speech of the
poetry was still a stronginfluenceon the supporters of the
from english or any foreigninfluencethis provoked a strong english
generally three sources of frenchinfluencehave been identified in scotland
auld alliance the norman frenchinfluenceon upper deeside was probably
texts [click] [inhale] the frenchinfluencesubstantially changed the nature of
of europe those countries haveinfluencebut the scottish government does
in scotland enjoying profile andinfluencein europe and the rest
in scotland enjoying profile andinfluencein europe and the rest
a reality we need realinfluencein the heart of europe
throughout europe in scotland theinfluenceof the development of a
going on across europe toinfluencethe debate on the future
for the result of americaninfluenceis two fold it lightens
as a result of theirinfluencemodern scots poetry looks much
as a result of theinfluenceof british radio and tv
result of eh eh theinfluenceof people like billy connolly
a result of the pervasiveinfluenceof television and the passive
in british politics indeed hisinfluenceand fame has spread far
name since 1972 the britishinfluenceis still very evident largely
that she has no smallinfluenceon british literature in their
he wasn t under theinfluencebut as i came to
yes m1008: formally under theinfluenceof course but that d
of driving while under theinfluenceof drugs have been undertaken
of driving while under theinfluenceof drugs were piloted prior
a varying extent under theinfluenceof english in the media
now differentially eroded under theinfluenceof english is what is
day where under the guidinginfluenceof his headmaster alexander gray
people driving whilst under theinfluenceof legal and illegal drugs
of transformation under the ambiguousinfluenceof love dream and fancy
past for critics under theinfluenceof macdiarmid to denigrate the
eye when under the romanticinfluenceof rosalind it is obvious
service 10 later under theinfluenceof the hebrew prophets and
a lustful demon under theinfluenceof the play s arguably
might be taught under theinfluenceof this material because we
title japanese artists under theinfluenceof zen philosophy have tended
be made under any undueinfluenceor pressure from the executive
you come in under theinfluenceyi lit everybody doon rules
languages have had an immenseinfluenceon north east scots in
was evidence of central scotsinfluencethe north east pronunciations gweed
nieder deutsch has had someinfluenceupon north east scots for
it has little or noinfluenceupon north east scots primarily
know i m a badinfluence[laugh] f1049: [laugh] they just
because he s a badinfluenceon ronnie woods [laugh] can
say he s a badinfluenceon ronnie woods m815: [cough]
you lot as a badinfluenceyou know what i mean
can anybody be a badinfluenceyou ve got keith richards
trends which are likely toinfluencedevelopments in the immediate future
the future the power andinfluenceof the equal opportunities committee
s distinctive past and mayinfluenceour present and future they
s working there and toinfluencethe the future direction of
exist and there is internationalinfluenceeven on standard english the
english accent with some localinfluenceis that what you re
t this is a directinfluenceo english orthographical conventions modell
having been corrupted by theinfluenceof english while aitken evidently
english novel a force ofinfluenceto be sure but of
century for evidence of gaelicinfluenceand gave the following interpretations
refugees in scotland deplores anyinfluencethat this evidence may have
might reasonably be thought toinfluencea member s behaviour i
that the national parliament sinfluenceover each member state s
to a member seeking toinfluencethe shape of an agenda
big five member states theirinfluencewill affect personal and individual
may not be a scotsinfluencebut rather a gaelic sound
stereotyping exerts an extremely powerfulinfluenceon attitude scots speaking children
to catalogue like the norseinfluenceon ehm insular scots an
way for the public toinfluencecouncillors views it would be
we were to try toinfluencematters in that way what
lunch but it will notinfluenceme one way or the
quite recently eh is theinfluenceof particularly the glaswegian way
an mither nae hae aninfluenceon the way ye talk
create greater difficulties for ourinfluencenot just the ec s
apologies therefore for the extensiveinfluenceof watter on our respective
again documented and detailed ourinfluenceon european policy and legislation
ve got our like dutchinfluenceon our accent and the
work we would try toinfluenceour employers to ensure that
expectation that the strategy willinfluenceour partners but it will
had fewer influences to toinfluenceour pronunciation m1055: mmhm m1008:
discusses and to seek toinfluenceits work through a variety
of aberdeenshire but through theinfluenceof broadcasting and other social
through his family and theinfluenceof his work most notably
premier considers that the greatestinfluenceof the parliament is through
police attempts to exert improperinfluenceover any police investigations and
for yourself i ve noinfluenceover him any more she
is to have any seriousinfluenceto decide what should be
sips have afforded them toinfluenceand develop services they have
ensures that nurses have moreinfluenceat a higher level in
and try to have thatinfluencebrought to negotiations scrutiny the
but it would have someinfluencef902: but now f826: [inaudible]
its points where they haveinfluencei welcome the executive s
it could have been theinfluenceof something m944: no i
say that we have noinfluenceon eu law phil gallie
that we will have someinfluenceon the advisory committee but
do we merely have aninfluenceon the isle of man
will allow committees to haveinfluenceon the shaping of executive
will i presume have someinfluenceon whether a project seeks
so which ones and whatinfluencesuch support will have on
have to be done toinfluenceteachers to get them to
often have a more potentinfluencethan scientific hypotheses at the
a level of involvement andinfluencethat would not have been
and shakespeare have felt herinfluencethe fortune tradition goes back
be able to have aninfluencethemselves and their parents will
i am not sure whatinfluencethose fines have had on
we do not know whatinfluencewe will have you told
may have been your firstinfluencewhat what sort of i
progress towards your targets whatinfluencewill you have on the
m1008: and eh the onlyinfluencei can think of that
ve just explained eh theinfluenceof television the second and
express eh to counterbalance itsinfluencethe manchester guardian should be
higher and advanced higher itsinfluencecan be seen most clearly
prevalent in this department itsinfluencecan be seen not only
s government to use itsinfluencein the un security council
scottish literature its importance andinfluenceoutside the borders of scotland
coast line mony folk wiinfluencespak in its favour here
and if required use itsinfluenceto encourage atbs to co
the regions it also hasinfluencein lobby groups around the
survived at aa as aninfluencein the area or has
to make progress scotland hasinfluencein the european economic and
does not use what littleinfluenceit has in conclusion if
not been deracinated by theinfluenceof what has passed for
or transformational has virtually noinfluenceon the language growth of
the problem relates to theinfluencethat this material has on
prices elsewhere also has aninfluencethe convener i understand that
heavy metal was a largeinfluencebecause i was er angry
that they re tryin toinfluenceyou because they come fae
for us to exert suchinfluenceit is important to ensure
your concern is about theinfluenceon teachers of such material
some of which we caninfluenceand some of which we
committee if we had someinfluencewhere if we said no
suggests that their presence caninfluencemanagement of the wider countryside
about how the advertising caninfluenceparticular brands that people smoke
and power how landscape caninfluencethe history of a country
best we can do isinfluencethe implet- -mentation one of
believes he or she caninfluencethe outcome it would be
best we can do isinfluencethe policy and and go
more readily than it caninfluencewhat food is consumed and
to say that government caninfluencewhat food is produced more
of parliament establishing institutions mayinfluencethe individual structure and governance
it is still possible toinfluencethe content of the rules
effort to make friends andinfluencepeople among the financiers and
i mean the thing wouldinfluencepeople s accent would be
that s anither thing mustinfluencethe people comin in aboot
it allows local people toinfluencewhat goes on and how
scotland it would give usinfluencein and a say in
whitehall s treasury and unprecedentedinfluencejust what is that all
we will be able toinfluencewhat comes out of committee
disproportionate and not always positiveinfluenceat the centre of the
s views on decorum stronglyinfluencechapter iii of the reulis
after the period of normaninfluencein scotland [inhale] laws and
against a background of increasinginfluencein scotland of works that
placing an unprecedented degree ofinfluencein the hands of angus
that gender was the strongestinfluencein the pronunciation of that
less benign institutional conduits ofinfluencejust as it is in
of the responsible minister toinfluenceland management when it threatens
sort of chaotic kind ofinfluencem762: mmhm yeah f963: and
is limiting the powers andinfluenceof a devolved scotland even
public inquiry to examine theinfluenceof age discrimination in the
the upper deeside area theinfluenceof church is slight compared
who did attended infrequently theinfluenceof church on speech in
play perhaps it was theinfluenceof gude will that made
of his surroundings and theinfluenceof his father on his
then [inaudible] probably again theinfluenceof m1007: mmhm m1008: well
and tabouret keller describe theinfluenceof peer pressure the individual
of the beginning of theinfluenceof princess diana m608: oh
i think that s theinfluenceof t v m1007: yeah
candidate s certificate although theinfluenceof the communicative approach to
there erm and and theinfluenceof the national qualifications doesn
world by removing the balefulinfluenceof the paix machine the
already beginning to see theinfluenceof the strategy many of
many ways it is theinfluenceof these earlier collections and
catalogue kind of the romanyinfluenceon m741: yep m605: on
the development of scotland sinfluenceon the corridors of power
regrets the lack of authorityinfluenceor action demonstrated by the
the parliament will want toinfluencethe outcome 3 of course
in order to support andinfluencethe promotion of new and
i meant by the glaswegianinfluencethe spreading of the glottal
will the parliament scrutinise andinfluenceif the enabling legislation allows
and that will whether weinfluenceit or not provide services
regime will give much greaterinfluenceto countries with a direct
on something that we cannotinfluenceyou said that we will
which you re thinking willinfluenceyour physical f963: mm mm
for the scottish parliament toinfluencethe debate 10 the european
for the scottish parliament toinfluencethe debate the following are
a more substantial and directinfluenceon the board mr mcconnell
laid particular emphasis on parentalinfluenceeven young children are subject
ceased to be a directinfluenceon poets after around 1630
is undoubtedly the single biggestinfluenceon tobacco consumption if prices
advertising is the biggest singleinfluenceon tobacco sales in 1965
to draw on them forinfluenceremain in the libraries quite
their impact on scotland andinfluencescottish and uk ministers if
would increase the union sinfluenceat international level working group
in all your deeds whoseinfluenceis so beneficial at this
why not a hairstyle toinfluenceyour pruning habits and then
now er f718: a positiveinfluencei mean rather than [laugh]
s totally got a biginfluence[inaudible] [sniff] f813: secondary like
[inaudible] they re bound taeinfluencethe local language as well
to to be inf- editorialinfluencethis this offended [inaudible] standard
we expect the strategy toinfluencetheir spending as well as
think that s been theinfluencem734: oh absolutely er f718:
involved and that we shouldinfluenceit positively mr raffan in
seminars and we try toinfluencepolicy generally it is fair
in scottish literature character andinfluence1919 supplied hugh mcdiarmid and
makes it uniquely placed toinfluenceand inform debates policies and
whole sex and the cityinfluenceis when it s seen
authorities and public bodies toinfluenceland management and to activate
argued that the ability toinfluencethe outcome is insufficient and
folk i d loss myinfluencewi the men and loss
committees as a vehicle toinfluencepolicy committees are not therefore
this availability is likely toinfluencedecision making s1w 33033 stewart
rogge n ruggenbroot the dutchinfluenceis explained by the fact
think by that stage myinfluencewas being was mainly led
heicht o his pooer aninfluencean ilkane maun therefore hae
father robert kemp was aninfluencefor enduring good delivering his
refers to this anglo normaninfluenceas a presence which meant
factors could be manipulated toinfluencecarrying capacity professor richards the
happens like that other factorsinfluencethe decision to take up
out in that the familialinfluencewas proved to be crucial
you could feel barrett sinfluencethroughout the whole album relics
wisnae fir me ah shouldnaeinfluenceye agnes dae you no
he exerted a profoundly magicalinfluenceupon my life for that
fleudit flooded fleysum frightening moyeninfluencenoos news notour renouned for

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