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frizzel grene wi the twenesinglisan junipere crowner crannachan wes
nettils bi this tyme saeinglisan junipere fleitchit wi napier
hiz lug on the railinglisan junipere jyned him ye
an the twenes junipere aninglisan ma collie s cryed
bi masell sen junipere aninglisar fair brustin ti tel
junipere wes i jeopartie axedinglishiz mither didna repone fur
merely a dialect of northumbrianinglisalbeit with later imports from
drawing on several origins theinglisof the northumbrian angles the
drawing on several origins theinglisof the northumbrian angles the
didna wirk unner a happingliswhuspert fur feir o offendin
ti kie inti the ordinateiringlisexplened at napier didna wirk
epic poem the brus ininglisin 1375 whilst based at
of feathers annie for annieinglisdrama director aberdeen arts centre
had been completely conquered byinglisspeech grant 1925 58 1
gaelic in scotland circa 1200inglisfarm names were commonly found
pairlament o languages ither noringlis32 efter darg done by
an yokit ti hiz dargingliswirriet about the lak o
and emergency planning division ruthinglissolicitor office of the solicitor
refers to his language asinglisit was gavin douglas in
wark biggit inti hiz riggininglisdidna foirsei the fuither o
mensefu commend ti mak aitheringlishauddit hiz coy hiz ain
american indian tradition translatit innoinglisbi david waggoner chair o
taught eh in alang wiinglisand you would hate to
be taught in alang wiinglisbecause if you re tryin
international boy scout jamboree mringliswas scoutmaster of the ayrshire
scotland by this northern nameingliswhich registered its distinctiveness from
language was still known asinglisand seems to have been
which caused anglo saxon oringlisas it was known in
henton chief executive and tominglishead of policy co ordination
steik the duir siccar likingliswes maist interessit in aw
use of leids [?]inner[/?] noringlisin the stormont assemblie and
i thon mainner afoir obsairvedinglisa hae ane idaia ti
a rale stame ingine sayedingliswhit d ye expek says
horrid kittlie dist nou leisteninglispit me in the sunshein

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