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a drone lik a mukkilinginefeirt at it wes mebbies
it wirkit aff an ileinginean allan made in aiberdeen
pittin new ile intill aninginebit i canna say i
ettles for ye dinna smooringineand geckna at prophetic speak
e mull bit though einginewis lood e roar o
roar o a weel iledinginebit wi es palaver tae
for ye couldna see einginefae e barn ere wis
barn steps an intill einginehoose tae check for ye
ye mene a rale stameinginesayed inglis whit d ye
a speirt at a freinlieinginee whitlik a suid dae
to these instructions for theingines aye there an could
but aunters vast o theingineand o the speerit a
nae lang seen an aninginetae caa t fin e
gaan e faister till einginetook an e fly wheel
panser whan he stertit theinginethe wes naethin john an
fuit o roslin glen itsinginehed bot ane gryte ceilinder
wes the r thair aininginebot raws o the fuffin
the lad pit aff theinginesteppit ooto the car an
the smell o the hetingineuill mynded him o fush
he wes ti wirk theinginedraver med ane errour an
mirren wes saufed bi theinginecummin ti rist at its
baith an that my gallusingineis ower mean ti win
tak a teet at einginetae mak sure it wis
lairnin the bairns or aninginedryver on the railwey heivins
enoo and for evirmair theingineo the lord o osts
brattil an a dirl theinginesechtin an pechin than belyve

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