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at exchange sidings rock mcgibboninnermessanfor the raoc and reme
anti litter dumping is reachedinnermessanor rock mcgibbon camp can
in place by iron stanchionsinnermessanor rock mcgibbon camp was
part of what existed atinnermessanin prehistoric times the evidence
names in the rhinns prehistoricinnermessaninnermessan was not only at
in the rhinns prehistoric innermessaninnermessanwas not only at one
and a considerable part ofinnermessanlay west of the motte
as could be wished forinnermessanmotte a plum pudding shaped
of monument common in gallowayinnermessanmotte has not been professionally
rerigonium macqueen op cit medievalinnermessanthe motte up till now
torrents in the barony ofinnermessanagnew op cit but eleven
larbrax agnew op cit afterinnermessantower house was no longer
of stranraer he suggested thatinnermessanwas an agnew town while
the plateau 350m north ofinnermessanfarmhouse cropmarks and admittedly the
and east of the presentinnermessanfarmhouse over a period of
farmhouse as the roods ofinnermessanreaders of a certain age
he was the lord ofinnermessanholding the lands from the
of 1560 the lands ofinnermessanlike other church lands were
rhins within the town ofinnermessanm kerlie lands and their
possession of his lands includinginnermessanthe mandate also stated that
lochnaw became the lords ofinnermessanand its tower house now
like that ill starred towninnermessanhad its king s tower
was between the occupants ofinnermessantower house and those of
was built of material frominnermessantower house however another version
dragoons the earl decided thatinnermessantower house would make suitable
chalets and static caravans ininnermessancaravan park marks its progress
of residents in the moderninnermessancaravan site in the summer
romano british and dark ageinnermessanone of the most fascinating
the most fascinating periods ininnermessans story occurs at the
particularly apt description of medievalinnermessanwhich was also a mickle
innermessan was the major settlementinnermessans dominant position in the
lay within the area whereinnermessanwas the major settlement innermessan
that stranraer should expand andinnermessandecline since the family controlled
the seventeenth century in factinnermessans decline was the work
same conclusion decline and fallinnermessans golden age ended abruptly
a chart of portsmouth theinnermessancamp was to be built
the shore curving round behindinnermessancroft to bridge the messan
golf course took himself toinnermessanshore where in a wwi
directly to the shore atinnermessanthis plan however did not
world war military railway becauseinnermessanwas the chief settlement in
the family were lords ofinnermessanfrom around 1426 they did
mickle town and tall moderninnermessanconsists of a scatter of
celtic iron age town andinnermessancontinued to be a major
responsibility the lost town ofinnermessanin his poem the ballad
of the former town ofinnermessanon the ground the dedicated
strangely like the rest ofinnermessantown it has disappeared virtually
[note: eight pages of illustrations here in original] the golden age whileinnermessanthen had been a place
an occasional resident at hisinnermessanproperty as would the other
local lairds hold property ininnermessanto allow the kennedies undisputed
church dignitaries with property ininnermessanwere the abbot of glenluce
of galloway states of oldinnermessanwas the most considerable place
steading so built was atinnermessanfarm itself in favour of
now the steading of moderninnermessanfarm who built it is
remains no doubt exists ofinnermessans former importance writing in
halfway up the road toinnermessanfarm a substantial stretch of
a77 and the road toinnermessanfarm on the south side
port and the coast atinnermessanlends itself to this purpose
other wigtownshire place names ifinnermessanindeed had one of those
be certain that rerigonium isinnermessanbut the latter is a
the late sixteenth century hereinnermessanis one of only three
and a boat building facilityinnermessanboatbuilders were famous particularly one
the photographs of present dayinnermessanand margaret sherriffs for information
as the manor place ofinnermessanthe hearth tax collection list
till now the evidence forinnermessans past is insubstantial cropmarks
had a close connection withinnermessannot only did he live
north in the direction ofinnermessanthe topography would certainly make
for the existence of thoseinnermessanfolk is not merely documentary
numerous other abandoned buildings atinnermessanwere used as a convenient
crossings reaching the a77 atinnermessanwhere a pole crossing was
occupations of its inhabitants suggestinnermessanwas a busy thriving commercial
desire to compete with theirinnermessanfortalice neighbours and were content
today carry the name ofinnermessanit is well to remember
andrew symson can describe theinnermessanof his day as a
knights templar held land ininnermessanthis is confirmed by a
two strongholds are very differentinnermessanon the plateau must have
for the stunted knowes oinnermessanye d swap away the

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