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stones and all that butinsidedeep inside it blooming hurt
f1112: [inaudible] after what sinsidef1111: what s inside is
inside the buildings you stepinsidefrom the c c cold
in her oxters in herinsideher inside the body uh
tae be inside his hertinsidehis heid beth comes back
wid you want tae beinsidehis hert inside his heid
s inside f1111: what sinsideis it a surprise f1112:
all that but inside deepinsideit blooming hurt every time
inside now oh they reinsidenow mmhm mmhm f1054: cause
now aye f1025: are theyinsidenow oh they re inside
in english you put clausesinsideother clauses sentences inside other
clauses inside other clauses sentencesinsideother sentences like russian dolls
complete darkness inside the mountaininsidepachumama the earth mother when
oxters in her inside herinsidethe body uh huh f1111:
glazed it s very warminsidethe buildings you step inside
a tunnel of complete darknessinsidethe mountain inside pachumama the
inside the tinnies georgie nainsidethe packing cases mind you
the sodgers to find jiminsidethe tinnies georgie na inside
aff because we d aninsidebathroom an toilet it was
when you got the toiletinsidef1025: well i i always
always had a toilet [laugh]insideright enough but i m
had a they had aninsidetoilet but they didn t
running water and therefore noinsidetoilet instead you had a
that time we d aninsidetoilet m1042: wow f1043: bathroom
lucky if they had aninsidetoilet you know when they
let s go onto theinsidean outside you mentioned a
the dust outside and ever-insideand everything ehm [exhale] you
let s move down toinsideand outside and start with
michael matheson spotless the convenerinsideand outside the buildings were
great what about er goinginsideand outside to rain lightly
go to the bottom rightinsideand outside words for f1027:
literally outside m1042: in noinsidebut in but in my
would ferry them all everyinsideforward and outside left and
outside only he remains unchangedinsideprotected by his own supreme
pure and simple it wasinsidethat jennifer felt dirty outside
confirmed what she felt deepinsideher viking lover would not
which had been planted deepinsidehis head at school but
i was planning deep downinsideme andy i called out
hinna chynged muckle deep dooninsidetae mature professional scots that
they leave curtain scene iiiinsidean outer door at macbeth
scott had wordlessly motioned meinsideand locked the door he
goes to another door looksinsideand shuts it again naebodie
there is a sound frominsideand the door opens to
on a e couple jistinsidee byre door five crosses
eruption o wee reed spidersinsidee shed door up aboot
hoordin jist on e leftinsidees door wis anither made
nae a keyhole on theinsideo a safe door teenie
opened the door and wentinsideralph followed ducking his head
latest comer s place justinsidethe door and next to
didn t move from justinsidethe door and stood there
stop where he is justinsidethe kitchen door he puts
sunday ere wis a ladinsidethrowe a door ben fae
naebody expects you to beinsidewi the door shut chrissie
branches by cool siloam singinginsideher head and she couldn
little poem about the thingsinsidehis head it was a
but more the voices gettininsidemy head f606: mmhm m954:
describing nothing but the chaosinsidemy head my stream of
for the sunday papers exceptinsidemy head the gold thread
up to a paranoid voiceinsidemy head was telling me
the reality of the throbbinginsidemy head what anxiety i
you the whole thing isinsideyour head what you recall
been for e reeshlie noiseinsideeez heid he d a
think it mith a beeninsidema ain heid an it
laldy wi a big hammerinsidema heid a hud a
thrapple he felt it richtinsidethe front o his heid
the mornin wi ma heidinsidethe press or up the
twaa o dem sat trimmlininsideda widden hoose afore lang
wis that eenie on theinsidehoose an teenie on the
eenie that bade in theinsidehoose wis waitin for him
the hoose for a barraeinsidethe hoose f643: for a
misty lik haein a haarinsidethe hoose the twa craiturs
in e riv bit jistinsidean aal henhoose biggit ontill
o behavin didna jist lieinsidee acceptet order o things
throwe e plots an jistinsidee gate ere wis lyin
em haein a richt barnyinsidehe jist hoped he hidnae
affa het aye tae getinsidei jist coodnae wait sunday
riv didna jist haad hensinsideit wis e watter pump
thon jist saftened the frostinsidethem the smaaest thochtie faith
a wire sneckie on einsidean a nail for squaries
it leaves a catty stinkinsidebit seein e shed s
oo e ootside greyachie einsideblue achie faar ye rest
wis deen as ye vrochtinsidee barn ye d aye
rowed up an eez haninsidee coo tryin tae ease
tae cut a bigger spaceinsidee gate tae let ye
o an aal mell stuckinsidee middle o e hivvy
nuts hid lang seen faaninsidee wid at e back
widdie sae a wee bitinsideit on e same line
at stravaigit aboot hid geeninsidenae forgettin e rent a
iron bit oot o einsideo a cairt wheel syne
hingin lums set against einsideo e gale come in
tae drive e mull aninsidewis e pulley wheels an
e waves an a feelininsideye at maybe it wisna
but every bit of youinsideand out i didn t
that didn t have oneinsideanyway f606: uh huh m830:
it blooming hurt every timeinsidejimmy didn t feel like
that people didn t haveinsidetoilets cause i d never
mm f1104: why s sheinsidef1103: well that s fitt
red f1129: and fitt sinsideit f1130: seedies f1129: what
wh- fitt colour are theyinsidekeep that ains cause we
hamie [cough] f1141: [censored: forename] getinsidenow f1142: [inaudible] f1141: fitt
let s have a lookinsideo bob then m1110: fitt
some recording and dae someinsidestuff fitt did you hae
heavy tramping the witch retiresinsideher house and shuts her
i have never actually beeninsideher house but from the
dozed off curtain scene 10insidepompitie s house pompitie is
s house the witch isinsidethe heavy tramping of the
smash here comes toffee backinsidethe house oh oh look
who keep their anoraks oninsidethe house very droll madam
clean an bonnie fur itinsidean oot minnie tho wis
wis feenished he set himinsidean quilkit doon da fine
ere wis a richt chorusinsidean ye d tae be
and a a widden erinsidef960: uh huh f961: wis
yowl o the all clearinsidegeordie wis gled it wis
wis torn an wellin upinsideher wid jock dow ken
seepin frae inbye her somethinginsideher wis hurtit wis brukken
the reid filth wellin upinsideher wis ower an by
prayer an maybe he wisinsidehimsel an he sweeps up
wis aye plenty o kinnlininsidei set up camp in
wis sypit wi rain eenceinsideit it swallat ye up
tears tae a gless eeinsidethe cottage it wis nippit
dae fur the trig hoosieinsidethe weather wis warm an
been washed fin he wentinsidethe wee wifie wis dressed
looks oan the ootside bitinsideaw tiny wee components tiny
up son when ye reinsidefantastic wee lizzie hid her
just in a wee tentinsideit f940: [laugh] m942: fit
tin o pent for theinsideo the wee bedroom press
was two wee bit mirrorsinsidethree strips o plywood stuck
wee boy thit s trappedinsideus aw dimps come oan
wee bacterium ettlin tae getinsideyer tum whaur a ll
thing an when ye wentinsideit an it was aw
embrace her daughter archie wentinsideshedding coat and bunnet and
told us what went oninsidethat happened to me sometimes
out some she went backinsidethe room bethia was skinning
they went back to workinsidethe wireless he hadn t
her hand at spells foundinsidea witch s book by
a few moments she comesinsideand picks up her sewing
cheer an curled her taesinsideher buits an swung her
them and hiding them awayinsideher clothing thanks dod it
verra day yon auld wifeinsideher gourd paiddlin an paiddlin
the fuckin lassie i wasinsideher i was aboot tae
an stickers oot o sichtinsideher knickers she tried tae
have the johnny had burstinsideher sperm she discovered wasn
immanent she must be everythinginsidehim came through her breasts
through her breasts she sinsideme too the fiona in
that one then doon taeinsidean ootside to rain lightly
she d go doon goinsidescreams dimps fuckin conspiracy thurs
f638: and then ye scrubbedinsidethe shop floor or doon
birdies squirrels ants forkies nestinsidetheir pants doon the braes
we can put in theinsidebits f1126: i m doing
m1098: he- f1097: put himinsidethe cars m1098: aye f1097:
turtle f1097: dinna put himinsidethe cars though no that
s the hay to putinsidethe cart okay f1114: th-
was heated and then putinsidethe iron you had to
be put beside the productinsidethe shop but we want
so we put the wordinsideus gives us faith it
got droukit aw the sameinsidean oot fae waves batterin
fetched the walls oot andinsideand then we got the
you credit it the maninsidehad to lowp oot o
by the almond rivin ootinsidein a bed got up
shining oot through the windowsinsideit would be kind o
rack his hale body faeinsideoot when ah come in
time we were a movininsidethe heat s gan oot
til the witch beckons himinsideand he enters curtain scene
which had been dammed upinsidehim for so long he
milk and gas fermenting awayinsidehim he starts to girn
tae cough come fae deeperinsidehim somehow seems tae rack
him and the strap sinsideit coiled like a snake
an him an the restinsidemy big freen iona had
move aroundabout him pulling himinsidepassing him through its translucent
and wish him more supportinsidethe cabinet in undertaking his
wull wi the twa polisinsidefive meenits o laein them
up and rolled them underinsidehis polished shoes the starling
them so far and beeninsidenone the alcohol in the
heard them playin the fiddleinsidethat hillock ay he firmly
mmhm m642: and dropped theminsidethe lorry that s how
gave them or the animalinsidethem a good tug the
to tell me what sinsidethem f1122: mm can you
if any was going oninsidethem if i was assessed
end over or with flightsinsidethem [note: photo: 'north of scotland milk recorder in the 1940s.] [note: photo: 'william wisely & sons ltd collecting the milk at pitcarles in the early 1950s. jessie eccles and dog are in the centre of the photo.'] [note: photo: advertisement by kincardineshire agricultural society, ltd.'] some
wi ice an the haunsinsidethem war chappit an hackit
enter such houses to playinsidethem we need to strike
of them pushed their wayinsidethey were loud and drunk
mother didnae hae a sinkinsideaye f1043: we were affa
room speaking to the meninsidebeaumont aye aye aye make
you dae this ain m1128: insidef1127: aye it s pink
f1131: are ye m1132: ayeinsidef1131: are ye m1132: there
aye beyond belief tae getinsideis a great relief i
an a funny kinna squeakinsideit aye an ill fashint
years aye yeah there sinsidenow aye f1025: are they
the chaumer got their mealsinsidethe fairmhoose m999: aye m1000:
that boy had his caravaninsidethe prefab f643: aye two
he said my caravan sinsidethere m608: [laugh] f643: aye
get it she took itinsidei ll ging an get
s beyond belief tae getinsideis a great relief friday
all get wet they goinsideis it raining like oh
i bought tickets to getinsidesmolensk cathedral the grandest of
quait beyond belief midges galoreinsidetae get relief en later
they spend once they getinsidethere is no one solution
ll get it back oninsideyour trousers it just came
it d manage to stayinsidea plastic bottle i d
the case was all aboutinsidethe court he d seated
12 tablespoons brandy parsley butterinsideturkey potage d eté 1
20pm train to helsinki onceinsidewe d bunks to ourselves
another wean was happit thereinsidemy mammy s shawl now
torrent for some weeks nowinsidethe backcourts themselves have not
claiming his now pliant bodyinsidethe bubble his sudden tiredness
this say mam s writinginsidethe heart now f1124: [?]this heart to mummy and dad and me[/?]
near had a nesty endinsidea crocodile bit warslin on
ye had tae have yerinsidelights in yer buses dimmed
who spoke like that livedinsidethe radio he had always
presidente but obviously had ambitionsinsidewas a spa area with
and not feel a draughtinsidewe hope you had a
s very cold and sadinsideas restoration has hardly begun
is very very sore theinsideof my nose is very
the maggie is very niceinsidewith its own study areas
the mausoleum in his honourinsidea marble shrine is the
catwalks the engineer is trappedinsidehis doghouse the derrick man
of the weary passengers huddledinsidehis lies became their truth
the day as he gotinsidehis package his nose geed
thoughts and impulses career aboutinsideit will he scream his
afore my programme tak meinsideneil moves to his station
any insistent thump on theinsideof his chest any need
wheel the man reached furtherinsidethe car and moved his
is my father takin meinsideand i got a penny
filling my skull from theinsidei knew without having to
rampant lilies bound while sourinsidemy aging bones sap rises
my feet were fairly chorkininsidemy platchin shin but drookit
hand over and stroked theinsideof my forearm with the
warning it happened from theinsidesecret pocket of my jeans
that willin tae ging backinsideere s anidder thing aboot
tae discribe warm an sultryinsidei canna bide noo an
affa affa het tae ganginsidei canna wait fine wither
don t need tae checkinsideit it s ma fuckin
goes all the way downinsideme and it hurts i
writes there are two voicesinsideme answering answering to ellen
writes there are two voicesinsideme answering answering to ellen
catherine wheel of fierce joyinsideme before i could control
i am a reluctant nestinsideme days open their beaks
s bin growin an growininsideme fur days this feelin
spring of happiness welled upinsideme i rolled over and
but if they poke abootinsideme they ll maybe stumble
who knows what goes oninsidemen s heads not me
and decided to scoot backinsidefor a vodka and lime
back into bed puddok frominsidethe flower pot wyfe ah
through from the neighbouring buildingsinsidejust the steady clicking of
putting it down on theinsideof us that puts guards
knowin the word puttin itinsideus bein determined to do
kinna like a photograph teeninsidea kitchen wi an aal
tuim biscuit tin pittin itinsidea tuim biscuit tin an
an stove an pot packedinsidean we poalished aff wur
pockies an hed a skoitinsidedey wir a bottle o
oh the things that wereinsideheel plates [inaudible] an reels
tak it doun an keekinsideit s shinin like a
jaikit wi an amblance maninsideit we ll soon hiv
ma jooks an a hammerinsidema jaiket that s whit
second an there was theinsideo the hooses plain as
flask he carried in aninsidepocket he gasped and breathed
faint light spilled from aninsideroom onto a tiny old
gress while flashin an splashininsidethe gless were fower dumfounert
with frescoes of saints andinsidethere is an amazing collection
rain an weet in theinsidewi sweat twa oors it
especially four or five pintsinsideyou m815: [cough] m816: an
the lines on the pagesinsideare really close together he
to the billings sloshing aroundinsideas he rolled a hogshead
what he s talking aboutinsidebut i shall read this
of air he caused theinsideof the cave to be
would keep moving down theinsideof the furnace he left
dumps he didnae like beininsideor mebbe the first day
the place all the f902: insidethat was when he was
this then meaning the 100insidethe packet he was still
the haze from the forgeinsideand forearm bare and sinew
many leaks have emanated frominsidecommittees rather than from other
and then reads from theinsidehappy birthday mother pause bitterly
stormy being slowly fried frominsideout burning forehead fingers twisting
by the comment on theinsidepage from the chief medical
five from the airport crammedinsidestraight under a lorry s
shouting and giggling going oninsidethe big boys from standard
a mortuary slab but somethinginsidewas far from right that
out your driving licence frominsideyour coat [laugh] m964: which
were sittin on the stairsinsideand the game we were
peggy beginning to move thingsinsideof coorse the summers were
fascinated there were more displaysinsidethe store where queues of
was interesting but hardly spectacularinsidewe were guided by a
eens for the sharp cornersinsidewere harder to clean ye
growin but it was awinsideye ye were like a
up shop hide hide hurtsinsidecutting skin boundary s thin
small flame lit up theinsideof the van on the
i hadn t cleaned theinsideand you know when you
when they examine the textinsideinformation such as second set
with foetid fangs i lookedinsideit once when she actually
at but when it getsinsideyour shoes ugh i never
a cocoon with a caterpillarinsideand then it ll grow
the lid ajar then disappearsinsidethis leavings larder for take
of one off and theinsidehalf of the other one
that you re putting sentencesinsideother sentences and making what
mac pity the rain wasinsideand not out matter it
so it all goes toinsidedeals and solicitors being dodgy
look it s still pinkinsidef1122: [exhale] f1121: can you
your hat f1136: no notinsidef1135: it s not it
a nicht we ll moveinsideif it gets caul there
ghostie the ghostie what sinsidein the ghostie f1113: it
was a teem craftie andinsideit a fine widden hingin
it s fuckin mine checkinsideit added speccy i don
lovely f1112: we could drawinsideit f1111: we could actually
can have our voices heardinsideit that is why this
oan a stretcher getting shovedinsideit whit hud they dun
lift it open what sinsideoh it s your teddy
that side of the systeminsideout it is important to
tobacco products will be displayedinsideshops i imagine that it
m waiting it s notinside[singing] shuffle shuffle shuffle shuffle
must have been pishing herselfinsidethat suit i knew it
knew it was a womaninsidethe bear suit i ve
said no a close isinsidethe buildin it s no
the future ken what wasinsidethe millennium dome [laugh] it
time again it took placeinsidethe wedding cake white and
s it m1094: what sinsidethis one this ain next
to have it on theinsidewhere it truly makes a
designate areas within their boundariesinsidewhich it would be legal
course your class is waitinginsidebut i think i am
huge sort o pen thinginsidea barn f631: mm f689:
syne a rickle o beensinsidea pair o strippit pyjamas
mair shoors o sna soinsidei keep monday 2 temp
picture f1104: why s sheinsidef1103: mm f1104: why s
like that she cleans theinsideof the potty with loo
making tea she sweeled theinsideof the teapot or trackie
began to explore the contentsinsideshe found the contents of
here she holds the clothinsidethe barrel and scrapes at
bloody idiot idiot i yelledinsidethe car no one could
the bed on the traininsidethe desk etc teachers could
so that could be concealedinsidethe trouser leg attached to
s ye widnae know theinsideae a church frae a
let s see what sinsidef1121: mmhm f1122: remember i
tent was like a palaceinsidef814: [laugh] m811: [laugh] f812:
s like a hollowed outinsideof like say a pumpkin
accumulated dirt plastered on theinsideof the shaft like wet
closet f810: mmhm f809: andinsidethere there s like there
made you feel a holyinsidepause onywye that was addy
skylight windows there was noinsiderunning water and therefore no
hopper that was painted redinsidethere was a wheel to
a giant bostok vostok rocketinsidewas trivial compared to the
reindeers arenae supposed to beinsideare they f1103: well no
ahint thaim yince they warinsidethe first thing the twa
legal system as scotland hasinsidea unitary state are there
that there is proper liaisoninsidethe system and that people
squashed chips the van sinsidestank of booze grease and
to sail the nicht cairdinsidethe indian girl s already
you think all the peopleinsideare wet m1092: uh huh
member of staff i thinkinsidea few days f606: huh
[singing] i take a lookinsidea i m gonna f1127:
clause 4 refers to advertisinginsidea shop i know that
garish aplomb of blazing sunflowersinsideevery cacti is a gladioli
bub- f1121: use a brushinsidef1122: soapy bubbles f1121: mmhm
im v am inouth prepinsideir v are ither a
quite pleasant and the playhouseinsidelooks really good for a
1 a good game raithinsidemen terrible 16 sunday to
a new message on itsinsidepage the convention will also
and a young mother weptinsidesome rubbed a vision of
cuckoo spit on a thistleinsidethis nebulous sphere would you
are you going to stayinsideand play just in here
edge you can do theinsidebits okay so this is
edges and you do theinsidef1104: i ve star- no
you know how i feelinsidei want to die sadie
you think f1122: money moneyinside[inaudible] the key we need
f806: no we usually stayinsidef807: [laugh] f806: so no
mean we- we re happiestinsideour own heads f606: yeah
take dancing in the moonlightinsideso we can si- we
the prison is well maintainedinsidethe cells that we visited
the regions and legislative assembliesinsidemember states should not have
iron or wood across theinsideof the lum and this
again the hen wyfe isinsidepompitie appoaches carrying the hen
marriage james french the mapinsideshowed the way the produce
the one that tells theinsidestory of the scottish parliament
to mend the punctured bladderinsidethe ball until either dusk
music lights fade lee standsinsidethe boxing ring boxers appear
to pee the pyjamas onceinsidethe store grey face locked
scene 1 the great hallinsidethe tower where malcolm lives
position of the two bodiesinsidethe tubular metal bucket seats
the hands in the sinkinsidethe yellow gloves seem to
with report of glasgow 2000insideand photo of [censored: forename] [censored: surname]
im v am inby prepinsideingethert v brought in ingil
not really feeling any happierinsidemyself i tell beastie about
ring puts gloves on stepsinsidering shadow boxes music lights

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