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in the bygane an seeninsteidthe guid o twa leiditness
franklin s tale 1493 1498insteido ettlin to justify arveragus
gotten stuck haufweys doon butinsteido it bein in the
a crack efter thaim nooinsteido a pop the shootin
chaumer birlt roun an rouninsteido betterment ah fand onlie
tree are hotchin far clootsinsteido leaves are hatchin tae
ti dern the awfu trewthinsteido demandin at the biggar
o a bien auld ageinsteido honor respek luve guid
tae sook frae the coggieinsteido their mithers teets these
sic as the scots deputeinsteido the english deputy tho
tae the skaith o gaelicinsteidthir leids should aw co
taen tent o him butinsteido be in roused wi
skirls or car toots hereinsteida quaet foregaitherin o linns
treble heuk an leid wechtinsteido the paternoster sometimes it
dae ye show tae meinsteidabysses anely derk profun far
human face divine bit cloudinsteidan the aybydan derk surrouns
ower aa pouer to dorigeninsteidhe says that he will
flouers an the birds aninsteido watchin thaim as she
hed ti darg fur masellinsteidti pey the lawins an
o dreich gray an nouinsteido luikin blyth thay aw
118 promote bilingualism an multilingualisminsteido monolingulism wi tent for
o his or her leidsinsteidtheir levels o skeel in
community leid is flyted atinsteido the education system giein
eat great birds in scotlandinsteidthere wis the hint o
wi in the flair abuininsteido gangin throu the out
coort taen up speakin englishinsteido norman french haed the
whan hiz bairns hed sauntitinsteidbot john wes angirt ti
the language that they writeinsteido it bein the ither
mensefu nor thay ir nouiinsteido courtin bonnie lassies for
john so ye gaed thereinsteidnot instead i ve told
for a sodger but tellsinsteido shi jin wha gaed
the playocks gaed but spakinsteidti gao the braw ye
spin woo aw day aninsteido daein the job hirsell
in baith law and practiceinsteidi will come tae the
the law sincerely john macnabinsteido haein a fish benjie
bi thi addition o wullinsteidmodals mak a tense distinction
she feeds on jungle juiceinsteido a dummy it sooks
a spanish grandee s dotherinsteido a fairmer s lassie
wis tae congratulate the buggerinsteido arrestin him juist then
wesna a bit blate aninsteido be in feirt for
tassie til his mou butinsteido bebbin frae it wi
engineerin hid seen tilt thatinsteido biggin an eden science
ony sweeter tomato sauce congealedinsteido bluid yet still we
up the cock a leekieinsteido bubbly jock s gee
three times group 5 readinsteido helpin her elizabeth emprisoned
checked me for sayin braceinsteido mantelpiece an noo wi
tae celebrate oor ain cultureinsteido rinnin it doon fitiver
wid hae three fermin sonsinsteido twa an haik aboot
afore an mysie saw thatinsteido weirin reid skirts an
a scots word tae uiseinsteido whit s perceived tae
hid divertit inno organ brokerageinsteidmair siller intilt an nae
if arthur hid killt onybodyinsteidthey blethered aboot faimly maitters
rely juist on experience butinsteidtries to pit her ain
tae hae run a mileinsteidfor wi aa that snortin
an letters tae his nameinsteidhe d bin trailed back
wirms an i get sandwichesinsteidon noodle soup days an

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